Monday, January 11

Husband Diapered and Rubbed by Sister-in-Law as Wife Watches

I know that a post where my husband winds up in diapers is always fun for my audience, and fun for me as well, especially when my sister is involved. This time, after the talcum was applied she even gave him a little rub that absolutely proved he could not control his penile emissions, and could therefore benefit from more regular and extended diaperings.

We now always have the necessary diapering supplies available from previous play, and I am constantly on the lookout for a natural opportunity. Well one happened this very afternoon, and it did not disappoint.


We are ending our week of my husband being required to obey me completely. I described this in Husband Required to Obey where I laid down the rules for the week and gave him a wooden spatula spanking to reinforce matters.

Part of the rules was panties under his clothes for the entire week. Fresh pair each morning. Hand washed and line dried. On the very morning after the rule setting, he put his robe on to make me breakfast, but did not put his panties on underneath. He thought I meant when he was dressed dressed. I took it as a golden opportunity to reinforce my authority. I sentenced him to a figging (a ginger root up the bum) and delivered it later in the day as he was preparing dinner, and refreshed it for dinner time. I described this in Figged for Forgetting His Panties.

He did not forget his panties after that. He was either naked or had those panties on (we had spare ginger roots in the fridge standing-by so as to assure eager compliance).


I spanked him Tuesday night for making a dish he was serving for dinner too spicy for my taste. He said his hand slipped and too much cayenne powder came out. I think he was looking to be spanked, so I obliged him. That was a solid ten minutes with the hairbrush across my knee that had him wailing and begging for forgiveness. I forgave him, of course, but continued spanking to teach him a lesson.

As I write this, I think it was a missed opportunity not to give him a cayenne pepper handjob. Next time!

After his spanking I told him to handwash all his lingerie from in his drawer. We had used some of them not so long ago and just put them back, and I figured they all needed it. He has quite a collection of panties, bras, stockings, suspender belts, corsets, and schoolgirl skirts accumulated over the years. I had him do it down at the laundry room sink while wearing only a bra and panty, and he was to remove those and wash them at the end before coming back up naked. I was down to check on him once and he was busy with the handwashing exactly as I had told him to be. He then hung them on a retractable laundry line we have down there (but hardly ever use).

When he came back upstairs buck naked I was pleased to see I had left a meaningful impression on his dusky red backside from his hairbrushing.

Next morning david could not dress or put his robe on because he had no panties in the bedroom. I told him he better go down and get a pair, but leave the rest of the things hanging there for Maria to put away. He blushed at that!

Maria is our cleaning lady who comes by once a week. Yes, we have kept our cleaning lady on during COVID - we offered to pay her during lockdown without coming by, but she would have none of it. All her other clients have laid her off, so we even chipped in some extra. We are all a bit skeptical about the more extreme restrictions, but we agreed that if she felt at all ill she should stay home and we will pay her anyways, and we told her likewise if either of us are feeling ill - sensible precautions. She actually has a college education from the Philippines and is able to make these decisions in an informed way for herself.

Maria knows all our secrets. She knows what is in all our bedroom drawers. She has figured out a long time ago that the XL lingerie goes into david's dresser drawer. We have never played with Maria present at all. She is very Christian and I never thought that would go down well, and it's really hard to find somebody good so I never wanted to squirrel that arrangement.

I was working in the bedroom after she had started a load of laundry. She popped her head in and asked what she should do with the bras and panties hanging in the basement. I told her that I had made david wash them all by hand yesterday, and if they were all dry she should just put them away in his drawer.

She came back up with a laundry basket of all the laundry, including david's unmentionables. She staged them all on the bed before putting everything away in its proper place. I discretely kept track, and as she was doing david's lingerie I took that opportunity to thank her for all she did for us.

"No problem, Julie, it is my pleasure." Then a bit of a pause, then into the silence she said, "these are so pretty!" as she put david's lingerie away in into his drawers. She was clearly initiating a conversation on the topic.

"We have our fun. He's a naughty boy and I like to dress him up sometimes," I said.

"Yessss!" she said and went about her business with a big smile, no more being said.

I know for a fact she has seen all the spanking implements, the lube, the dildos and my strap-on harness, and the chastity cage. We keep them in his bedside drawer and she sometimes tidies the surface of his dresser by putting stuff into those drawers. She also routinely handles the switch, the Delrin cane, and strap I keep under the bed. She vacuums under there, moves them away, and puts them back, but always in a quite different and more visible location, almost so as to encourage me to use them on him, in my mind at least.

I kept david hopping all week. I was never satisfied with his work, and gave him a spanking almost every day (I think I missed one day). He had the hairbrush, the paddle, the strap, and corner-time.

He did all the cooking, got all his put off chores done, and I had him give me nice long massages and lick me to orgasm almost every night. Sometime he got to lick my pussy, and sometime just my bottom hole as I sat on his face and got myself off with my Hitachi.



All this time he was on orgasm denial. But with all these activities he kept getting more and more excited. Often, at bedtime or even at random times throughout the day I would give him a little handjob to get him close, and then stop. I was quite cruel with his teasing. I had announced at the start of the week that he was going to remain orgasm-free, but I kept leading him to believe I might change my mind. It was like Lucy holding the football for Charlie Brown.

Particularly frustrating for him was bedtime after I had already had a nice orgasm myself which turns him on. I had him lie on the bed, took some baby oil out from the bedroom drawer and started rubbing it into his cock and balls.

"You didn't think I was really serious about making you go for a whole week without an orgasm? I love you, baby. I want to make sure you'll well taken care of." The first time I did it he fell for it hook, line, and sinker. The second time I did it he was really skeptical, but I just told him that what I did last time was a nasty trick, I shouldn't have done it, and I was feeling really guilty about it. What a sucker! The third time there was nothing I could say to get him to believe me. Ha ha!

I rubbed his cock until it was throbbing and the tip was purpled and engorged. I was living on the edge. I brought him so close and then stopped cold turkey. Each time after I stop he writhed on his bed, kicked his little hands and legs, and begged me for a release. Actually begged me.

Too bad. So sad!

At any rate, I left him dribbling a strand of pre-cum a few times but never let him get off. He was therefore walking around with a wet leaky boner in his panties a good percentage of the time, which is pretty good for man in his forties. He knew masturbation was not allowed. He knew (correctly) not to treat it as a rule he could violate to get punished. He knew it was a sacred trust without being told.

First thing this morning I had occasion to punish him again. This time for forgetting to be there with a towel to dry me the instant I stepped out of the shower. In fact, this was not a rule and I had not insisted on it throughout the week, but it occurred to me this morning that he really ought to (he has done so spontaneously in the past). And I was therefore a little peeved when I stepped out and he was just standing there, shaving. I was upset at him for not knowing to do that so I made him stop shaving and do it, and then I corrected him with the Delrin cane on the spot.

We were both naked and I took him into the adjoining bedroom and had him bend over and put his elbows on the bed. I went and got the cane and whistled it menacingly through the air. It's about a quarter inch thick and made of a strong yet whippy fiberglass-like material named Delrin. It is justifiably a most feared instrument of correction.

I tapped the cane a few times on his bum and then whipped it down with a medium force blow. We were just getting started. Even with that relatively light blow I could still see a pink line coming up in real time. I line it up again, and give it to him a bit harder and a bit lower. He grunted at that one. A second line came up, a bit angrier than the first. I gave him fifteen good ones in total, all the way down to his upper thighs which he reacted to most strongly. He had trouble holding the position and frequently shot bolt upright to do a little spanky dance before settling down for his next stroke.  That earned him three extras in total. What was most fun was the scared clenching and unclenching of his butt as I rested the cane on his bottom.

One of my attributes of being a good Wife-Domme is that I find I actually have to hold myself back. The more in pain he seems to be, the more turned on I get, and the more I want to whip that little whiny bitch more.

After his caning we got dressed, david doing so quite gingerly. After making me a nice breakfast, david was allowed to watch television, as he had done all his assigned chores for the week. So he spent a lot of the day in front of the boob tube binging a series, when he wasn't serving me of course.


I had arranged for Sue to come by today. It was the last day of david's obey-week and we thought we would cap it up with a double spanking or something and a congratulatory orgasm for him. Sue lives alone and like all of us has not been seeing anybody much, including no sexual partners, so she was a bit frisky for some play. We were both curious if he would produce significantly more sperm, or more spurt velocity, after being kept blue-balled and on-edge all week. david was not told she would be visiting. It's so nice for us to have my freaky sister to play with from time to time.

Mid-afternoon, as I expected, the front doorbell rang. I told david to answer it. He went to open the door and was genuinely a bit surprised to see Sue. He took her coat and showed her in. On the way in she patted his cheek and said, "I heard you've been on your very best behaviour this week?"

"Yes Ma'am," he answered, head bowed.

"Good boy," she said.

david went back to his show in the family room and I sat with Sue in the living room. We chatted about various things and we also talked about our one week me, one week him switch. She thought it was great. She enjoys our friskiness with one another. She asked who was tougher and I said definitely me! We both knew that david would be spanked again before Sue left, by one or the other or both of us, as that was part of the reason she was there, but we had not discussed details, that was up to me to guide.

"david!" I yelled out and he came scurrying. "Mix us a couple of those very good sidecars please," I said. The sidecar has become my favourite cocktail.

david got the ingredients from the bar and went into the kitchen to mix it. At one point I noticed that there was no sound in the kitchen and could faintly hear what I thought was the toilet flushing upstairs. He had gone to the toilet before mixing and serving us our sidecars!

It was suspicious, so after it was over I asked him about that. He said he did have to go, knew he would be punished for it, and wanted to give me an excuse while Sue was there. Awwww.

When he brought us the drinks I said, "that took an awfully long time."

"Sorry Ma'am, I had to go to the bathroom first."

"You what?" I asked incredulously.

"Go. To the bathroom, Ma'am."

"I'm not deaf, I heard you. How impertinent. It couldn't wait? You couldn't hold it in for five minutes while you were mixing our cocktails?"

"Sorry Ma'am."

And THAT is the exact moment it hit me, diaper fans!

"You couldn't hold it for just five minutes. Do I need to put you into a diaper, david?"

"No Ma'am," he said, blushing.

"I think I do. Go upstairs and bring back down a diaper. Also get your diaper changing pad, your baby wipes, and your baby powder. I'll change you right here in the living room."

"noooooo.. please...." he begged. But I knew the little shame artist wanted it.

"Do I need to ask you to bring the paddle down as well?"

"No Ma'am!" he said quickly (he was still smarting from his caning in the morning).

"Then do as you're told,"

"But... but.. Sue is here," he whined. He was complaining for show.

"She certainly is. And your sister-in-law will see you being diapered." david looked embarrassed, so I thought I'd add some extra colour . "She'll see you undressed, on your back on the changing pad on the floor. And I do mean completely undressed, with all your little bits on show. She'll see me lift your legs high like a baby's and wipe you and powder you, and then see me put your diaper on you."

"Maybe I'll even help," Sue added. Nice!

"yes Ma'ams" david said resignedly. I did not know until then that "Ma'am" had a plural form.

"This will be fun," Sue said to me after david had gone upstairs and we had gotten into our cocktails. Each one had 3 ounces of 40% alcohol, but in a "panty remover" format. Only we would be the ones removing his panties.

He came back down with the stuff and I directed him to lay it all out on the floor in front of the fireplace, and then to move the coffee table out of the way to make more room.

"Stand on your changing pad and undress down to your panties, young man," I instructed him.

"Oh, you have him in panties do you?" Sue commented.

"Yes. They remind him to obey me and do a good job on his chores. Isn't that so, david?"

"Yes Ma'am."

Before long, david was standing there in nothing but his red panties, looking awkward. They were considerably tented by his raging erection.

"Lie down on your back," I told him. The moment was drawing near.

He lay down and Sue and I went to sit on the carpet on either side of his hips.

"Sue, would you please remove his panties?"

"My pleasure," she said, smiling. She put her two hands on the waistband of his panties, lifted them over his big erection and pulled them down and off his legs.

"tsk, tsk, tsk, what a state you're in," Sue said. "One would think you like being diapered."

I pinned his ankles together and lifted them high up and back into the traditional diaper changing position. We both had a closeup view of all his private parts. I held him up with one arm and gave him a little smack to his still marked-from-this-morning ass with my free hand while Sue watched.

Sue immediately honed in on the residual redness and cane marks that were still there. "Someone's been a naughty boy today," Sue said. "Is that your nasty cane?" she asked me. I said it was.

"Pass me a wipe," I asked Sue, continuing to hold his legs up with one hand while passing the packet of wipes over to Sue with the other so she could get one out.

Sue passed me one and I wiped all over his bottom. I pushed him back a bit extra to get at his bottom hole, and Sue, seeing me struggling took his two legs in her hand and bent him further over backwards for me.

"no... no..." david quietly complained, kicking his legs a little as Sue held him there. I wiped his bottom hole and the backs of his penis and balls, and everywhere else I could see.

Sue then lowered him back down.

"One more please," I asked her.

"Allow me," she said and she took a wipe and used it on his erect penis and balls, and the crease of his thigh and up a little onto his abdomen and the insides of his legs. My husband was clearly very excited to have this duty performed by his sister-in-law. The tell was not so much the strength of his erection, which was already at its maximum, but the wriggling as she wiped him in all his most intimate areas.

"Does that feel good" Sue asked david in a baby voice, noticing his arousal.

"Let's get him powdered," I said, picking up the baby powder and asking Sue to lift his legs back up and back again. I sprinkled a copious amount of baby powder all over his bum, bottom hole, and genital area. His legs went down and I sprinkled more onto his penis and thighs.

I took a diaper from the bag. As I went to slip it under him Sue again raised his feet up and back so I could slip it all the way under to his waist. Then Sue put his feet back down.

Sue reached over and started stroking his powdered penis. "May I?" she asked me. I said sure.

"Poor baby," Sue said. "Look how hard it is, and how engorged the tip is. When was the last time you came?"

"Ummm... a week ago, Ma'am."

She kept lightly manipulating his penis with the fingers of her hand which got his hips rocking, elevated his breathing, and elicited a few moans.

"Is he a good boy? May I let him cum?"

"I think he should beg for it first," I said.

david immediately picked up the gauntlet, and oh my gosh you never heard such abject, pathetic begging in your life.

He directed his attention towards me first. He knew the ultimate decision maker in this situation. "Please may I cum, Julie? Please!" he begged. "I've been a good boy all week. I've obeyed you."

"Has he?" Sue asked me.

"He has, for the most part, although he was spanked almost every day."

"A spanking every single day? That doesn't sound like a good boy to me," Sue said, shaking her head, teasing him.

"I was, I was, it's just that Julie is so strict..."

"Is that true, Julie? Were you very strict with him?"

"I was," I confirmed.

"Well then maybe. What do you say, Julie?" Sue asked me as she continued very gently manipulating his cock with her fingertips. The tip of his cock was so engorged and purpled.

"I think he should beg you for it, tell you exactly what he wants you to do to him, and tell you why he thinks he needs it so badly." I know that vocalising these things bring an extra level of shame for him and amusement for us, so I was really "milking it", so to speak.

david again kicked right into gear. "Oh please, Sue. Please rub my... penis... until it... spurts... please? I really, really need this. It's been a whole week and Julie's hasn't let me cum at all all, and she's been teasing me all week long... please!"

"Teasing you? Was she being mean to you?"

david recognized this for the trap it was: "No Ma'am, it was for my own good, to teach me to obey, but please, I've been a really good boy. Please?"

"Good thing you said that," Sue said, "or I would have put this right into your diaper without any cum cums." With that Sue began intensifying the rubbing and then backing off again as he was getting close, making him writhe for it.

"Ok, sweetheart," I said, "we'll let you cum but we won't clean you up. We'll fasten your diaper right over your mess and you'll stay in diapers like that until bedtime, ok?"

"Yes Ma'am! Thank you Ma'am!"

"Put your thumb in your mouth now. Suck your thumb like you're a baby as you cum," I added, just as an afterthought. He looked a bit hesitant, but he knew the price of disobeying, and stuck his thumb in his mouth.

Sue laughed and picked up her pace. I reached over and tickled his balls as well. As he began cumming Sue let go of his penis as if it was radioactive and we witnessed a good quantity of cum dribble out his penis tip and land on his abdomen. Well, a ruined orgasm is better than no orgasm.

I pushed some of the stray sperm back down towards his cock with my fingers and then fastened up his diaper.

"The diaper stays on until bedtime, young man. If you have to do a number 1 or a number 2 you go right ahead and then come and ask me for a diaper change, ok?"

"Yes Ma'am."

"In the meantime, you can just stay in your cummy diaper. You may put your T-shirt on, but no bottoms, your diaper is fine. Go put everything back until next time and then come back here and say thank you to Sue."

He put his shirt back on and cleaned everything up and put away his diaper changing supplies. He came back. He looked silly wearing just a diaper and a short T-shirt.

"Thank you, Sue." He said. Sue pointed at her cheek, and david bent down and kissed where she indicated.

"You're welcome," Sue said.

"Go watch your TV show now, baby," I said.

After Sue had left I went up to the attic to fetch david's old childhood teddy bear.

I went down with it to where he was watching TV and told him he needed to hug his bear and stick his thumb in his mouth while watching TV. He was happy to hug teddy, but seemed a bit reluctant about more thumb-sucking.

"That's ok, baby, you have a choice. You can either start sucking your thumb now, or you can take a trip across my knee for a paddling, and then you start sucking your thumb. Your choice."

He stuck his thumb into his mouth silently and started sucking on it.  But he looked resentful doing so.

"None of that attitude, young man, I can still fetch that paddle."

He softened and sucked his thumb more sheepishly.

"And if I come in here and catch you not sucking your thumb, you'll be going across my knee for a good long spanking."

I did poke my head in several times, and he was obeying me each time.

I ordered some of his favourite fast-food dinner in, and did not make him answer the door (thank goodness for "no contact" delivery or he might have been very embarrassed indeed).

After dinner he came to me and rather shamefacedly ask me for a diaper change. He had peed himself. I looked disappointed in him and we went upstairs for a diaper change including a nice scrub with a wash cloth.

At bedtime I removed his diaper and gave him a nice little hand spanking over my knee. I told him how much fun I had over the past couple of weeks and that we should definitely do it again sometime. He thanked me for bringing Sue into it. We then went to bed, snugly and contented.

I love my baby hubbie!


  1. Love it when Sue comes into the scene.
    She seems to be excellent at hand jobs and blow jobs.

    1. Yes, and she just doesn't care, which is nifty. It's not like a sex act to her, it's just a mechanical one. Oddly, that makes it even more exciting for david.

    2. Can she do foot job as well?

    3. I love your blog :)))))))))))))))))

  2. I showed my wife, she enjoyed but would not have happen. She points out that when her Mother is present and a spanking is needed enjoys me begging to go to the bedroom. She scolds me, then pulls down my pants, underpants, scolds me more, and then over her lap. I always kick off my pants and underpants and a few times my mother-in-law has removed them while the spanking is happening. Standing afterwards, no rubbing, and if really bad, I stand in the middle of the room, all on display. My wife I must call Mommy, reminds me they have seen it all. I say I'm sorry to Mommy, and recently have had to put on my pajamas, little boy pajamas she found. My mother-in-law really enjoys that. I dread that most of all, but also know I'm going to bed early, and best be good, if not another spanking prior to bed. My wife reminds me that I was the one who wanted to be spanked, and I said yes, but not in the matter the spankings are given and afterwards. She just gives me those stern eyes and reminds me naughty little boys do not tell Mommy what to do, or does my naughty little boy want another trip over my lap. I always say no. Jack

    1. Sounds like it is exactly what you need, jack.

    2. I agree, I need a wife who would be my Mommy. I have learned that Mommy knows how to handly a naughty little boy, jammies and early bed time and doesn't care if others know, part of the punishment.

  3. I love your idea of a cayenne pepper blowjob for the next time!

    1. Handjob! (Blowjob would be... a mouthful!)

    2. Gasp! you are the BEST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. The lady in the green top scene you screenshotted on here. I have that clip in my porn list lol. She is awesome with her diaper mommy boy videos.

    1. Yes! she's great. Reminded me very much of Sue doing the deed. The same sort of clothed detachment, open diaper, and talcum powder. It was a perfect match. I tried following the watermark to the Clips4Sale so I could do a credit, but it seems to be a defunct store. :-(

  5. Well, in case there was ever any doubt, you are by far the more sadistic of the two of you, haha!

  6. HI Julie, you could role play. you could dress up as a nurse or nanny and treat him like a real baby. put a diaper on him with locking Plastic pants with a dummy in his mouth tie him to a chair with a bib on and you could Spoon feed him BABY Food AND Bottle Feed HIM ALSO Tied in the Chair.and then spank him over your knee with a hairbrush .

    1. Yes! That would be fun. I'd be into that.

  7. Just out of interest how would it be if the tables were turned and you were being diapered and Sue was rubbing your talcum powdered clit? Would that be humiliating/hot for subby julie?

  8. AMAZING! The thumb sucking detail was the cherry on the cake! I just still can dream of you stepping up a little more the babying of david, including a pacifier, some milk baby bottle-feeding, some breast suckle, baby plays, etc. Hugs and kisses!

    1. The breast. I forgot to make him take the breast. Next time!

    2. new rule? whenever sue visits by herself david is in baby sissy maid mode. I am sure she would enjoy seeing david suckle your breast while you two talk up a storm


    3. Sounds fun, though last time there was that sort of breast play around my sister she spanked me something fierce.

  9. Definitely have to admit that is one of my fantasies, all that was missing was cute little dress and rhumba diaper covers for david to play in. The stuffie was a perfect touch. You can also get an adult pacifier gag. Since you're are in Canada you should definitely look at the cute disposable diapers offered by rearz I am sure sue would like the pink princess diaper designs. Heck she might even volunteer to babysit

    1. I think we all like being babied from time to time, even if some won't admit it.

  10. Poor guy. After all that he only gets a ruined orgasm out of the deal. I suppose the only more embarrassing and painful thing would have been to get a full orgasm and then get his caning..

    That would be so much worse.

    While my disciplinarian doesn't use the cane (thank goodness), she did take very enthusiastically to your suggestion about the switches. I hope she doesn't make me ask for your suggestions on my punishments any time soon.

  11. So much perfection in this post. I love how it didn't end when Sue left and you kept things going with the stuffie and the forced thumb sucking.

    I also particularly liked the "And THAT is the exact moment it hit me, diaper fans!" moment. Reminds me of when my sister catches me off guard and makes a comment towards me that gives me an insight into her kinky mind.

    A few weeks ago, she started teasing me about me being like one of her kids, having accidents, and diapering me. None of these things actually happen but it always turns into a dance with the two of us going back and forth adding to the hypothetical scenario. I began to whine about her diapering me in front of a crowd on a public beach. She then responded by talking about yelling at me to keep my legs up. She than paused and made a sound to convey how awkward it would be but also giggled at the thought. I added one more touch and described myself attempting to cover myself up and her swatting my hand and shouting "stop playing with yourself!". She then laughed hard at that idea.

    You going into detail while telling David how he'd be on his back and on full display in front of Sue reminded me of this.

    What a wonderful afternoon!

    1. It's funny how in the context of a diaper change, the penis is reduced so much in status. You should buy your sister a pack of diapers in your size and give them to her as a "joke". See what happens.

  12. Is he nicely shaved smooth for his diapering?

  13. So lucky to be diapered by two such yummy mummy’s. Perhaps let him have a breast suckle on Sue’s nipple next time - but he’ll have to pay back mummy with a spanking for the privilege. Something less than the derlin cane though as he’s such a chicken. Wonder if he’ll do it? I’m sure her breasts are magnificent.

    1. Feels a little overly intimate (the blowjobs and handjobs for him is definitely not that, surprisingly!)

    2. Have him suckle her feet instead.

  14. Ruined orgasms are totally appropriate. It’d only be in the most extraordinary situations that mummy would allow him full release. Maybe on his birthday. If he’s a bad boy bubby then his little pee wee gets ruined every time. Mummy’s very strict. Spareth the rod spoilth the child.

    1. The other thing is that if I do give him that full release I can keep rubbing for a couple of minutes afterwards, which is a bit of fun torture as well.

  15. My hubby is also dispersed after punishment; although I do cuddle and mother him when he is crying after a severe caning. I see that he often enjoys this baby time. My younger sister is aware of the dynamics of our relationship and has even witnessed his spanking and teased him when he is sobbing after his punishment. She has recently delivered and is lactating. We have discussed allowing her to feed hubby at her breast after a spanking. My husband is not aware but she looks forward to his embarrassment and humiliation at being suckkled and breastfed.Knowing men to be overgrown boys; I expect hubby to get over his shame and enjoy being a baby! An interesting experiment on male behaviour.

    1. From my knowledge of men, he'll take the breast without a second thought!

    2. Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. I believe it’s time for your diaper punishment like you wrote about in your last ebook. I think sue should diaper you up tight and take you to see your mother and have her babysit you all day. Lots of diaper changes and perhaps a spanking if baby Julie doesn’t lay still when mommy changes her stinky baby.

  17. Ms Julie what about a bit of cock and ball torture? Nothing too crazy but would it be fun to tie his nicely shaved cock up tight and leave a cute bow? He could be led around the house by his cock. In due course add a few weights. Fun.

    1. I have tied a pink ribbon in a big bow around it before. I don't know much about CBT.

  18. How are the nephews going? Haven’t heard much about them lately. Is there a chance for Aunty Julie and Sue to provide some guidance or teaching there? In some cultures and families aunts are VERY active in providing education and guidance on sexual matters. You and Sue would be ideal and the boys would be fortunate to benefit from your wisdom. Besides it’s fun to flirt with incestuous boundaries. Normal for boys to fantasise about their hot aunts. They’re probably still stroking their cocks while picturing you in your tiny bikini at the lake! MrD

    1. Growing up. We have not seen them for a while now because of the lockdowns. Looking forward to that being over and being their fun Aunty again!

  19. Always great when you throw in some diaper content! However, I have to question your technique... powder should be applied AFTER the diaper is under him so the excess falls into the diaper and not all over the floor and change pad. Pretty perfect otherwise.

    1. Thanks! We had the pad under him so not an issue.

  20. Great play! Diapers are always welcomed!

    1. Don't I know it. The things I do for you. :-)

  21. Diapering!

    I guess I must confess (anonymously) that I’m intrigued. A few months ago, when Irene was fucking me she told me she was going to put me in a diaper. I came immediately.

    And you printed a letter from a guy who liked to be bound overnight by lesbians, one of whom put him in a diaper nonchalantly so she wouldn’t have to bother to untie him so he could pee.

    It would only be worthwhile, I would think if I had to wear it long enough to have to wet it. Perhaps be required to drink a quart or more of water.

    Irene does like to call me her naughty baby (boy or girl) when she punishes me. Maybe I’ll hint around and see if see sends me to the store to buy diapers. We have a date scheduled this afternoon. I do feel an obstinate pout coming on.


    1. For us it's part of the humiliation fetish, and also fun to be a baby!

  22. "...I had him give me nice long massages and lick me to orgasm almost every night."

    How is that....different from last week?


  23. Great story! I suspect a few of your readers will be making naughty messes in their own diapers while reading it!

  24. I enjoyed. This JulieDomme is the side of you I enjoy most though I do like it sometimes when little naughty Julie gets hers. Much as I felt happy and free to leap to your defense with your political posts, I haven't been following you for five or six years due to politics.

    1. I can't remember posting anything political that long ago. Which one was it that you considered such?

    2. Maybe months

    3. Sidekick Sue is amazing 😉 If I was David then next time I was dominant I’d be enlisting her to help dominate you. Maybe watch out for that.

    4. We discussed it (briefly) and our comfort zone is us two domming him, so we'll stick with that, which is still hella fun!

    5. Yes, months makes more sense!

  25. Mommy says she'll punish me for made it in my dydees after read this post, but it totally worth it! I only miss some baby bottles :)

    1. I’m not so much into the baby stuff but for some reason this idea really hit a kink spot for me. Tried to google it but there isn’t anything around it. You should come up with a way to make it happen....but how would you get that much cum?

  26. Did you powder him again at the later change?

  27. hi Julie, here a good roleplaying game. you could be a strict governess in charge of him in full governess uniform . and you could say to him as your governess I'm afraid you are going back in diapers and locking plastic pants because you are going back to to being a baby full time .and if you try to escape you will be punish with a birching and also I will strap you in a baby harness with Reins and dummy tied in your mouth with a ribbon and mittens.

  28. Is Sue actually a real person or is that your creation? Dont mean to break the fourth wall here if that ruins it for your stories.

    1. She is! Sometimes reality is crazier than fiction. Some of my best episodes seem so much like fiction that I'm embarrassed!

  29. You have wonderfully tapped into a deep zone of sexual expression! thank YOU..............

  30. Has Sue spanked other men or only david?

  31. Hi Julie,
    I am obsessed with spanking, I can't sleep without getting a bedtime spanking every night.
    Sometimes my wife goes on business trips, my mother in law used to give a helping hand by moving in to take care of things, everybody thinks she cooks me meals and handle house chores which is true but she also gives me my daily bedtime spanking.
    She is less patient than my wife who gives me hand spankings to please me, but my mother in law just takes off her slipper and whacks my ass.
    She left town and moved with her son who migrated to Canada recently, but they arranged so that my sister in law who lives in the next building visits me at 7pm everyday with a meal and wallops my ass. She uses a small but sturdy wooden hairbrush that is always kept in her purse to brush her long hair and recently found another use for its wooden backside to spank my ass.
    I don't really like hairbrush spankings, but either that or no spankings when my wife is traveling.

    1. I don't think you have much of a say in the matter. You take the spanking that you are given, tears or no tears.

    2. You are right Julie, just take it or no spanking which is worse

  32. When are you going to be put in diapers?