Monday, December 28

Paying the Price for Disrespecting my Husband

I just got a spanking from my husband. And now he says that if I show him the least little bit of disrespect during the next week, that I'll be getting another spanking...

If you're a spanking couple like us, you know the problem. You crave to spank and be spanked, for real, but gosh darned it, we're actually adults, and we don't really misbehave nearly as often as we want spankings to happen. So what's to be done?

I tried a while back instituting a Domestic Discipline Contract. It gave my husband authority to punish me when he saw fit. It had a set of standards that I wanted to hold myself to, and it asked David to punish me if I fell short. There was also some maintenance spanking thrown in: spankings for when you don't misbehave in a given week. But those didn't feel nearly as real as spankings for actually misbehaving. But the whole arrangement fell apart because I am actually a very disciplined person in real-life. I held myself to my standards and even exceeded them. So I never got spanked for real. So that was stupid. Deliberately falling short just to earn a spanking felt like a big lie to boot.

We're up at the winter cabin, just the two of us. We watched a movie yesterday. After the movie we had a little nightcap. I presented him with my little conundrum: "I wished I misbehaved more so that you could spank me more."

"Well, just be a little disrespectful towards me, and I'll teach you some respect, woman."

Ok. That was the right thing for him to say. I felt my pussy tingle and gush just a little as he said it. I visibly squeezed my thighs together.

"That excites you does it?" he asked, observing my wriggling and stroking my thigh.

"Yes," I said.

"Ok then. What if we try it for a week. Anytime you want to be reminded of your place, show a little disrespect and see what happens."

"Deal," I said. "But the week after, we'll switch, ok?"

"Deal," he said with a big smile.

"I'm a little scared," I told him.

"You should be. The slightest inkling of disrespect, and you'll find yourself across my knee with your panties at your ankles. Starting right now." He said it with a smile.

"Will it be hard?" I asked him breathlessly. Now we were playing.

"Oh yes. You're not a little girl where a little spanking is all that's needed. You need a lot more than that."

"I do," I admitted. "You'll really punish me?" I asked.

"I will. It'll be bad enough that you won't even think of disrespecting me for at least a couple of days, guaranteed."

"It's what I need."

"It's what I need, Sir," he corrected me.

"It's what I need, Sir."

"It's definitely what you need."

"Take me to bed, Sir?" I asked him.

He stood and took me by the hand and guided me up to our bedroom. We got on the bed and we undressed one another. As he knelt up I knelt low in front of him and started sucking on his cock. Very respectfully!

"Let's see if you do as good a job as your sister," he said, rubbing it in, referring to his Christmas present from her (a handie-blowie). I didn't want to be spanked right then and there, so I held my ire in check and just said, "I'll try, sir."

David lay down on his back on the bed and I started giving him a very proper blowjob. Lots of saliva, hand, and mouth action.

I could feel him and taste him getting closer. He pulled me up off of him by my hair and said, "still needs work."

Ha! I smirked to myself. He was close.

"How do you want to be fucked?" he asked me.

"Bent over pillows, sir?" I asked hopefully.

"Get them piled," he said.

Oooh. This was fun and a bit embarrassing. I built my little pillow altar in front of me, stacking three pillows. It seems like a lot, but once you get on them they smoosh down and you're happy for the extra ass-elevating height.

He made me kneel up in front of the pillows. He had me put my hands behind my head. He explored my breasts, my ass, and my pussy as I held position.

He then gave me a smack on my ass and told me to bed over the pillows. I bent forwards and draped myself across them.

When I'm lying in this position I am automatically thinking about being spanked. I wondered how strict he was going to be with me. I thought that I'd do something small tomorrow, and see if it's enough to get me spanked. I hoped it would be. I wanted to be well-mastered.

David gets behind me and starts licking my pussy. Mmmmm...  He gets me close.

"Put your fingers on your clit," he instructs me.

Alright. A bit of an admission here. As much as I'm a super-kink, this simple act still embarrasses me every time I am made to do it. I put the fingers of my left hand on my clit. I am right-handed. When I solo-masturbate the Hitachi or the dildo goes in my right hand, my left fingers my clit. I need to lift a little and squeeze my hand between the pillows and me.

"Rub it," he tells me. I start rubbing around and on my clit. His tongue is still darting around back there. He even licks my busy fingers, the perv.

"Keep going," he says as he pulls away from me and spreads my legs widely. He holds me there like that for a while, watching me rubbing my own clit from behind. I am embarrassed, but horny as hell and humping my pillows as I rubbed.

Next I feel the tip of his cock at the entrance to my pussy. I reach my fingers a bit back and touch him. He pushes into me doggy style. He begins fucking me as I continue rubbing my own clit. He slaps me on my ass.

"Are you going to respect me, woman?"

"Yes sir," I say, and rub my clit a little more intensely.

"What happens if you don't?"

"You'll... spank me... sir."

Saying the word "spank", in this position, and with this much sexual stimulation brings me close to the edge. I rip my hand back to my mouth, lick my fingers, and dive it back onto my clit.

"How will I spank you?" he asks. It's an open-ended question.

"You'll... take me across your knee, pull my panties down, and spank me on my bare bottom with your hand."

"Will it be a hard spanking, if you disrespect me?"

"Yes sir. A punishment spanking, sir."

As we're talking like this I am rubbing myself more and more intensely and he's fucking me more and more intensely and also slapping my ass and flanks as he does it. 

A punishment spanking. A real punishment spanking. If I disrespect him, it will be for real. Whether I want it or not in the moment. Whether I put up a fight or not. He will physically overpower me, strip me, and spank me until I am howling for mercy. A real... punishment... spanking... He will not stop until he believes I have been thoroughly mastered. And there will be nothing at all I will be able to do to make him stop. I will be at his complete mercy. I think I'm going to cum from this!

"Will that teach you to respect me, woman?"

"Yes sir.  But... but what if I disrespect you in front of Daddy?" Hey! Don't judge me. I'm trying to cum here.

"I'll spank you anywhere and anytime you disrespect me, girl. If you mouth off in front of your Mom and Dad, I'll put you right across my knee and give you a spanking right in front of them."

I feel extra tingles. 

"But not on my bare bottom, ok?" I prod him.

"Absolutely bare bottom, young lady. Those panties would come down, and I'd hike you up extra high so they both have a great view of their daughter getting her spanking."

"No! Daddy will see my pussy!"

"He certainly will, and your little brown hole also." As David said that I felt his thumb rub my asshole and penetrate it.

"No! Please! Not again! Please!" I yell frantically, flashing back to the acute embarrassment I felt when this actually happened to me.

"Oh yes. He'll see everything there is to see of his naughty little girl, just like he did before."

"no... No... NO... NOOOOOOO!" and I came hard, fully flashing back to being across David's knee, my pussy and bumhole exposed, spanked in front of Daddy and Mommy. And just as I came, David, came into me at the same time. Simultaneous orgasms, baby! Top that!

Sex is so mental, isn't it? I mean, you need the friction and everything, but it's the mind that orgasms, right? That's what's so nice about having a steady partner that you share everything with. If they're observant, and if they care, they know all your kinks and use them.

By mutual agreement between me and David, we are cooling any further overt friskiness around my parents, so there will not be a public spanking like that. That's become just fantasy talk now.

I knew the real game will happen in private, between the two of us. How much disrespect will he not even notice, or notice and put up with, until enough is enough and he teaches me a little respect for the man of the house. Even though we talked about just going over his knee and him using his hand, there is nothing that restricts him to just that, especially if I remain sassy during my spanking. Is something like this in my future?

Naked and strapped frantic with his belt? We'll all be finding out...

So I'm writing this Monday morning from the cabin. I was up a bit earlier than he. I padded down to the kitchen to make myself a coffee and to work on the jigsaw puzzle I started yesterday. David came down about an hour later.

"What's for breakfast?" He asked. This was my chance for a spanking, I thought.

"We have bacon if you'd like."

"Sounds great."

"Turn on the oven to 400 then," I told him.

He did that and added, "Ill turn the oven on, but I expect you to make it." He was playing also.

"Are you an invalid? I'm working on my puzzle here. You can make the breakfast for once."

"I believe that's the wife's job, missy."

"Fuck you," I said. That ought to do it!

David stormed over to me, grabbed my arm, pulled me up, and dragged me over towards the couch. "I'll teach you a little respect, woman!" He sat and pulled me across his lap.

"No! Don't you dare!"

I was wearing my PJs. He yanked the bottoms down to my knees and started spanking my bare backside.

"No! Please!" I begged. The spanks were hard from the very first. After what was somewhere around 100 spanks my bottom was getting very sore. "I'm sorry!" I wailed. "I'll make your breakfast, Sir! I'll make your breakfast!"

David stopped spanking me and lay his big hard hand on my hot bottom. "Have you learned your lesson?"

"Yes Sir..."

"Go make me my breakfast now, woman."

"Yes Sir," I said as I stood up with my PJs at my ankles, rubbing my sore bottom, my waxed slit on display.

"Give me your PJ bottoms." Ohhhh. I kicked them off and handed them to him. He took them and said, "you'll get these back after breakfast is made and served. Any more disrespect from you today and you'll get the paddle."

"Yes sir."

I walked over to the kitchen, my bare red buns on display to him. I got the bacon ready on a baking tray and slipped it into the pre-heated oven. I made some toast. I got out some lettuce, tomatoes and avocado and sliced them. I set the table and placed everything down nicely. I got out the mayo and put that on the table. I collected the toast and put that down and covered it. The bacon was done so I put that on a plate and served it. I put out two glasses of OJ and made David a double espresso.

As soon as all that was done I went over to David and said, "your breakfast is ready, Sir."

David stood up and inspected. I stood there nervously, without any pants. David handed me my PJ bottoms. "Good girl," he said. I put them on and we sat to ate. No mention was made of my spanking or our little game. We were just getting started, after all.

But you know what? Yes it was a game and everything. But I felt a certain happy subservience as I ate breakfast sitting on my sore butt, watching David laying into his big BLT sandwich, and felt proud that my man tolerated no lip from his mouthy wife.

I am still contemplating if I'm going to disrespect him again today. He promised me a paddling if I did, and he won't go easy on me assuming I'm asking for an escalation. I don't think I can take that again today. He'll get my full respect the rest of the day. But tomorrow is another day... 😈


  1. Once the stores open again it might be time for a new bra fitting session for little david, and maybe a couple cute dresses that you can pull up as he does the house work. After all he says housework is for women right.


  2. as ironic as it may be...this was a very hot post yet I so much more love reading about you spanking him. Perhaps it is my natural submissive side but I adore women who spank men and love it when it is truly to punish them/me. but its still hot no matter which one I read.

  3. I'm with bdenied and Emily. Missing your femdom content big time! :(

    1. I write whatever inspires me, as you might have noticed. But there will be a reckoning...

  4. Interesting that you’re controlling the timing of your spankings by “choosing” to misbehave. Most dominants wouldn’t allow this and would see through this little charade. I know you’re both switches but it would be good for you to simply have no control over timing or anything else for an agreed period. Total loss of control for a week. You don’t know when or what will happen to you. Quite liberating for a generally in control person like you. A collar would help your mindset. While wearing it all you need to do is serve. No decisions anymore for you.

    And I can’t believe you got your pyjama pants back so easily. You should’ve had to perform well for those. In fact you really should be naked except for a short apron. Heels 👠 on though whenever master is served shows the proper slut attitude and respect. MrD

    1. That's not this week's kink, silly. This week it's about being totally respectful to hubby and being taught a lesson if I'm not. That excites me plenty. He's on a hair trigger and I'm on my best behaviour!

  5. Every morning on holidays you and David should do paper scissors rock to see who will be an owned slut for the day. That’ll resolve who cooks breakfast. Switchy couple fun.

  6. I think you’re due for another spanking from your mommy and daddy...and some diapers from Sue.

  7. My favourite Julie is subby julie followed close behind by Dominant Julie with political Julie coming in a long way last.

    1. Shhhh... don't say that, it only encourages me to write ANOTHER political one.

  8. This is all very fine but noting the time of year I’d like to see a bit more of a Christian wife dynamic here. Ungodly of you to refuse to make breakfast for the male head of house. After the punishment pyjamas should not be returned and you should be made to kneel and pray contritely in the corner. That way your spanked ass will be nicely displayed for any visiting Christians to mock. Gracious God.

  9. 500th variation and always, freshness, surprise, pleasure.
    The big bare butt punished in the foreground is now that of a mature woman surprised and excited about what just happened to her. Searing shame experienced.
    Pillows which smoosh down: this seems like an experience we've all had but on what occasion?
    One might think that nothing embarrasses you anymore, but that's not true! Being forced to put your fingers on your clitoris, this simple act always embarrasses you if you are forced to do so.
    A cult formula: "Hey! Do not judge me. I'm trying to cum here."
    The icing on the cake: simultaneous orgasms.
    The final scene makes me feel acutely how awkward it is to nervously prepare breakfast without pajama pants, bare red bum on display, while someone watches you do it.

  10. My wife used to have a bad habit of sassily telling me to shut up which was eventually cured by a trip over my knee.
    Shut up actually became a sort of 'code word' for us when we wanted to spank.

  11. That's what's so nice about having a steady partner that you share everything with. If they're observant, and if they care, they know all your kinks and use them.


  12. My wife decides when I need a spanking, I have no say. As you know in my case my mother-in-law will also spank. Christmas present from my mother-in-law was little boy jammies, she made them. As you know my 'Mommy' will have me wear jammies after a spanking if I've been really naughty. My mother-in-law also gave to my wife a large bath brush, engraved, "Mommy Voice". The gift I gave to my wife was her idea, I had a picture taken in my new Jammies, it hangs in the kitchen, won't tell you the comments that have been made by her friends. So I don't need to ask to be spanked, my wife insures that. Jack

    1. To quote Joe, "you're a one horse pony, jack" :-)

    2. Do you wear underwears under your PJ's ?
      Are they drop seat jammies ?
      My wife says that lil' boys don't need privacy.

    3. No undies, and as for privacy, my wife decides. Julie "One Horse Pony" don't understand, sorry.

  13. Sounds like David is determined to give it to you hard whenever you show disrespect. Just imagine where it could happen, not just at your parents': the line at the grocery store, the mall, the restroom of a restaurant...

  14. keep having fun. Thanks for sharing your fun adventures, and Happy New Year.
    bottoms up

  15. What a big mature juicy butt. It is so hot. You must have the wife standing up and slap her hard until she begs and resigned herself to using her safe word.

  16. It feels a bit like being in the small office at the end of the hall. I asked the housekeeper but she told me that now Julie only comes once a week and that from now on she no longer responds bare naked to sexual comments. It even seems that she no longer has time to spank.

  17. Jule, if there are rules methink you should follow them. So, it's fifty with the ruler on your tits. Put your short sleeve tight crop top underboob shirt.

    1. Ouch! And having to walk around with reddened underboob? Embarrassing!