Monday, December 19

Exposed to my Sister

I have been pondering this one for a couple of months now. Should I let my sister know about the new dynamic in my marriage? Well, for better or for worse, the cat is now out of the bag, and I'm not sure where it's heading.

Let me first tell you a few things about my older sister Sue. I am very close with Sue. She is a few years older than I. I confided a lot in her during a troubled time in my past. She is divorced and we wind up spending a lot of time together as a result. Until a few months ago, we told each other everything important in our lives. I had been holding back on this new thing with david, wondering how to break it to her, worried about how she would react, and worried about whether I was being fair to david telling her.

Sue was over for dinner last night with david and I. I invite her over fairly frequently, especially on Friday and Saturday nights, as she has mostly given up on the dating scene for the time being. I cooked (no, I don’t trust david with that, and besides, I enjoy it), and we also opened two nice bottles of wine, which no doubt contributed to my courage.

I had spanked david earlier in the day for food diary (another 'C') and laundry not put away, and had him do some plain jane pants-down corner time (I was too preoccupied with what was to happen that night to be creative). I told him that Susan was coming over later, and I expected him to be on his very best behaviour.

Dinner was completely normal. It was after dinner when I stepped it up a notch. I had been screwing up my courage to do this for a long time, and had been threatening it to david as well. While I never truly asked him, david did not object to the threat of it, and I know he thinks Sue is hot (she looks a lot like me) and fantasizes about threesomes (not going to happen!). So, with the help of a bit of alcohol, I took the plunge.

When dinner was over we got up and Sue started to clear. Normally it is Sue and I who will clear and load the dishwasher while we chat, while the "man of the house" goes off and does as he pleases. Not this time. This time I told Sue to leave it, that david will take care of it. She resisted, but I pressed the point, and actually took the dishes out of her hand and put them back on the table. She just looked confused. david clearing?

As soon as I said david was to clear, he got up and started doing it. He also told Sue it was no trouble at all, and she should relax tonight for a change. Poor dear was trying to make it seem normal. I think he knew what was going to happen.

Sue and I went into the living room. I called david away from the clearing up to serve Sue and I an after-dinner drink. After both were poured, I told david "Thank you. You may go back to your chores now. Come back here after you’re done and sit with us." I could see a blush rise on his face right after I said all this.

"You have him well trained" is what Sue said. Perfect! "You don’t know the half of it." I told her. "We'll wait until david is back and I'll ask him if it's ok for me to tell you the rest."

Sue looked very intrigued, but didn’t press. I changed the topic and we chatted for a while more, sipping our drinks.

When david was done he came into the living room and sat down.

I turned to david and said, "I'm going to tell Sue now. Is that ok?" He hesitated a bit, looked down and said "yes ma'am". That was his official chance to object. I would have stopped had he done so. Sue looked more and more curious.

"What's going on?" she asked.

I told the story to Sue with david sitting there. "Two months ago, david brought me a hairbrush and asked me to put him over my knee and spank him with it, for real. I tried it, and I liked it. Ever since, I've been taking charge more and more, as you can see. I wanted you to know, because I felt bad you not knowing this about our lives together." I know those were pretty much the words I used, because I had rehearsed them beforehand.

"So you spank him when he doesn’t do as you say?" she asked, sounding pretty skeptical.

"Yes. I use the hairbrush mostly, or a leather strap if I need it".

"You're joking, right?"

"Nope. For real." I answered

I then told david to leave us, as we wanted to talk. I spent the next two hours with Sue, discussing this new thing. By the end of the conversation I had told her everything I had neglected to tell her during the last couple of months. I even told her about last Saturday's bra and panty treatment. I did not tell her about the more intimate things in the bedroom, as I had never gone into those sorts of details with Sue before. She did seem very curious about the women's underwear I sometimes have him wear for punishment. "David in panties? And a bra? I can't imagine that!" she kept saying.

At first she thought it was pure kink. And she knows me well, and it is mostly that. But a real FLR element has come into our marriage, and I wanted her to know that was for real. She wondered how it could be punishment if he wanted it. I explained to her what I have slowly come to understand myself. He craves discipline from a woman, so I give him what he wants and in exchange I get good behaviour. Part of the deal is that if he ever really screws up, he submits to a disciplining he does not want. I told her with me it's an all-or-nothing proposition. He takes it all or he leaves it all. I also confided in her how empowering it is for me (and Sue knows all about my past history). By the end, I had her understanding and respect for our choice, and we felt closer to each other again.

As Sue was leaving, I called david down to say goodnight to her. david was looking a might, shall we say, sheepish! Sue hugged him and said "You’re a good husband to Julie. Whatever works for the two of you is your business. I won’t tell anybody."

But she just couldn't resist: "Not even about your little panties." she teased. He blushed! I love that he blushes easily. My blushing little bride.

There it is. Nothing outrageously kinky, I'm afraid. A little teasing. A lot of humiliation for david. It took what I have with david to another level, and that is very exciting for me.

Now we'll see what comes of Sue knowing. If she never mentions it again, neither will I. If she shows any kind of interest on the other hand, and I think she will, I will escalate. It is sooo hot for me. I will give her a chance to see him be spanked, and do corner time, in panties and a stuffed bra. I will also offer her the chance to spank him as well, totally bare-butt, or even buck naked, across her knee. I am dying to hold him in place like in this exciting sketch, and watch her beat his butt dark red with the hairbrush as his private parts dance across her lap and his butthole puckers for her to see. I am so bad! Why does this turn me on so much????

Let's see how it goes, but things could get pretty interesting around here...


  1. I've been enjoying your blog and its description of your quick and sure progression from kink to FLR. Particularly revealing are your comments concerning the degree to which the spankings, strappings and punishments are turning you on. That inner tingle marks the difference between a wife who is "dutifully" tolerating her husband's needs, and a woman who is discovering the almost limitless joy of being a Dom.

    I've no doubt that as you progress in the level of your domination, you'll also progress in the level of your excitement. If it turns out that your sister is intrigued enough with this situation to actually want to participate in it, I predict that there will be a quantum leap in that inner tingle. What's more, David will undoubtedly reach a different level of submission by being exposed to a second Dom -which you've already seen evidence of by his unhesitating willingness to quickly act submissive in front of Sue. Add a combined spanking to that equation, and David's world will take on new and significant levels of inner tingling as well (lucky boy).

    I look forward to hearing more, and I congratulate you on your progress and the intelligence of your blog.

  2. An interesting turn of events and one I look forward to reading more about. I am sure your sister's head was spinning with this revelation. Really enjoying your blog.

  3. What a large step in your lives. I think this is for the best for all three of you. A new level of trust between all of you. I bet you feel better and fear in david. Sue knows now a trust of you and david at a level where it may help her in matters of her life.

  4. hmm, I have that thought also, somehwere in the middle. if it is true, than, david must be very submissive. He has progressed very far in a very short period of time.

  5. Lady Grey: Wow. From your thoughts and your writing I can tell you've done this before! Thank you for your comment and kind words.

    Rob: Thank you so much. It's a fun turn of events.

    Suffie: Thank you for all your encouragement! It's a deeper level for my marriage and for my relationship with Sue. Just telling Sue makes all my previous outings with david pale in comparison.

    Anon: not sure what thought your are referring to, but david has been surprising me with how subby he has become while still being very "in control" out in the real world, so I think it's great. We trust Sue, so it's also a bit of a game we are playing!

    Also, I deleted a comment from an anonymous (presumably) male poster who accused me of being a male because of what turns me on. I have been patient with this line of questioning in a previous post and have said what I am going to on this topic. So for all of you men who have a pre-conceived idea of what should turn me on, choice words come to mind, but suffice to say this is the last I will say on the topic, and it's the delete button without comment henceforth.

  6. Oh well Ma'am, you can't please everyone, as I'm sure you already know.

    I enjoyed the post, and look forward to reading more about you, david, and your sister. I'll bet he's having great thoughts about the two of you getting together, and spanking him. Nothing like being over two laps, and having your bare bottom spanked, and spanked hard.


  7. Julie,
    very impressive and also david must be very excited but worried. As my wife has not taken me as far as you, but we are on similar paths. I am sure David must relize the importance of the fact others have participated in his submission. How aware is he, that he is, basically, giving away a portion of his manhood? His saying yes to your sister was his only chance to keep some sort of hold on the directin of things.
    It will be interesting how much you do, because he asked and how much just to see how far he will allow you to go.

    best of luck!

    Submissive Husband

  8. Julie,
    a question for you, the more he goes, is he having any trouble with the more and more real, submissive role at home, and work?

    submissive husband

  9. james: I am looking to have some fun with my sister, for sure!

    SubbyHubby: I'm pretty sure it will stay with anonymous "outings" and my sister. But I don't see him giving away any "manhood". I still very much respect his wishes on where we take this. Having my sister know was a big fantasy for him. As for having trouble keeping things straight, not at all.

  10. Just discovered your blog and enjoyed reading your post. I know how you feel about telling others. It's such a turn on. I too would love my Domme to tell her girlfriends or sister about our relationship but she hasn't gone there - yet. I know that several have seen that we relate different than they do with their spouses but no one has asked and Katie hasn't told anyone to my knowledge. I'll stop back again. Merry Christmas!

  11. Julie,

    What an exciting evening--with potential for so much more! I understand why you "jumped the gun" a little rather than following my suggestions for making david anxious while dragging out the process but all is not lost in that regard.

    Your post tells us about your thoughts about possible future participation by Sue but how much have you discussed these ideas with david? There is your new opportunity for making him squirm! For us spanked husbands, the thought (or the reality--blush!) of a sister-in-law knowing we are spanked is bad enough, but the idea that she may see it is overwhelming (in the embarrassment and the exciting sense!) Don't forget that part of the fun in all of this is adding to david's anxiety, embarrassment and nervousness. (It could also be very exciting for him. It would be for me!)

    So tomorrow at dinner you could ask david how he feels about Sue knowing he gets spanked. Then you could just wonder out loud about some of those possibilities for the future: "Now that she knows, there is no reason to refrain from spanking you when she is present in the house." This conversation would be especially good at a dinner at a restaurant where he is afraid it might be overheard.

    Or the next time he is bare-bottomed over your knee, you could still tease him with the thought of letting her spank him. You will enjoy watching him squirm at the thought. Other possible thoughts of things you might say: "I sure hope she is careful not to tell Mom. You know how good Mom is at getting Sue to tell her everything." Then watch him blush next time your Mom is around! You and Sue could even make comments that would mean nothing to your mother but make david wonder if she also knows.

    Thanks for letting us in on your adventure. I have some more ideas that I will send later!

    (the other) Ken (I'll call my self Ken2 from now on!)

  12. Quelle progression en 2 mois seulement !

    Bravo à vous deux et vivement les nouvelles de son humiliation devant la gente féminine.


  13. Hi Julie,

    I haven't seen my last post but I promised you another comment so here it is.

    You have told us that Sue is your older sister and that gave me an idea. While the idea of another woman knowing I get spanked is exciting and embarrassing, the idea of a younger woman knowing is doubly so!

    So I renew my suggestion of letting david know you are thinking about telling a girlfriend that you spank him, but this time make sure it is a mutual friend who is significantly younger than he is! You can decide later whether to follow up on the idea. Just the thought of it will do wonders for his anxiety and embarrassment.

    In fact, take some time and don't let him know whether you have told her. Tell him that you might have mentioned it but then again maybe not yet. Then when the three of your are together somewhere, wait until he is a few feet away from the two of you and whisper something to her that he cannot hear. But make sure he sees the two of you talking. Say something like, "Doesn't david have a great butt?" This will cause her to stare at his butt and that will convince him that she knows and is staring at him thinking about his being spanked. With luck he will end up saying something himself!

    I don't know whether the idea of someone younger knowing is especially exciting for either of you but it works for me. Hope you try it!

    Best wishes,


  14. I'm-Hers: Nice nickname! I approve. It is very exciting for david and I too. He has a definite love-hate relationship with the idea, I imagine as do you!

    Frenchy: Merci beacoup!

    K2: You're right. david does not know how far I (and she) are willing to go - in fact, I'm not sure on her end either. It will probably kill him with anticipation. I'll drop hints as you suggest. I love your devious mind, especially about the 'Mom' suggestion: pure evil! As to the younger woman idea, I don't really have any close friends that fit the bill, but will keep the idea in mind.

  15. Julie, my wife reads your blog and she loved the posting about Sue knowing you spank David. She had spanked me while visiting her sister but the spanking was done in another room. Now she wants to take it to the next level and have her sister watch. I am reluctant because I must admit I am pretty loud while she is spanking me. She had taken to carrying her brush in her purse but now she favors a Razor strap. I want to tell her I am not into her sister watching but part of me feels it might be another level of excitement for both of us.

  16. Hi Anon: I'm sure a whipping with the razor strap is no joke. I take it she has you bare for this punishment? Are you sure your sister-in-law is ready to see you whipped bare like that? I am thinking of starting off with something much less extreme with Sue if she lets me. Maybe just lowering his pants, putting him across my knee, and hand spanking over his underwear. I think that would be plenty embarrassing for a first time. Maybe notch it up after that if Sue is having fun watching it? As to you being 'into it', it certainly looks to me that you are. Will you like that your sister-in-law has seen you spanked? I doubt that, especially after she starts teasing you about it as I am sure she will.

  17. The question is, did you tell her about the blog? That revelation, I think that would really top the fact that you are spanking David.


  18. Oh I can't wait to hear the follow up with Sue. I loved that you shared with her about the spanking, the strap and the bra and panty treatment. I wish I could have been a fly on the wall for that conversation. I especially enjoyed that you asked David to leave the room while you two discussed his punishments. You respected him by what you shared and what you held back. However you left him guessing in the other room. Well played Julie! One critisizm....I believe he should be clearing the table for you every time...not just some of the time.

    Mistress Kari

  19. Hi Julie,

    I think you are right about keeping it to a handspanking at first. That will be embarrassing enough for him! (You could add a hairbrush at the end.)

    If Sue is all right about going further with spanking david, I wonder if you might consider having her "babysit" him one night with discipline privileges. That would be interesting. And perhaps Sue has a younger friend that could play the other role we have been discussing--eventually.

    I also think you should require david to begin an e-journal about his experiences that he must send to you regularly. That could give you an insight into his feelings. That could help shape future ideas.

    Can't wait to hear more about Mom. Perhaps you cold steer a conversation to the subject of spanking when you were growing up. What would she have done if david was her son and misbehaved?



  20. Bartstone, I love your blog, my wife with no real warning gave me one hel of a spanking while visiting her sister. I was so ashamed although she didn't see me getting it she heard my carrying on. when I returned to face her all she said was very interesting! Now the threat of being put over my wife's knee in front of her sister looms.

  21. Dear Julie,
    I'm hooked on your blog.You are such a good writer and I'm fascinated with the involvement of your sister. Deliciously Devious!

    I'm intrigued as to why you would not tell your sister about your blog - that would be stunning!!!

    Damn Christmas for getting in the way of your updates - I need this story to unfold further. THank you for sharing!

  22. Mistress Kari: Point well taken! Perhaps Sue and I together can convince him of that simple truth!

    Ken: I love the "babysitting" idea! Maybe after she's seen me spank him she might be willing to step-in while I'm away.

    Bart: Maybe that would be the best introduction for Sue as well. If I take david into the next room and spank him with her in earshot. Can't complain about that, now can she?

    Hi Gary! I love that your are hooked on me. Thank you very much! As to the blog, I've written things in here about Sue, about me plotting and planning and worrying about telling her! Nothing too horrible if she ever does happen to find it, but still, would rather let things unfold more naturally for now, anyways.

  23. just discovered ur blog and wow what a scene. i too fantasize about this. but that is all they are fantasies. i personally dont think i would really want my Goddess' sister or friends to find out about our lifestyle. as is i get a lot of teasing from their husbands for being henpecked. :)

  24. Hi enslave! Welcome to my blog. Glad you are visiting. You say you don't want that, but I bet you would go along with it if it happened! Ha Ha!

  25. My sister knows that I spank L. (if only because I told her, and also because she heard me threaten him with a sound licking on a few occasions), but she has never actually witnessed me 'in the act' -unlike some of my friends in Europe or in the US (a half-dozen at most). And though she was not present, she also heard about the scene when I purchased that martinet in Grenoble some years ago. Once (three years ago), when she joined us for a hike in the Pyrenees, I was sorely tempted to cut myself a switch and to treat L. to an open-air birching (as I always like to do), but there were too many other hikers on the trail...
    But now that she will be coming to visit us (for the first time!) later this month, I will see to it that she witnesses the way I enforce domestic discipline! L. (who has been quite a few times chastised under the eyes of other women) is not likely to object... and woe to him if he should!

    1. Don't you remember that you spanked me on two occasions under the eyes of your sister - or perhaps those didn't count because you hadn't pulled down my pants?

      I. however, DO remember it --not because it hurt (it didn't!), but because of the way she reacted...


    2. Well, after the way she and I dealt with you this Summer in Burgundy, I am sure you have no doubt about my sister's capacity to wield a strap, a switch, a rattan cane (or the ever-ready martinet!) as effectively as I do!


  26. Now fast forward 8 years and BANG mommy and daddy know julie gets spanked...