Wednesday, December 14

The Bra and Panty Treatment

Happy to say the strap worked wonders on david. He has been at least trying with his food and exercise now. Last Monday he received a 'C', and I got around to punishing him for that on Saturday.

I'm not really mad at him for a 'C', because his trainer's standards are very high. But I think one thing that motivates david is the notion that if he does keep trying, he'll keep getting weekly domming from me, which he craves. If he slacks off, and earns another F, I'll have to give him the strap, and I know he does not want a repeat of that last strapping! But a 'C' isn’t and 'A' or a 'B', so some punishment is due.

One of my blog readers suggested that david might do corner time holding up a coin with his nose against the wall. I really liked that idea, so I wanted to work that in. I have also been getting increasingly fascinated with the idea of cross-dressing him. I don't exactly know why, but I like to see him in women's wear. I certainly have been threatening him with the "bra and panty" treatment for a while, so I decided that plus a bit more was going to happen as well.

Now, I can pretty much tell from his reaction to being pantied and skirted before, and by talking with him about it afterwards, that he is not a cross-dresser. What I mean is that he does not get turned on or otherwise enjoy wearing women's clothes for its own sake, but he is thoroughly humiliated by me making him wear women's clothes, and the humiliation is what turns him on. It's a nuanced point, I know, but one I use to my advantage!

On Saturday afternoon I set him to some chores around the house  (I love being a domme wife!) and told him he better hop to it because I would be dealing with him for the 'C' as soon as he was done and he didn’t want me in a foul mood while dishing that out.

He was pretty quick and thorough with his chores, and came to me afterwards for his punishment. I took him up to the bedroom, and told him for his 'C' he was coming over my knee for a hairbrushing and then he would be standing in time-out while I did some shopping at the corner store. I know what went through his mind; he thought he could get away with something while I was out of the house. Ha Ha! I also informed him that before his spanking and during his time-out I would be punishing him with a full bra and panty treatment, with hose and heels thrown in for good measure.

He looked pretty unhappy with that suggestion. Goody!

First I selected a lacy black panty that we had bought at his rather embarrassing trip to the plus-sized women's wear store. I made him strip and then put them on. Next I told him to pull on my thigh-high fishnet hold-ups and then came one of my lesser strappy high-heeled black sandals. His feet were much too big for them, but we managed to stuff his toes in. His heel overhung the back, but that just made it harder for him to walk. He resembled the below image I found on the Web, though his legs were not as nice!

Then I got out my red and black lacy bra, and put that on him. It was a tight squeeze, but it made it around him all right. He didn’t quite come up to my cup size, so I stuffed his tits with a bunch of Kleenex. Ahhh, memories of middle school!

I must say, he looked delightful! It turned me on, anyways. I particularly liked the red blush in his face. Ha Ha! I made him walk back and forth, teaching him to cross one foot over in front of the other and sway his hips like a runway model. He wasn't trying hard enough, so I went into the bedside drawer and got the strap out.

I didn't even have to say a single word! Suddenly he's wiggling his tits and hips and walking up a storm and saying "not the strap, please!" Each time he lost a shoe I would raise the strap and see him cringe as he hurried it back on again and continued his sashaying.

I LOVE my strap! I LOVE that he is so scared of my strap! I've decided I'm never going to use it for a casual punishment. When I feel I need to use that strap again, I guarantee he will continue to fear it.

When I was quite finished amusing myself with his runway antics, I told him to head downstairs, get the folding chair, and put it in the middle of the living room. He struggled down the stairs in those too small heels, but he was safe enough, grabbing onto the banister the whole way down.

The living room has lovely bright windows, so I like spanking him there, though david does not seem to. He is worried somebody might spy on him getting his spanking. Poor little muffin pants!

I got his hairbrush, and came down after him. I sat on the chair, pulled him over my knee, and gave him a good old-fashioned hairbrush spanking. His panties had ridden up a bit, so I aimed at the exposed lower parts of his cheeks. I loved the effect of the fishnets biting into his thighs, and the beautiful white target area between the tops of his stockings and the bottoms of his panties. I also enjoyed looking up his back, and seeing the black bra strap biting into him as well. Unfortunately, my bad boy was not able to keep his heels on, so I gave him a few extra strict ones on the backs of his legs, just above his fishnets, to punish him for that.

When his lower cheeks were nice and red, I yanked his panties down, and worked the rest of his ass with that brush. I like spanking him right into the cleft between his cheeks, as he seems very tender in there. To do that, I used my left hand to push his cheeks apart, exposing his little bum hole, and spanked right up and down inside there. I would love to give him that kind of spanking in front of Rebecca, or my sister (still undecided on that one!), as I know it would mortify him completely.

For good form, I scolded him for his 'C' and then told him to stand up, pull up his panties, get his heels back on, and go stand facing the wall. I told him his punishment was not over yet. He still had a very uncomfortable time-out left to go.

I moved a cardboard "Banker's Box" in front of his feet, and told him to stand behind that. I then put a coin against the wall, and told him to press his nose against the coin and hold it up (thank you, Frank!). I then got a short length of nylon rope and tied it around his wrists behind his back. I sail, so I tie fast and my knots are good. If that coin were to fall, there would be no way he could get it back up in position with his hands tied behind his back.

I told him I needed to run down to the corner store to get some milk. If that coin was on the ground when I got back, he would go back over my knee for a repeat of his hairbrushing, and then he would have to spend a whole half-hour in the same time-out position. If he dropped the coin again after that, it would be the strap instead of the hairbrush, and then we would be repeating the whole punishment again tomorrow, and I didn't give a damn who was coming to visit!

He was so precious in his fishnets and heels, his little panties, and his tight, stuffed bra, bending over, ass sticking out, trying to keep that coin from dropping with his nose. For good measure, I lowered his panties down to the tops of his fishnets before I left.

I was very slow and deliberate leaving the house, and coming back in, but in between I hurried to the corner store! It was only a block away, and I got back in less than 10 minutes, but I'm sure it seemed longer to my poor baby!

When I got back, his legs were shaking, but the coin was still in place. Yeah! He also complained about his back hurting. Cry me a river. I'll have to get Rebecca to focus more on his lower back muscles. He's obviously a bit underdeveloped there.

Before I let him out of time-out, I got his diary and initialled his 'C' with a notation "h-brush + b&p time-out". I told him that if Rebecca asked, he needed to tell her that it stood for "bra and panties time-out". I told him I won't tolerate a liar, so he better tell her the truth. Have not had the de-brief from that one yet. Will let you know.

After I was done punishing him, I took him by the hand back upstairs (still dressed all girly) and sat him on the side of the bed. I then put my strap-on around me. From the first moment I saw him in those girly clothes I wanted him kneeling in front of me, taking my strap-on in his mouth. I told him what I expected of him, and told him that if he was not sufficiently enthusiastic about the sucking, he would be belt whipped.

He sucked really well and his reward was that he got to bend over for a rough doggy style fucking up his ass, still in his bra and fishnets. I pulled his hair and called him my bitch. Then he was required to lick my pussy until I was satisfied.

For his satisfaction? I took him over to the toilet, made him stand in front of it, and masturbate himself. I told him that if he even got a drop on my fishnets there'd be hell to pay! His panties were long gone, but he still had on his bra, minus some of the stuffing by this time. As he jerked, I fondled his balls, slapped his backside with my hand, and spoke to 'her' as if she was a naughty, slutty girl. He came quickly, but did not get it all in the water, splatterring the back of the toilet with his cum. I pretended to be cross with him, and told him that 'potty training' will be starting tomorrow. Ha Ha!

Saturday has been turning into punishment day. I love punishment day!


  1. You continue to amaze and delight your loyal readership (not to mention the party of the second part living with you) by your creativity, perception, and willingness to explore what will make you happy (and make him happy making you happy). One caution though, Ma'am. NEVER, and I mean NEVER, leave anyone tied up while you depart the room they're in. From your description, tying his wrists as you did wouldn't truly have prevented him from moving/changing position/etc. if he suddenly had a physical/medical problem. But people in our lifestyle have suffered serious injuries because they choked/cramped/whatever and couldn't move to relieve the problem and the person who had tied them couldn't see their difficulty. Please, Ma'am, as a general rule do not ever leave the room while any person in your care is tied up/down in any way

  2. Again your post was delightful, I savored every word.

    I really don't mind my Wife reading this one, (I will show it to Her)because we've already done most of what you had written. That is minus the coin against the wall, and the box.

    The strap-on has been well used by my Wife, and She has dressed me, and used her hairbrush on numerous occasions over the years.

    Always a pleasure reading your blog, I'm sure we'll both look forward to your next entry.

    I also have to agree with ravensron about leaving someone alone when they are tied up. Way to much can go wrong, and someone has to be there at all times.


  3. james, ron,

    Thank you for your concern. In retrospect, I agree with you. I won't leave the house with him tied up again. Foolish. I got carried away.

    What is ironic was that I was conidering tieing his ankles together as well, but didn't because of the safety issue. See, I'm not all bad!

    james, I highly reccommend the coin, especially when coupled with the hand tieing. It's so nice to leave him there knowing that he isn't relaxing when you're not looking, because coin down = pants down!

  4. Julie,

    I have been away for several weeks and can't believe all you have accomplished while I was gone. I loved your witnessed post and had suggested that you have David write about hus feelings about his spanking being witnessed. I would still like to see that!

    I think the idea of having one of your girl friends know (or watch) is very exciting as is the idea of your sister knowing. I understand the reluctance in both cases. May I suggest as a first step the very opposite of what you did with the trainer--discuss the possibilities with Dave. Don't let him thin he has veto power, just say you were thinking about telling your sister--or friend. The anxiety and humiliation of the thought of it will drive him crazy--in a good way.

    Then you can make offhand remarks in t6heir presence without really revealing anything. Something like--really sometimes men are such children! Maybe they should just be spanked. You could even make a comment about Dave and his behavior.

    Keep us posted.

    (Another) Ken

  5. Hot blog girl,

    Keep up the great work

  6. An alternative to tying up is to use a thin strip of paper, around wrists or thumbs when hands are on the head or behind the back during corner time. It works like the coin, any movement and the strip breaks...what am I saying...uulp


  7. Ken: I like your idea! I will start dropping hints along those lines. Should mess with him nicely.

    WC: Thank you!

    R: Genius!

  8. Julie,
    I don't always have time to fully read your posts. But something about the ejaculation into the toilet really caught my attention. I am not sure what your motives were around that, but I do have some desire for mild humiliation. I have read about other femdom couples belittling the man's semen and disposing of it in ways similar to that. For some reason that excites me. At the heart of it, semen is really a very precious commodity and to treat it with disdain is somewhat demeaning to a male. While my wife hasn't done something specifically like this, she will often belittle my balls and my semen as things she "no longer needs" (we are done with kids and I have been snipped, which kind of adds to her position). That type of humilation excites me! Keep up your posts... I'll catch up eventually!

  9. Muffin pants, ha! :D
    Love his outfitting by You. I like to be dressed, but he finds it humiliating, who knew. It got You what YOU wanted, lol!
    Picturing him sashaying awaying pleading not to be beat is...nice!
    I think he needs more, lol! :)

  10. Julie,

    So glad you like my idea about talking to David about telling your sister or girlfriend about spanking David. Having another woman know is one of the favorite fantasies of spanked husbands!

    Here are some suggestions:

    1. Tell David you are thinking about telling your sister (or girlfriend) because you don't like keeping secrets from her. Tell him you just have to tell someone. Ask him which one you should tell.

    2. Talk to him about telling her about spanking him while he is over your knee with his bottom bare. You can improvise here--wouldn't "Betty" really like to be seeing this! Which one should we tell?

    3. Mention that you think your girl friend's husband could really benefit from this kind of discipline. So that's why you should talk to her about it.

    4. Tell David that your girlfriend mentioned how impressed she is about how diligent you are with your workout regiment. Then say you told her that you have a very special incentive program that you promised to tell her about later.

    More ideas later!


  11. Love: That's funny! I actually wasn't thinking I was belittling his semen. I just wanted to smack his bare bum as he was jerking so I needed him standing, but didn't want to deal with a mess on the floor. It seemed the natural solution. But I can see your point of view, and it was probably belittling to him in retrospect. In other words, I think I'll keep doing it (evil grin)! Maybe I'll tape up a picture of me in my bikini in the basement in front of the kitty litter and tell him forget surfing dirty nasty porno on the web, that's his new jerk-off spot, and he can only jerk to clothed pictures of ME!

    1. Or have him jerk off into a graduated cup...point being if his "deposit" is insufficient in amount, he must be spillin' it somewhere else - cause for more disciplining (and THAT'S really the point, isn't it?) ;-)

  12. SS: He HATES me calling him muffin pants! He has a cute little pout each time I do. We had a bit of fun with that strap. The 'pleading' he did was a bit giggly as in 'oh ho, not the strap!' a bit sarcastically: 'mock' pleading sort of. But you know what? He did as he was told, and quickly. I think he was laughing, pretending it was a bit of a joke, to preserve a tiny little bit of his dignity, but that he is afraid of it.

  13. Ken: Your ideas are great, and I was going to put them in effect. Unfortunately I am a very impatient girl; and that, combined with the perfect opportunity and a bit of liquor, made me jump the gun last night! Am waiting for some alone time with the big computer to blog about it. Stay tuned...

  14. Ms. Julie- Ha! Yes, Muffin Pants would be very embarrassing to me, so I know what he feels :) I DO know the mock pleading... but I too would do things quickly.
    Ken's ideas about suggesting others be present would indeed freak me out...whew.
    The kitty litter and Your bikini pic is truly awesome... I think a pic of his backside while he's there would be stunning! ;)

  15. Ms. Julie-
    So much has been said about your great writing and deliciously devious mind that I won't repeat the great descriptions above other that to say I totally agree.

    And you have pegged (pun intended) me on my own fantasies about wearing Cora's panties. I too, am not a 'crossdresser' but I love it when Cora 'makes' me wear her panties or other things too.

    And you certainly know how to whet an appetite. Can't wait for the further details on your latest 'adventure'.
    Ken (The one who is 'Spanked by my Lady')

  16. Oh Julie,

    You have truely done it again! I agree with the other readers. You are certainly finding your stride. I love how open and creative you are. I can only imagine how embarressed David was sporting his brand new outfit. His hairy chest peaking out of the bra. (I would love to see pictures next time you dress him) And I am giggling at the thought of him trying to navigate those stairs in your heels.

    Keep up the good work!

    Mistress Kari

  17. Somey: I guess you've been there with the mock pleading, eh? You boys seem to like to keep a bit of your dignity by pretending it's a game at times. But you know that when that strap comes out, that's no game.

    Ken: Thank you for the compliment! I love compliments! It's a funny word 'make' (in quotes) isn't it? Doesn't that just say it all.

    Mistress K: Thank you! I think you have just the right mental image. All the other stuff was great, but it was really that stuffed bra that humbled him the most. I plan on keeping it handy!

  18. i think dressing him in pink or white would be much more humiliating! ;)

  19. Great punishments ideas, I would suggest administrating a good soapy water enema over your knee with a bulb syringe followed by watching him on the potty.

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  22. My girlfriend has started to wear panties when I take a spanking after seeing a certain video. She says it makes for a better punishment and make me think twice about straying. Though the first part is right the freinds of hers that know seem more interested than ever. Though the women who enjoy being in charge are harder to find the ones that do enjoy it a LOT!