Monday, January 16

The Schoolgirl Fetish

So what is it about this schoolgirl fetish thing anyways?

The current scene I am describing in Schoolgirl Punishment has me dressed as a schoolgirl, and my friend Tracy and her husband John playing my Mommy and Daddy (kind of my idea, as I'm the one with the parental fantasy kink). Of course, what fucks with their head is that they actually are a Mommy and Daddy to two young girls (6 and 9). I have fun fucking with heads.

Today I was at a little get together at a different friend's house in the afternoon. There were two teenage girls present, 16 and 14. They were both pretty. They were both clean and had their faces made up in a tasteful way. The older child was slim and had on a long (ankle length) slinky black dress. Inappropriate for the gathering, but fine. The younger child (her sister) was actually the more developed of the two, with larger breasts and wider hips. But she still had a bit of that adolescent baby fat on her. She too was dressed inappropriately, but in the other direction. Torn tight pants. A long-sleeved but short grey track top that left her midriff exposed. She was a sexy little thing. The men at the gathering studiously avoided peeping.

Did the fourteen-year-old understand the effect she had? Or was she just dressing in a manner that her role models do? I can tell you, when I was that age, I definitely already understood the impact I made, and it was exciting! In retrospect, I should have been given a good spanking and told to cover myself up!

I have a friend who is a male teacher in an all girls' Catholic school.

Little angels, right? No! According to him, they go out of their way to try to fluster him. He told me the trick is to correct them without looking at them: "One more button, please, Mandy". "Your skirt is too short, Cindy", and so on. They push up next to him. They are just girls. They are exploring their budding sexuality. Seeing what impact it has on males of all ages.

The little fourteen year-old. I was a bit envious. To be so young and pretty with her whole life ahead of her. To discover all these tummy churning things about love and sex and relationships. She is in for a ride!

At that age I fantasized about sex. I had a little stuffed doggy that went between my legs that I grinded on. I imagined I was being "made love to" by a handsome prince. I pulled my pj's down so my butt was bare and my little doggy was between my legs, and I humped my bare ass in the air. It was so exciting!

I had no thoughts of spanking or dominance and submission explicitly at that age. But what would I have felt if instead of making love to me, my handsome prince would have picked me up, put me across his shoulder, carried me into the living room, sat down, put me across his knee, and spanked my bare bottom like the naughty little oversexed teen that I was while my parents cheered him on???

To be seen naked at that age was one of the most mortifying things that could happen to a girl! To be humiliated like that would have been the end of me.

Thinking on it now, though...

And there's the rub. Girls at that age are extremely vulnerable. A public spanking punishment on the bare bottom would be plain and simple abuse. Terrible abuse. Mental breakdown level abuse. There are laws against it, and for a very good reason. Young girls at that age need to be protected, even from themselves.

But little girls grow up to be big girls. And sometimes they save a part of their adolescence to bring along with them. I read a little article called Ten Reasons we love school uniforms. Number 9 was my favourite:
9. They make great Halloween costumes. In college, when you are too busy studying to be creative, you can definitely bet that wearing your ninth grade schoolgirl skirt will be thoroughly appreciated by your male friends. Plus, it’s free.
I can still remember what it was like to be fourteen, or sixteen. I can clearly remember instances when I was a horrible little brat. And instances where I definitely tried (and succeeded) to make males uncomfortable with my budding sexuality.

Now I am all grown up and those days are behind me. But should I get of Scott free? Shouldn't I now be punished for my outrageous behavior, in a manner I'm sure those males of yore would have been sorely tempted to mete out to the bratty, but nubile, fourteen year old vixen?

As I said, I can clearly remember what it was like to be fourteen. Perhaps I should be made to dress in a correct manner as a fourteen year old: in a school uniform. A quote from another article,  School Uniforms: Parents need to grow up
Secondly, they are a form of discipline that is so sorely missing in many of our children's lives. 
Perhaps so.

I want to imagine myself as that fourteen year old. I can imagine myself as her! I've been there. When I put on the schoolgirl skirt for Tracy and John, I was already half there. When Mommy scolded me, and made me stand facing the wall, showing off my panties until Daddy got home. Yes. That was what needed to be done. Just punishment for this grown-up fourteen-year-old.

And when Daddy got home. Then I was really scolded. Mommy gave me a spanking while Daddy watched! She took me across her knee. My skirt was raised and my panties were lowered. Lowered so far that Daddy could see everything there was to see of me!!!! And then Mommy spanked me!

It was easy to regress to be that fourteen-year-old girl. Easy to feel the utter mortification of being bared liked that and treated as a child. But I was a developing girl! How wrong for my Daddy to have to see his little girl like that! My pussy fully displayed while Mommy spanked me. She didn't even care! She gave me what I deserved!!!

I knew full well the impact my body had on males at that age. But under my terms! Not like this! If I was a little girl and had no consciousness of my sexuality it might have been bearable. But not at this age! Having my bottom bared. Having my pussy on display as I was spanked across Mommy's knee. Having my Daddy see that!!!! No! Not like this! Please!!!!

No Mommy! No! Please! Don't take my panties down! Not in front of Daddy! You can't! Please!!!!

The fourteen-year-old in me dies of shame as Mommy does just that. Mommy knows exactly what a little slut her daughter has been around males. Around her Daddy even. Mommy was never fooled. She knew exactly what I was doing when I jumped on Daddy's lap in my panties and a light T-shirt. And now, with a great sense of satisfaction she pulls my panties down. Down to my knees. She hikes me up higher across her knees, so I am bared and displayed.

This is what she is thinking: This little slip of a girl, my daughter, likes showing herself off to men does she? To her father even? Well now she's getting what she's asked for. She gets to show off her pussy to a man. Only under MY terms not hers. She thinks she can compete with me for her father's sexual attention, does she? She needs to be taught a lesson. Right here. Right now.

Before Daddy got home, Mommy made me display my completely inappropriate low-cheek-baring panties to the plumber and his young male apprentice while in time-out!

She even discussed my choice of panties with them! And then consulted with them on what an appropriate punishment would be. No surprise that the plumber suggested a bare bottom belting. Why bare? Look at my panties! The belt would do nothing but strike bare flesh anyways! Why is it necessary to shame a girl?

I can answer that.

I had been playing with fire. The fire of my sexuality. And what better lesson for a girl playing with fire than to have her her fingers burnt? To have her panties lowered. To have to bare the thing that is at the core of her naughty play. Too much? Yes. Way too much.

I was worried Mommy would lower my panties then and there, for the plumber and his young apprentice to see! There is no power left in my sexuality when my Mommy bares me like that for ridicule from these men!

Mommy: "Yes girl! Lower your panties! Bend over and grab your ankles. Let's see what all the fuss is about."

I am mortified! My pussy and my bottom hole are both in plain view!

Mommy: "You like flaunting yourself, girl. Why are you crying? You're getting what you want."

Not like this! Never like this!

Mommy: "Mr. Smith, why don't you start her off with a good belting. I don't think this should wait until her father gets home."

Oh no! The plumber takes off his wide leather belt, doubles it up and whips my bare cheeks!

Mother: "Jimmy, is that a bulge I see in your pants? Well this girl has been a tease one too many times for my liking. I'll get one of her father's condoms on you so you can teach her a lesson in what happens to slutty little cock-teasers!"

Wow... I just came "proofreading" this...  Publish.


  1. Well I have no idea why the schoolgirl fetish is so popular, and I'm sure it has probably sent more than one dad in to tail spinning conundrum.

    However, after reading this post it is very clear to me that you are relishing, and revelling, in this very naughty schoolgirl role and having a great deal of fun with at the same time.

    I suspect this will not be the last time we see you play this role with Tracy and her husband. ;-)

  2. MIss Jaqueine from her video Pacfic Force is the first pic forget who spankee is over her lap was made i think late 90 early 2000

    i think schoolgirl fantasy is top of everyone list if ask me some want to spank naughty schoolgirl or some want be spanked themself by school girl

  3. I raised two daughters, Ms. Julie, and I remember their teenage years. In my mind it would have been absolutely inappropriate for me to think of them in any sexual manner. There were, however, a couple of my daughter's little girlfriends who were quite vexing.

    1. Isn't that strange how the mind can do that? I'm sure your daughters proved vexing to their friends' fathers as well!

    2. Definitely within the realm of possibility

  4. Ms. SJ

    The schoolgirl "fetish" (perhaps an unwarranted descriptor as it is often accompanied by sordid connotations) is popular for many reasons.

    We developed sexually, at least in our minds, while gazing across the classroom at certain exquisitely beautiful creatures while some teacher blabbed about sentence structure.

    Some girls flaunted their sexuality even then, but most did not know quite what power they had. They learned that later.

    So the schoolgirl thing brings back those powerful memories for both sexes.

    The connection with spanking, bondage and other forms of domination is important for folks like you and me, but others may enjoy schoolgirl fantasies without these associations.

    Many may see the schoolgirl as a brat and spankee. I normally see her as a burgeoning dominatrix.

    My wife Irene has various alter egos, including Laura (her middle name) and Ms. Smythington (her maiden name). Typically the flirtatious but innocent Irene will wear flouncy skirts, unaware that that a naughty Rosco is lurkin at the bottom of stairs, pretending to eat his lunch, but really waiting for a glimpse of whatever panties she might be wearing. Irene does not notice but Laura does, and tells Ms. Smythington about it. Ms. Smythington knows Rosco must be punished, and further her girls should learn how to punish such naughty boys on their own. Rosco is spanked and whipped by Irene, Laura and then all the girls in the homemaking class then put into a pair of panties and put into the corner. Further lessons of how to control and dominate a disobedient, recalcitrant, disrespectful and obstreperous boy are taught as the semester progresses. Rosco gets a few treats now and then, but is fully punished and humiliated in the process and the girls have a jolly good time teaching him to behave.


    1. Yes! The schoolgirl outfit is definitely coming out for a roleplay with david. How humiliating for a man to be spanked across a schoolgirl's lap!

    2. The girl who turns the tables on her young teacher? Sounds fun


    3. I prefer the fantasy of spanking the boys in the class. Such easy marks. A flash of tit is all it takes, after all.

  5. Another appropriate punishment for school girls who wear inappropriate panties is to put them back in diapers until they can make better choices about their undergarments. It falls nicely in line with the points you made above. I think you would be a perfect candidate, Miss Julie!

  6. I enjoy role-play teacher/student spankings with women in schoolgirl attire. And schoolgirl personae, which makes it even better.

    Yes, I'm submissive by nature, but I've learned to top and I really enjoy spanking women. And I particularly enjoy teacher-student role-play.

    Any man with his eyes open is aware of teenage female sexuality. A friend of my daughter's started flirting with me when she was 15 and kept at it for years. I taught teenagers in public school long ago and some of the girls definitely tried to see what effect they could have.

    Of course, I never acted on any of these little minx's overtures. That would be very wrong. And this is what makes teacher/student role-play so appealing. When a grown woman wants to put on a schoolgirl outfit and adopt a naughty teenager persona, I get to act out my dark side and step into the role of very creepy old man who uses his position of authority to take advantage of young girls. I like to sexualize the experience. Not with genital touch, but with lots of comments about their inappropriate attire and their developing bodies. And they get to fulfill a fantasy from a crucial stage in their sexual development. It's safe and fun and maybe even cathartic.

    And then I go back to being a respectful, responsible adult with good boundaries. Actually, I was respectful and responsible and kept boundaries throughout, but I enjoy pretending that I've unleashed a beast of a man.

    So yeah, schoolgirl uniforms rock.

    1. I don't think it's "creepy" though. It's just life...

  7. I was about to write a comment to your post about schoolgirl role-play, but it seems that Proud Servant beat me to it, and more eloquently than what I would have done. However, I do have something to say about those of us who went to school where uniforms were worn.

    I do not know what the intended purpose of the shortish skirts is, but I can tell you about their effect. At the time when girls start becoming modest about their bodies, the skirts discourage unladylike behavior. There is no way to jump off of playground equipment or roughhouse at recess without accidentally flashing everyone. Kids talk, and no one wants to be known as the girl who wears pink underwear. It worked very well as a way of enforcing gender roles (though I bet today most everyone wears sports shorts under their skirts). Girls learned to control their outward appearance, which was to their advantage. As everyone grew older, only the most awkward of the young ladies would accidentally flash anyone.

    Now I do not know of any flirtatious actions from the schoolgirls toward the younger teachers, but that was because I, like many of my less socially developed male classmates, was not looking for such things (though looking back I do know that the science teacher got a lot of attention from the girls in my class). However, the girls were not subtle at all when flirting with the boys probably because the subtlety would be lost on us. The boldest among them would, from time to time when they knew they would not get caught, purposely flash us while looking us in the eyes and giving us a sly grin. The flirting never went any further than that, except in our adolescent minds, where we could not help but think of the possibilities. Now this phase did not last that long in my school before the game became old, but it was memorable.

    Ted the Switch

  8. It's like a Freudian wet dream, Electra Complex, the XXX verion

  9. Wonderful. I spent a few years trying to look up Catholic school girls skirts.

    1. Naughty boy. Hope one of them caught you at it and spanked you for your troubles!

  10. I read somewhere that for girls of a certain age, there's no such thing as unwanted male attention. I think that may be what you are channeling with this project. - Frank

    1. There certainly is! But it's nonetheless thrilling...