Tuesday, January 17

Schoolgirl Punishment (part 2)

Continued from Schoolgirl Punishment (part 1), after a brief detour into The Schoolgirl Fetish.

As you can read from the previous installment, I was role playing a naughty schoolgirl, and my friend Tracy was my Mommy, and her husband John my Daddy, and I had earned myself a spanking, both for my poor report card, and for my choice of panties.

We had decided to start the roleplay with me with my nose against the wall, holding up my skirt being made to display my inappropriate choice of panties to all and sundry, waiting for my Daddy to come home so he and Mommy could decide what to do with me.

However, before we got started, Tracy wanted me to pose for a few more photos. In particular, we all knew a paddling would be involved, from a very fierce paddle indeed!

Tracy wanted to show my Paddle Daddy (the man who so graciously and selflessly made the paddle for Tracy to use on me) what I would look like, being prepared for my paddling.

Here is me again in my uniform. I think it's cute!

First I was told to kneel on their Ottoman. They made me arch my back and stick my bottom out. Tracy came behind me and fidgeted with the hem of my skirt. Pulling it down, smoothing it. Patting my bottom on top of it. Her husband was watching the whole show. Then she stepped back and she took several photos. The one below is one of the best, I suppose.

Oh gosh! That skirt really is too short, isn't it??? I seems so much longer when I'm just wearing it normally. I don't do it much anymore, but I used to think wearing a short skirt out in public was very exciting. I liked the appreciative glances from the boys. They just couldn't seem to keep their eyes off my legs, no doubt imagining what was just a tiny bit higher...

Well, when a girl is about to be paddled, the first thing that happens is that her skirt is flipped up her back. Tracy did the honours. I felt her hands again on the hem of my skirt, and then I felt it being lifted and draped across my back. She arranged it so that skin was showing both above and below my little red panties. She pushed down on my lower back and made me hold my arch. She stepped back and took another series of photos.

Again, John was watching this whole thing. I wondered what he really thought about my panties. I worried that my butt looked too big like this. I started channeling my inner fourteen-year-old, imagining how embarrassing it would have been to have my secret red panties shown off like this. I knew the panties were cheeky. Did not quite realize how cheeky until I saw these photos!

"Your panties are very pretty, Julie," said John. That made my heart flutter a bit. A handsome man I barely know pointing that out.

I knew what was coming next. Tracy gleefully announced it: "They are pretty, but it's time for those panties to come down, little missy!" she said.

Oh no! With my butt presented like this, I knew my pussy would be in plain view!!!! I am an exhibitionist, clearly, but it's still embarrassing, I can assure you. Maybe that's why I show myself off like this? Am I a shame slut?

Tracy pulled my panties down slowly, slowly, and then arranged them as band around my thighs.

"Very Nice!" John said.

Oh my gosh! At this point I was hyper-ventilating! The photo above is a bit shaded. I've adjusted the level on this one...

 and blown it up...

That is what John and Tracy saw. That is what it means for a girl to have her panties taken down for a spanking! I hope you pervs all realize that!!! So keen to pull a girl's panties down for her spanking. I'm sure it's all about having bare skin to spank. Sure! I'm sure seeing a girl's bare naked pussy has nothing at all to do with it! You dirty, filthy perverts! How can you possibly want to shame a girl like that??? How do you live with yourselves?

At this point I was having thoughts. Yes, I knew I was in for a paddling. This was the perfect position for it. It's the perfect position for something else as well. I was highly conscious of that as John looked me over. I was seriously considering giving him my pussy this time. This position made me want to. So badly!
A naughty girl.

Bent over. Back arched. Bottom out. 

Her panties pulled down.

A virile man behind her.

Undoing his trousers.

Pulling them down.

His strong hands on my hips.

His rock hard cock pushing at my pussy insistently.

I am so wet.

The penetration! All in one stroke. Buried to the hilt!

I gasp! Ohhhh!

A slow withdrawal. Another deep stroke.


Again and again and again.

His wife stroking my hair, telling me to be a big girl and take my fucking like a Woman.

Becoming more and more insistent.

His guttural yell. His hot white cum jetting into my overheated vagina. Splashing against my cervix. His hard hips grinding into me as he spurts again and again and again, deep into my cunt.

He pulls out. I am left there. Exposed. His semen seeping out of my fuck hole and down my thighs like the dirty whore I am.
That was what went through my oversexed brain as I was forced to hold that pose while Tracy took her stupid little pictures. It seemed as if I was there forever.

Tracy came back to me. She gingerly pulled my panties back up and arranged them to cover my private parts completely. Her handling of me was exciting. The pussy show was over. For now.

I was relieved to no longer have to display my vagina for her husband's perverse amusement. Tracy had owned me with that panty lowering. She demonstrated that if it was her will that my pussy be displayed to her husband, it would be displayed to her husband!

She helped me to my feet. She looked at my face. She could see I was flustered and breathless. "You poor dear!" she said and she hugged me. "Did your little show for John excite you?" she asked with a laugh in her voice. "yes..." I whispered breathlessly in her ear.

"Over here," she said, putting me against the wall. "Hold that skirt up. Show us your panties again. Now let's start our roleplay!"

To be continued in Schoolgirl Punishment (part 3).


  1. Seeing a girl's bare naked pussy has everything to do with it when it comes to a spanking. And yes we are all filthy perverts!!! Ain't life grand? ;-)

    P.S. check your email I finished my story and sent it to you.

  2. The wonderful dirty thoughts that go thru one's mind when privates are on display. I'm sure being exposed in that position you could in your minds eye feel John pushing at your opening and entering you then using your pussy for his pleasure as he fills you with his cum.

    1. Yes, exactly! It felt like that was what it was made for...

  3. You should try this school shoe on David bottom especially holding it from the front and spanking with the heel part.

    1. In fact, the way i see this scene, is mom angry takes the school girl otk for a hand spanking. As the girl bowls and kicks mom looks for something to spank with so most handy is either mom's slipper or for a kicking otk girl, the girl's own shoe. Then dad comes in and decides to use the paddle. After that he leaves the girl in the corner under mom guard. The girl is bad again so mom uses the paddle on her for an unforgettable spanking.

  4. Dear Julie Girl, I saw you posed the second part and had to go lock myself up, to prevent having things get in my hand. I think there would have been an accident viewing your beautiful derriere all exposed and wanting. Thanks for the lovely pictures and please don't keep us waiting too long for part three.


  5. I can't be the only one who thinks Julie deserves another paddling for dragging out this retelling and messing with her readers by playing the bratty schoolgirl. Tracey would probably display you naked for everyone to see if she knew how naughty your thoughts are.

  6. Oh Ma’am these pics are priceless! As far as your butt looking too big in that pose, that is absolutely not the case. You may be in your thirties but you look better that most 18 year olds. I can’t imagine marking that beautiful 'work of art' up with a paddle but I know you need to go through with this :-))
    Best wishes
    Bob Bell

    1. Yes. And not my decision as it turned out!

  7. The drawn-out suspense of the telling is sublime. Everything revealed by the photos is breathtaking. Bravo, you little minx! Can't wait for the next installment. Meanwhile, reviewing each episode is a treasure that keeps on giving.

  8. Ms.Julie:
    As yet another filthy pervert all I can say is YUMMY!
    and Thank You!

  9. "You dirty, filthy perverts! How can you possibly want to shame a girl like that??? How do you live with yourselves?"

    We filthy perverts are here to serve the tarts who love to be bent over and display their chubby arses and drippy quims in hopes of getting a thorough shagging.
    This particular tart had better think just who she belongs to in this situation. Dreaming of a big knob had better give way to thinking how she'll be enthusiastically lapping that oyster!

  10. Yes, yummy! As always you never fail to amaze.....and thank you for sharing your adventure.

  11. I will add to the chorus that your 30 something year old bare bottom is very sexy and very spankable.

  12. There was a young tart from Toronto,
    Who loved to smack her hubby-o,
    But when given the chance,
    Down came her pants,
    And her arse was given a smacking-o,
    Her pussy was abused,
    Her tongue was used,
    and her arse was given a beating-o!


  13. I rather like Tracy's "stupid little pictures" and look forward to seeing more of them. Your ass is exquisite, but you are such a slut. Exposing yourself like that, with your wet cunt out there for David to see. Offering yourself to him. And wanting him, at that moment, to fuck you like a whore. Desiring his cock inside you, stretching you and filling you. You don't just need to be fucked, you need Daddy to fuck you. There is a part of you that you can only give to Daddy. Such a dirty little girl. You certainly deserve whatever happens to you.

    Ted the Switch

    1. Why does my pussy moisten when you call me a slut? And yes, only Daddy's cock is good enough for his little girl ;-)

  14. I just cant wait to see the spanking marks on your lovely bottom. We all know you really want it.

  15. Ms. SJ

    I highly doubt I will have an opportunity to spank a naughty young woman ever again, but if I did I would very much hope her pussy would get wet in the process. Not merely damp, but wet.

    I would then be able to tease her, with my fingers or maybe even my mouth. But I would stop and resume that well-deserved spanking before any orgasms could take place - at least a few times, anyway.


    1. I am rooting for you, Rosco! I for one enjoy the much older man, younger lady dynamic. Spanked by gramps!

  16. Thanks tracy for the lovely photos.

  17. Dear Julie.

    I'm getting wet imagining David in a schoolgirl uniform, paddled over John's knee, then being taken to the corner by John and told to stay, and not move until told to. David then listens to your screams of ecstacy, and John's grunts as john fully pleasures you with his massive member, culminating in his filling you to overflowing with his virile seed.

    Would David be interested in being there, or watching an Alpha man's sperm run out of you and make spots on a carpet while you are standing Julie?

  18. Julie,

    That is so delightfully submissive of you, taking the trouble to lighten the photo of you bent over with your panties down. This definitely gave a clearer view of your pussy lips and your slit. But that wasn't enough for Slut Julie, was it? Then you enlarged it, so as to put your sweet, young pussy on even clearer display for all of us. And by now thousands of people have seen you displaying your pussy like that, and read your desire to be taken and pounded by your Daddy.

    How does it make you feel, knowing that thousands of people know you like this?

  19. Ms Julie,
    I'm certain I'm squirming almost as much as you were, just from looking at your pictures!!!! I CRAVE to serve you, to kiss your thights, bottom, and to devour your pussy and bottom hole with my lips and tongue! But since that can't be a reality, I'll continue to follow your stories, worship you, and obediently eat all of the sticky mess that I make over you!!


  20. I love your ass in those panties. Yah

    1. Especially after they're pulled down, I'll bet!

    2. Well I am a total panty man. Love your beautiful ass in the panty.

  21. "I worried that my butt looked too big (posed) like this."

    Said almost every woman I have ever known.

    "I'm sure seeing a girl's bare naked pussy has nothing at all to do with it! You dirty, filthy perverts! ... How do you live with yourselves?"

    Speaking for us "dirty, filthy perverts!" (Note I kept the exclamation mark), it's our burden in life. We have to accept it.

    When it's only an otk spanking the spanker really doesn't get to see "all the good china." Angle is all wrong. Now and the, maybe, but the attention is really directed to cute bare bottoms.

    And you have one! Congrats!