Saturday, January 23

Wife Embarrassed in Front of Neighbour

Had an amusing thing happen yesterday afternoon. A neighbour popped in for a socially-distanced bottle of wine and David gave me a butt smack and the discussion turned to what I enjoy in the bedroom!!!!

We travelled up North to the winterized cottage for a bit of cross-country skiing. We have a neighbour couple who lives up there year round. We got to chatting outside and as he was starving for any kind of company at all (he is very gregarious), we decided he should pop by for a socially distanced bottle of wine. He told us that he'd just finish up outside and be around in ten minutes, giving us enough time to change out of our ski togs.

His name is Larry. He's quite a bit older than us and many years retired, and quite working class which we enjoy (good folk!). He left his wife at home as she disapproves of his drinking and is embarrassed about his coarse ways in company (she is a retired school teacher, believes she's more sophisticated than she is, and very stiff and disapproving all the time).

Larry is a bit of a lech around me. I remember when he was over at our place and he hadn't been around since some renovations and we gave him and his wife a tour. As he saw the master bedroom he told David and I, "so this is where the magic happens!" His wife was so embarrassed. Every time we see him he compliments me on my looks and tells David what a lucky guy he is. He even does that blatantly when his wife is there. Also, in the summer, when I'm out in my swimsuit on the dock next door to his he might shout over, "Looking good, Julie!" I'm not offended. I'm amused. He's old and old-school and figures he can get away with it. I admit to being a bit flattered in fact. David also is just amused at his antics. It's part of Larry's "charm".

As David and I were changing I asked, "slap my butt in front of Larry?" David smiled and was game. We knew Larry would love it. We both understood that "slapping my butt" should carry a connotation of man-in-charge, wife submissive, and a sexy connotation as well. I wore tight jeans for the occasion, ones that would definitely earn a compliment from Larry.

The doorbell rang and I ran up to get it. Larry was there with a bottle of wine in hand that he handed right over. He took his coat and boots off and then followed me down the stairs towards the living room (and past our bedroom). I knew his eyes would be on my butt (tee hee).

Then, 100% true to form, midway down the stairs, Larry says, "lookin' good, Julie". Literally, all he could see was my backside! The lech! I looked back at him over my shoulder and said, "thank you, Larry," with what was no doubt a coy little smile.

Larry took a chair, David sat on the couch opposite, and I went to get three wine glasses and the wine opener thingy. I put the glasses and opener down on the coffee table and then curled up on the couch next to David. David opened the wine and poured. Larry makes surprisingly good wine (still bad compared to our usual French and Italian fare, but surprisingly good given that!).

We chatted for a bit, getting some details about Larry's grown-up kids and filling him in on the state of my family. We talked about lockdown type stuff a bit, and got some stories from Larry's past.

David said, "Julie, why don't you go get some of those cheese snack things."

I stood up lazily and deliberately put myself into butt-slapping range, I looked over my shoulder and said, "or you could," a bit sassily.

"Go woman!" David said loudly and slapped my butt. He really SLAPPED... my BUTT! Not a little tap, either. A full-blown SLAP.

"Ow! Yes Sir!" I said, grabbing my butt and hurrying off to do as I was told. It definitely thrilled me a little bit to display my submissiveness so openly.

Larry responded, "that'll keep her in line," with a big chuckle. No PC response from Larry. We knew we could count on that.

My heart was racing and my face was flushing! I was very embarrassed! 

"Ah, she loves it," David said.

"I'll bet she does," Larry said in a leering voice. Oh blush some more. They then went back to what they had been talking about, comparing different manufacturers about their battery-powered tool lines.

I got back with some cheese snacks on a platter and put them down. Then I curled back up on the couch next to David to listen to the men talk.

Larry interrupted what he was saying to comment, "she's flushed. Hope I'm not keeping you two from anything..."

OMG! I did feel flushed. My pussy had been tingling and I had dampened my panties with my little show and the response. Larry had surely noticed. I felt the blood come up into my face even more at the realization: a hot flush.

"She can wait until after you leave," David said.

"David!" I cried out.

"Little spanky spanky before relations?" Larry asked.

"Makes her wild," David said with a wink for Larry.

"Ok, enough guys!" I said putting my foot down.

David changed the topic to when Larry reckoned the ice would be thick enough to walk on, and we went from there without further discussion of my bedroom spankings!

That was fun. I was legitimately very embarrassed. Both because of references to my spankings, but also just for being a subservient wife under my husband's strict control. At that point I was sure Larry knew I was a spanked wife. That should increase his fantasies about me even more. I also really like building up David's manly reputation like that. I'm proud of him and want other guys to be proud and envious of him as well.

When Larry left we both saw him up to the door. On his way out he said, "thanks David. Always a pleasure, Julie." He said it with a smirk.

As soon as he shut the door I grabbed David and we kissed passionately. He took me straight to the bedroom and he gave me a sexy bare naked hand-spanking across his knee and then and we made love. I gave him head, he licked my pussy and made me cum, then he fucked my pussy and came deep into me. We did not want to disappoint Larry, after all.


  1. A few more socially distanced bottles of wine, and I think Larry might offer to help David keep you in line.
    And it wouldn't be polite to refuse your guest...

    1. I wouldn't object to a naked spanking from Larry... or his belt...

    2. mmm... Please, dear God, let this Happen !!

  2. I wonder how it would have played out if David had spanked you before Larry arrived ? Sitting on a tingly hot bottom while David filled him in on the details?

  3. Whaaaht? “Okay enough guys”. Why did you shut it down? Just as things we’re getting interesting. There could’ve been at least a demonstration over the knee spanking for Larry.
    Erect but disappointed.

    1. You know when it's time to shut these things down. That was the right time for neighbourly relations.

  4. You’re a total slut and a cockteaser Ms. Julie. I bet you stuck your tight jeanned arse out and bent hoping for that smack. Love it.

  5. Ms. Julie isn’t it time you and David started looking at swingers sites? Wouldn’t you like to find another hot spanking couple to scene with?

    1. Not really. I like either real pros or total amateurs. Not so interested in the wife swapping thing.

  6. This coy little smile!
    David is too lenient with you.

  7. Ask David to give you a back zipper jeans. Larry's eyes are going to pop out and his wife will pull out the cane she used at school.

    1. The hell!? I had to look those up. Did not even know they existed! Many possibilities indeed... do they come in mens'?

  8. For next summer the current fashion in swim suits which ride very high and are full bottom revealing are perfect for a spanked wife such as yourself. The tell tale red and purple markings are a perfect signal to the world of your current level of behaviour. No need for anyone to guess whether julie’s been a naughty girl. The Larry’s of the world will be sure to comment directly and there will be many knowing looks among the women.

    1. Ooh I like that idea. Julie walking around with a pink ass daring those around her to ask

    2. I would give much to see that delightful spanked peach on full public display.

    3. I never understood the purpose of thong-type swimsuits. May as well be bare! If I showed my ass like that at the cottage, with my nephews present especially, I swear Daddy would take me across his knee so fast!

  9. I expect Larry or men like him in the workplace would fall foul of #me too if he were ever outed. As a working woman with the additional advantage of a strong kink practice I’d be interested in your views. Nobody wants genuine sexual harassment but in a woke world where men fear career ending accusations of inappropriate behaviour in the court of public opinion and become bland to minimise their risk - are we in danger of a vanilla, dull relationship between the sexes? MrD

    1. He started work at a lumber yard almost 50 years ago. I doubt there were many women, and if one did show up, hired by some God-damned affirmative action nonsense, I'm sure she was teased, catcalled, and harassed continuously for taking a job from a man who needed it.

      Perhaps the men would corner me in a distant part of the yard, take my jeans and panties down, bend me over a fat log and take turns whipping my ass with a belt until I promised to quit.

      I'd have to make my way limping and in tears to the Foreman's office where he would accept my notice with a smirk.

      And yes, things have gone too far. I could do with a bit more sexual harassment in the workplace. Mind you, I feel I could give as good as I get...

  10. I’m just guessing here, but wonder if Larry didn’t get a little comeuppance when he got home.

    “So you were just having a glass of wine with Julie and David were you? Look me in the eye and tell me you weren’t flirting with and lusting after that trollop.”, she demanded.

    The prim, proper, sophisticated, humorless wife then told Larry he knew what was next. Larry fetched the riding crop from the top drawer and laid it on the bed, readying himself for yet another whipping. You’d think after all those years he’d learn to behave, at least a little.


  11. Subby Julie should get dropseat pajamas, this way david can bare your bottom without you getting cold in winter.

  12. My wife needs spanking to stay in line, she was pregnant, so couldn't put her over my knee and wallop her and she started being bratty.
    I thought of using a light cane while she is standing up and it worked fine.
    The doctor instructed her to rest and not walk around, but she wouldn't listen, I was once spanking her standing with the cane but tried to escape and fell down.
    Her mom was coming with her Turkish friend, she helped my wife up and scolded her.
    The friend who was listening suggested falaqa, we asked what is that.
    She explained it is bastinado the Turkish way but having my wife lay on the bed, get a broomstick and a rope of cloth to tie her feet to the stick, then she took a hair band and tied her large toes to make her completely still and told me to cane her feet, i hit but she told me no, that's too hard.
    My mother in law asked het to do the honors and handed her the cane, she flexed the cane and started canning the feet with moderate force on different spots, my wife started sobbing and tried to move her feet but we were holding the broomstick.
    The lady kept canning for some time and told us that falaqa is about pain buildup, so no hard strokes but moderate ones for a long time.
    She explained that the traditional way is to have the person laying on the floor with her legs raised but since my wife was pregnant she put her on bed without raising her feet, adding that hard strokes bastinado is for torture and could leave damage if done with heavy stick.
    My wife feet were all red with few cane marks from the finishing strokes the lady gave her.
    She couldn't stand or walk comfortably which was inline with doctor instructions to rest.
    This falaqa was the way to keep her inline during the pregnancy. It was totally handled by my mother in law and her friend while I only helped in holding the falaqa broomstick.
    My wife was so much wanting sex after taking falaqa that we kept doing it from time to time besides the spanking afterwards

    1. So long as she likes it... but yikes!

    2. The secret is that I massage her feet after the falaqa and she likes it.
      She asked me to massage them with my lips, but I didn't like it much