Wednesday, January 6

Figged for Forgetting his Panties

As I mentioned in Husband Reminded to Obey we are on a week of my husband absolutely obeying me or suffering consequences. On the day we started I laid out my expectations clearly and drove it home with a spanking. One of my requirements was panty-training for the week to keep him in a submissive mindset.

We woke up in the morning after some vigorous strap-on sex and a nice licking for me the night before (no orgasms for him this week). He popped out of bed first to go make me my breakfast. He sleeps naked. I saw him get up, put on his robe, and go downstairs. "'Gotcha!" I thought to myself.

After lounging for a few more minutes I put on my long white silky-outside, fuzzy-inside robe and went downstairs expecting my breakfast to be served to me.

He did a good job and not only was breakfast made, but he had done place settings, putting me at the head of the table, and served me. A fried egg, mushrooms and spinach. He brought me coffee and gave me my newspaper (yes, we still have it delivered!). He then sat and ate as well.

After breakfast I innocently asked, "did you remember to put your panties on, sweetheart?"

He was genuinely caught off guard. "Ummm... Ahhhh.... Well... I thought...."

"Pull up your robe, show me," I said.

He pulled his robe up above his waist and he was naked from there down. No panties.

"Oh david," I said, sounding disappointed.

"But, I thought it was only under my clothes..."

"And you don't think your robe is clothes?"

"Ummm. No... it's a robe..."

"Are you back-talking me, young man?"

"No Ma'am"

"Is a robe, clothes?"

"Yes Ma'am."

"And what are you supposed to be wearing under your clothes?"

"Panties, Ma'am."

"And what did I say would happen if I caught you without them?"

"A spanking Ma'am?"

"Not exactly. A punishment is what I said. I want you to go the market today. You have meals to plan and buy for anyways. Buy a few nice big ginger roots, and carve me up a nice fat one for your bottom. You'll be figged after work."

"Ohhh. Yes Ma'am."

As we engaged in this exchange his growing erection told me it excited him. I told him he may lower his robe and proceed with the cleaning up as I went upstairs to shower and dress. I thought underplaying the whole thing like this was good suspense for him.

Work proceeded apace. He brought me a little lunch tray at my desk, and mid-afternoon he told me he was going out to the market.

"Don't forget the ginger roots!" I yelled after him, as if he would forget. Ha ha!

I finished up with my meetings and some emails at around 6pm. I went downstairs and gave him a kiss and asked, "what's for din dins?"

"I thought some steaks, Ma'am? I have them marinating."

"Any vegetables?"

"Yes Ma'am, asparagus, Ma'am."

"Make a little mixed salad as well, with a balsamic vinaigrette."

"Ummm... how do you mix the dressing up?"

"Duh? Google it?"

"Yes Ma'am."

"Did you get the ginger root?"

"Yes Ma'am"

"Let me see."

He opened the fridge and showed me that he had two unpeeled ones.

He also had a little bowl of water with a peeled and carved one in it, all ready to go.

"Take your pants and panties off and bend over," I told him. He took them off and left his socks on. "Bend over..."

I started to gently work the ginger root up and into his bum. You don't want to use lube for this as it may insulate his anus from the sting. It's naturally a bit slippery when wet and when worked a bit with the hand. It does not sting your hand at all while it's going on. You just wash up afterwards.

I put it up him. It takes a few minutes for the body heat up his bumhole to really get the burn going, so intially it's just uncomfortable like any butt plug.

"Put your panties back on and start preparing dinner," I told him as I washed my hands and then left the kitchen to go read in the living room. I could hear the sounds of cooking going on and I smiled to myself knowing that the ginger burn must be settling in now. It typically lasts around 30 minutes or so.

"David!" I yelled out midway through. He came to the living room in just his T-shirt and his panty. He was visibly squirming. "Burns, does it?" I asked him, knowing I was barely able to conceal a broad smile / smirk.

"Yes Ma'am" he said, sounding pained. He couldn't stop wiggling.

"You'll remember to wear your panties whenever you have clothes on?"

"Yes Ma'am."

"Good boy, go mix me a cocktail, a sidecar I think, and then back to your cooking now."

"Yes Ma'am." He made me my sidecar. None for him was understood

2 parts brandy
1 part triple sec
1 part fresh lemon juice
shaken in a cocktail mixer with ice
poured into a glass with a sugared rim
served with a lemon or orange peel and/or slice

I could see him at the bar, wiggling and wriggling as he made it for me and then served me.

After another ten minutes or so he came back to the living room and said, "dinner is ready Ma'am."

"How's the ginger root doing?"

"It was real bad, but starting to cool down a bit now, Ma'am," he said.

"Well let's take it out then," I said, seemingly sympathetic. We went into the kitchen. He bent over. I lowered his panties, and I gently worked the ginger root out, splashing a bit of water on it to assist and taking it out in an in-and-out type fucking motion.

"Stay there like that," I said as I took the peeled ginger root to the sink and washed it. Then I took out the peeler and peeled off the top half centimeter or so all around.

I wet it again, went back to him, and re-inserted the freshly peeled ginger up his bum.

"Ohhhhhhh," he moaned as I pushed it home.

"Pull up your panties and put your pants back on and serve me dinner and then you may eat with me."

"Ohhhh, yes Ma'am!" he said, already looking a bit frantic from the re-inserted ginger root.

All through dinner he was looking very pained indeed, and his eyes were even watering a bit. I was thinking he was making a big show of it so I would have pity on him. Crocodile tears.

After dinner I said, "That was lovely, david. Tomorrow let's have fish. You find a good recipe now. Clear off the table and clean up, then you may have a shower and take the ginger root out. I suggest lots of soap up that bottom hole. I won't give you a spanking tonight, or give you any anal intercourse as I can imagine you are a bit delicate back there, so let that be a lesson to you."

"Yes Ma'am. Thank you Ma'am," he said.

After he had cleaned up I heard the shower going for a good long time. I imagine he fucked his rear end very thoroughly with that bar of soap!

Subbies. Love 'em!


  1. Unlikely that he'll go all week without self-serving. You may have to resurrect the cage that you tried a few months back


    1. He's a good boy, he'll obey

    2. If not, I'm sure you'll have a fitting response.


  2. Definately needs to be taught some feminine modesty while its your week. maybe next week you can add to the panties with his cute bra, and to also remember to wear his towel around his chest when getting out of the shower.

  3. David is such a compliment sub. Very stimulating all the various ways that you warm up his bum hole.

  4. Isn't one part lemon juice too much lemon juice? Is it too sour?

    1. I like it like that, but some recipes call for 3/4 of lemon juice, which I find a touch too sweet. Maybe it depends on the Triple Sec. I use Cointreau.

  5. So what is your opinion on the riots in DC Julie?

    1. My feeling is the same as about the riots and looting that has been occurring since April, and the Antifa violence on campus for the past 4 years, and all of the violent people in Charlottesville on both sides. It's all dreadful. I wish Democrats would have spoken out as strongly before, and the police would have responded as forcefully as they did now, and maybe a lot of that violence could have been avoided.

      You asked my views and there they are. I don't want to get into a debate on the topic and I won't be publishing any follow up comments. Thanks.

    2. For those insistent folks wishing to debate (I've been deleting all your comments as promised) you can either email me, or wait a bit. I will post a blog after tempers on both sides have subsided and we have some more perspective on the events of Jan 6 and the last 4 years.

    3. And p.s. to the losers who continue trying to insult and bait me, know that it makes me a little bit wet each time I hit the delete key on one of your brainless comments.

    4. Julie's Inconsistencies12 January 2021 at 02:43

      It turned out to be a lucky decision to wait to talk about those events, Julie! Given enough time, the left managed to muddle their side so much that now everyone looks bad. Never expected I'd say it, but I'm more or less with Tucker Carlson on this one: election fraud claims were flimsy (and Trump's lawyers oddly unhinged), January 6th violence was inexcusable, but what Amazon just did with Parler is not acceptable either. And the impeachment ten days before a term end makes it look like Congress has no real work to do.

      So I expect I may agree with your next post more than with most of your previous ones. My only gripe, really, is that on the same day as Twitter blocked Trump, you blocked two of my perfectly civil posts (as all of them are, and I challenge you to find at least one example to the contrary), without advance warning that you will do so... while of course letting through some less inconvenient concurrent posts. So not everyone can be a perfect free speech practitioner. ;-) (Though I will give you that you seem to earnestly try, most of the time.)

    5. I was stopping all political posts for a while, nothing personal, though I would appreciate you changing your moniker!

  6. To make my ass sting inside and out my wife inserts the fig then makes me wear a tight pouch thong panty to hold it in. Every time I clench my cheeks from her spanks it burns my butt hole. Using a just under unbearable stinging spanks slow and easy alternating cheeks has even the toughest man begging, squirming, and crying.

  7. What are you going to do with all that left over ginger?

    1. Perhaps David should learn a dish that involves fresh grated ginger?

    2. If he bought a lot of ginger, brew some ginger beer!

    3. My guess is David will keep it until the tables are turned again and he is dealing with a naughty Julie...

  8. We tried figging, but it was beyond my idea of submission. I like to pretend Irene can do whatever she wants and usually that’s the case, but the burn was too unpleasant.

    Irene does have a stainless steel dildo (actually intended for keel exercises) which she’ll dunk in ice water before violating me. Very intense, but deliciously so.


    1. It for sure is a punishment, no question. There's no "fun" in the moment, especially a double session. But him knowing I will do it to him, and him knowing he will take it, is hot!

  9. Would a man with ginger up his arse perform better in bed (in the traditional sense)? Might be worth an experiment...

    1. Ought to keep those hips pumping and maybe distract him from cumming too soon?

  10. i better not forget my panties when i am around Miss Julie she will make me pay for it with well sore spanked butt i for sure be reminded wear my panties

    to me be funny if me or any your blog fans meet you in person pull our oants down or tell you we wearing our panties because of you lol

  11. You should poke the ginger root with a fork so that the juice would come out. It will give you some extra sting ;)

  12. He’s still not sufficiently compliant this week. Unbelievable he asked you for a simple salad recipe. He’s supposed to be serving you. I’d consider milking him before and after work. Do it very clinically and ruin his orgasm each time. It’ll keep him moderated and I bet there’s some cheating masturbation going on. Horny men are too apt to lose self control and his track record of spanking the monkey behind your back isn’t good. Hold his nose and make him take his own cum down the hatch each time of course. A milked man is an obedient man. You’ll get better results for sure. MrD

  13. Is he still coming too soon? Terrible. You might like to try whipping his arse with a riding crop whilst fucking. Tell him that fucking training is necessary so he controls his pace for your pleasure not his. A talented tongue is all well and good but sometimes a girl likes a long, skilled fucking and in his case more extreme methods of communication are required. You’ll be like a jockey riding a horse.