Wednesday, December 28

Date with Sister Set

The date is set! david will get humbled in front of, and by, my sister Sue. Phew! I feel like I have been working towards this for over two months, with all sorts of ups and downs along the way (mostly inside my own head!), and now it will finally happen. Yay!

I discussed boundaries with Sue over the phone. I made some notes to discuss with her, and I took notes during the call thinking of you all. It's pretty good! This is what we agreed to (I have systematised it, as the call was a bit all over the place - but very fun and giggly, so no problem there).
  • No sex at all for either of us while she's here (i.e., no making him lick our pussies or anything remotely like that).
  • No special sexy outfits (e.g., "sexy nurse") or clothes off for me or Sue while she's here.
  • Wants me there at all times when she's here.
  • Humiliating little girly outfits for david are fine.
  • Humiliating positions (e.g., corner time) are fine.
  • Total nudity for him, front or back, is fine.
  • His erection won't be a problem (we agreed to laugh about it, not compliment it!)
  • Spankings from me while she watches are fine.
  • Spankings from her while I watch are fine.
  • Any position for him for his spanking is fine, including over each of our knees (I had to assure her his penis would not leak pre-cum when over her knee - hope that's true: leave it to him to ejaculate all over her lap now that I've said that...).
  • Any implement, and anywhere on him, is fine, so long as there is no chance of real damage.
  • Touching of his private parts by either of us is ok, subject to next few items.
  • Bum play is fine (exposing him, or sticking things up there), but I would have to do the honours, and she would watch (or hold him). And if there's any mess I would have to deal with it alone. Ha Ha!
  • But not ok using or watching me use the strap-on dildo on him.
  • Making him masturbate while she watches is ok.
  • Watching me give him a "milking" is ok as long as it's not explicitly for sex (i.e., used only to humiliate him, or get rid of his erection), but she would not do it herself.
  • If he ejaculates, he must clean himself completely before she will have any contact with him.
  • We agreed on a "code phrase". If either of us states "he's had enough" that we would stop right away and wrap things up.
Those are the rules. Seems like there's plenty of leeway in there to be creative!

Hoping eventually I can get a couple of the rules relaxed, but I was not pushing at all, believe me, just asking questions and recording. Very professional! I didn't think I would get anywhere near this much out of her. Thought a little over the undies spanking might be all she was up for to start. Guess not!

We are all three of us off work on Monday, January 2, so we thought we would get things going then. Ring in the New Year a little differently. New Year's resolution to spank him like sisters! I am expecting her at 3pm. Will have to plan it all out. Don't want to push my luck and do everything on the list. I figure I should take it a few steps at a time. Nice to know the boundaries, though, in case the muse gets me in the moment!

Any suggestions for what we should do on our first encounter??? Please leave comments! I promise I will answer them all. I need your creative juices guys (I know - ha ha)!


  1. What a huge step! The idea of her using the strap on, on him, DAMN! Are you sure he is ok, with this step, in this form or has he given that right away?

    I think you need to be reasonable the first time, as it is a long list so dont get oo eager. By the same token, hell, make the most of it!

    Maybe start with him greeting her in some girlie outfit, french maid, etc. Some drinks for you and sis, lots of teasing of david, checking under his skirt to make sure he wore the proper girlie clothes. Maybe some comments like, so, how long were you wearing womens things before julie found out? sort of a no win question.

    I would think lots of spanking, excitment to arouse him before he agrees to masturbating in front of the both of you. And, what of the mess when he does?

    The Strap on after that. Oh, something i would find interesting if it were me, lots of little reminders of who is in charge and why. Maybe use the "real man" phrase, ....oh, a real man would not wear panties nor stand for a women to spank him.....

    It is very interesting and moving very quickly.

    submissive husband

  2. SuHu: I like the "real man" comments. I will dress him in something girly (I am thinking bra and panties because Sue was intrigued by that)and use that phrase on him.

    But you had some wishful thinking reading the rules. Sue has said NO to the strap-on.

  3. well, my wife is on what seems a different path. As of today, she wants to work on a training of sorts. either i finish in/with her or JO by a count of 5. that seems pretty damn quick. at any rate, enjoy!

    Submissive Husband

  4. If I were lucky enough to be wearing David's panties, then I might find it exciting to be expected to make and serve dinner/drinks to you and your sister, maybe be ordered to massage feet while the two of you socialized. To be followed by a good spanking as deserved.
    And thanks for the suggestion re my wife. I'm still hoping for more than a playful slap.

  5. I agree, the strap-on would really be pushing it, but I do know how I would react.

    When my Wife first spanked me in front of one of Her Girlfriends, and let Her also spank me, it was a really awesome experience. One I'll never forget.

    I guess what I'm trying to say is, I'm sure david will love what you're doing for him. Regardless of the pain and humiliation. I know I did, and still do.

    You're a good Wife!!


  6. I think you will have a wonderful experience. Sue should chose the girly outfit he wears, and milking before going over both of your laps will be necessary...
    Not our thing, but do enjoy.

  7. It depends on where you want to take it, but you do want him to understand that he ultimately answers not to her, but to you. Perhaps a final spanking, by YOU before she goes? And a reminder that she can spank him anytime he deserves it and you can't or don't want to do it (right then and there, maybe you have a sore arm, etc), but if he does get a spanking for some reason that annoys or hurts her, he will eventually answer to you. Maybe threaten with the belt (to reinforce in his head) but of course not use it as you don't want to freak him OR her out, and right now the belt is your ultimate spanking disciplinary threat.

    Since this is ultimately consensual he should get a safeword. It doesn't have to be a full stop, but if nothing else there's always a chance something could go wrong and you need to be able to stop and take stock and determine if you have an emotionally or physically hurt hubby or just a whiner. Also you have to watch her as she's your sis and you never know. She might take to it like a duck in water and surprise you with her ability as a spanker or she might be more like the lady in the massage parlor or she might even break out in hives given the ability to spank rather than just think about it. Ultimately even if she never lays a hand on him, just having her watch is a progression of both trust and potential excitment for all of you.

    I do hope you get him to cry.

    As for milking, try to do it at a surprising time. Maybe when he's in the corner or just before he gets spanked by her for the first time. After being drained a spanking hurts worse.

    Regardless, I hope you all are happy in the end. Good luck.


  8. Hi Julie,

    How exciting! I can hardly wait--although I am sure that david can.

    Of course you must both spank him over your knees while he kicks and perhaps even cries. How humiliating fro a grown man!

    To prevent messiness for back door play, I suggest a couple of fleet enemas. Have him lie over Sue's lap and hold his cheeks open while you do the honors. You can then check his health by taking his temperature the old fashioned way.

    Then you can insert a good butt plug or dildo and have him hold it while on display during his naked corner time.

    That should be followed by more serious hairbrush spanking which should result in making him kick and cry like a little girl.

    As for taking care of his erection you should decide whether he would be more embarrassed by having you milk him or having to do it himself. But first make sure you tell him that the erection just means he approves of the whole evening's events!

    Finally I think it would be fun for you and Sue to discuss what time Mom is planning to come by later (even though she isn't really.) That ought to really make him nervous!

    Looking forward to your detailed report!


  9. suhu: Only 5? Does not seem possible. I think you will be going to sleep ha-ard! Ha Ha!

    anony: I like the idea of having him serve drinks dressed in his frillies!

    james: thank you for the encouragement. That is exactly how I would like to see it go. I also want Sue to have fun. She has been pretty hard done lately by men, and hopefully she will enjoy this as much as I have been (well, hopefully not quite that much!)

    Red: I really want to milk him in front of her, but I think I should probably wait on that one a bit. No fluids on day 1! What do you mean not your thing? Really? If your wife had a very cute sister all right and ready to play you would turn her down cold?

    clarence: I like that. He must be taught to whom he belongs, all said and done. I know I should be giving him a safe word, but I don’t want to. I am planning on being extremely sensitive to Sue's moods, however. I will back right off if I get a bad vibe.

    ken2: Oh, he will be humiliated! I can guar-fucken-tee that! I think I had best hold off on anything going into his butt the first time, enemas or plugs. I'll spread his cheeks to show it off, though. She seemed totally fine with seeing his privates over the phone, even laughed at me for tip-toeing around the subject. Given he'll likely be in panties and bra, I will talk to him as if he were a little girl during his spankings. I like your implication of that. And of course, you couldn’t pass up a chance to try to convince me to get Mom involved, you bad boy!

    All of you guys: Woa boy! Rein in those fast-firing fantasies. I said we needed to take it easy this first time. No fluids. No anal penetrations. Are you trying to get me into trouble? Work with me here. ;-)

    (but I love the over-the-top naughty ideas and am filing them away for future use!)

  10. Hi Julie, you seem to have had a pretty good Christmas. Happy New Year to you and all your readers. As usual your blogs give rise to lots of comments and memories, particulary being punished as a youngster.
    However as promised, "Dirty Paws". I hope you are not disapointed, as I'm relating the story as an example of the difference between being punished in public as opposed to private. As I said before Kate enjoys the fact that she can show off her dominance in our relationship, so the public thrashing of my bare bottom is quite high on her agenda. Especially after a few drinks.
    There was nothing particulary new on this day, both Soph and Susi had seen me naked many times before. Indeed both have caned me several times over the years. The difference between chastisement in your house and ours is that yours stemmed from David wanting to be spanked. Whereas Kate decides when and why and where, and how severely I'm to be punished. Pleading and begging her to stop is not going to work, in fact she would increase the punishment. So that said, there is no doubt who wears the trousers (and who does not). The following is fairly typical of this type of punishment. The cane and total nudity, combine together to give a mixture of both pain and humiliation, which is after all part of the punishment process.
    The fact that I am to be thrashed in front of two pretty females, adds to this. Also to show signs of emotion both in crying out during the beating, and inevitably an erection both before and fairly soon after adds to my embarrassment and their amusement.
    OK coming up dirty paws, John xx

  11. Hi Julie again, sorry I've taken so long. I just did not want to bore anyone. Your blogs are much more sexually explicit than mine. I don't get dressed up in female clothes, or have things stuck up my bottom, maybe a finger sometimes during love making! So I'm just not sure if your readers wanted to read of what is basically domestic discipline!

    We got home, Katie ordered me to undress, it is pointless to argue, I'm to be caned, there is no two ways about it. The ritual starts with me being told to finish preparing lunch, opening and serving wine, sticking another log on the fire and laying the table. Katie meanwhile goes upstairs to select her cane, calling back for me to fill her bottle with water. The Girls laugh, as they know I am going to be thrashed severly with the wet cane, it's going to hurt!!
    Kate puts the cane in the bottle, in full view of everybody. It is very humiliating, as she tells me what and why I'm to be punished. As Susi is the offended party they discuss how many strokes I should receive. 18 of the best is the decision. I have to say that was what I was expecting.
    My willie is just sort of enlarging, there is a little tendril of precum hanging down my leg. This is so embarrassing, especially as Kate draws attention to it. There's me putting the food out, and cutting a french stick of bread, much to their amusement as Soph says careful with that knife. Kate says sharply "How dare you get like that in front of my friends, get it down NOW" Of course it did just the opposite. It was starting to throb. Julie I don't no why, I am not craving a beating like David is, in fact I'm dreading it. There's the cane soaking, Kate's symbol of authority, Soph and Susi enjoying every second of it, and every prospect of my punishment being doubled. There's my stupid willie pointing to the ceiling,like a salute, dripping precum onto the table. "What the f**k do you think you're doing boy", Katie yells "Get upstairs now and shower, COLD, if I see that thing like that again today, the THRASHING you are about to get, is nothing compared to what you'll get tonight"

    I don't want to lose this, I'll finish later John xx

  12. Julie, I have just recently checked out your blog but haven't had time to comment. You must be so excited about this new adventure you are about to begin! I do agree with some of your commenters that making him strip knowing he is wearing panties would be a fun surprise.

    I recently invited a freind into our world and we also have fun teasing my husband about his clit, or lack of. I also think that milking him would be extremely humiliating and I think it's a great idea.

    Perhaps stand him in the corner with a little ginger root up his ass.

  13. Make david dress up as a naughty school girl complete with plaid miniskirt, white knee sox, white cotton panties, etc. Both of you can tease him, pat his bottom, feel his cock while he serves you. You punish him for trying to look up your skirts (my favorite reason to be spanked). He has to get his head up each one of your skirts(no kissing or licking - just looking) and have his pantied ass paddled for being so pussy-whipped. Each of you would take a turn. Eventually Sue would leave and you see david has cum in his "training panties". You make him take them off and gag him with them while you give him a hard otk bare bottom spanking.

  14. hi Julie, sounds like 2012 will start off as a wonderful year for the 3 of you. I'm sure david will be thrilled, excited and deeply humilated before,during and after the spanking.
    Have you considered the idea of a chastity belt for david? That would only increase his humilation greatly.
    Does david have any idea that the dual spanking is coming next week?
    Would you consider allowing him to chat with other submissive husbands?

  15. I've alway been a bit partial to the "head game" aspect of the scene. Let me explain. Tell david that under no circumstance will he be permitted to touch your sister (this will be very believable by your david). Before your sister arrives, let her know that you have told this to david, BUT you want her to to see If she can get him to break his promise. She can demand anything from a simple hug to a foot or back rub. Any perceived infraction can result in a sound thrashing from either of you.

    I think the most important thing is to make your sister as comfortable as she can possibly be. If you and david would like to repeat this scene with her, it is imperative that she have a good time. It is always better to leave her wanting than to have her running for the door! Think of this as page 1 of a symphony. Don't reach a crescendo on the very first measure ... let it build.

    I will echo the comments of someone earlier who suggested that your naked or feminine clothed husband give each of you a foot rub while the two of you sip a glass of wine as a conclusion to the day. I've not know a single woman who would not enjoy this.


    p.s. thanks for letting us live vicariously through your exploits!

  16. Monday is going to be a great new day year for david. Picture david should not be kicking lock those legs down. Sue does have a strong chest on her. Boundaries are a good thing. Nice list be sure david knows his boundaries. Be sure you keep the idea that clean dry panties on david is a must. May have to plan a shopping trip for david. Make good use of those wooden spoons that would be a nice tool to start with. Have fun and wish a very red sore bottom to david.

  17. Yeah, video tape it!

    Have fun.

  18. Looking forward to a full report. Do you think Sue could fill us in from her point of view?

  19. Ms. Julie-
    All I can say is that david is one very lucky guy. I have had the pleasure of being spanked by two Ladies and, as James said, it was an awesome experience.

    From your post, it appears you and your Sister are well versed on how you will approach things and the underlying theme of 'having fun' is very apparent.

    The only thing I would add is that you and your sister do the 'double lap' spanking: sit facing each other with your knees intertwined. David will have a very nice lap to go over and the two of you can spank him simultaneously. It was done to me and I loved it. And if you need some further visuals, just check out James' blog (spankedmale) on October 17. He generously provided a video of him being 'double lapped' by his wife and a friend.

    Happy New Year


  20. Very nice :) As a Domme who's used my sister for a little bit of a twist to our relationship, I think you can have plenty of fun!


  21. Mistress Julie
    May I respectfully suggest that your sisters presumption to take over the first meeting not be forgotten and at some time she needs punishment for having the presumptions and disrespectful to yourself.

  22. john: so you don’t want to be spanked, eh? I find that a little hard to believe; although I'm sure you don’t like it all when that cane is thrashing your naughty naked bottom in front of several attractive, fully-clothed women. But I think cold showers may be overrated. david likes, stiff, bracing ones, but afterwards, all I have to do is touch him, and guess what? Do carry on!

    Queen G: I just went and quickly checked out your blog as well. I most go back and read it all now! I have linked you to mine. I want to try that ginger root concept! Thank you!

    anony: School girl outfit! Yes! I made him dress in a plaid skirt once before and he was very embarrassed! But his head up Sue's skirt? Maybe not. I might clamp him between my thighs under my skirt while Sue spanks, though. I will definitely call him "pussy-whipped" in front of Sue. Thank you! I also like the pant gagging! My my, how creative you boys are!

    toyin: david only knows that Sue is coming to visit. I have not given him any details at all. After my talk with her and the gift of the wooden spoons, I'm sure he suspects, but he can’t pry it out of me! Ha Ha!

    astro: I love the head game. Sue might have fun putting herself into positions where it is very hard for david to NOT touch her! And I like the leave her wanting more thought. Definitely!

    hi suffie! He will have a double-red bottom!

    andy: no video! Bad!

    spankvirgin: full report coming, for sure! Sue does not know about this blog, so I won’t be getting her to do any writing for me!

    ken: I saw jame's blog. Video and all, bold boy! Yes, fun is paramount, but I don’t want it to look like we're having fun. I want david to feel very small indeed!

    Suzanne: I've been reading your blog. You are very, very, bad! I LOVE it! And I linked you!

    pantyslave: my Sister is a Woman, and as such is not subject to punishments. We are two adults, with mutual give and take. you are presumptuous for suggesting otherwise about a Woman. Go stand in the corner, with your panties down around your ankles, for 30 minutes and think on this.

  23. Mistress Julie

    My Mistress has noted your command and has delivered 30 strokes with the cane to my deserving arse at the same time as I was standing in the corner for being so out of line. More to come when she gives this infraction serious consideration.

    Thank you Mistress Julie for your suggestion.

  24. Julie,
    That Tawse is about a rolled up towel so that the end comes to a point...moisten it and it becomes a 'soft core' may want to alternately take aim at left and right butt cheeks while he jacks.

    Punishment lines: have him write 100 times something like '(sister of Julie) Thank you for helping Julie put me in my her feet'

    Tie a silk ribbon in a bow around his package and find a creative way to un-do it.

    Cloths-pins on the nipples.

    I'd say go easy on the first date. Have fun :)


  25. I think that you have enough suggestions, so I'm not offering any to you.

    I would LOVE to be there and watch. Oh well.

  26. Hi Julie,
    Great idea , we need to make sure Sue feels at ease, so I think her changing some comfortable home outfit would help a lot, also the Double lap spanking idea is great, I believe David should do a foot massage for Sue with his mouth & tongue to relieve her feet as soon as she changes into the homy outfit, the put the slipper to her feet.
    Perhaps she could then say he did something bad & spank him with her hand which she would feel not enough & uses the slipper on him until you bring the hairbrush from the bedroom.

  27. I got to know your blog through slipperloverdave blog, earlier you said you would buy a slipper that would be handy to use on your david's bottom. Have you got it? Please use it & tell us the results

  28. Tomorrow's the big day! Don't tease us by making us wait for the next entry.

  29. Julie,

    Looking forward to the big day tomorrow. Here are a couple of last minute ideas:

    1. Have david stand in front of you to have his pants taken down for the first demonstration spanking over your knee.

    2. After that spanking have him go over to Sue with his pants down and ask her to spank him on his bare bottom.

    3. After corner time the next spankings can be with the new wooden spoons. Have david count the spanks and thank Sue for each spank.

    4. While you want to refrain from rear end penetration this time, you can still enhance the exposure off his little pucker. Have him spread his own cheeks to show it off while over your lap (or Sue's) . Then apply a dab of menthol toothpaste. That should result in some delightful pucker winking for your entertainment. (For a more intense sensation use a drop of hot sauce!)

    Have a great time tomorrow!


  30. panty: so long as I get my full 30 minutes of panties-at-ankles corner time...

    Eddie: first date it is! I love the pink ribbon around his package - now that is humiliating!

    jellybeannie: I read your profile. What are you doing reading my blog? You're older than my daddy! Naughty, naughty, ... If I were your daughter and found about your "interests", you'd find yourself across my knee!

    john: I would love to give david a country-style switchin'. Will definitely put that on my "to-do" list. I am distressed that "our lines have got crossed" and don’t understand what you are referring to.

    anony1: you're not the first to suggest the foot massage, but you have escalated it with mouth and tongue! I am shying away from that with Sue, as it feels a bit sexual to me.

    anony2: I have never got a decent slipper. I tried running around the stores and could hardly find slippers at all, much less ones with a sole that would make an impression on david's bum. I will keep looking, however, I promise!

    spankv: I certainly will tease you! It's what I do (tee hee).

    ken2: I am also massively looking forward to it! I like your suggestions. I am planning on dressing him in panties and bra for Susan's arrival. But I will take your advice and pull his panties down to his ankles myself rather than tell him to do so. Toothpaste on his bum hole? My my, what will they think of next! I have a love/hate relationship with this sort of suggestion. I would love to do it to him, but I feel like I would need to know how intense the experience is first, so I hope it makes you nice and hard knowing I will have to try it out on myself (in private, thank you very much) first, and I blame you!

  31. john: please let me know if I should delete any comments to preserve your modesty. I unfortunately cannot just edit them, only delete.

    As to the crossed lines, is it spankings you 'enjoy' in the sense that all things considered you would rather have them than not, and thrashings you do not enjoy (in the same sense)? If so, this is like david where his thrashing was that one strapping I gave him. He would much prefer if his discipline did not include anything quite that hard, but that's not his call, now is it?

    I am looking forward to Sue coming over, only a few hours. Big gulp!

  32. Oh, and don't tease john. Finish your dirty paws episode soonest, bad boy, or I'll be demanding you receive a thrashing from Kate!

  33. Mistress Julie You got your 30 minutes of cornertime with my panties around my ankles. my Mistress added another 30 minutes after the canning in high heels with my nose against the corner holding up a looney.

    Mistress is looking forward to your further adventures.

  34. Fantastic posts.
    I have been having trouble commenting everywhere, likely a pop up blocker, I have switched (?) to another browser, but as the hour is at hand (?) I cannot provide advice.
    Just go slowly, there is always another day, and great things come from an acquired tastes.
    PS my wife would NOT let me cum after anything even close to this.

  35. I wonder if you could tell us a little more about exactly how David first asked you to spank him?
    Kind regards

  36. Is David excited? Sis over yet?

  37. Hi Julie, I much prefer Kate's way of doing things, than to have a row. "We have our differences and we usually air them out with him getting his bare bottom whipped or caned" she once said to one of her friends. Embarrassing! And Yes I obviously enjoy my role in her life and with OUR friends, they are not just Kate's friends. I enjoy doing for them, more of a servant than a slave, I think. You are very perceptive.XX I like that.
    If you could take away the comments with my surname on that is a good idea, sorry I pressed the wrong button!!!!
    As for you demanding Kate thrashes me, for being late with the "dirty paws" I sincerely think you should also add a second dose for putting my name "up in lights"
    I'm sure I could engineer a misdemeanour, that would result in a thrashing. That could be fun! (for you)and you could decide what I do!
    For instance criticising her, or worse criticising her in front of her friends about her driving. Over to you!
    It's 6.30 am tuesday here back to work today, I'm sure you are on a high after dealing with David yesterday, hopefully Sue is. And as you say his punishments are not his call any more, like maybe my next one will be your call!!
    Promise to do "dirty paws" later today, John (SMITH)xx

  38. panty: very nice. I hope you have learned a lesson about suggesting women should be punished.

    gary: sorry I missed out on your advice! I love hearing from subby men. They tend to get humbled and turned on by the same things that humble and turn on my david, so I am eager to pick up all sorts of random ideas anywhere I can get them.

    henry: I'll keep that in mind for a future post. So far all I've said is that he asked me, but there is actually quite a bit more than that to it!

    anony: sis is come and gone. Read all about it!

    john: the two offending posts have been exorcised. Please let me know soonest if there are any others. I like the idea of a remote control thrashing for you! At the very next opportunity, when Kate and your friends are around, loudly criticize woman drivers (say you were almost in an accident on the way over as a result of one). When they comment, tell Kate, in a very annoyed tone, that she's no better. Consider that your punishment from me for your constant procrastination and for your fumble fingers causing me work to delete your posts.

  39. "Hoping eventually I can get a couple of the rules relaxed..."

    How did that work out for you? 😜