Thursday, December 1

My Penance

In case you are wondering... yes already! I did my "penance" as I described. It was horrible ;-)

I asked my man if he wanted to fuck. He said, "ok, but take it slow this time, please!" Ha Ha! Well trained. No, silly, I said, would you like to fuck me hard in the pussy, any way you like, and then cum in my mouth? He certainly did! What's the occasion, he asked? I lied and told him I was feeling the need for a real man to take me, just for today.

He mainly wanted me doggie style, a privilege he had not enjoyed since I turned the tables on him. So humiliating for a newly dommie woman like me! Here's a picture off the web of a woman taking it the way he was taking me, after he knocked me forward off all fours, that is!

For my own self-punishment, I forced myself to imagine all my subbie male blog followers standing there and watching me take a hard penance pussy fucking from my husband. You're all so self-righteous, standing there, watching me take my comeuppance! So I didn't know what I was doing with that strap? Is that any reason at all for me to have to go through something like this? Take so many hard strokes? Made to feel like a subbie, like you? Be witnessed in my shame?

I also had to imagine the council of dominant wives looking on and "tsk, tsk'ing" the little dommie wannabe wife who doesn't even know the first thing about straps and tawses and all that, and so had to be demoted back to "regular wife" for a night as a lesson to her.

As he banged me, I silently repeated to myself "I'm sorry for not knowing what I was doing, I'm sorry for not knowing what I was doing, ..." After he got tired banging me so hard like that, he then lay on his back on the bed and I had to give him a blowjob (the council decreed it, and all the subbie hubbie's cheered and jeered). I was kneeling crosswise to him, ass up, and head bobbing up and down on his cock, if you can imagine that. When I felt the first taste of pre-cum, I braced myself and took the whole copious load into in my mouth, then swallowed it all down like a tramp. The biggest indignity was him, in his excitement,  pushing my head down onto his cock! Grrrrrrr. Penance is a bitch!

Now that that's over and done with...

I must say that his punishment strapping, uncontrolled though it may have been, has finally taught my man a little thing called respect. Some examples: He has been religiously keeping his food and exercise diary. He is constantly asking my advice on food choices. He is getting in his extra exercise ordered by Rebecca. The dishes are consistently put away. The kitchen is spotless. I asked him about all that. He said he was still recovering from the strap, and didn't want to earn any kind of spanking right now. Well, that really made me want to spank him. Hard. Just because I got turned on by how much control I had. But there to, I promised myself no spankings until he heals. Fortunately, he does not know that.

But here's the best one of all...

This morning I was in the shower. When I came out, there was david holding a towel for me. He draped it around my shoulders. Then he knelt down at my feet (!), and starting drying my feet and legs with another towel!!! He was very gentle and reverent when he got to drying off my pussy and ass. When he was done, he bent way down, very submissively, and planted a little kiss on the top of each foot! Holy Crap! That strap is staying in my arsenal!


  1. Hi Julie
    Again, you are producing an exceptional blog . I am struck by how fast you are moving with David from that first spanking a few months ago through a witnessed punishment, to a severe strapping and now respect and consistent obedience from him. In my experience these things happen but over months or years not a few weeks. Probably with many others I eagerly await to see the growth in your relationship. If David is like I was, he is both proud and shocked that you have taken charge so fast and so completely. There is often male rebellion at this point when a man’s wife takes his fantasy and turns it into a reality he wasn’t expecting. That first time you have to punish him when he doesn’t want it at all is a defining moment in many f/m relationships
    Best luck

  2. Glad you enjoyed this as much as you did. Punishment can really get to a bottom, and make him want to please you. Especially if his bottom is hurting for a few days.

    Hopefully his next spanking will be milder.


  3. Ms. Julie-
    Its been fascinating reading the previous three posts and watch you 'evolve' as a Dominant Female. You are really on the learning curve and I thank you for sharing so much of the 'intimate' details.

    James said it well: "Punishment can really get to a bottom and make him want to please you".

    Its something that I think many of us submissive males can relate to. In fact, I think that many of the women in FLR's hold back quite a bit. It has taken quite a bit of time for my Lady (Cora) to not be afraid to 'hurt' me but its what I want (and need). Its really been a matter of her pushing her limits.

    So, you have pushed your own (and Barry's) limits and now have a better idea of how to exercize your authority and where the boundaries are. And I might point out, it seems as though Barry has 'survived' the strapping quite well. I know I love having marks to display as a result of a spanking from Cora. I consider a 'badge of honor'. The only real downside from a spanking that leaves marks and bruises is that it takes a week or so to 'recover'; a week without a spanking. :-(

    Well done (in several ways, LOL)

  4. It wasn't really "horrible" was it?....

  5. Hi Alan: thank you for the "exceptional" comment. As for our progression, I've never been a half-way kind of gal. Looking forward to taming a bit of rebellion. Sounds like fun!

    james: I am expecting not to punish him as severely for quite some time, though if he starts to back-slide, I will not hesitate to wear out that strap on his back-side!

    Ken: You mean "david" I take it? He's fine. Bruising still apparent, but he is moving around ok again. I was worried for a bit, and am now glad I don't have to take him to a Doctor, cause I sure would have had some 'splaining to do!

    R: well... blush blush blush... not really "horrible". But you would know, you were there front and center (in my imagination at least!)

  6. Hi Julie, I posted the first half of this, on your "My Poor Baby" post. What goes through your mind when you decide to administer a punishment? Again how do you feel, as you enter the room and in front of you, is the naked offender, bottom bared, waiting for punishment? I ask as I now always, well almost always stay in position, for Kate's discipline, as you will see from the next few lines.
    Read the other bit first.
    As I rushed upstairs Katie was wildly lashing my back and buttocks with the rope. As we got into our bedroom she pushed me face down over the bed. "HOW DARE YOU" lash "GET UP BEFORE" lash "I TELL YOU" lash lash. "Get up and come over here" She made me stand at the foot of the bed, and put all four of our pillows in front of me. She had calmed down a little, but I knew my thrashing was far from over. "Bend over, push your face into the quilt, and get your bottom up, and don't you dare move"
    My legs and thighs had taken most of the whipping so far, and now here I was naked and determined not to move. My bare bottom fully exposed for "Kate's Whip" She swiped it hard down, how it stung, and again and again. She concentrated all her efforts on my bottom, not wildly lashing as before. Each lash really bit into me. I finally realised she had stopped, as she rubbed my bottom and legs with her hands, "WOW feel your bum it's red hot", I did and the raised ridged welts felt huge.
    After a few minutes, she patted me. "I'm going to cane you, go down stairs, bend over your chair and wait for me..............
    About 10 minutes later she came down flexing and swishing her thin cane with a camera. (She told me later she'd masturbated) "This is for being late, I was going to give you twelve, but I'll give you six of the best for now, but remember "Kate's Whip" is coming with us. Now get right over, get your bottom up and DON'T MOVE I'm going to take a couple of photos first"
    Needless to say it stung like hell, after I showered again, we got to her parents (late)
    That night as I walked into our room at her Mum and Dad's after the party, the whip was on the pillow. "Don't worry" she laughed "I'm not going to use it" She pulled me towards her....

  7. Hi Julie, me again, sorry if I stopped quickly (above) but I'm scared of printing too many words. What I wanted to say was one, you should not punish when you're really angry, and two it was weeks before the welts on my legs went down. You know now, you punished David very severely, having said that, He and I know, that whenever we displease our loved ones, we will be punished in anyway you or Kate see's fit. That's how it is, John xx

  8. Ohh wow Mistress Julie. and they say Canadians are a quiet and nice people. I now know two really nasty Canadian Mistresses. Time to take on the world. I have been on the receiving end of such a strapping. Your slave will eventually look back with pride on your treatment of him.

  9. *pats self on back for being right about the sex. Us bratty "switch" males sure know our stuff. Ouch! My arm!*

    Anyway, only three things to remember:
    a. There is no "right way" to be a Domme, or heck, to be a disciplinarian. It's whatever works depending on what you want to do. And there's no illegitimate desires. If you desire sex from him or you end up getting a paddle on yur backside, you don't have to turn in the imaginary "Domme" card and never top or discipline again.
    B. New things - esp. new implements usually take practice or at least reading/watching demos or demo vids to be used safely. Hitting the wrong spot with a belt *say the back of a kidney* could have him in the hospital. And it's obvious you are clued into the emotional dangers. I read your post agonizing over whether to expose this secret to anyone else.
    C. You now have a good idea about how some of this stuff is making you feel towards him and about yourself. So far, so good.

    In any case, you have my interest and my good wishes.


  10. John: Thank you very much for that account of your "rope whipping". It was very intense. But, boy, you really did ask for it by runningaway like that. I would have been FURIOUS at you.

    Panty: It cheers my heart when I hear about other hubbies getting strapped as well. You all deserve it from time to time.

    A. I'll let you know as soon as I want a paddle on my butt, which will be, exactly, NEVER!
    B. Yup (see penance above!)
    C. I love it!
    thank you for your good wishes!

  11. Mistress Julie slaves deserve punishment on a very regular basis. Even if behavior has been perfect (has never happened) maintenance punishments are still recommended.

  12. Mistress- Ooh! Thank You for sharing that story of You getting "taken" by your hubby while us subs watched on (loved that touch!)... and the other D Women "tsk'd" at you! Oh my, tenting my panties at that!

    The bath scene is a sweet, and more "normal" (lol!) one :)

  13. Hi Julie, I love that picture of you with your tawse. How is David's bottom, still marked I should think.
    I'm really sorry I had completely forgotten to tell you about what happened after the dog put muddy paw marks on Susi's jeans. Well we finished our drinks, Kate explaining that we had things to do. Susi lives and works in London and stays with us most weekends. Soph lives nearby and we usually eat on Sundays either at hers or ours. On this day a couple of weeks ago it was my turn to cook.
    As we walked home by the river I noticed Susi's jeans were a bit splattered from the mud anyway. I commented that they were already muddy. Kate said "You are going to be caned, so just shut up and do as you're told". She sounds horrible, but really we are all friends, when She's had a drink or two as with the girls they do go a bit over the top.
    When I am punished, as I said before, I am always made to undress totally, even for a punishment in public. Sounds wierd? well that's the way it's always been. A public thrashing, is much more of a ritual than one given in private. For a start it takes longer, it is not more severe, it's just that Kate drags it out longer. Obviously there is an air of entertainment about it. A naked man, a bare bottom thrashing. A mere man being put in his place, it's humiliating. As I've said before I'd love to be the one swishing the cane, to have that power that you, Julie has. In my dreams!
    The walk home is about 15 minutes, I feel tense, Katie and the girls are laughing and giggling. I know they are looking forward to the next hour. Kate smacks my bottom with her hand "Come on slowcoach lets get you home, and get those jeans down" they all laugh.

    I'll cut off there so I don't loose the words, I promise I'll be back.... John xxx

  14. It's all gone quiet on Julie's page, I seem to be hogging all the comments.I'm not sure if you want to read of my experiences.
    I'm relativly new to reading people's blogs. Some just seem to be a link to spanking sites! Although the Girls all seem very attractive, some of the boys are not, well not to me. Somehow the settings seem to be unrealistic as well.
    What I find so good about Julie, is that she seems genuinely interested in inflicting punishment when it is due. As in our case, Kate believes that a caning is the ultimate way to right a wrong. The cane hurts, but also applying it to the bare bottom when the culprit is naked, makes the punishment much more memorable and humiliating. If this is done in public more so. Having said that, if it is pleasureable to Kate and our friends, why not enjoy it. I actually don't have to commit an offence to earn a thrashing, such is our relationship now that sometimes Kate will just have the urge to cane me.
    What I want to know, and maybe Julie can tell me. What goes through your mind, when 1. you decide to punish David. 2. you carry out the beating, and 3. the aftermath?
    As I said earlier I did not just want to write a list of my punishments. That may just bore Julie's readers. Bye for now John xxx

  15. Sometimes: I am glad you got such amusement from my predicament! I hope you had your jollies watching me take it like a normal wife! Harumph!

    John: Thank you again for your comments. I enjoy reading about how Kate canes you bare naked in front of her friends! I am working up the courage to do likewise in front of my sister!

  16. John: I've only really truly punished him that once with the strap.

    What was going through my mind beforehand was that he had deliberately defied me, and I was going to make sure he would not do that again.

    During, I just really got "into" the physical act of strapping him, and I wanted to make him react to the strap. The more he whimpered, the harder I wanted to hit, because I wanted more. When I got him to raise his ass and beg for it, it didn't make me want to go easier on him. Just the opposite. I remember thinking as that ass was waving in the air, that this is what subby men deserve. Ireally got carried away though, and I will definitely cool it for next time!

    Afterwards, I was feeling fine. I was exhausted, and felt like I had just had an orgasm (though I hadn't, in the usual sense). I was all flushed and out of breath. I had a sense of satisfaction with all the marks I had made on him, and I liked that he was having trouble moving. I got an AMAZING rush when he knelt at my feet and apologized to me! Wow!

    Next day, feeling guilty that I lost control!

  17. Hi Julie:

    Wonderful scene with your sister. All sub husbands dream about that happening to us. Starting off slowly was a good idea. My wife loves to have me in a french maids uniform, with wig and makeup and even a touch of perfume (obsession) when i'm being punished. The outfit really adds to the humiliation factor. Prehaps you might want to consider femenizing david a bit more each time.

    Keep up the good work, we all wish we were david.

    Maid Jennifer

    1. I certainly do feminize him!
      A nice pair of panties and a bra? Are you kidding me?

  18. Julie,

    I just wanted to say I have enjoyed your blog to date. I do think David is a lucky man to experience what he craves and much more. I myself have had a few thoughts in this direction since my wife is a very sexy/fit Major in the Marines and out ranks me as a lowly Captian and I enjoy a little sexual harassment from her at work whenever she feels like it. Anyway I just wanted to reveal myself and say while I am curious about this as a fantasy I appreciate your blog showing me that this lifestyle couldn't work for us (she likes for me to and I enjoy, "taking her" 99.9% of the time). Thanks again for the education and delightful tales. Sorry to be so vanilla.

    Oh I have read the whole blog and posted here because I was glad to see/hear you still enjoyed the cock which was my biggest concern for giving up control a little :).

    Call sign: Capt Happy / USMC

    1. Hi hap,

      Thank you for the kind words.

      I think if you've read the whole blog, you'd probably want a little more than 0.1% subbie!

  19. Way to go Julie , really enjoying catching up in reading your blog !

  20. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Ha! I am sure you just enjoyed imagining Lilly or I in a submissive position. I am afraid she will have to let you out of your little cage first, dan, before you can even think of something like this happening to you. Ha Ha! Enjoy your punishments, bad boy!

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Well I still enjoy a good hard cock every now and then. Sometimes I like him to do it from behind, spoon position, and I will grab the skin of his scrotum with my hand, making sure to dig my fingernails in. As he pulls back to thrust he causes himself some pain. It enhances my pleasure!

  21. Oh my Miss Julie!!! I must admit I have extreme arousal at the thought of you getting your commupance ;)


  22. VS here.

    You are one of only two dommes who have paid any penance for 'unjustly' punishing your sub husbands (the other being Dianne of wifesincharge). In both cases, you realized that you had gone too far and were offering amends. Unheard of in the domme mindset.

    As Dianne said, there would be no reciprocal punishment from her husband, since it would undermine the domme's authority, but some kind of atonement was called for. She took the paddling from her sister for giving her husband an unwarranted punishment. You offered to receive (unwanted) penile penetration as your penance.

    This sense of fair play, overriding your Domina status in your D/s dynamic, is tangible evidence of your love for your partner. It's one thing to beat your willing submissive, without a safe word or well-defined limits, but another to recognize unwritten limits and atone for their violation.

    I applaud you.


    1. It wasn't exactly unwanted, it was more the subservient position of being fucked hard from behind, having to bob up and down with my mouth on his pussy-juice coated cock, and then having to take a load in my mouth and swallow. These are all things I associate with him having to receive, not me!