Wednesday, July 18

Husband Spanked in front of Feminist Lesbians! (part 1)

As I covered in my last blog post, Fun Development! (you can read the backstory there, I won't repeat it here) we had visitors Saturday afternoon who were two Feminists interested in a "demonstration" of the kinky dynamic of my and my husband's relationship!

It went off absolutely beautifully, and it was kind of knocking a thing off the bucket list for david and I.

I've already completed the entire post that documents the events, but it is very long (about 12,000 words), and I received some good advise that if I broke it up into multiple posts, that would be well received. As well, there is so much proofreading to do that I thought doing it in parts would be more manageable. So expect a new part every couple of days until I get to the end (we did A LOT!). Here are all the parts for your reference.

Part 1:Setting the stage
Part 2:A humiliating scolding on his knees in front of the ladies
Part 3:An OTK hand spanking on the seat of his underpants
Part 4:His underpants are lowered and he is spanked very hard with the hairbrush
Part 5:Obedience Training: made to come out in bra and panties and publicly plugged
Part 6:Taken to the bedroom and made to receive humiliating sex
Part 7:Teased, denied, then made to masturbate to ejaculation in full view
Part 8:Serving us on the patio - hosed down!

But lets dive right in with the first part which covers the introductions and everything up to the start of his scolding!

When the doorbell rung, I told david to go upstairs to our bedroom and wait for me to call him down. I went and answered.

The visitors were my older sister Sue who was the instigator; Joyce, Sue's friend who is about my age (late thirties), and is a quite thin brunette; and Beverly, Joyce's partner, who is about ten years younger (late twenties) and is a more voluptuous blonde. Joyce is an academic with a degree in Psychology, and Beverly completed a Master's (Mistress?) in Women's and Gender studies and is now working in a related field. Joyce and Beverly's academic credentials as Feminists are beyond reproach. All three of them are (at this time anyways) exclusively lesbian, with Joyce and Beverly in a longer-term relationship.

Sue wore a nice light summer dress. Joyce was wearing a light greyish pantsuit sort of ensemble. Beverly was in a black mid-length skirt and orange blouse which showed off a lot of her ample cleavage. We all had heels (so much for Feminism!). I had on very nice (elegant) patterned summer shorts with a matching blouse.

I had already prepared everything I needed where I thought I would use it. david knew what was up, but not any of the details. In fact, I did not know any of the details. Sue had said they were "up to watch anything" (though I didn't know if Sue gave any examples of what that might consist of, I was assuming she did). I was going to start by calling david down and scolding him for an actual misdeed (that he did not know at the time that I was aware of) and then punish him by spanking him in front of the women. Depending on the conversation and the vibe I would decide on the spot to see how much farther I would be willing to take it.

I conducted them into the living room and asked if I could serve them anything now, or if we should start with the demonstration and maybe get a little drink and something after? They preferred to wait until after. We had a bit of a discussion about their jobs and their academic backgrounds (described above), and I launched into an explanation of what they were about to see.

I decided to play it completely honestly with these women. They were both obviously very smart and would have caught on to any deception. Joyce was a Psychologist for pity's sake, which made me nervous that she would declare me crazy and have me locked up!

I described to them the history of how david and I got into this. How we had a fairly standard vanilla relationship, and how he was concealing a spanking fetish from me because he thought I would not understand. Then one day he got up the courage to ask me to spank him with a big wooden hairbrush, and the rest is history. I decided not to mention anything at all about switching, as that is a bit more complicated and not so germane to the demo at hand. If Sue had mentioned it, well so be it, and I was not concealing it either, just not bringing it up.

I explained to them that I had a history of sexual abuse, and how surprisingly empowering it was for me to spank him. I described how I really got into it, and began exploring other Dominance and submission type activities with my husband. They were really interested in this link between healing from sexual abuse and empowerment though consensual D/s play, and we discussed that a bit. I think that got them very much "on our side", as that was a thing they had never considered before.

In that discussion, Beverly said she got how it could be healing and empowering, and how I could enjoy it also, but wasn't it ultimately all about just satisfying his sexual fetishes?

I responded that that was certainly a big part of it, but that I felt I had used his fetishes not only to bring him gratification and personal sexual wish fulfillment, but also to the benefit of our relationship by establishing a non-traditional dynamic between us, where at certain times and in certain circumstances, I was completely in charge, and that this had holdover effects in general on his attitude towards me, towards women and women's issues in general, and towards our relationship. That also made them sit back and think a bit. Both Joyce and Beverly indicated that they could sort of understand and accept that.

We were clear that this was not for every man or couple, or the ultimate cure for anything in our society, but that in our little neck of the woods, it worked

I then suggested that they'd be better able to understand where I was coming from once they saw it, and I suggested I give them that demonstration. They were very game.

I explained that everything they were going to see was 100% consensual, though it may not look like it, and that we have a safeword in case he needs it to stop for any reason whatsoever, but that he would be highly unlikely to use it regardless of how strict I were to be with him. I also told them that it was his sexual fetish to be treated like this, and that was impossible to hide (I was referring to his inevitable erection, indirectly!).

Joyce asked a perfect leading question, asking it this was a roleplaying scene they were about to see.

I answered yes and no. In one sense we are role-playing a strict wife and a submissive husband, but on the other hand I am a strict wife and he is a submissive husband. I asked them back, "don't we all play roles in life?" She conceded the point.

I told them that I often wait for and find real minor things to punish him for that I pretend are more important than they actually are. If it's a major thing between us, I prefer not to take this route, and will talk it out with him like normal. The idea is not to correct his behaviour, but to provide a real-life pretext for us to assert the dominance and submissiveness dynamic of our relationship, which satisfies his sexual fetish needs, is fun and empowering for me, and has a good longer-term effect on our relationship and his gender attitudes.

At one point I made a comment along the lines of, "you probably think we're crazy", but Joyce corrected me quickly and made a point of saying that, au contraire, the relationship I was describing seemed extremely sane.

I then explained about the parking ticket he had received, and that it was the third one in the past couple of months. He had mentioned the first two to me, and "forgot" to mention this last one to me, but that I had discovered the payment on the credit card transaction history, and he does not know that yet. I told them that it was really a minor thing, but that we had actually discussed it in passing after the second one in "normal" mode and he said he would be more careful. They cost about $40 each so that's about $90 wasted for all three compared to just parking legally. And he didn't tell me about the third. So that was my "pretext" this time. I reinforced that it's not really about the minor misdeed, or that I have any expectation (or desire) of changing his behaviour, but that it was all about a real-life "prop" we could use to exercise our dynamic.

Beverly said that was good, because if people would actually be spanked for real for parking tickets, she'd have a pretty sore butt! Joyce jokingly responded, "well, maybe we'll have to see about that," and Beverly said "Nooooo!", but all as this major joke, as in mature adults don't get spankings for parking tickets. It was fun that they engaged a bit in the more playful end of things this way. While Beverly is the more bubbly one, Joyce has a more stern no-nonsense look about her. It would not surprise me in the least if they "experimented" after they got home that evening!

I reminded them once again before I called david down that it was all consensual and he has a way to make it stop, and that his butt has built up some resiliency over the years so it might seem a bit hard to them. I also reminded them that he gets off on the humiliation, even though he is genuinely humiliated, so they should feel free to make little comments to him as we go, and we can keep the discussion going as I demonstrate. I also told them that I'd offer opportunities where they might want to get in there and participate, but absolutely not to feel obliged to do so. They looked a bit nervous and excited. I noticed Sue with a big grin on her face, looking a little excited. She is kinky as well, and the kinkiness of the whole scene must have turned her on.

But it was now time to get the show on the road. I go to the foot of the stairs and yell up in my "Angry Julie" voice, "david! Come down here! Now!"

[Continued in Part 2]


  1. Oh Beverley is so getting spanked when they get home!
    Interesting that she questioned whether it's all just to satisfy your husband's fetishes. Why wouldn't it also be to satisfy your fetishes? And if she doesn't think a woman would be into that sort of thing, I'm sure Sue would be happy to give her a demonstration ;)

    1. Hey yeah! That's a good point!!! Wish i would have thought of it at the time...

      I need to find out if Bev got her fanny spanked! i will ask Sue.

  2. A history of sexual very sorry. How beautiful to have stumbled on a relationship dynamic that offers something of an empowerment balance. peter peter

    1. Rough, but I feel like I'm over it now, although it never completely goes away. For a while I got panic attacks from being in a submissive situation with a man, so being on top came naturally. But now I actually enjoy being submissive to a man I trust.

  3. You are really building up the tension for those of us who identify with David. I've even got butterflies in my stomach imagining your voice.
    Thank you so much for sharing these experiences.

  4. I like the set up. There's something to be said for simply being open and honest. The main objective here as I see it, from a fetish standpoint, is the feeling of humiliation. This scene appears to have enough of that potential. An ideal fantasy scene for me would be a bit different, but you don't want to spoil the reality. Considering your audience, anything perceived as phony will detract or even destroy the scene. I agree that you could have gotten away with making this appear to be more your fantasy than david's and, therefore, a deeper level of submission. OTOH, if he's more embarrassed about his fetishes than his submission, then this scene plays well to those feelings. Again, for this uninitiated audience, I think you also want to show you are not being abusive. He likes this.

    Looking forward to following this amazing scene!

    1. I think he's more embarrassed by his own fetishes, for sure!

  5. I could and did hear you all way from my place you do have loud voice I for one was glad I wasn't one in trouble even my butt wasn't going be punished so I feel safe

    sound like ladies understood all long and got everything you saying to them Sue was smirk smiling know what you can do you should told Sue could out young lady or you be over my knee? you will spank her later lol

    1. No women spanked here! Feminism!

    2. Well no women spanked here or at time cause you are all good girl But Feminsim is good at times

    3. Feminism is ALWAYS good.

  6. Sounds to be a very interesting development. I can only imagine how David feels being scolded in front of three other women even though one of them has seen it before. I can only imagine the joy David felt along with the embarrassment.

  7. Wonderful start. We, your readers, are in for a very great ride. I do like the straightforward manner that you used to explain to these ladies. Thank you always for sharing.

    1. BTW. I forgot to sign
      Pie pie 4 now

    2. Honesty is the best policy!

  8. I feel the delicious thrill of the child to whom her mother tells a story when Julie takes her angry Julie voice and yell up « david ! Come down here ! Now ! ». (his mother transforms before his eyes)
    For the female spectators also the show will begin! (are they ironic misandrists ?)

  9. Ms SJ:

    I am really looking forward to this 8 part series and will certainly appreciate it more that way. Two thoughts at this point:

    "Isn't it all for his sexual gratification?". For me and Irene, it started that way. But now I think she enjoys it even more than I do. Still, I am fairly guilty (more than David) of "topping from the bottom". For example, I really like to be tied up but only if I am reasonable comfortable. And I have asked Irene to take it easy on the duration of the pegging. On the other hand, there are errands and housework that really gets done in this context. Still I would recommend a skeptical feminist keep an open mind and observe such a session of discipline. This is what you are providing her/them.

    I also understand feminists who think humiliating men by dressing them in a bra and panties is demeaning to women. (Irene has threatened me with a bra, but not instructed me to buy one - and I do have a bright lacy pink nightie). It took Irene awhile to get into this part of my sexuality - she picked up the spanking part almost instantly! I generally think of being put in panties etc as punishment for being obsessed with peeking up girls' skirts etc. But I understand if feminists don't like it for the reason stated - I just don't feel that way.

    This series is destined to be an internet classic.

    - Rosco

    1. Thank you Rosco, an "internet classic", golly!
      I fully appreciate your need to be comfortable while being made very uncomfortable. david is the same. He wants to be able to concentrate 100% on the actions and is distracted by such annoyances. To me, it's extra submission, not less.

  10. What a great set up for the scene and a fascinating discussion with the gender studies academics. But I don’t think your relationship with David is a feminist issue one way or another, is it? BDSM is, strictly speaking, gender neutral, isn’t it?

    1. Well, how to bring to heel toxic masculinity and the patriarchy are certainly Feminist concerns. This is one relationship where that will NEVER be a problem.

  11. Would not want to be in his position, but have in an way. Visiting with my soon to be wife at her Mother's home. She made it very clear her mother believed sexual intercourse was after being married, no matter how it is today. She was very old school. A week and wanting so much I went out back, told her I wanted to explore. I found a secluded spot and was soon relieving myself of my need. I did not hear her come up, I then heard thought so and I looked, holding my penis. I said I could not last much longer. She got a stern look, told me to finish undressing and then took my clothes, pointed to the house and soon was standing naked, covering myself trying to explain to my future mother-in-law, fell on deaf ears. Get to the bedroom she said and I thought I was safe until she walked in, closed the door, sat down and told to get over her lap. I thought this was a joke until she was finished and I was dancing around the room. With a grip she took me back to the kitchen my wife to be smiled, looked and said very nice mother. I looked at her and she said we need not go to the bedroom and sitting down told me it was her turn, I protested and soon was getting another spanking. I promised not to do that again standing, rubbing before both of them. What came next I was not ready for. My future mother-in-law told me to stand with my back to the wall, hold my penis and not say a word. My future wife and her mother talked, and when they noticed I was getting an erection, my wife to be told me to the bathroom and there she strongly relieved me of my erection, told me to get dress. I learned that woman is not a easy walk over and no matter the age.

    1. Ha ha! You certainly got what you deserved, being unfaithful like that with your own hand!

  12. So the question establishing the premise for the visit was “how difficult it is to change men’s social conditioning?” I don’t doubt that it’s very difficult. Instead of growing up to be healthy humans, men are conditioned to grow up to be men which limits their options to a narrow range of masculine ideals and behaviours.

    But isn’t the situation exactly the same for women who are brought up to be ‘good girls’ and mothers?

    I think the question asked by Sue and the 2 ladies is inherently sexist. Social conditioning is hard to change for both sexes. There’s nothing inherent to men that makes a man any better or worse than a woman at resisting negative social conditioning.

    Next time maybe David should give the 3 ladies a good spanking. Their own social conditioning needs a little adjustment. Mr D

    1. What I truly believe: I actually enjoy the traditional male and female roles. I like a big strong man. I like a caring nurturing woman.

      I also like swapping roles!

      And I like everything in between!!!

      And yes, Feminists need a good spanking also.

  13. Hi Julie,

    Is that actually a cropped photo of yourself in the patterned summer shorts and blouse? If yes, you're super sexy

    1. It's not me. WAHHH! Does that mean I am NOT super sexy???

    2. Julie has posted quite revealing photos of herself here. Check them out. She is definitely super sexy. :)

  14. Hi Julie,
    I believe you weren’t quite honest with the ladies. I the paragraphs where you discuss exactly what you and David get out of this relationship, you say:
    For you, it’s been healing,
    For David, it satisfies his fetishes,
    And for your relationship, it improves his attitude.
    Did you never mention the pleasure you derive?
    There’s a wifely narrative here, explicitly on your masthead, and implicitly in this story— “I’m the virtuous wife, giving this kinky man what he wants, for the benefit of our marriage.”
    Isn’t the truth that you are, and always have been, just as kinky as David?
    That it’s *your fetishes* that are getting amply satisfied too?
    You’re not the poor virtuous woman, doing your best to satisfy the beastly man;
    you’re just as beastly, and just as interested in the satisfaction of your own fetishes and libido as he is.
    You didn’t happen to mention to the ladies how much time you spend sitting on David’s face, did you? You didn’t mention just how far up your little hole his tongue gets? Didn’t want to embarrass them? Didn’t want to make them feel bad about just how vanilla their sex was?
    No, you were downplaying your own power.
    Why? And a more interesting question, will you tell them the truth?
    Satisfying your pleasure and your fetishes is as big a driver in this relationship as David’s are.

    1. More like I didn't want to embarrass myself!!!!

      BUT... I was not nearly as kinky before HE introduced me to it!

      But yes... I enjoy it very much myself. Sure fire way to get me off is a good hard bun beating for him (ideally the tawse - hard!) to get me wet, followed by his tongue in my >blush< bottom hole with my >pant< Hitachi on my clit... excuse me, have to go now!

  15. Replies
    1. Ha ha! Nice that Maria's paddle approves! :-)

  16. Re: "BUT... I was not nearly as kinky before HE introduced me to it!"
    Still blaming david?
    I think you owe david a free hand (and cock) as punishment for letting these ladies believe your kinky life together was somehow all his idea, as well as minimizing the pleasure you get from this relationship.
    To be completely fair this session would be conducted in the presence of and with the participation of several young men.

    And really, you should correct the record with these women.
    Did you believe Sue hasn't already told them some or all of the wicked things you've done with David?
    Maybe better to set the record straight.
    Besides, it's about time david owned your ass,)
    Thank you for all the pervy goodness!

    1. I find your concept of "punishment" for me makes me... horny.

  17. Did you ever find out if Beverly got spanked by Joyce?