Monday, January 25

My Reactions to Sexy Femsub Photos

I was surfing around on Twitter and bumped into an account, @Lord_n_Master, that posted a bunch of sexy photos. I saved some pics that elicited a reaction in me. I'll re-post them here, in no particular order, and write about my feelings as I view them. I'll number them so you can share with me your favorites and why in the comments.

The collection happens to consist of beautiful young naked women, reflecting the taste of the curator. I find myself much more turned on by beautiful naked women than by beautiful naked men. I can imagine myself as the subject (I know, dream on!), or as the photographer (I have been known to play with girls...). More than the image, I get turned on imagining the situation the girl finds herself in, and either myself being put into that situation, or putting the woman into that situation.

Photos of men I find sexy are rugged men, in jeans, clothed, wearing a thick belt...

Other photos of men I find sexy are men in submissive positions. Preferably they are not so cut and handsome, more regular guys. Being spanked, being pegged, being put into women's lingerie and looking embarrassed about it.

But as today's subject is submissive beautiful women, let's run with that.

As well, since none of them have been spanked, and spanking is our thing, I'll apply a little photoshop to makes things better in cases!


Gorgeous! My kind of pussy. She is being "made to" ask for it. I would love taking a strap-on to either of those two inviting holes. I wouldn't mind licking either of them as well.

Here, some fun with photoshop.


I gave her a good spanking, didn't I? And do you see the effect it had on her pussy? Engorged with hot red blood... ;-)


A man "possessing" his woman. I want to be that woman. I want to be possessed like that. Even in front of other men. I want to be shown to whom I belong.


I see myself in her, worshiping my husband's cock. I am not allowed the use of hands. I must pleasure him with my mouth only. Afterwards I will be thoroughly fucked.


Beautifully composed shot. The shadows on her ass suggest a spanking. A photo from this angle always makes me blush. It is how I present when I am being spanked in front of others.

Let's see what I can do with this with a little photoshop...


That's even better. Now I've been spanked, and I can expect more if I continue being naughty.


More male ownership. I'm at the gym. I'm exercising. My male trainer wants to check out the progress I've been making on my ass. Perhaps he wants to show off to the other trainers (men and women) how good his results are.

Or perhaps, he wants to demonstrate to them how he motivates me...


"When she doesn't move her ass, this little tart loves a spanking from me to motivate her. You should try it with your clients. Just the sluts."


This little NXIVM type slave was told to send her mistress a photo in the next 60 seconds or she'll face consequences. She needs to whip her bottoms down and take that photo fast if she expects to escape punishment. It will go into her file...


She's been mildly spanked and sent to stand against the wall on her tiptoes. If those heels drop, this will be the next photo...


And if she persists...


She will not be able to sit comfortably for a week...


Kept naked. Not allowed to leave the house. There for her wealthy man's exclusive pleasure at all times.


Or perhaps this is her timeout position after a good spanking for Madame. Naked and crying for all the staff to see as they go about their duties...


Little sweetie! This one I imagine to be my little submissive pet. I'm making her hold up her nighty to show everybody what a nice pussy my little pet has.


Me and my husband's cock. I do love him so much. Fuck that's sexy! I want to run over and give him head right now.


This is a single young me, being introduced to submission by a kinky older couple. She was the one who picked me up in a bar. If I expect to be kept around, kept as her plaything, I will have to learn to please her husband as well.


It excites me to give a handjob. The sight, feel, scent of his excitement in my hand. I was put on earth for this purpose.


Tears of excitement, longing, and joy. Yes Baby, cum for me, cum for Mummy.

Or is it, "no, not today, Baby. We'll see if you can be a good boy for a whole week while I lock you back into your cage."


"Go fetch Brad a beer woman. Oh, and in addition to your bare titties you've lost your panty privileges for the evening. Lose 'em and then get your ass back here, double-time. Too slow. You're going across Brad's knee for the paddle next."


"Way to go Brad. That'll teach her a lesson. Go fetch another beer for Tom, and don't dawdle this time Miss Bare Puss."

"I'm sorry David! I'll do better!!!"

"You had better, because next time forget about Brad's paddle, it'll be Tom's belt."

"Yes Sir! I'm hurrying!"


This is me. Expecting the belt followed by a rough fucking.


"Julie, you stay kneeling like that. Arch your back more. Let out guests see what a naughty little girl you are. Tom will decide what hole he takes you in while I'm fucking Mary."


Mmmmmm... I must be a very naughty girl. This pic turns me on soooo much! I would love this to be your cock in my hands...

So... which is your favourite, and why? What goes through your mind as you look?


  1. Nice selection. It's always fun when you caption photos like this.
    I think (6) is my favourite. There's something so spankable about that bottom.
    I showed my girlfriend too and she couldn't decide between 15 and 17.

  2. Favorite?

    I love the first one because that fleur of hers is in full bloom! She is so ready. Who would love to see that? I wonder how wet she is?

    But favorite..? I's going with 3rd from the last; B&W, bent over the bed expecting the belt. Composition is nice, great tush - pert and ready, great long legs, and those 'fuck-me' shoes. Whoo-hoo!! Love to spank her. And while I love OTK, this is one terrific position!

    Side note: I found two really hot pics while cleaning out my computer a few weeks ago. Sent to some friends and thought you might also like them. Give me some time and then check your email.


  3. Any slut can fuck. The cocksucking worship is next level because it’s a full power exchange. I enjoy face fucking a kneeling submissive so they gag and drool. They are relinquishing their power and control to me. It’s a true gift from your submissive.

    1. #3 - yes. I feel more submissive when I am not allowed hands.

  4. #13 does it for me today, for several reasons:
    1) A handjob can be so much better than a blowjob on the amount of creativity you can put in.
    2) The feeling you can get if she holds your dick tight or just lightly strokes it with one finger up and down is brain melting.
    3) (since i am in this mood) the possibility of tease&denial depicted here, amazing, i am hopefully being denied again to by my gorgeous queen.

    1. I find it super sexy as well, and definitely more female dominant than the others. Love the "tears" of lust.

    2. Might be, because i'm kept in chastity at the moment and swelling up with lust...

    3. This morning i woke up with a raging boner, Miss Julie and cuddled with my wife/mistress, whom i was alllowed to finger a bit. I then asked for the permission to eat her out and use a toy on her, which she willingly accepted. She came really hard. Afterwards she told me that she came so hard knowing i was under her control and was not allowed to cum. After she came we cuddled some more with me being the big spoon, so she can feel my boner.
      I begged her to touch me and she said no. This sent shivers through my whole body and i try to be extra good to earn some touches.

    4. You've got it bad Marc - will you ever get to cum? Hope not.

    5. On some level i hope that she will be really reall stric with me and keep me horny constantly...

  5. # 2 for "submission agreement" (?)
    # 11 - like the plaything status

    1. Yes, #2 is such a casual, yet completely shocking, show of dominance and submission.

      #11 - her face is so innocent!

  6. Photos of men I find sexy are rugged men, in jeans, clothed, wearing a thick belt...

    Other photos of men I find sexy are men in submissive positions. Preferably they are not so cut and handsome, more regular guys.

    Being spanked, being pegged, being put into women's lingerie and looking embarrassed about it.

    Huge contrast there. I would like a 1000 word essay describing in loving detail the extremes of your interests. Also describe when and how you came to like seeing men in lingerie.

    1. I'm not sure how many words I can put into a comment reply, Sir, but let me take a crack at it.

      The first one, the rugged man, I prefer to the muscular naked man. I don't want to be made love to by such a man. I want to be dominated by such a man. That's the way my sexuality currently works. I associate male nakedness with his submission and loss of power. Him dressed, me naked, the belt slithering off from around his waist, me submissively turning over with my ass high to be punished, to be taught my place, and then not "made love to", but FUCKED. An ass-slapping, hair pulling, tit grabbing, FUCKING.

      As for the other, I find myself a bit intimidated by the handsome naked muscular man, without actually being turned on by it in a dominant way.

      I find it delicious to imagine a man, shaped like many of my blog readers no doubt (and my husband), that I make to strip in front of me while I remain fully clothed. He's not proud of his body, he's a bit embarrassed by it. Good. He's so pathetic (gush!). He's like a woman (gush!). I'll take a strap to his flabby backside and make him pay for being such a pathetic little beta cuck (gush!). Afterwards I'll peg him until he is begging me to stop, until he's crying out on every thrust. Take it. Take it like a woman (gush!).

      Of course, the further emasculation of him by putting him into feminine lingerie just adds to the effect. He's just like a woman, may as well make him dress the part.

      Those are the sorts of things that "turn on" the dominant parts of my brain.

      If I were dominating a woman, I would want her to be exceptionally beautiful. Definitely more so than I, so I can show her that's she's not really "all that", is she?

      Yummy thoughts all!

    2. Holy sh*t that was hot. This was like a mini post! I absolutely loved your fantasy of dominating the “regular” guy.

    3. Yes 100%. I imagined that I was the “regular” guy getting dominated by you.

    4. Then you're my type, I guess ;-)

  7. After decades of Irene’s discipline, I rarely imagine being the top anymore - only once in a while when a woman is being exceptionally bratty.

    I do have a fantasy that a woman is flirting with me. Sometimes it is someone I know from before I was married but Irene hasn’t met yet. Perhaps big bottomed dark haired Vicky in that short purple dress. Irene comes along, I introduce them, Irene mentions a threesome and off we go.

    After appropriate foreplay, I’m licking Vicky’s pussy. She’s starting to get excited. Irene will suddenly grab her by her hair and pull her off me. That’s enough of that, she’ll say. How dare you come along and flirt with Rosco?

    Irene will spank Vicky until she’s sobbing then tie her to a chair in the corner of the room. My spanking will be next, twice as hard as I know better and should have stopped Vicky’s initial flirtation.

    But after my spanking I’ll lick Irene’s pussy. She’ll come like crazy with Vicky, frustrated and sitting on her hot big bottom, looking on helplessly. Then she’ll fuck me,

    Vicki will be sent home in her short skirt, but Irene has kept her panties. Irene says she can come back and get them tomorrow after I’ve washed them.


    1. Poor Vicki, having to scurry out with bare red bum under her short skirt. I love the female cuckolding!

    2. Big butt Vicky is always back at square one. She always leaves in the cold morning bare-assed under her little skirt with nothing left except her heated arse. I suppose she wears heels?

  8. Apropos of nothing - - I have searched through your archives and couldn't find a clear and focused shot of your feet. Understandingly, you do not show your face but have graced us with shots of your rosy, freshly-spanked bottom. I think the time has come to reveal your cute, dainty pieds for the salacious delight of all of us "foot freaks". Thank You

    1. Not proud of the feet... :-)

    2. For amateurs, the not so big clown feet of Julie are yet clearly visible in "A Bare Naked Over-the-Knee Public Spanking" July 2017

    3. So they are. Good job. But they were kicking around too much. Hardly sexy!

  9. #9. I'd love to be your pet and dress in a white baby doll outfit, sans panties that show off my tan lines.

  10. Such amazing and tasty selections.

    #1 - She is begging to serve and submit. Nothing more alluring.
    #3 - I love the devotion she shows, and the control rush is amazing.
    #12 - Reminds me of self surrender knowing I will be edged without mercy - makes my stomach flutter even more than knowingI have a blistering coming.
    #15 - TARGET PRACTICE. Just the perfect presentation for Paddles, straps, canes, crops - shoot - anything.
    #17 - What man doesn’t want to be the center of this attention...just wow.

    Now I must go visualize a session that includes all these. I might be busy for a while.


  11. # 11 You are the wife and pinch her nipples hard to teach her how to suck dick then how to swallow.

  12. Mine is “young julie” in 11. But it’s not a kinky older couple - it’s your parents. Your cockteasing of daddy through your daddy lapsitting and wandering needlessly around the house practically naked in tiny panties to tease daddy was upsetting your sisters and disturbing the family equilibrium. When you started grinding your young pussy on daddy’s lap things had finally gone too far.
    Operant conditioning was called for. Like a boy who stole a cigarette being made to smoke the whole pack you were taken upstairs and stripped bare and spanked with moms hairbrush before being introduced by moms firm hand to daddy’s erect cock for a forced, rough, humiliating face fucking to make you gag and drool all over the object of your desire. Anti slut training. Clearly it didn’t work. MrD

  13. #6 imagine you in the mall "Julie ! Nicki klyne here! Pants down.. 60s.. or... !"

  14. It really would be nice to have a lovely submissive pet like 9. They would be more ornamental than chore doing but it would be good for you to have a casual submissive pretty pet to play with from time to time. Such persons can be found especially for someone like yourself. Might even be a young male pet. It’s a responsibility but is it time to expand your dominant horizons Ms Julie? You’ve had fun with many third parties in the past.

    1. It would be fun to have a kept toy around the house, but the baggage that comes with it, not so sure! :-)

  15. Of all the pictures, I found the hand holding the breast the best. My wife enjoys it when I put my full attention to her wonderful breast. Never after a spanking is their any sexual play, but have been able to play with them, suck, lick, foddle, in the front room, fun baring them, the bed is the best. She enjoys it so much, just something I enjoy the most about a woman. Jack

  16. My wife and I did a version of 11. We were the kinky older couple and she groomed a nice, young submissive girl from a past workplace over time. The nsa fun gradually escalated between them with my wife as dominant. I was mostly not directed involved although I did get my cock sucked under my wife’s supervision which I obviously enjoyed. Give it a try you’ll like being a madam for a night of femsub fun.

  17. # 16 " So David has decided which hole of Mary he is going to fuck, but you are still there waiting for your cock, more and more aware of what is on display and its wetness. Mary starts making disgusting noises and you, getting impatient, finding all that quite degrading.
    Is it the pissed off sound of your fingernails that I hear!

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. - Jules !
    - Booooo :( , I don't excite them anymore ! Boooo
    - Of course you do Jules ! But you have been there, showing your naughty bits for three days now ! Come on ! Get yourself together !
    - Booooo
    - You know what, silly? You answer to these 3 commenters, I give you a spanking and everything's ok.