Saturday, January 14

Julie Spanked!

I was reading Ms Clara Hewitt's blog, the How it began entry. While Clara is new to blogging she is very experienced as a dominatrix. She advises,
I can and do take spankings in my personal life still, so I know exactly how it feels to be on the receiving end - crucial for a dominatrix, I feel.
I am new to this, as you know, and Clara obviously knows what she is talking about, so I decided that I had to give it a try on her advice. Her particular advice to me was,
Honestly, Julie, I think you should be spanked, just once, so you know what it's like! In my experience the boys who take the hardest spankings are the gentlest when they dish it out - wimps will always hit you much harder. Have a few glasses of wine, start very gently and agree a code word. I can't wait to read what happens!
david takes a pretty darned hard spanking, so if Clara is right, I'll have nothing to worry about. Ha Ha!

I went up to david earlier this evening and told him that he needed to give me a spanking, so I would know what it feels like, to allow me to be a better domme to him. To my surprise, he was very eager. I thought he was all about getting a spanking, and that this might turn him right off. Guess not. Good I guess, so long as he doesn’t plan on making a habit of it!

I took Clara's advice, and told david to open a bottle of red. I had a couple of glasses and allowed him a half glass (I needed his wits about him!). I told him that I would be in control, and he should not get any ideas. He was to use only his hand, and he would stop or lighten up the moment I told him to. We were not role playing naughty girl or anything like that, so he could get that out of his mind.

When I was ready I got david to sit in the middle of the sofa. I hiked up my skirt (I already had bare legs in readiness for the event) and draped across his knee. I told him to go ahead, and take it easy.

He started spanking me over my panties, but it was a complete joke. I could barely feel his pathetic little swats. I told him "For fuck's sake, don’t be such a wimp!"

He started spanking a bit harder and it was quite nice. I could feel my seat warming up a little. I actually enjoyed the sensation.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not cut out to be a subbie at all. The thought of being submissive to david would have been a complete turn-off. But as long as I was in total control of the situation, which I definitely was, it felt rather pleasant, the physical sensation of getting my bottom warmed.

I told him to peel down my panties slowly. He did that, and that was pleasant as well. "Keep spanking." I told him. He did. I started getting him to spank me a bit harder, and to experiment by moving the smacks around a bit. The nicest place was right at the bottom of my bum. I did not like too high, too low, or too much to the side. My am I fussy.

"Spank harder" I told him, and he stepped it up a bit more. I really enjoyed the sensations! He asked if I wanted to spread my legs a bit. I accommodated him, and he shot a hand down to my pussy, which felt nice. He took his fingers away and then put them back a second later, nicely slick with his own saliva. That was really, really nice. He used his other hand to keep spanking me. That was a good combination. I felt like so long as he was rubbing my clit like that, he could spank me all night so far as I was concerned.

But I wanted to see where the limit was, and I wasn't anywhere near that, so I told him to finish me up with a nice hard spanking, just in the spot where I liked it the best. He started spanking me pretty hard, but I still liked the sensation. "Harder!" I told him. I went into a different little head space as he ramped it up. After a minute or so of that, I felt my bum had had it, so I told him to stop.

The sensation was pleasant. There was a lot of heat in my butt. I went to a mirror in the hall and saw that I was red all over my backside. I couldn't believe the heat. But it was pleasant, not painful.

I took him by the hand up to our bedroom, and basically raped him.

Good advice, Clara!


  1. Great post! It is impressive to what lengths you go to become the best Domme you can be. dave is a lucky fella.

  2. As a submissive man with an interest in spanking women I have sometimes switched.I have never punished my Mistress and would not wish to but I have spanked other ladies. However I always find it difficult to punish the lady over my knee or bent over with any real vigour so I sympathise with David. We submissive's have experience of how much a punishment can hurt so I think we do take extra care when handing one out. I'm sure there are people out there who can give and take severe punishments but I think they may be in the minority. Anyway well done for giving it a try, perhaps you should also ask your sister if she wants to be on the receiving end as well, as she clearly is not adverse to trying new things.

  3. OK Ms. Julie,
    I'm raging hard now with no way to relieve it! Thank you!
    My Mistress has read your blog and seems interested in the arrangement you have. I have a feeling that there will a warm bottom in my future as well.
    Thank you for sharing.

  4. Excellent idea! I think every Domme should know the feel of a spanking. It helps them to know what a bottom feels like that has been spanked.

    My Wife has gone the extra mile also, and has allowed me to use implements also, of course a lot lighter then She would use on me.

    Always nice to see a Lady want the best for Her sub. Proud of you Ma'am.


  5. Oh, well done, Julie! I'm so glad you enjoyed your spanking. It is infuriating when they tickle, rather than thwack, isn't it! Now you'll know exactly what David's going through, and how you can delight him, but also, more critically, how you can frustrate and unnerve him! Excellent. And beautifully, erotically written, as ever.

  6. Very nice! I wonder if your "rape" of David was somehow more vigorous because of the spanking you received? Sort of as a payback, or a way of letting him know you are still in charge.


  7. odin: I think I'm the lucky one! I love having a subbie hubbie! By the way, I just started reading your blog and added a link. Very nice! Anxious to get some time to catch up on it.

    simon: you’re right, david could not really spank me hard enough (didn’t think that would the problem!) although he jumped at the chance to smack my little bare bottom. Regarding Sue getting spanked, one of our ground rules is that we stay dressed at all times, so I don’t think we'll be going there.

    jem: You say you have no way to relieve it? Are you in chastity or just worried about getting a beating? If the latter, I love the thought of you bad boys making little messes to what I have written and getting punished for it afterwards!

    james: I am really glad I did it. I actually I found I enjoyed the sensation of the smacks, but more importantly, see my response to Clara, below.

    Clara: Thank you so much for pointing me in this direction. I learned in 5 minutes what I would never have learned just reading blogs and spanking him, so it was definitely worth it!

    richie: for sure it was more vigorous because of that, but not as payback. I was sooo horny with all that nice warm blood flowing down there, I thought I would explode when I was sitting on his face! I found your blog as I checked out your profile. Love what I have read so far. Prepare to get linked!

  8. Very nice story-open, intimate, and honest. Thank you for sharing.


  9. Julie,

    Great post. So now that you have found that you enjoy being spanked what will you do?

    On the other hand, david's spankings are much involved with embarrassment and humiliation. That's a totally different story. Can't for his next experience. (Perhaps an innocent family gathering or dinner party where he gets spanked beforehand and has to stand in the corner in your bedroom with his pants down while the guests arrive. (If it is out of sight you can keep the door open so he can hear everyone arriving. Tell him he can't get out of the corner until you call him.)


  10. Chris: my pleasure. Thank you for commenting.

    ken: It was nice, but not my thing, if you know what I mean? As to david, Sue is coming over later today, and she was disappointed that all he did was write lines last time. I double-dared her to initiate a spanking of him, so we'll see what she gets up to soon.

  11. Julie,

    As a direct result of Cleo reading this post she decided that you have a good point. She is NOT a sub or a switch - not at all. I have switch tendencies...but too sad...for me. But she now wants me to give her a spanking similar to what you described. On the very few occasions in the past when I have been able to have her over my knee (for once)...perhaps I have been too rough. I am a big advocate of the "warm up" when it comes to my ass. Perhaps I have not adequately practiced what I preached. I plan to start very slowly and lightly and only gradually build it up. I would be a dream come true to have Cleo ask me to hit harder (as you did). It might even be a fun thing to blog about (not to copy-cat you). I have no delusions about it - it simply is not her thing to be spanked. It won't lead us to a "switch" scenario - ever. But, it will be an interesting "experiment" worth exploring and Cleo is all in favor of it - it was her idea to try it (after reading your post).

    Have fun today!


  12. If you ever want another male lap to drape yourself over....


  13. Kia Ora Julie and Happy New Year!
    I was away from email for 10 days and missed checking in daily to see what was unfolding - such is the addictive nature of your journey and the skill of your writing. I loved the post on Sue's visit and I also love the idea that Sue wants things to be spontanious and flow naturally - so much more of a turn-on for all concerned.

    And now, the latest titillation is to see what happens when Sue inititiates a spanking of david. I'm squirming in my seat at the prospect!!!!

  14. Hi Again Julie,
    I have a question (apologies if you have covered this previously and I missed it) Does your sister have a partner?

  15. Does a happy dance that you got spanked.
    Just be happy it wasn't ME tanning your hide young lady. ;)

    I'll keep my fingers crossed but things seem to be working for you and hubby so far :)


  16. Ms. Julie-
    Glad to see you took Ms. Clara's advice. She does know a thing or two about this 'spanking thing'.

    And there is nothing wrong with asking for an 'erotic spanking' even though you are the Woman In Charge. In our case, Cora started out being mostly on the receiving end of spankings and gradually 'evolved' into giving the majority. However, occasionally she likes to be on the receiving end. Your eloquent post accurately describes things here, when that happens.

    Thanks again for another wonderful (and HOT) post.


  17. hmm, lucky sissy the is!

    He gets to be trained for, who know's what your kinky littly mind is considering, and he does willingly at that, AND get to spank you ass.

    oh, what a wonderful life!!


  18. marc: I am so glad that Cleo will give it a try. Clara's inspiration is spreading. Go lightly on her until SHE asks for it harder! I would love to read about it in your blog.

    andy: in your dreams, 'fella! Ha Ha!

    gary: thank you for the compliments! I just posted the latest events. I think you will indeed find them squirm-inducing!

    anony: no Sue is fairly recently divorced, and still quite bruised from the experience.

    clarence: I take it that you know how to tan a girl good and proper? Tell me your secrets and I'll dress up david in his frillies and tan her hide!

    ken: Ah Ha! The lovely Cora bares her bottom for you on occasion, does she? Well, now that I'm in the club, I should say that it is very evolved of us all!

    ron: he only spanks my little ass when I let him!

    I've just posted about Sue's visit on Sunday. Have a read. It was pretty over the top!

  19. Ms.Julie:
    Ok my "secrets":

    I'll deign to drop just a few ;)

    For one, pinching the area on his bottom before you spank that spot, and then continuing to pinch each spot before you spank it tenderizes the skin in a very painful way.
    Another evil thing might be to have him lay in an area (this can be done inside if you have areas near windows with highly concentrated sunlight) with the sun on his butt and let it burn a bit. Not a lot, of course so he'd have to be monitored. Then the tender bottom could be spanked.
    I don't know your particular types of spanking target areas (though I know you are aware of where NOT to hit which is the most important thing) but if done without some types of blunt or sharp implements the backs of his balls can be spanked as can the inside thighs of his upper legs. This can make it difficult to walk due to soreness, though the area needs to be treated a bit more carefully than the regular part of the behind.

    I don't think your hubby is going to thank me for this. And maybe if you are really bad someday (and one or more gets used on you) you will wish to take it back. But I have an idea you will get a kick out of those suggestions, so I'll accept your thanks.

    bows and breaks arm patting self on back. OUCH!

    Clarence the kinda good

  20. clarence: thank you for your ideas. I like the idea of spanking the backs of his balls for when he's very bad!

  21. "I am not cut out to be a subbie at all." Oh really? "The sensation was pleasant. There was a lot of heat in my butt... I couldn't believe the heat. But it was pleasant, not painful."

    You've done quite a lot in a short time as a dom Julie. As a man who is more dom than sub, but do switch in fantasy and reality, I would say you have some submissive in you.

    Don't get caught up in cliches. You have a whole 'nother side of your sex life to explore if you want. Sounds like david (David) could help you with that if you let him.


    1. I don't mind the sensation of the smacks at all. Even pretty hard ones. It's nice. I just panic when I am in a psychologically subbie place (issues from my past rearing up). So if I'm totally topping from the bottom it's cool, as long as there is not bondage or gags or anything like that, and so long as he INSTANTLY obeys my every command when I'm over his lap. Not much of a subbie, eh?

  22. Ah Julie, so you finally got the taste of your own 'medicine' .... very pleasant reading :)

    1. Yes, but I haven't really been spanked much since. Your comment reminded me that it is time I got myself over a male knee again!

  23. Hi Julie. Have just seen this and it is exactly what I was saying myself elsewhere in your blogs. As someone who enjoys being spanked very hard by a lady I am somewhat more reserved on those occasions when I was the one doing the spanking. Like David I probably paid more attention to the ladies clits rather than their bottoms which is why they got so turned on I guess. Really hurting someone just isn't me yet for myself I definitely prefer a more severe thrashing with implements due get the pain levels up though as I have said elsewhere I have yet to be taken to anywhere near my limits by a Lady, and never in front of even one witness let alone several or a whole audience of ladies that I have in one of my spanking fantasies. Really interesting blog Julie. Just love it. Will explore some more. Best wishes and red bottoms! Richard

    1. Hi Richard - your comments evoke a trip down memory lane for me. You reading my experiences likes this has me vicariously remembering them through you. Please keep going, and don't skip ahead! I love following the breadcrumbs of your comments. I have (ahem) "progressed" a bit as a sub since I wrote this!

  24. "Don’t get me wrong. I am not cut out to be a subbie at all."

    Perish the thought! Hahahahahahahaha!

    1. Hey, that was a long time ago! I've "matured".

    2. I don't think you've matured much, I think you've just branched out, but I wouldn't have it any other way! There's nothing sexier than a confident domme proving she's willing to handle a taste of her own medicine!

    3. Ok, true. If anything, I've regressed in the "maturity" dimension!