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Georgia Evidence of Election Fraud

If you are a low-information person, you probably don't know that the Georgia Senate held a hearing into allegations of election fraud and it's quite damning. In this post I'll link to the testimony and go over the information that was covered.

The chairman of the judiciary subcommittee in Georgia examined fraud in the 2020 election and has released a 15-page report calling the results of the 2020 election “untrustworthy” and recommending that the certification of the results be rescinded. His Subcommittee heard testimonies from witnesses during an open hearing at the Georgia State Capitol on Thursday, December 3, 2020.

On Wednesday, December 30 2020, members of the bipartisan Georgia Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Elections and members of the Senate Judiciary committee held a hearing to consider the committee report from the December 3rd meeting and to hear more witnesses. The report was accepted with one dissenter. The full video is below.

It goes on for over 5 hours and is structured as about 20 witnesses. I would say about 10-20% of the testimony is some form of confirmation bias. Another 50% of it is regular people involved in the election outlining numerous poor practices and illegalities, each of which may not amount to a hill of beans, but the point is that it is illustrative of a broader problem (or not). It certainly may be the case that all elections could have produced the same spate of testimony, it's just that some of us are paying attention this time.

But there's a solid 25% of the testimony that presents a collection of potent circumstantial evidence that is truly troubling and makes a cohesive narrative of some sort of organized fraud that should definitely be investigated.

The most damning circumstantial evidence comes from State Farm Arena where absentee ballots in Fulton county (a Democrat enclave that includes Atlanta) were counted.

Observers Sent Home

Multiple witnesses have sworn under penalty of perjury that all the observers were sent home at 11:30pm claiming that vote counting had ceased for the night and will begin again next morning. There were 3 contemporaneous news reports saying the same thing. Some of the reports and witnesses say they were told it was because of a water main break. That was the new report I heard personally on election night as well. Furthermore there is security camera footage showing the supervisor addressing everybody, and then everybody leaving.

The above is covered in testimony from Witness Garlan Faborino who was there (02:01:30) and from Bob Cheeley, a trial lawyer going through the video (03:39:45).

Poll Workers Continue Counting

Immediately after the observers leave, 5 female poll workers begin counting ballots again. They pull out cases of ballots stored beneath a skirted table out of view from the observers' station due to the curvature of the room. This is already four violations of State Election Law. The skirted table, the concealed bags, the observers not being able to see the entire room, and counting without observers present. These 5 women have NOT yet been interviewed under oath or otherwise for some inexplicable reason.

Evidence of Manufactured Ballots

Witnesses testify that they observed stacks of mail-in ballots that were unfolded (should not be possible), that were filled in identically, that were filled in with what appears to be perfectly printed ovals, that had suspect-looking watermarks, and that were 100% for Biden.

Such testimony is given throughout by multiple witnesses, but one such is from witness Suzy Boils at  04:16:50.

Evidence of Multiple Scans of Same Ballots

Bob Cheeley at 03:39:45 shows on the video two women in camera view feeding the same pristine stack of ballots four times through the scanning machine without performing any of the activities associated with a failed scan. They just appear to be counting the votes 4x.

Evidence of a Vote Spike for Biden Immediately After

The women finished their unobserved counting at around 1:30am. At 1:35am there shows an upload into the election system of a large batch of ballots,136,000 for Biden versus 29 for Trump (98% for Biden - statistically impossible).

This testimony is provided by David Cross at 02:19:00 who analyzed the data feeds that were given from the Secretary of State system to the Edison system that aggregates the data for the media. He was not provided with the detailed timestamped event data from the Secretary of State despite asking repeatedly for it.

The red line is Trump votes and the blue line is Biden votes. The unnatural jumps do not occur anywhere else except in the contested swing states late at night after counting was shut down.  He goes on to show unexplained late-night spikes of a similar nature in Michigan and Wisconsin. A >95% Biden tally CANNOT be explained by saying the Democrats favour mail-in voting. Such a pattern is not seen outside of the Democrat-controlled precincts in swing states.

Audit of Physical Ballots

the Trump team has repeatedly asked for the physical mail-in ballots from Fulton County to be audited. They had a witness, Jovan Pulitzer, an expert in matters of paper analysis, show how it is possible to detect fraudulent ballots (01:13:30) using scanning technology. Lawyers have requested access to the paper ballots to perform this audit, and are ready with the equipment to do it, which is guaranteed under law, however the Secretary of State is blocking it and they have gone to court to seek an injunction to force him to.

There were several other serious allegations in the Georgian testimony as well, however the State Farm Arena feels more like the "smoking gun" than the other.

Another thread was around  signature verification for mail-in voters that contrary to State Election Law was virtually non-existent.

Another thread was around how in Fulton County the state said that 93.67% of the scanned-in ballots needed to be adjudicated, which is a ridiculously high-level indicating that the scanners were essentially not working at all. There was then testimony that the adjudication system allowed individuals to make arbitrary decisions, and how there were opportunities for unobserved individuals to make those changes without leaving any sort of an audit trail. Once a ballot is adjudicated, the computer image of the previous ballot is completely eradicated and replaced with no record. Recounts then count a printed version of the adjudicated ballot.

Furthermore, they demonstrated how the systems can be hacked into remotely and adjudications manipulated remotely. To make the point, during the testimony the team stated that one of their security experts had gained access to a voting terminal used in the State Senatorial runoff and was able to transfer data in and out of it. By Georgian Election Law, these voting terminals may not be connected to the internet at all, so this s a clear violation of law already.

The team has sued for access to perform forensic audits on the voting machines but has been refused by the Secretary of State.

There was evidence presented that poll workers who had come forward to testify in the Dec 3 hearing have been terminated from their poll worker jobs of long-standing are are suing based on whistleblower status.

One of the more damning testimony came right at the end from a Data Science group that analyzed the county-level vote uploads (04:38:30).

  • Showed how in 40 instances, totaling a 200,000 vote swing, votes were decremented from Trump and or added to Biden at the County level (and therefore obscured in the aggregated State feeds). This occurred both for mail-in and for in-person voting.
  • For in-person voting there is no conceivable legitimate means by which votes could be decremented from a candidate. There is no opportunity for innocent human error. Neither is possible given the system.
  • Voters fill in ballots on a machine touchscreen. An image of that ballot is generated by the software (it is not scanned in).
  • Those computer-generated images are placed on SD cards and transferred to a central location.
  • In the central location the images are analyzed and votes counted.
  • The images are generated by and analyzed by the same software suite. There should be a 0% error rate in that process.
  • From there the data is uploaded to a Dominion Software Server, and from their transmitted to the State Sydl system where it it is forwarded to the Secretary of State System for certification, and to the Edison system for dissemination to media outlets.
  • At no point in this process can a negative vote increment be registered.
  • And yet there were 40 instances of just this, totaling a 200,000 vote swing, more than enough to overturn the Georgia election result.
  • There IS an opportunity for anybody with access to a Democracy Suite workstation (where the SD cards are entered after transport) to manually alter the vote counts in various ways, none of them legitimate given the overall system.
  • Multiple people had such access, they shared an admin credential, they could access without supervision, and the machines were Internet connected and could demonstrably be accessed remotely.
  • The Secretary of State has been blocking all audits of this process and of the voting systems used.

In conclusion, I think those who are claiming there is "no evidence of fraud whatsoever" absolutely have their head in the sand. Those claiming fraud is always there but "it was not enough to overturn the election" also have their heads in the sand.

There is tremendous circumstantial evidence of fraud that warrants a full and complete investigation. I am not pre-judging the result of any such investigation, but there is certainly more than enough evidence to justify it.

Those claiming that any such inquiries are "anti-democracy" do not understand democracy.

Those claiming that the courts have reviewed this evidence and thrown it out are also fooling themselves and falling for a media narrative. The evidence has not been tested in court, the suits were thrown out on procedural grounds (lack of standing, too late, not their jurisdiction, remedy sought would not be within their power). Yes, some judges made scathing remarks when throwing them out, but they are scathing remarks regarding the above (and in many cases quite justified!).

Those claiming that Georgia has had multiple recounts and audits and they show everything is just fine are not realizing that the recounts and audits are recounting and auditing the wrong things, as covered in the testimony, and the right things are being deliberately hidden and/or slow-walked, possibly to get past inauguration day.

We are hopeful that based on this evidence that the Georgia State Legislature will overrule the certification of the election results by the Secretary of State. They need to call a session and do this before Jan 6, but I doubt there is the political will, so this election will likely go down in history as the most blatantly fraudulent stolen election in US history. Be proud, USA, your comrades in Canada welcome you into the Communist fold ;-)

Here is the blow-by-blow (apologies for any typos - not proofread - these are my raw notes as I watched the video in full).

Call to order at 00:07:00 by Chairman Senator William Ligon

First item on the agenda is to consider a motion to approve the report based on the Dec.3 meeting available here: REPORT, passed with one dissenter (the committee is bi-partisan).

00:09:00 Witness Cathy Lisom - Republican Election Official and chair of the Coffee county Republican Party

  • Evidence of messed up scanners in primaries, request for replacement, not done. Means a lot of the ballots need to be manually adjudicated.
  • Showed how people using the software can manipulate adjudicated ballots to change literally anything on it at all - showed a YouTube video of how to do it.
  • Showed how nobody can observe what is going on as the type is too small to see from 6 feet away which was the mandated distance - so no effective observers.
  • During recount on multiple scans of 15000 ballots machine counts were off by ~50 on each of 15 runs.
  • Said from the County end they cannot see a log, or before and after images, of adjudicated ballots.
  • Described a chaotic recount process without observers and with armed police.

00:28:00 Witness Ann Dover - Interim Director for Cherokee County Election Office

  • Testifying about the ENet system for registering voters, checking-in ballots.
  • First issue - the absentee ballot portal see people receiving ballots that aren't their ballots - system inserting a random address when people are requesting ballots.
  • Second issue - when they get an absentee ballot back by mail they scan in the bar code and it checks it in under somebody else. Have used the system before, but never seen this before. Reported it to the state, got an unsatisfactory answer.

00:34:00 Witness John Cochran - An automation engineer with extensive and impressive experience in data auditing and validation

  • An observer and monitor of the 3-day risk-limiting audit around Nov 16 in Gwinnett county.
  • Arlo open-source auditing system from VotingWorks used for the first time by the people using it.
  • Used to do an 100% audit of 5,000,000 votes. Usual way is to test a random sample.
  • 2 people entering data from batch tally sheets written by hand after manual counts
  • None of this information is kept locally, all sent to the cloud. Counties have no access to the independent county tallies.
  • Demonstrates how the system is easy to hack into.
  • How final tallies are arrived at from the Secretary of State was opaque and unobserved without records.
  • Concerned about lack of transparency of the audit.

00:50:40 Witness Marcy McArthy - Businesswoman in the Cyber Security industry - also 2020 National Delegate for the GOP - worked on elections security committee in DeKalb County.

  • Shared how processes and control were altered and removed entirely.
  • Possible for workers and volunteers to perform presidential adjudication unobserved and without any record of audit trail whatsoever.
  • Rules changed for Voter Review Panel from 1 Repub + 1 Dem to 1+1 + 2 "non-partisan" who were all League of Women's Voters who are all effectively Democrat as were the supervisors.

01:13:30 Witness Jovan Pulitzer - Pattern Recognition Expert with 200 patents

  • Shows "Kinematic Artifacts" of how you tell if paper was folded.
  • Shows how counterfeit and machine-printed ballot marks can be detected.
  • Can detect if ballots filled in by machine, if folded or not, if run through scanners multiple times.
  • Offers to run the State Farm ballots through his systems to do this detection in 2 days.
  • Complains nobody is given access to the original physical ballot.
  • Shows how in Fulton county, areas that were Democrat majority were printed differently than Republican majority areas. Republican had bar codes used for traceability, Dems did not have bar codes.
  • Shows how registration mark misaligned in Republican areas so that you have a higher rate of adjudication (therefore more opportunity to change the vote in adjudication).
  • But cannot do a full audit of that because no access to the physical ballots. Why hiding these?
  • In Fulton County 93.67% of the votes needed adjudication and were therefore subject to all the unaudited fraud possible in the adjudication process. 780% increase in rate from 2016!

02:01:30 Witness Garlan Faborino - IT Expert on Voter Integrity leading Georgia's Committee on Election Security - Sate Farm Arena Observer, Fulton tabulation observer, audit monitor, recount monitor, organizer for election observers. Votes for write-in Constitution County candidate, not for Trump or Biden.

  • Recent court ruling overturned previous one with the result that the system was made unverifiable
  • He noticed an abnormal 20,000 Fulton County spike for Biden
  • He noticed 3 boxes and stacks on tables with 100% Biden ballots.
  • 4 auditors detected potentially fraudulent absentee ballots
    • Not creased from being mailed
    • Not marked with writing instrument (printed)
    • Differences in the paper used
  • Filed a request to view physical ballots and it was denied.
  • Debunks "have not the votes been counted 3 times.
    • orignal results hidden in bar codes 100% unverifiable to voters
    • recount just rescanned the unverified bar codes
    • audit results entered directly into State system, top down, not bottom up, in violation of standard practice.
    • No meaningful monitoring in any of the above.
  • Dominion System Anomalies
    • Spalding county: Last minute update on election eve causing 2 hour delay without audit trail.
    • Coffee County: malfunctioning scanners
    • Ware County: system flipped 37 votes from Trump to Biden in Dominion System based on hand count, certified by Elections Director
      • Requested forensic exam of Dominion machines
      • Secretary of State sent threatening letter to counties telling them not to allow forensic exams of Dominion machines
      • USA Today fact check of this was a lie.
  • State Farm Arena
    • Testified room is curved. From observing station cannot see the whole room. Skirted tables. Hidden ballot bags. Starting and stopping of counting. All disallowed by Georgia Law.
    • Testified that monitors were told to leave after being told scanning was ceased. Video evidence plus multiple sworn affidavits. Multiple news sources reporting this at the time. Scanning then proceeds. As soon as monitors learned of this they returned, hours later.
    • video shows multiple re-scanning of the same batches of ballots over and over again without visibly trying to resolve any problems.
    • After unobserved late night scanning, vote tallies jumped up by 136,000 for Biden versus 29 for Trump.
    • Voters are suing to inspect the State Farm Arena ballots as Fulton County is refusing to produce the ballots in question.

02:19:00 - Witness David Cross - Owns Investment Management Firm in Georgia - Concerned Citizen

  • Dove into the data to look at the Edison election feed (comes from feed to Edison for distribution to the media in near real-time) from multiple states.
  • Cannot use original timestamped data because Secretary of State will not give it out. Why? Why is Secretary of State not investigating???
  • These vote jumps are all statistically impossible.

  • During Georgian recount at least 9 of the ballot bags did not have security tags attached which should not be possible. Could have 15000 ballots without chain of custody which would change the county results.

  • Compares bag with to one without - member of the press got a photo before they were kicked out for ostensible touching a bag with their foot.
  • Raises various other issues that seem suspicious and asks why nobody investigating.

 02:32:00 - Witness Sandra Metz - Clark County Poll Worker, Athens Georgia

  • Testifies on all sorts of dubious stuff uique to this and 2018 election.
  • Testifies how a voter with a Florida voter ID was being allowed to vote without checking if he already voted in Florida.
  • Testifies how a man was not registered to vote was allowed to vote.
  • Testifies that person with license was scanned and found to have already voted. Said "oh yes, I received two ballots by mail and sent them both in, I want to vote a third time in person" - nothing was done.
  • When closing the polls you put a numbered tab on. During recount, tabs were torn off and thrown away without traceability.
  • Testifies that when case opened was 12 ballots short. Called election worker over. Election worker when away and returned with 12 ballots (!)
  • Testifies people who were distressed because were told they already voted by absentee ballot that they never requested.
  • Showed people at previous election gathering info for voter registration that can be used to later request absentee ballots to a different address.

02:39:00 - Witness Debbie Fisher -  Cobb County Part of Voter Review Committee, monitor during recount

  • On Nov 16 reviewed 298 military ballots on one day. Of those, noticed several disturibng things. Inordinately perfectly filled out bubbles, no stray marks, no checks, no Xs, only perfectly filled in ovals. 90% of them had no paper folds (yet required to mail-in in Cobb county). One 2 had blue ink versus black ink. Some of the water marks were solid grey in front of the print. Noticed that 80-90% were going for Biden, and batches that were 100% for Biden. Statistically impossible.
  • In a neighboring county, military ballots were 93% for Biden. Highly unlikely.
  • Number counted were 1782 from military. Number recounted by machine was only 1400.
  • This time a number of the military ballots came in via email but with little to no verification (law required mail-in).
  • Contacted Secretary of State 3 times and no response.

02:52:00 - Witness Susan Knox from Cobb County

  • On Nov 19 as people were certifying the audit at Jim Miller Park saw a huge A1 Shredding and Recyling truck that was shredding massive amounts of ballots. Has photo and video evidence of shredding. No other government documentation should be present there - it's a state fairground pressed into duty for this election. No evidence at all should be shredded.
  • Called 911 and were told police was not allowed to respond to anything election-resulted. Needed to contact Secretary of State who responded it was "routine shredding" without more info.

03:01:30 - Witness Sally Grubbs -  Marietta Georgia

  • Very passionate testimony about things she has seen and the response from officials.

03:22:15 - Rudy Giuliani Statement

  •  Disputing Secretary of State saying "this was the cleanest election in history" whereas based on he evidence Georgia is rife with irregularities and fraud.
  • Will live on as the dirtiest election in American history.
  • Urging Georgia State Legislature to do something about, especially because Georgia has the most compelling video evidence in the country from State Farm Arena.

03:39:45 - Bob Cheeley - Trial lawyer since 1982 in Georgia.

  • Sharing evidence of State Farm Arena video - should shock the conscience of anybody who sees it.
  • Went through the video carefully showing us what occurred.
  • All poll watchers cleared out because water main break suspended counting
  • Next morning everybody were shocked to learn that 5 women worked from 11pm-1am scanning ballots.
  • Shows lady taking the same stack running through the scanner over and over again.
  • Other lady doing the same thing
  • Immediately as soon as done got the huge spike from Georgia at 1:30am.
  • Why was scanning allowed to go without any observers / supervision at all?
  • These ladies never called to testify.
  • Request to examine the ballots to determine if legitimate got the run around. Have scanners from Pulitzer ready to go to examine. Latest word was they would not be made available without a court order - running out the time. Under Georgia law must be given access.
  • Fulton County judges running out the clock - 2-3 week delays so far. No judges assigned. Total breakdown in the system.
  • Calling on Legislature to do their job and not certify under these conditions.

 03:55:20 - Witness Christine McKinnell - resident of Cobb County

  • Testified re multiple irregularities
  • Noted differences in Democrat and Republican ballots.

 04:09:40 - Witness Dana Smith - Hart County

  • Testified previously on Dec 3.
  • Testifies to being harassed by local newspaper and not being invited back as a poll worker
  • While counting absentee paper ballots a poll worker asked the question, since we're not looking at any signatures, who is verifying the signatures. One lady in her 70s says she validated 90% of the signatures.
  • Complaining that may of the checks and balanced / safeguards were removed for signature verification.

 04:16:50 - Suzy Boils - Poll worker for 20 years

  • Previously testified she discovered an extra large batch (107) of pristine ballots marked identically, exactly the same.
  • Fulton County released her from her 20-year position.
  • She sent in letter claiming whistleblower status.
  • Worried that other poll workers will be reluctant to testify as a result of what happened to her

04:23:00 - Witness Jovan Pulitzer comes back

  • Announces that his team has successfully broken into a voting machine at a polling station being used for the Senate race as he speaks.
  • Should not be connected to the internet. Should not happen.
  • But they are currently connected and downloading data in both directions.
  • Can use this access on election day to switch votes or pump in extra votes.

04:26:00 -  Hal Burton - Statement from lawyer representing a number of individuals testifying and terminated

  • "Nothing good happens after midnight"
  • Donal Trump lost the election on one category of votes: in mail-in ballots in Democrat cities in swing states after midnight.
  • There is a "major problem" in the Secretary of State's office.

04:28:30 - Bobby Piton - From Chicago, background in data analysis

  • Went through Fulton County and compared to six other surrounding counties.
  • Displayed statistical evidence based on first name and last name uniqueness how the Fulton County uniquely seemed to have a very sloppy fake set of names. 3:1 ratio of first-names to last names in Fulton as opposed to the average of 33:1.

04:38:30 - Sarah McLaughlin (with 2 others) - Data Integrity Group analyzing the election results.

  • Used three sources:
    • Used Edison data feed time series of vote releases to media
    • Scytl data source sends to Edison and to Secretary of State
    • Secretary of State data
  • Have fraud provable with data and State ought not the certify based on their analysis
  • Identified 40 data points where there were negative vote increments or outright vote switching, totaling a >200,000 vote difference, more than enough to overturn the election. There was no opportunity for human error to cause these issues.
  • Also ran machine-learning anomaly detection which flagged over 500 precincts with over 1,000,000 votes which exhibited suspicious activity. Applied rigorous financial services style procedures that are generally accepted to flag fraudulent activity.
  • Played a pre-produced video outlining the problem
    • Receiving more than 75% of the votes for one candidate in a preccint is considered abnormal. Receiving over 90% is a marker for fraud.
    • Out of 400 precints in Fulton County, over 150 had over 90% for Biden.
    • Showed evidence of how within multiple counties the votes for Trump were decremented. This was not necessarily seen on the feed out of Edison to the news outlets as those were batched with and offset by votes from other counties.
    • Showed an example of a clear vote switch of 12,173 votes from Trump to Biden at 9:11 in Bibb County Georgia. Seen when analyzing County Level data, but obscured when looking at only State totals.
    • Described voting process in Fulton County
      • Check in on a PollPad (iPad)
      • Go to an ImageCast terminal to electronically record your vote. A ballot image is saved on the machine.
      • After all the polls close an SD card containing all the ballot images are removed from the machine and transported to a central location by car to collecting stations, and then by police to one cnetral location
      • There the electronic images are run through Dominion Software Democracy Suite.
      • It counts the votes and inputs them to a SQL Server database on a Dominion Server
      • From there incremental counts are transmitted to the Scytl system for distribution to the Secretary of State and data aggregators like Edison that transmit to the media.

      • Focusing on the box in the middle, these options are available to anybody with access to the software: create new batches, reject batches, validate batches, validate and publish. Anybody at all with access, supervised or not, can modify the vote counts at this point in the process before the data is even uploaded to the Dominion Server.
      • Violations: 2 observers not present for the transmission of the SD card, 2 observers not present in the car, no public log of the drop offs.
      • No opportunity for human entry error. The images of the ballots were machine generated and should be completely machine readable without error.
      • Conclusion is that humans accessed the systems and altered the vote totals when they should not have. It is also the only possible way a vote total could decrement.


  1. All of these allegations have been reviewed and found to be false. Trump's army of lawyers attempted to litigate this and every single judge, including his own appointees found there was no real evidence of substantial voter fraud. Case is closed and we will have a new president!

    1. Yes, there are counters for some of these, by no means all, but it has never been debated in a court-like setting with all the evidence supplied, subpoena power, witnesses under oath, two sides presenting, and cross-examination, which is what I would like to see.

    2. And no judge has challenged the verity of any of the evidence presented. They are only allowed to dismiss without trial if they assume the evidence is true. If you believe otherwise, please send a link to one such judgment and we can discuss.

    3. No case has been debated before a full court and SCOTUS roberts even said he declined to hear election cases even when Bush vs Gore was cited because in his words "We didn't have riots then" Biden is a traitor and spied on the incoming Trump administration his family has crime dealings with Ukraine and illegal investments in China and is backed by Russia. Biden should be in prison

    4. The reports of what Roberts said come from a single unnamed source. I trust that as much as I did Trumps multitudinous unnamed accusers. None.

      I don't know if Biden broke any laws, but there does seem to be deep conflicts of interest involving business dealings with the son and the son then paying many family expenses.

  2. Canada might have to build a wall to stop the Americans escaping north from Biden and the democrats treachery and destruction of Free Will as they attack everything good decent and free. I'm going to need a lot of alcohol to get through the next 4 years of Traitor Biden

    1. There's no refuge here. We are even worse!

  3. je ne comprends pas trop le système de vote américain , mais un site conservateur contre la désinformation, nous explique ce qui se trame dans l'occident, qui se meurt des gauchistes fanatisés, et des minorités agissantes ... voici le lien

  4. Hi Julie,

    I've enjoyed your blog for a while now. It is, of course, your blog and you may do whatever you wish with it. I am said, though, to see this descent into politics and sadder still to see it become a home for conspiracy theories.

    The claims made by Trump and his supporters are baseless. I don't have my head in the sand and I can say clearly that there is no evidence of widespread fraud in the 2020 election. Unfortunately, people not familiar with the law and the process of counting ballots lack the context to separate the facts from Trump's fictions.

    For example, you mention ballots being counted multiple times. First, ballots are often scanned more than once. They are scanned in batches and rescanned until the batch scans cleanly. Consider when you put a bill into a change machine and it scans it then spits it back out and you have to smooth out the bill and scan it again. This is similar. Only the last scan is counted and added to the total. Second, let's just say someone tried that. Well, it would be found in the hand recount which Georgia conducted. It would be impossible to have ballots scanned multiple times and then match the hand count. But the hand count confirmed the machine count.

    You, like so many, argue spikes of Biden votes are impossible. That, as Scott Adams might say, is loserthink. Seeming unlikely does not mean it didn't happen. It is in fact common and mail-in ballots are only part of the reason. The main reason is simply that cities like Philadelphia and Detroit turn in their votes in batches and run 80-90% Dem. Sorry that they came overnight but that was always going to happen after those states banned counting mail in ballots until election day.

    You argue that the courts have not heard the evidence. It is true that many cases involved standing and jurisdiction. But not all. Trump et al claim fraud in public but in court, when given the chance to claim fraud, chose not to.

    The most damning, evidence against fraud, though, is simply that it has been refuted by local polling officials and statewide elections officials of both parties. GA is a clear example with both a GOP secretary of state and a GOP Governor (who used to be secy of state).

    That is why I called this a conspiracy theory. For it to happen, it requires hundreds, likely thousands, of poll workers, local officials, state officials, state judges, federal judges (including members of both parties) to conspire together. It is simply not true. That is why Trump and team are 1-60 in court. That is why they have kept everything in the court of public opinion because in a court of law they will (continue to) lose.

    Well, that, and the fact that Trump can make a bunch of money of his base by diverting legal defense funds to his campaign and PAC.

    In GA the votes have been counted, recounted, hand counted, and audited. Trump and team are doing what conservatives have often done - create a controversy and then pled to "investigate the controversy" because so many believe it.

    1. Remember the key point I was making. I don't necessarily say the allegations are true. I say they are sufficient to warrant a serious investigation, especially as so many in the US (>50% according to polls) question the result. Let's have full and complete hearings. If you are against that, well, what are you hiding?

    2. First, they have had their "hearings." Over 100 of them when you include both the original cases and the appeals plus multiple repudiations by state and local leaders. There is literally nothing that would satisfy the request you offer since new allegations can be made up anytime. As noted before - when given the chance to offer evidence, Trump and team has not. They literally state one thing before a court while claiming the opposite in public. When one side acts only in bad faith, treating their claims as if they are legitimate only encourages more bad faith.

      Second, and perhaps most critically - the 50% comment is exactly what I noted before - the GOP creates a controvery and then demands the controvery be investigated. This has been used to oppose teaching evolution in schools, for example. We don't handle court cases based on popular opinion. That way lies chaos. "Hey look, lots of people think so-and-so did something wrong. If you won't investigate them, you must be hiding something." Sound familiar? That could be used to attack anyone, especially when social media fools so many and exposes so many as fools. That's why Trump loses in courts where the law actually matters.

    3. I'm sure I would have heard of these hearings along the lines I propose had they happened. If I am mistaken, please point me to the video or outcome of said hearing?

      And I note that you address none of the evidence presented in the hearing and summarized in my blog.

    4. In my first comment, I addressed several pieces "evidence" that have been claimed. Here is a summary of much of the counter-evidence, including the repeated processing of ballots, the water main break, the suitcases and so forth. I've also commented on the supposed vote jumps but you can get more here:

      As for the cases, you do know them. You've referened them as "not lookng at evidence" even though when offered such a chance in PA, Guiliani admitted it was not a fraud case.

      As for the various cases, they are all archived here:

      You might recall the operator of this site - Marc Elias. Lou Dobbs asked the Stephen Miller why they didn't just raise $500 million and buy him off so they could win a case.

      Perhaps, you can answer why, if there is so much evidence, Trump and his team (which included a man now saying Pence should be tried for treason) did not present it? Lower courts offered the venues for that. Why not use them? I've seen posts about his legal team "learning" the right way to file the case with SCOTUS. Are they that incompetent that armed with so much evidence they cannot find one court in multiple states to hear it?

      Which is more likely - a man who is literally fundraising on his legal defense and shifting those funds to his personal PAC is using the cases to stir up controversy or multiple courts with Trump and GOP appointed judges worked to hide the evidence? What did Scott Adams say about trusting people with a financial interest?

    5. I particularly dislike comments that simply link to things without explaining in your own words what the key points of those articles say, and then using the links as backup. Each one I follow is a bunch of hearsay with no solid evidence at all, none at the level I provide here.

      And I'm specifically raising the Georgia evidence that you and you links seem to not dispute at all.

  5. Rogering here. Happy new year Julie. As regards the Georgia question, my only reaction is a curse on both their houses and the the biter got bit.

    1. I would modify that to a curse on those who cheated, this time.

  6. Yes! Perfectly laid out. Clear evidence of Democrat engineered fraud. Trump must martial law and stop the inauguration so a full investigation can take place and the Democrats behind this are sentenced for treason. March on 6 January to stop the steal and save democracy. Fred

    1. I am supportive of all legal means. I would not support an imposition of widespread martial law, though a little bit, I.e. to secure the voting machines, would be ok.

  7. Ted Cruz beat Trump in the Iowa caucus in 2016, and Trump immediately claimed fraud. With no evidence at all. Hillary beat Trump in NH in the general election by 2,500 votes, and Trump claimed that busses of Mass voters were brought in. With zero proof - I am from NH and the allegation was laughable - there is no fraud here (Trump lost by 60,000 votes in 2020). Trump claims with no proof that his crowds at the 2017 inauguration were bigger than Obama's. Obviously not true, and obviously pointless, except that his personality disorder is such that he cannot bear "losing" in any way. Please do not join in his delusional behavior. He lost the election, and could have easily won it if he had not been a petulant, stupid sociopath. The Democrats were crazy with their socialist AOC inspired lunacy. But all Trump could do was talk about Hillary and ignore covid. Barr said it - there is no evidence of widespread fraud that could lead to a conclusion that Trump got more votes than Biden.

    1. In this post we are specifically speaking about the Georgia evidence, that I note you are not disputing,

  8. Love your blog and courage to point out the obvious voter fraud. You laid out the evidence as succinctly as I have read or heard. Stop the steal!

  9. And here I am again applauding you Ms. Julie...
    The fraud in this election was carried out right in front of us...Americans deserve to know what happened and how it happened...there were just too many shenanigans to overlook...and we don't deserve to have an election stolen like this!!!
    Thank you for all you've been doing!!!

  10. “The American people understand that if you get 270 electoral votes, you’re president, so the election is over. We know who won.”

    -Mitch McConnell

    “Time to accept the results of the election, to lower the tone and to see what we can do together to make progress for the country.”

    - also Mitch McConnell

    snowflakes need to grow up

    1. Mitch is the opposite party from Trump. He's Swamp Party.
      And that's a totally empty statement. Everybody agrees that 270 legitimately obtained electoral college votes makes a president, but what if some state elections were conducted illegitimately? Then there's a legal means of challenging in Congress, which is what will happen Jan6. The dishonesty of his statement disqualifies him.

    2. One of the funny things I've learned recently is how bad people are at math. 270 is not a magic number. It only applies if there are 538 electoral votes. If the electoral slates of a state are thrown out, the number of total votes available shrinks which means the amount needed for the majority shrinks. It is possible to win with less than 270 if the total votes is less than 538. Amendement 12 just saysa "majority" not 270.

    3. I've heard both positions - that you need 270, or that you need a majority of the electoral votes not tossed out. Not sure which is constitutional.

  11. WOW! The video showing the ballots being counted more than once is damming. And they women have not even identified.

    The election Tuesday, decides the future of the US.

    1. Yes. It may be some kind of "innocent activity" but it is definitely suspicious. The women in question should swear under oath what they were doing and those physical ballots must be examined.

  12. MY GOD JUST FUCKING STOP! You’re delusional and have no clue what you’re talking about. Georgia is a republican ran state, do you think they want a democrat to win?
    You don’t know shit about American politics. You’re a deranged Canadian who for some reason is obsessed with Trump and believe insane Qanon theories. We have enough insane people in American politics right now and don’t need some fucking Canadian getting involved with their bullshit.
    You spreading your bullshit conspiracies is another example of what is wrong with people and is only going to lead to violence. Just shut the fuck up and stick to what you know, WHICH ISNT POLITICS!

    1. Typical. I write a detailed blog entry giving the evidence presented, and instead of engaging in an adult way and discussing alternative theories for highly suspicious events, I get this sort of hyper-emotional no-fact response. Brainwashing at its finest.

      And you have missed the point that the parties are no longer Democrat and Republican, they are Swamp and MAGA.

  13. To be honest I simply can't determine what the supposed evidence you provide here does or does not prove. As you say, most of it's circumstantial, and circumstantial, to my knowledge, doesn't prove anything. But so you say too.

    Anyway, I'll say this:

    Trump and Co. have been given every opportunity afforded to them within the law to dispute the election results. They have launched god only knows how many accusations and tried god only knows how many things in court. And at the end of the day, the courts have thrown them out and/or ruled against them.

    Is it possible that someone tried to engage in voter fraud somewhere within the US at this election? Sure.

    Is it likely that they succeded? IMO not likely.

    Is it likely that they succeeded to a degree where it would seriously affect the outcome of the total election? Even less likely IMO.

    The major problem I have with the election fraud theory (at unless it's proven, it's an unproven theory), is the number of people you'd have to involve, in order to pull off an election fraud scheme on a scale that would tip the balance of the US presidential election. Are you familiar with the expression that "if two people know something it's not a secret"? That's the core problem here IMO. There is simply no way that an operation that could change the outcome of the US election would be able to remain a secret for long. Something would screw up somewhere. Someone would let something slip accidentally. Something would not be perfect enough, to avoid all detection.

    And as someone (Biden possibly?) pointed out in other places, if Biden or his campaign were going to try and steal the election via fraud, why the hell wouldn't they then not also have insured that the Democrats would get the majority in the House and Senate? It just doesn't make sense IMO.

    1. I don't think it needs to be a conspiracy, just death by a thousand illegal cuts from many crazy Dems who believe Trump is literally Hitler and where the ends justify the means.

      Read the Georgia report I linked and tell me you would be comfortable certifying the vote without some more investigation.

    2. Yep, totally comfortable and after listening to trump's call with Raffenburger I am even more comfortable.

    3. Did you listen to the hour long call to get the whole context, or only carefully selected excerpts by WaPo. Even the excerpts show Trump saying he believes there is illegality and fraud, and for the guy to get off his ass and investigate.

      That you find nothing at all even vaguely troubling in the report exposes you as a dishonest actor.

    4. TBH Julie, I just don't care enough about this issue to read through the report you refer to. Even if we were to remove Georgia from the race, or give their electoral votes to Trump, the man still fail to clear the 270 electoral votes threshold, and he still looses. So unless additional States find similar problems, it'll be a moot point.

      And let's be honest here. Even if there is no organized attempt at election fraud, and all of this is simply the act of a lot of crazy individuals, it's still not very credible that even more people would be willing and able to try and do something to "steal" the election. I'd argue that it becomes even less credible, because now we are not just talking about a limited number of people who can try and organize the fraud, now you need to have A LOT of individual people, who on their own accord, manage to act in a manner that is organized enough to not only change the outcome of the election, but also only leave circumstantial evidence of theoretically possible fraud.

      To me, the US election system is insane. I get why it is the way it is, but IMO the electoral vote system is f'ed up. When you start seeing presidents winning elections, without having the popular vote too, then it becomes a democratic problem IMO. Yes, you can argue that the electoral votes now ensure that the more sparsely populated states and counties are not left by the wayside, while all the actual influence goes to the larger cities. And there is some merit in that view. However, at what point do you draw the line? Is it resonable to give the same amount of democratic influence to a State with 10% of the population of another state, and let this 10% of voters block politics desired by the other 90%? (I made up the numbers here to illustrate the point.) IMO the US needs to have a fresh look at its election laws and procedures, because as it is, something is messed up.

    5. Georgia is my test case. I could have written similar blogs about other states.
      The system in the US seems like a reasonable compromise - nothing along those lines will be perfect in any sense.

  14. The guy who ran the Georgia election, audit and recount is acRepublican who voted for Trump. Here's what HE says:
    Your lurker,

    1. Raffensperger Is no friend of Trump. He is of the Swamp party. He is directly responsible for resisting attempts to perform forensic audits on ballots and voting machines. Not trustworthy. His Republican state legislature is quite upset with his actions and are considering decertifying, not Trump.

  15. Total Trumper conspiracy bullshit. Today's Washington Post has the tape of Trump threatening the GA sec of state (a,Republucan Trump supporter!!)--woth lawyers present--demandinh that he "find 11890 vtes, one more than we need", and the secy replying that the allegations are simply not true. Guess you think you'll please your deluded Trumper readers.......and BTW, the real world evidence of global warming is that the polar ice,caps are melting at unprecedent rates, with country-sized icebergs breaking off from Antarctica and polar bears coming inland fir food in Maine and Canada. The time constants for this warming are years, local changes in carbon emission dont change the trend.

    1. Listen to the whole thing. Trump is telling him to expose at least 11,980 fraudulent votes, and that only such a small number is needed and easily arrived at based on the evidence. Trump alleges a lot of evidence, well beyond that number (Republican state legislators agree). No "smoking gun" on that call.

      You're confused on the CAGW question. As I stated, earth has been warming from 1980-now, so those things are expected, just as they occurred in 1930 where the warming occurred at the same rate as now.. The question is if CO2 is responsible for the majority of it (unlike leading up to 1930 when it was responsible for none of it). Do try to keep up :-)

    2. Sorry, you (and Trump) jumped the shark at "just recalculate." There is no spinning a direct call to cheat followed by a threat.

    3. Recalculate based on taking out the known illegal and fraudulent votes, obvi. Yours is the TDS version.

    4. It is a call to cheat and a threat, plain and simple. The context is clear - he said you can always just recalculate and recalulate with supporters doing it.

      But even if I accept your interpretation it is both cheating and dicatorial since the President is saying effectively, let's recalculate based on what I have decided (but cannot prove) are illegal votes so I declare myself the winner and I just need the secy of state to recalculate to prove it. Can you clarify the practical limits of such an act? Can any President do that? Can a Senator? Could a Governor? Who gets to decide, if not the courts and the states through their certification process, how many votes are legal or illegal?

    5. Your interpretation of 4 mins of selected WaPo-chosen excerpts from a 1 hour call is deranged. He is asking him to use allies to go after fraud and illegality: easily done based on the amount of it.

      You are being manipulated.

    6. I see you chose not to answer my question. Yes, I read the transcript of the call. It is clear what Trump was doing - he argues he has hundreds of thousands of votes but just wants them to find his 11,800 so he can win. "Doesn't matter if you win by 2 or a million" he says. So I ask again, what are the limits here? Can any candidate call up a secretary of state and say "I am sure I won, why not recalculate it for me?" And exactly what is "recalculation" in this context other than an effort to change the result through extra-legal means? There is no process in GA law for recalculation? It is a call to cheat because Trump said he really won so its OK to change the results.

    7. Oh, I thought it was rhetorical. the Georgia State Legislature is in the driver's seat, and after they have had their say it's in the hands of Bi-cameral Congress. There are constitution precedent (exercised repeatedly and recently by Democrats). It's not up to Trump, but he can certainly advocate for these allegations to be properly investigated and not stonewalled, as is going on in Georgia. Cool your TDS jets.

    8. Sad that you keep throwing out TDS as if that somehow has any meaning. The GA legislature's part is done. Yes, Congress will act on the 6th and that too will be done. Trump's part too is done and is "advocacy" is coming very close to election interference and it certainly beyond anything appropriate. He's had his chance and now he can follow Stacy Abrams' approach - shut up, take the hit and work harder next time. Assuming he's not in jail.

    9. You seem to be uninterested in facts. So sad.

    10. I love facts. As a former conservative I am saddened that conservatives these days feel entitled to their own set and Trump feels fully unconstrained by any of them. Arguing facts is not much use when there is no common shared reality. If you want to share some, I am happy to respond but my guess is the gulf is to wide to cross.

    11. My entire blog article was filled with fact. You offer TDS in exchange.

    12. Different anonymous jointing this thread because Julie is doing it AGAIN. Julie, throwing around insults that add nothing to the conversation just to deliberately insult the other party does not paint you in a good light. You keep claiming that your opponents don't give facts and only throw around "Trump bad", yet a quick control+F reveals ZERO instances of "Trump bad" and FOUR instances of you throwing around "TDS" in this comment thread.

      Honestly, how can you see yourself as any better than those who come here to call you a "dumb cunt?" (As far as insults go, "deranged" is pretty darn analogous to "dumb".) Cool down the unnecessary insults. You do it in every thread, and it dramatically reduces the credibility of your claims to "rational" argument.

    13. Not every thread, just the ones where there is a demonstrated heavy anti-Trump bias bordering on the delusional. There's no reasoning with them and they do not contribute. My blog article states real information with sources and reasonable conclusions.

  16. Thank you so much Julie for presenting this information here, and for your other recent posts as well.  For the most part this has been downplayed, suppressed and/or outright ridiculed by the mainstream "news" media here in the US. 
    I too followed the hearings in Georgia.  Although already aware of some of the  occurrences and activities , the documentation, testimonies and video evidence as provided there all together is quite shocking.  It amazes me that anyone can insist that there's nothing here requiring a closer look!  
    The upcoming election confirmation by Congress should be interesting, at least to watch.  It looks like there will be members objecting but personally I doubt anything will come of it.  
     From all this, if anything, maybe we can be hopefull for greater scrutiny and accountability when it comes to possible fraud in future elections.

  17. Miss Julie... Absolutely Love your Blog!! I've been reading for maybe a year now, stumbled across it when I was searching for, well....

    I commend you for being willing to get into political issues. In this setting it would be easy to ignore the world around us but some things (Like Survival) cannot be ignored.

    This election was STOLEN !! If it is allowed to stand, then there will BE no more real elections. To the crowd that says "Where is the evidence": The evidence is EVERYWHERE !! You just do not want to see it, and Frankly you embarrass yourselves by denying its existence. The fact that so many lawsuits were dismissed does not prove a lack of evidence. It exposes how corrupt our legal system is from low level judges all the way to SCOTUS...

    We have to backtrack a little to really look at what just happened. The plan of the Globalists was for Hillary to be the last American President. The Fraud by the Marxists in that election was actually Huge, but they underestimated the will of THE PEOPLE who interfered with their plan and elected President Trump. From day one, President Trump, his family and his supporters have faced nonstop Lies, attacks, vitriol and outright sedition from the Swamp and their Globalist agenda. Still he fought for us Every Day.

    Last time they did not know how much they needed to cheat. This time they did... Donald Trump received close to 80 Million Votes !! If anyone actually believes that the Demented old Lecherous Joe Biden defeated him, then their Mind is broken and they are likely beyond saving... We, and by that I mean Patriotic Americans, still have a shot to set this right. It is something of a "Hail Mary" but we shall see what happens. If this stands, then we will have an Illegitimate Gov't and Illegitimate Courts. This will leave us with few options. They will flood the country with a new voter base and all will be lost. The Mother of all Wars is on the Horizon and if our Gov't is controlled by Marxists when it starts then there is little hope for the Republic.

    There is a large group of people who, after the way they have acted and treated us for four years, now talk about "Coming Together" and "Common Ground". Your can go Fuck Yourselves !! There is no more common ground. There is Marxist Globalism and there is MAGA !! There are too many people IN America who HATE America !! Whatever happens, I will not Submit. I will not Comply.

    To those angered by my Comments: GOOD !! I DO NOT CARE what you think. You can go on celebrating your own Destruction. I will go on Preparing for what's coming...

    Donald J. Trump is the greatest President we have ever had !!
    "Climate Change" is total Bullshit !!
    The "Pandemic" is a SCAM !!

    -Craig in TEXAS !!

    1. While I feel you, I cannot endorse violence (except in a spanking context ;-)

    2. I do not believe I promoted Violence, just acknowledging the condition of the world around me.


    3. Trump received about 74,000,000 votes and Biden around 81,000,000. Biden was awarded 306 electoral votes vs 232 for Trump. Get your facts straight, Craig. Trump lost.

      As to the pandemic, I urge you to do some research on respected sources. It is clearly not a scam. Just ask the families of those who have dealt with Covid-related death or hospitalization. Ask Chris Christie, Larry King, Rudy Giuliani, Luke Letlow's family, or many-many more.

      Try putting your hate aside and deal with the facts of the election and Covid.

    4. Craig - cool!

      Anonymous, the allegation is that the vote totals were illegal and/or fraudulent. You restating disputed numbers does not add to the conversation. As to the pandemic, it was and is devastating to the old, but these ongoing lockdowns are now doing more harm than good, as any second wave seems very mild when you adjust for normal seasonal death rates and overly-sensitive tests. See eg for a good data driven discussion of seasonal death rates compared across years.

    5. Julie, why is it that you throw "give me evidence! change your sources!" at anyone who disagrees with you, and yet a clearly unbalanced comment like Craig's goes by with a simple "cool"?

      Where is Craig's EVIDENCE for the corruption of the SCOTUS? I'd absolutely love to see it, the more the better! Especially for the new justice that both and Trump liked so much two months ago. If you think that you are being rational or balanced by going from "Amy Coney Barrett seems like a smart, qualified appointee, and the current conservative justices are appropriate originalists" to "corruption in the SCOTUS!" just because these originalist judges happened to rule against your preferences... then maybe you should examine your own biases. :-)

      P.S. I know that you did not yourself allege corruption in the Supreme Court. However, you did not chastise Craig for doing so without any substances (a clear contrast to how you treat even much better substantiated comments from the other side). And you did call the SCOTUS dismissal of Trump's cases "cowardly" in a previous post, which I would also like to see explained -- whom was Justice Barrett so afraid of, exactly?

    6. I didn't want to get too far off topic from Georgia election so did not pursue, and I don't know much about the allegations against Robert's (the claim is either being blackmailed over some wrongdoing in the adoption of his kids, or he was Epstein blackmailed - but not enough evidence).

      I though it was cowardly (and 2 justices agreed) as there was clear violation of state election law, and state Supreme Court ignored it. Where else to resolve? I imagine they did not want the heat.

    7. If you are refering to the Texas case, to be clear, the two justices who disagreed stated they would have heard the case and then rejected the claim. It would have still be 9-0 against TX. If you'd like to explore why that is the right decision, both in terms of standing and the subtance, I am happy to discuss. The basic rationale is that under a federal system each state is sovereign and the list of ways states can infringe on another's state's law is very limited. Otherwise, we would not be able to sustain a federal system.

    8. 2 supreme court justices disagreed with your take on standing.

      But I agree that the Supreme Court could not reverse the election results based on the legal argument supplied. However they could have done a thorough consideration of whether what occurred was constitutional or not, likely ruling it was unconstitutional (courts usurping legislative power), and then said they cannot impose the remedy requested (disqualifyng the votes). That would have been the courageous thing to do.

      Then the State Legislature or Congress would take up the matter with that judgment in hand and debate what should be done about it.

    9. Yes, Alito and Thomas would have granted the hearing. I've no problem recognizing I rarely agree with them. I do agree with both that the TX would have failed on merits regardless. SCOTUS has generally recognized the state supreme court as the final arbiter of a state's laws. They typically do not overrule them on matters of interpreting a state's constitution or legislation. It is possible they might beleive as you suggest but I think even this court would rule in favor of the decisions of the state supreme courts.

      Also, it is far from clear why the actions of the stats are unconstitutional. The constitution gives the states the power to run elections as they choose. There is, in fact, a lot of leeway granted states. Roberts reinforced that when gutting the voting rights act and taking a pass on gerrymandering. It would be hypocrtical of them to then declare they had the right to micromanage state elections in this way. Its impossible to know for sure on a hypothetical but I am guessing that would have been 7-2 or 6-3 affirming the state decisions.

    10. We are largely in agreement.

  18. Trump has had every opportunity to reveal "fraud" and his team has failed. Aside from the court filings where no evidence was entered, actions such as the following are despicable. Republican elected and appointed officials are not going to defile themselves in an election that Trump clearly lost. A free and fair election is paramount regardless of an individual's preferred candidate.

    1. Laughable take. These allegations need to be seriously investigated, at least the Georgia ones given above. People on both sides of this argument want free and fair elections. Your virtue signalling otherwise is dishonest.

      You are being manipulated by the media. 4 min excerpt chosen by WaPo from a 1 hour call and you being told how to interpret it. The context is clear. The SecState should get off his ass, do his job, and start reversing those votes that are clearly illegal.

    2. In your post you say

      "There is tremendous circumstantial evidence of fraud that warrants a full and complete investigation. I am not pre-judging the result of any such investigation, but there is certainly more than enough evidence to justify it."

      Now you say the secretary of state should throw out votes that are "clearly illegal" despite no court or other authoritative body concluding as much. Quite a shift in a couple of days.

    3. I never said that, or at least did not intend to if that's what you read into it. The Secretary of State should start actually investigating and then take action to reverse illegal and fraudulent votes. He needs only a small number to correct the wrong. Stop with the dumbass 'gotcha! already, it looks bad on you.

    4. What makes you think investigating fraudulent votes in Georgia would decrease Biden’s lead? Plenty of fraud has been found in this election, yet it has all been to benefit the incumbent.

      Conservative forces have also been proven wrong on their baseless claims of “dead people voting for Biden”

      The links are provided as evidence, and are much more than anecdotal. We should also pay note to the troves of Republican stalwarts who are refusing to play this delusional game that Trump and his sympathizers are engaging in.

      I hope you can get your head out of the sand, and realize the actual situation. Republicans lost, get over it.

    5. "4 min excerpt chosen by WaPo from a 1 hour call and you being told how to interpret it."

      I have listened to the entire tape and it was a contemptuous display by the President and his team. I was not told how to "interpret it." I am more than capable of doing so for myself.

    6. Hahahahahaha hoist on your own petard. I didn’t “intend” to say what I said. Pathetic

    7. Please send a link to the 1 hour phone call, I have not yet heard it.

      Hahahahahaha - you're pathetic

    8. I am not the same anon who laughed at you. But this transcript is highly damming.

    9. Damning for Georgia, absolutely. Trump is raising multiple allegations of fraud and illegality.

    10. What specifically makes you accept Trump's allegations over the repudiation by GA officials, including the GBI? The SecState refuted every allegation Trump made. He noted that the accusations had been investigated, including by the GA Bureau of Investigation, and been found to be untrue. There is not much more they can do but investigate, find nothing, and move on.

    11. If they had been investigated, the detailed results of said investigation would be publicly available, including depositions of the women in State Far Arena and physical examination of the scanned ballots. Can you link me to that?

    12. The women were not deposed but then neither has anyone in yuor video. However, they did review the video and respond publically regarding it. They concluded there was nothing wrong.

      Is your contention that, after reviewing it and determining nothing inappropriate happened that he should still investigate because Trump, you and others like you are not convinced?

    13. Come on, did you read those articles? Very weak stuff. Interview the women, examine the ballots, why hide?

    14. So yes, you and the other snowdflakes feel that invetigations should continue until you are convinced. It's not hiding. It's just not doing what you want but instead doing what the law requires. Reminds me of Seth Rich, Benghazi, Comet Pizza, Sandy Hook and many other conservative conspiracies.

    15. Nope. Just do the most basic, obvious investigative step. What the hell are they hiding?

    16. They have done the basic, obvious step - they investigated and found nothing to further pursue. You just don't like their conclusions.

    17. Show me the official report of this investigation. Why are we arguing about this when you have not even seen it and cannot link to it?

  19. Yeah just a “little bit” of marital law as you say right Ms Julie? A tiny bits okay. Not for long. They’ll call us facist but that’s better than being a socialist pussy with their fucking green deal. As long as the investigation reveals the truth and Trump wins that’s the main thing. Fred

    1. As long as the truth is revealed, that's the main thing.

  20. The full one hour call for those of you who cannot use search.

    1. Thanks, I read the transcript and understand why WaPo left out so much. Allegation after allegation from Trump that Brad had no substantive response to other than "uh, we investigated, yeah, that's it... investigated... duh..."

    2. There literally is not any more they need to do other than investigate. That is a sufficient answer. Think of it like this:

      Me: Julie, I heard you are trans and have a penis.
      Julie: Not that there is anything wrong with that but, no, I don't.
      Me:Yes you do. Lots of us think you do. Show me.
      Jule:Well, I don't like to share nudes,but OK, here you go.
      Me: That's a vagina, sure, but how do I know its yours. Show me your face. Wait, show me your face with your photo ID.
      Julie: No way!
      Me:I knew it. I knew you had a penis. I bet you are hiding a bunch of stuff. I bet you're a mand.
      Julie: Fine. Here's the pic.
      Me: I bet that's photoshopped. How about we do a Zoom....

      Allegations are cheap to make. Heck, Trump actually earns money by making them. They are never ending. The Sec of State does not owe him more than has been done. Trump could get DOJ involved, I guess, but Barr also concluded there was no fraud.

    3. Your analogy sux.
      Interview the women. Examine the ballots.

    4. The ballots were examined and recounted. Twice. Since the counts did not change, there is no reason to interview the women.

      "On false claims that workers had fed the same ballot multiple times into voting machines on Election Day, Mr. Sterling also said that that could not happen because “it would have shown up in the hand count.” Georgia election officials undertook a complete hand recount of the results after the election ended because of the closeness of the race. When the recount showed no change in results, the Trump campaign requested a machine-based recount. That, too, showed no meaningful change."

      Now, prove to us you are really woman. Should be easy, right?

    5. Interview the women under oath. Examine the physical ballots. Get to the bottom of it. What are they hiding?

    6. There is nothing hidden. There is no need to interview the women since the video was determined to have shown nothing improper. The ballots have been recounted multiple times so examining them physically is both unnecessary and useless. What could be found from such an examinaton that was not alreay accounted for by the multiple recounts?

      Not liking the outcome does not entitle you or Trump to extra-legal options.

    7. "Was determined" - there's a sucker born every minute. Show me the link to the official investigative report that "determines" this. And how can you "determine" it without talking to the main actors amd examining the physical ballots. You are, really, really reaching now. What is so hard about saying, "yup, it looks suspicious to you and lots of people, there should be a full investigation done quickly along the lines you suggest." Afraid off the results?

    8. I doubt the GBI and FBI publish the results of their investigations. But both have been referenced multiple times, including in the call with Trump. From Ryan Germany, referencing the state farm video

      "We had our law enforcemen officers talk to everyone who was, who was there after that event came to light. GBI was with them as well as FBI agents."

      So, you can either claim that was a lie or the GBI and FBI are in on it and conducted a sham investigation. If it was a lie, I think that'd be easy to prove and no one has claimed that. So you are left with the claim that the GBI and FBI failed to do their job in this case.

      Good luck with that.

    9. The investigation was done. Add "full" to modify the noun does not change it. You just don't like the results so you demand more. Sorry, not how the legal system operates, even for the President.

    10. "Published?" Where? The results were not made public? On one of the most important perception-based situations? Strains credulity. Link me to at least the press briefing where the FBI (or whoever) states their findings. Transparency. You are a very credulous individual.

    11. Here is one example, referencing testimony made by the Sec of State to the GA House.

      Here is the press conference held on behalf of the Sec of State to address the voter fraud concerns.

      But they won't matter. Nothing will satisfy you. There will always be a new "but just show me this." Everything you ask for has been done or happened but you don't like how it was done, or don't accept the statements made publically, or feel it was not public enough or whatever. You ask for what you won't get and then cry coverup when you don't get it. I'll give you this much, you are much like Trump asking for data he can't have refusing to accept the answer, over and over again. You may not have liked my analogy but you are proving it apt.

    12. Credulity is an interesting idea here. On one side we have the DOJ and Bill Barr, Department of Homeland Security, SCOTUS, Dozens of lower federal state courts, multiple state supreme courts, and hundreds of local officials. On the other side we have a candidate who claimed voter fraud the first time he lost a primary, who is raising money for his PAC from his legal defense fund, who has yet to win a substantive court case in over 60 tries, whose former lawyer is now claiming John Roberts is being blackmailed for pedophilia and murder, who's expert witnesses have include criminals, drunks, and people who say things they cannot explain. I don't think I am the credulous one.

    13. I'm not asking for a lot. You claim there were "investigations" so let's see the results of those investigations, first hand, not as rehashed claims of having done investigations as you supply. Turn it around. If the Trump team claim they "investigated" voter fraud, and found it to be there, but they are not releasing any facts and/or reports on how that was arrived at, you would, justifiably, criticize them roundly. Why the double standard?

      As for giving a laundry list of things that are irrelevant to State Farm Arena and the allegations I amplify above, and using that as some form of bizarre argument against them? E for effort.

    14. Actually, I'd apply the exact same standard to Trump's claims - make your claim in court. When Trump created his voter fraud task force headed by Kobach he was forced to defend the claims in court and failed. The task force disbanded. The same is true here. He is the claimant. The state has to defend itself from his claims but only so far as he makes them in court or as much as they want to in public. That's not a double standard. That's a legal standard. It's been consistent and he's failed it. Over and over again. Let Trump meet the standard any claimant must.

    15. No court has taken it up, because of procedural grounds.

      We're talking about being responsible. If you say something, like "it's been investigated" - show us.

  21. Nothing will satisfy the cult so fuckem. Quit being whining little bitches. The guy acts like an asshole even to those loyal to him. His latest call is seditious and his followers could not care less about democracy.

    1. And your head is deeply up your ass. Your point?

    2. Point is he lost and like I read on a shirt somewhere. Fuck your feelings. Get over it.

    3. He "lost" (or is likely to after he pursues all legal recourse) amidst the greatest unresolved, uninvestigated electoral scandal in history. Fucks the US, not my feelings.

  22. Trump should be wary, he may have violated a few laws in that leaked phone call...

    52 USC § 20511

    A person, including an election official, who in any election for Federal office-

    (1) knowingly and willfully intimidates, threatens, or coerces, or attempts to intimidate, threaten, or coerce, any person for-

    (A) registering to vote, or voting, or attempting to register or vote;

    (B) urging or aiding any person to register to vote, to vote, or to attempt to register or vote; or

    (C) exercising any right under this chapter; or

    (2) knowingly and willfully deprives, defrauds, or attempts to deprive or defraud the residents of a State of a fair and impartially conducted election process, by-

    (A) the procurement or submission of voter registration applications that are known by the person to be materially false, fictitious, or fraudulent under the laws of the State in which the election is held; or

    (B) the procurement, casting, or tabulation of ballots that are known by the person to be materially false, fictitious, or fraudulent under the laws of the State in which the election is held,

    shall be fined in accordance with title 18 (which fines shall be paid into the general fund of the Treasury, miscellaneous receipts (pursuant to section 3302 of title 31), notwithstanding any other law), or imprisoned not more than 5 years, or both.

    Depending on interpretation... if Trump intimidated, threatened, and coerced the Georgia Secretary of State and the Secretary of State's attorney in the call and tried to procure materially false, fictitious, or fraudulent ballots that would be a crime.

    1. That would be a very hard case to make based on that phone call!

    2. "So look. All I want to do is this. I just want to find 11,780 votes, which is one more than we have because we won the state."

      The most appalling aspect is that it isn't any worse in isolation, it's just as bad when the whole transcript is read.

      I read the whole transcript, Trump is not a bright man. A con man, but not a bright man.

      Trump thinking he won by hundreds of thousands of votes is delusional.

    3. On the call he presented at least a dozen reasons he believed there was fraud. He was asking that they investigate any of them and act according to the results as the likelihood of there being 11780 found is very high. Typical TDS to impinge other motives from a perfectly clear call, but all you guys stop thinking clearly as soon as you hear the name Trump.

    4. That's not the issue I'm raising, the issue is what he has asked of the receiver and what he may have threatened. The phone call is a separated but related issue to the alleged fraud.

      TDS? You're falling for a GOP ploy.. a strategy to discredit criticisms of Trump's actions. It's a weak plot to reframe discussion by suggesting others are incapable of accurately perceiving the world. Funnily, it could go both ways.. you dismiss everything that doesn't suggest he's great and you have in multiple posts. That's TDS.

    5. I read the transcript. I heard no threats. He told him to do his job, and he reminded him that hiding evidence is illegal.

      Am willing to criticize Trump when he gets it wrong, but other than choice of words and overspending I agree with most of his policies.

    6. Who will rid me of this meddlesome priest?

      You'd have made a good mob lawyer.

    7. From leftist Tim Poole, I could not agree more:

      "The full call is particularly bad for Georgia's Secretary of state. Trump is wrong on many of his claims but the GA SoS can't answer very serious questions. Shorter version was clearly just against Trump but good on WaPo for the raw audio. In the call GA denies that they signed a consent decree but even the AP fact check of Trump asserts they did. Media is too focused on Trump and entering this from the perspective he is wrong about everything. GA also confirmed they have recorded 2 dead voters but don't provide information as to how they know the other brought up by Trump are not legit. They also claim, without evidence, that people who moved out of State then voted actually moved back to GA."

    8. More excerpts from the call:
      "But we've had hundreds of thousands of ballots that we're able to actually — we'll get you a pretty accurate number.

      You don't need much of a number because the number that in theory I lost by, the margin would be 11,779.

      But you also have a substantial numbers of people, thousands and thousands, who went to the voting place on November 3, were told they couldn't vote, were told they couldn't vote because a ballot had been put on their name. And you know that's very, very, very, very sad.

      We had, I believe it's about 4,502 voters who voted but who weren't on the voter registration list, so it's 4,502 who voted, but they weren't on the voter registration roll, which they had to be. You had 18,325 vacant address voters. The address was vacant, and they're not allowed to be counted. That's 18,325.

      Smaller number — you had 904 who only voted where they had just a P.O. — a post office box number — and they had a post office box number, and that's not allowed."

      In context it is quite clear that Trump is asking for SecState to do his job and verify and act on the information that is already out there to correct an unfair result. No threats were made. Against this, Raffensberger offers nothing. All you folks claiming this was investigated and debunked, please provide with the source link as I have done with the Georgia Report above.

    9. Context is key. Let's look at that a bit. The context is the Presideent of the United States, his chief of staff and his lawyer calling up a state official to urge him to "to his job." That implies the local official has not done his job, despite rebuttals from said official. So imagaine his position - the most powerful elected official in the nation, the head of the DOJ, calls and tells you he is unhappy with the job you are doing and he wants you to do it bette or different. He wants you to 'recalculate' the votes, which is not act you have any legal way to do. He wants you to investigate what you've already investigated. And he reminds you of your legal jeporady. In that context the state official can only feel threatened. It does not require the exact words to make a threat when one party is far more powerful than the other.

    10. Listen to the whole call. At no point is Trump threatening anybody. He is the impacted party here and is calling in his complaint. He was asking for "recalculation" in the face of fraudulent votes. Any reasonable person listening to the entire call sees that. You are being played by your media sources.

    11. I guess I must not be reasonable, then. He may be the aggreived party but he is also the President and he asking for a state official to change his actions and definitely mentions legal exposure. You can close your eyes while sipping the Kool-aid but it is an abuse of power. There are legal methods to register his complaint. A call like this is not one of them. That you seem to think a threat only requires an actual statement and cannot be implied by one party, particularly one with more power, is hard to believe but perhaps you do think that.

      Don't worry, though, we can settle this another way. I know where you live.

      But don't worry, that's not a threat.

    12. Just to make it absolutely clear, the comment about where you live is only meant to show that a threat can be implied without actually saying the words. It is for illustrative purposes only. I wish you no ill will regardless of our disagreements.

    13. I did not assume it was. No worries!
      Go listen to the full transcript. It's the opposite of Trump threatening anybody. It's Karen complaining to the manager at the DMV :-)
      I have a new blog post up specifically on that. We can move the discussion to there.

  23. I can’t wait for next weeks installment when we get to learn why the earth is flat.

    1. You confusing a science-heavy article on climate change, and my recounting of sourced eye witness testimony, with "flat earth" says a lore more about you then me.

  24. It is not statistically impossible for a 98% Biden surge when the ballots for an all Black Area of Atlanta are counted. In fact nothing is ever statistically impossible that's why there are statistics. The Georgia Senate doesnt run the election the secretary of State does, just ask the governor, he used to be the secretary of state when he purged the voter rolls to win the gubernatorial race. You seem to always lay out a fallacious position, and then win the false position as evidence of winning an argument, but it's the wrong argument so it winds up being irrelevant to the point, namely that Biden won.

    1. Black support for Trump was >10%. 98% is not credible. You are making a fool of yourself.

  25. Julie

    Please stop the nonsense. There is no credible evidence of fraud, and certainly not enough to overturn an election. Trump lawyers have continually failed to demonstrate anything. The Georgia Senate hearing would be laughable it it wasn’t so serious. And I don’t know how Canada’s legal system works but in the US you need to provide evidence to demonstrate that there was something wrong in voting. State and local officials take their jobs extremely seriously and are very aware of the applicable laws and procedures they must follow. It takes a lot more than some bonkers statistical analysis and some stories to overthrow an election. And make no mistake. Trump and his cronies want to overthrow an election which has been reviewed, and certified by appropriate officials at every level. It might not reach the kevel of treason but it is certainly heading there.

    1. I provided a whole blog post with credible evidence of possible fraud and definite illegality. It does not prove fraud, but it needs to be investigated and then taken to a court-like setting for the sake of transparency. People arguing against transparency are being anti-democratic.

  26. Hey folks - thanks for the debate - I'll shut down the comments at this point. You are welcome to post on my latest blog on Raffenspergergate!