Tuesday, December 6

Massage Parlour Spanking

I decided I'm going to take david to a massage parlour, and spank him in front of the sex worker! Should be fun. More on that below.

First, I wanted to catch you all up on things. It's been pretty quiet this past week.

The good news is that david received a 'C' on his food diary. I can leave my strap in the drawer this week.

He told me how he handed over the food diary to Rebecca, and first thing she did was turn back a page to check for my signature on the previous entry. She noticed it there, and also the "75 w/ strap" notation, and commented "You got the strap, eh? Did it hurt?" david had to admit that it did! She commended him on his work, but gave him only a "C" because his diet was not up to her freakishly high fitness-girl standards (not even I eat that well!), and reminded him to get it initialled by me again this week.

I haven't spanked david since that strapping, as I am waiting for all the bruising to go away. It is mostly gone by now. I only see some small residual discolouration where the bigger bruises were. He's ready to be spanked again anytime now.

Actually, I kind of enjoyed not being allowed to spank him. He back-talked me once last week over kitchen chores (it was pretty minor, but all the same, it was back-talk), so I sent him to stand in the corner. He was thinking about complaining, and I asked him if I needed to get my strap out? No Ma'am, I certainly didn't! Ha Ha! And he went shamefaced into the corner. I didn't even make him pull his pants down, or anything. Nothing "kinky" at all. Just pure me asserting my dominance. It was wonderful. I set the kitchen timer for 15 minutes and told him he could leave the corner when he heard it ding, and that I expected a better attitude about kitchen chores after that or he'll be getting to know that corner very intimately indeed.


I have been plotting my next outing, to keep things lively for my boy, and had an idea.

He told me early on, before we were married, that he had been to some of those massage parlours (where sex workers give men a hand job - yick!). Don't worry, I've had him tested for STD's, because goodness knows what else he might have been up to! I had him spill the whole beans to me and tell me how it works, so I know "the drill".

About a year into our marriage, he was in bed with me, and he didn't want to make love, but I was feeling frisky and went to put him in my mouth, but something was strange. There was some residual massage oil on him. I'm very sensitive about smells and tastes, and picked up on it right away. I was pissed off at him, and we had a big fight where he admitted he had kept going to massage parlours even after we were married. Well, you can imagine it was a big drama at the time, but that was a couple of years ago now, and I'm pretty sure he hasn't been since, so he's now forgiven, but now that our marriage has this new dynamic, I think I'll punish him for it after all. Thought I should make the punishment fit the crime (ok - and he will likely get a kick out of it, and maybe I can put the whole massage parlour thing behind me).

My idea was to bring him to one of those places as a "gift", and sit there and watch while the sex worker rubs his penis. Then, when he is hard and ready to spurt, I'll make her stop, take him over my knee in front of her, and give him a strict spanking for having cheated on me at a massage parlour. Then I'll drive him home while he's still hard.  That'll learn him whose in charge! And depending on how I'm feeling afterwards, I'm not ruling out giving him the strap.

I've already initiated it, and it looks good so far. I found what looks to be a fairly high class place on the Web. On the web page it says they have friendly female managers. Sounded good! I phoned and got a very nice and open sounding lady, and asked if they ever have couples where the wife just watches. The lady on the phone said not usually but that they could definitely accommodate that, but that I would have to pay a "VIP Special" fee. Expensive, but worth it. My, I am bold!

I asked for a particular lady whose image I saw on their web site because she was the only one dressed in leather. I also asked the lady on the phone if this one was a good fit. Would she be open-minded? She assured me she would, in such a way that I got a good feeling about her, Did not broach the idea of the spanking, I figured I'll play that one by ear, maybe get a moment alone with the lady before we start and check it out with her. Offer her a bit if a tip, maybe. If she's not cool with it, I can still pull him off the table before he spurts, and call that his punishment, with a big reference to the spanking he'll get when I get him home. I sure hope we can't get thrown out of a sex place!

That massage lady was only available during the day this week, so I checked david's schedule (told him I had a surprise for him) and booked their latest appointment on Thursday, at 4pm. I'm very excited. I'll let you know how it goes!


  1. Ms. Julie-
    You never cease to amaze me with your creativity. I love the corner time scenario. It definitly show's who is in charge, something that probably pleases both of you. And the massage parlour idea is awesome. Can't wait to hear what happens.

  2. I second Ken’s comment about your obvious creativity. In my experience many women, even serious spankers, don’t have an abundance of it. which may be why we naughty boys sometimes try to top from the bottom. I don’t want to discourage you from using that creativity in setting up spanking scenarios. It’s hot. But creativity like you demonstrate often flows over to other areas outside the bathroom like art and literature. Just a thought!

  3. Your blog gives people an excellent insight into how our lifestyle is practiced among truly loving couples, and especially - where is usually the case - the man has long wanted to submit but the woman is still new to the idea. You show great compassion, keen perception and creativity. I was especially impressed with your realizing that the strapping you gave was too intense, doing too much organic damage beyond simply giving the necessary pain; that you learned from it, was willing to understand a mistake and deal with that. Please know, Ma'am, there are a lot of us - on both ends of the leash - who have been in relationships such as you and David enjoy for a very long time. Never hesitate to ask any question you might have about any phase of our lifestyle. That's what blogs are for.

  4. Well you certainly have some interesting ideas. I hope you have an enjoyable time at the parlour. Your fella is very fortunate.
    No wish to be rude but are you female ? - you seem very happy to post images and stories that might have been selected by a male rather than a Miss.

  5. Ken: Thank you! Just putting him in the corner was so exciting for me. It surprised me that baring his bum and spanking him (all the traditionally kinky stuff) takes a back seat to the more "psychological side".

    Alan: I must confess, that when david asked me to spank him, I did not get it at first, but wanted to do it for him. Once I spanked him and enjoyed doing it, I decided I may as well do it for real, so I started surfing spanking blogs and forums, 90% men, and started getting an understanding of what might turn my boy on. So thank you for the compliment!

    Ravensron: I love that david and I have "stepped things up" through this kink. Sex is fine, but this is way more fun!

    Michael: No offence taken at all. I am a woman (last time I checked, anyways)! The images are a late adiditon to my blog. I noticed that in the blog roles along the side, you need an image or your blog looks dull, so I picked a few that I thought my readers (95% spanko male demographic) might be drawn to. Keep those hits coming, I'm thinking of going pro!

  6. Julie,

    Psychological and spanking in public in front of another lady. I hope you leave the strap at home. I don't know if you going to have him stay hard. That is reaching. Rebecca, knows about the strap now so hang it on the wall. That C will be a B in short order. Good luck david.

  7. IF I'm still upset about the massage parlor thing, then I was thinking of the strap for at home, afterwards. But I might not be. I thought only a light spanking in front of the massage girl. Would not want to scare her!

  8. Dear Julie, I think you have been very lenient with David. If that was my dear, darling Kate she would have definitely applied the ultimate sanction. NO, not with her cane! She would have left or kicked me out, and what is more she would have told everybody WHY! Never in a million years would I do that. Even more so, pay!!!!
    Here's me being soft again, but surely the most important thing in a relationship is trust, is it not?
    And as for Michael asking if you're a lady, I'm sure your immediate wish would be to put him nude over your bed and THRASH his bottom like you did to David.
    I'm not having a go at you, I love your blog, you ARE the boss in your household. Tell him if ever he strays again he's out, for good.

    I haven't forgotten, the muddy dog paw print by the way.

    I just thought this was important to say. If you decide to still go to the massage parlour, I would leave him there, take his wallet, and go christmas shopping. They won't do much if he's got no money, apart from some doorman chucking him out on the street. Let's see how he likes that for humiliation, especially if he gets a punch on the nose. SORRY BUT..... John xxx

  9. Ha Ha! Thank you, John. Nice comment.

    We are back from the massage parlour, and it was amazing! I will blog about it soonest I can.

    david transgressed quite a while ago, we had it out then, and I forgave him. I am quite sure he would not do something like that again, especially now that we have redefined our marriage dynamics. I was trying to think what would be a good "outing", and this came to mind. And it WAS great!

    As for Micahel questioning my sex, well, I am a bit pissed off, but this is the Internet, and who knows who anybody is really? I would have thought the photo of me cleared it up, but I guess even that could be faked. He asked, so I re-confirmed I am indeed a woman, don't know what else I can do, save a face-to-face meeting, but maybe even that won't "really" be me: I might hire an actress to stand in for me! She will look so muck like the pictures... but wait! Maybe I already hired the actress for the pictures, and she is the one I will set Michael up with! Plots inside of plots! Trust me, honestly, I'm a woman! I swear!

    Apparently I "think like a man", which in this context I take as a compliment, because my goal is to turn my boy on, so if I am uniquely gifted in that department, I'll take that. By the way, I have to think like a man all the time at work, or I would never get ahead, which is a bit unfortunate (though I do from time-to-time take advantage of men a bit - especially now that I've become a bit dommie with david. It's amazing what men will do when you just tell them to, especially when you are dressed to kill/thrill. Ha Ha!).

    What I honestly don't understand are all the women you boys are talking about who seemingly refuse to take a bit of initative and use some imagination. It's really not that hard imagining what will turn on you spanko boys! Really it's not! And turning david on, making him squirm with embarassment, really, really turns me on!!! It would be sort of passive aggressive to agree to spank, but then do only exactly what was asked of you with no imagination or initiative at all. Kind of cruel, no?

    And I DO want to hear about the muddy dog print finale!!!

  10. Julie,
    Now that you are on this path, do you have any thoughts on where you will take things? David has now accepted a severe punishment, and public punishment. There are many blogs about that you can get some good ideas for future fun. Some things to think about: if you have david standing in a corner, have him hold a coin up on the wall with his nose; have him hold a weight behind his back as he stands there; set up a ritualistic greeting for him to perform when he sees you. There are many things to do, only your imagination is the limit, as you come up with a dynamic that suits the two of you.


  11. Hi Frank!
    I love the coin idea! I am definitely doing that for his very next time-out. And I'll tie his hands behind him so that if he drops it, he won't be able to replace it. And if the coin is on the floor when I get back from grocery shopping, it's the strap for him AND a repeat performance of the timeout.