Thursday, January 19

Schoolgirl Punishment (part 3)

Continued from Schoolgirl Punishment (part 2).

So we started in on the roleplay. Tracy was my Mommy. Her husband John was my Daddy. I was their naughty school-aged daughter with the bad report card and the inappropriate panties, waiting with my nose against the wall for Daddy to get home. I don't remember all the dialog exactly, but I'll recreate the gist of it without bothering you further.

John pretended he just got home from work. I hear him greet and kiss Tracy and then they walked towards me.

"What's this?" asked John.

Tracy explained to him that I was in timeout showing off my utterly inappropriate panties. She said she had no idea where I had gotten them. Then she added that this misbehavior was on top of the report card she had just received from the school.

They took some time discussing my grades with one another. My nose was facing the wall the whole time and my ass was sticking out of the bottom of my panties feeling very vulnerable as they discussed my need for PARENTAL ATTENTION!!

They asked me to explain my "F" grades. I told them those subjects were "stupid". I told them spelling was "stupid" because everybody just uses a computer anyways. I told them health was "stupid" because it was so lame. I thought I would go with that approach. In my mind I was thinking they would have to spank me until I agreed those subjects were not "stupid". Helps out newbie tops if the bottom maintains that something is "stupid" so they know to keep spanking!

"Where did you get those panties, young lady?" Daddy asked me.

"I bought them," I said, "with my babysitting money."

"Why?" he asked.

"So I won't look like a DORK," I said.

"And who exactly are you expecting to see you in your panties, little missy?" asked Mommy.

"nobody..." I said.

"Those panties are too grown up for you, young lady," said Daddy. "You are not wear them again."

"HMMF!" I said as I stomped my foot on the ground.

"You DO NOT disrespect your father, young lady!" said Tracy.

"HMMF!" I said as I stomped my foot again.

"That's it. I'm fed up to here. She needs a good old fashioned spanking, John," said Tracy.

"I agree," said John.

"Across the knee, on her bare bottom," said Tracy.

"Yes. If she's going to act like an immature child we'll have to treat her like one," said John.

"We'll show her we're in this together, we'll take turns spanking her," said Tracy, "I'll go first, you finish her off."

So there it was. A spanking from each of them! No mention of the paddle yet... But I still had my "stupid" comment up my sleeve if it came to that. I couldn't leave without my paddling!

Tracy grabbed me by the arm and pulled me over to the Ottoman. She sat, pulled me across her lap, and scolded me some more about my bad grades. She explained exactly why I was getting this spanking. She flipped my skirt up my back, then reached for the waistband of my panties and started lowering them.

I shot my hand back and stopped her and said, "No Mommy! Please! Not in front of Daddy! Please! Let me keep my panties up! Please!"

I was getting into my role. I tried channeling my inner fourteen year old and feeling as she would feel in this situation.

"Move you hand!" ordered Tracy. "You're getting this on your bare bottom, right in front of your father, and he'll spank you next, exactly the same way!"

I moved my hand and Tracy proceeded to lower my red panties to a little band around my thighs. I was again very conscious of my exposure to my Daddy. Then Tracy started spanking me with her hand. She started lightly and then picked up the strength and the pace. She wasn't a very hard hand spanker, though. I could have done much better! I kept a bit quiet hoping my lack of reaction to the spanking would encourage her to go harder. It didn't. Oh well, I knew I still had John's spanking and in all likelihood the very evil paddle coming up. I knew that Tracy could be fierce with a paddle and a belt, anyways. I think it's not a matter of will in Tracy's case, just a matter of strength, practice, and technique when it comes to a woman's hand. As I soon learned, however, men seem to have no problem with it! It comes naturally to them to spank the bejesus out of a feminine backside!!!

Tracy stopped spanking me and pulled my panties back up and over my ass. She stood me up and handed me over to John, telling him it was his turn now.

John sat and gently guided me down across his lap. Too bad. I wanted him to throw me across his lap! I resisted a bit and said "No Daddy," he pulled me a little bit harder and I went across his lap. His lap felt different than Tracy's. Harder. More muscular!

He also flipped my skirt up my back and then began lowering my panties as Tracy had done. "Noooo! Not bare! Please Daddy!" I pleaded with him, but to no avail. He nonetheless continued the embarrassing panty lowering, exposing my fully bare cheeks and my big girl pussy. When John is involved, this is the part that excites me and shames me the most. For a schoolgirl of my age, the embarrassing exposure is half the punishment. Daddy should not see his little girl like this!

He put his hand on my ass and said the old chestnut "this will hurt me more than it hurts you." Ha!

"Wait, before you start..." said Tracy and she went to get my phone and took a couple of pictures of me hiked up across John's lap.

Very light markings from Tracy's spanking that wasn't hard at all. But oh my goodness, that was John's target area!!! He rubbed his hand all over my ass and upper thighs. He got so close to touching my pussy but didn't quite: teasing me.

I wonder what he thought. Was he at all uncomfortable with the Daddy-daughter play given his own daughters?

Then he started spanking me. I was excited. He started off slow and sensuous with the spanks. But it was all wrong. I was a naughty schoolgirl and he was supposed to be my angry Daddy. I wanted a MAN spanking. I wanted to feel his strength spanking me. That was the whole point of asking for this. Didn't he get it? It was gentle love taps. Wimp!

I needed to change the dynamic here, and needed to do it quickly!

"Mommy..." I said.

"Yes dear?" she answered.

"Daddy spanks like a little pussy."

"Oh he does, does he?" she responded with a little laugh. John laughed as well.

"Yes. I think I've been a very naughty girl, and Daddy needs to give me a proper spanking. A good hard spanking."

"You heard her John," said Tracy.

"ok," he said, and SMACK!

Yowsers! That's more like it! Sort of took my breath away.


"Ow! Ow! Daddy! No! Ow! Daddy! Noooo! Please!!!"

"Is that a real no?" he asked. Bah! Amateur!

"No Daddy. I'll say my safeword 'red' if I really want you to stop. No means yes."

He chuckled a bit at that, and said, "fine."


"Ow! Ow! Daddy! No! Ow! Daddy! Noooo! Please!!!"

He paused after delivering another twenty or so and rubbed my ass.

"Do you still think your Daddy spanks like a pussy?" asked Tracy.

"No Ma'am!" I practically shouted.

"Let me get some pictures," she said.

I lay across Daddy's lap as Mommy got my phone and took more pictures of me.

Oh My Gosh. So humiliating to be spanked like a little girl across a man's lap! What was I thinking of. I should be panicking now, but I wasn't. I just thought of myself as his daughter, and he as my Daddy, giving me exactly what I deserved.

"Keep going," said Tracy.


"Ow! Ow! Daddy! No! Ow! Daddy! Noooo! Please!!!"

Tracy even took an action pick of my kicking legs!


"Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow!" I said. It hurt! With some of the spanks low down on the near cheek his fingertips brushed my pussy as he slapped! I couldn't help but bring my hand up to protect my ass and pussy. John paused. "Keep that there!" Tracy said, and she took another pic over John's shoulder.

Ouchy! A MAN spanking hurts! John took my hand and moved it back down away from my bum and pinned it at my side. He was so strong. It was effortless for him to control me.


Oh shit! Ouch! He paused again, and Tracy took more pics. "For the scrapbook," she teased.

"Are we going to be seeing any more bad grades from you, young lady?" SMACK!

"No Daddy! I promise!"

"And no more inappropriate underwear. Do you understand me?" SMACK!

"Yes Daddy! Yes!"




"Let that be a lesson to you."

Tracy  knelt beside me and took a final pic across John's lap.

FUCK! That's one very sorry red-assed schoolgirl!

So I had gotten exactly what I had asked for. A legit hard spanking from a man. I did not panic at all. It excited me in fact. Male energy is so different than female energy! A male hand is so different than a woman's hand. A man's lap is so different that a woman's lap. Starting to appreciate it... Vive la difference.

And I can tell you, a man can SPANK. It's night and day compared to a female hand. John's hand felt more like a paddle than a hand! And I felt tiny. Like a powerless little girl across his lap. Outside of my safeword, which I wasn't going to use, I literally had no say whatsoever in when my spanking would have stopped.

It's a powerful feeling for a female to be subject to discipline like this from a male. If I displeased my male, my bottom would pay!

They stood me up and my panties slipped down to my ankles.

"So, do you still think spelling is 'stupid'?" asked Mommy.

Right on cue!

"Yes!" I said with a pout and a tiny stomp of my foot. I didn't want to make her too mad at me after all.

"That's it!" said Tracy. "I'll cure that teenage attitude once and for all. It's the paddle for you, missy!"

To be continued in Schoolgirl Punishment (part 4).


  1. Well congrats on your very first legit manly hand spanking. So which do you find more exciting being spanked by Tracy or being spanked by John, or is it different depending on how they spank you, hand versus paddle etc.

    The pics look great! In the last one the redness on your left cheek actually looks like a huge hand print. ;-)

    1. They each have their own charm, but right now... man.

  2. You are playing the part so well. John and Tracy seem to be holding off. For a hand spanking you have a beautiful red bottom. Tracy is good with the camera even a little pussy shot.

  3. Queen of the serial. Can't wait cliffhangers.

    What are you going for? Multiple climaxes.... ;)

    1. Absolutely! Too many pics and too much action to waste it all on one post!

  4. My goodness Julie. I usually don't go for role play but this is realky exciting. Parr 4 soon huh?


  5. The proximite of these red ass cheeks and of this paddle is mindblowing : the buttocks and the paddle do not move and in the same time they are filled with the movement to come.

    1. I feel like a time traveler. My butt has already felt the paddle.

    2. I love your brain and its products

  6. Oh, you who not so long ago swore you'd never give up your bottom to get a man-spank! This is great: so exciting. I can feel your turn on through the blog post and it turns me on as well. Welcome to our (submissive) world, little julie! Were you wet at this stage? Did 'Mommy's' pronouncement that you were getting the paddle make your tummy turn over? Thank you for sharing; can't wait for Part 4.

    1. It was very exciting to be spanked by John. His strength overwhelmed me.

      I figured the paddle was coming, but I knew I was in for it when she said it!

  7. Deeper and deeper and just in to 2017! Congratulations on your continuing and erotic journey Julie. Your sexy bottom looks like it will take a lot of attention and your mental reservations seem to be fast receding....

  8. Wonder if you will be diapered after the next spanking. So will this be a long term or short term for you?

  9. More than 5 million page views, congratulations! How many people have seen your pussy by now though?

    Ted the Switch

  10. I can't wait till John and Tracy get comfortable enough to take complete charge of a scene. That way the only thing to save your ass is the safe word. That way you can really channel your inner teenage brat. Your Daddy's coaching should help.

    P.S. I love that Pervy Daddy ask for more pictures. They make a good slideshow for perverts like me.

    Proud Perv (P.P.)

    1. I wouldn't mind, except that I think I am a rare talent!

  11. Dear bratty teenager Julie, You so deserved the treatment you were getting. I'm sure you regretted that paddle. You are jumping in so quickly into sub-land. I see a foursome in the near distant future, since I'm sure John had his way with you this time, but can't wait to hear you describe it. Red seems to be your new favorite color. I think after this session Tracy and John will not hesitant with spanking you hard as you deserve in the future.


  12. Oh my love your beautiful and well OTK spanked bottom.

  13. I'm really enjoying your story! What could David do that would make you think he needed to feel a MAN's hand on his backside? Would you like to watch him get it?

    1. I absolutely would LOVE to watch david get that, and then be made to suck him off and take bumsex from him!!!