Tuesday, December 27

Childhood Spankings

For a change of pace, I thought I would recount some memories of my childhood spankings. There aren't many women posting their memories on their blogs. I know david quizzes me endlessly about my childhood experiences, and wants all sorts of details, so I figured some of you guys might be interested also.

Oddly enough, david was never spanked as a child, but I was! Talk about unfair, eh?

First Spanking

My earliest spanking memory was my Daddy pulling me over his knee because I had been walking around with a sniffly nose and I guess I was refusing to let anybody blow it for me. I have absolutely vivid memories of that spanking, though I must have been only about five years old.

It was in his bedroom and he was sitting on the side of his bed. Mom was there as well, looking disapprovingly at him - I guess she didn't approve of me getting spanked for that. I don't recall what I was wearing, but I do recall him lowering my panties to just below my little cheeks. I don't remember anything about the actual spanking part - it must have been very mild and very few swats. I do remember crying and getting hysterical, running to my room afterwards, shutting the door and barricading it with my toys.

Then Daddy pushed his way into my room. I was very scared of him just then. But he was calm. He told me that I should not put things in front of the door like that in case there was a fire and he wanted me to be safe. Then he told me that he lost his temper and that he was sorry, and that Daddy needed to take an aspirin.

Ha Ha! Big disciplinarian!

Christmas Spanking

I remember a spanking he wasn't sorry for at Christmas-time. It was Christmas Eve day, and we were going to be opening presents later on. I think I was about 8 years old, and I was sharing a room with Sue at the time. We were both sent to have a nap, but I was very excited and could not sleep, and kept gabbing away to Sue. I remember Daddy coming in twice and telling me to go to sleep. Sue also tried to get me to hush up.

The third time Daddy came in he took me out of bed, put me over his knee (in just my panties) and spanked me. It was just a few little swats. Just enough to make the point. But it was in front of Sue.

I thought it was very unfair. How could you ask a kid to nap before presents?

Yucky Peas

Another spanking I got, this time from Mom, was during Easter. I was probably 10 years old or so. I remember we had cousins from out-of-town staying with us. At dinnertime one of the dishes was peas. I hated cooked peas (still do). I had a huge heap on my plate but did not touch any of them. When it was time for dessert, I was told I had to eat my peas or I would not get any. I guess I was stubborn, because everybody else was eating dessert while I was sitting there staring down a plate of peas.

I was still there as the table was cleared, and still there once all the dishes were done and put away. My Mom came over and yelled at me, told me she was fed up and put some peas on my spoon, and tried to push them into my mouth. I knocked the spoon away and the peas went flying around the room.

Mom hauled me off my chair, put me across her lap, and gave me a long hard spanking. I remember it was worse than any spanking I had ever gotten before, from either Mom or Dad. I had a dress on. The bottom of the dress was flipped up over my back and my panties were hauled down my legs. It was just with her hand, but on my bare bum, and in the dining room, and it hurt.

After my spanking I was sent to bed, and I cried myself to sleep.

Next morning at breakfast my mom got the dinner plate out of the fridge and put my plate of peas in front of me. I remember my cousins were just about to get started teasing me so I gobbled the whole plate down and said how delicious they were.

First Fem Dom Experience

I once saw my boy cousin get the belt.

We were at Uncle Fred's cabin. Susan, my cousin Greg, my little sister Nancy and I were all sleeping in the same room in sleeping bags on air mattresses. I was 10 and Gregory must have been 8 years old. He was hyperactive and was bouncing all around the room, bugging us. Uncle Fred came in a told him to settle down. He didn't settle down. He kept bouncing around the room and I remember him bouncing onto me, which was annoying.

Sue got up and told Uncle Fred. Uncle Fred came back into the room, took off his belt, grabbed Greg and put him across one knee, and used the doubled-up belt on his pyjama-covered butt. He got beat about a dozen times and was in tears before Uncle Fred let him down and yelled at him to settle down or he'll get worse.

Greg settled down after that, but we could hear him crying for the next ten minutes.

I remember being a bit scared of Uncle Fred after that, but also thinking that Greggy got what was coming to him.


  1. I was more like you then david. I had many sore bottoms. Large wooden paddle was used not the hand. david has lots of sore bottoms to make up for.

  2. Hi suffie!
    I would love to here some of your more embarrassing recollections. Are they posted anywhere, or you can just add them here as comments? I fessed up to a few of my girlhood spankings, after all, and I'm supposed to be the dommie one here!

  3. Until i was 9 yrs old, i received many spankings, all from my dad, who, i think at the time was relieving his many frustrations from another member of the family. he spanked bare handed, with razor strop and even one time he was so angry he smashed a chair and beat me with the broken chair leg. no matter how he beat me, i remained the same incorrigible brat i always had been. finally, when i was 9, my brother & i were sent to an aunt & uncle to stay for two weeks while Mom & Dad sorted their differences. We ended up staying for five years with me going back every summer after that to stay til next school year. Those were the best years of my life. My Aunt was a quiet, matter fact type woman who never raised either voice or hand. But she was a farm woman and very strong. The only time she ever hit me was one time i said something nasty to my mother. My aunt grabbed me by the collar and belt, picked me up and kicked me all the way up the stairs to my bedroom. with every other step, her knee came up to my butt with a resounding thump. My feet never hit the floor or a stair the entire trip. i was told to stay on my bed until i was ready to come down and apollogize to my mother. needless to say, i never argued with my aunt over anything. My uncle was a gentle giant. also a farmer with the most powerful body of anybody I have ever known. His method with me was quite unique. he never used it with any of his own kids or my brother. When i need special "attention", he would grab the top of my head with one hand, pick me up and hold me nose to nose while he explained to me the error of my ways. It is very difficult to be antagonistic to anybody who can boot your ass the entire lenght of a house and up a flight of stairs without your feet ever touching the ground. it is even more difficult to argue with a man who is holding the top of your head with one hand while he explains the facts of life nose to nose. Those two people are long gone now, I not only miss them, but i loved them as they did me. I am a better man for who they were.

  4. It's strange how fascinated we are by this sort of thing, even though many of us hate child spanking (or nonconsensual spanking of any kind). Like the fetish itself, it may be a way of taking the pain away after all these years. Thanks for sharing these memories, and I hope you're enjoying your spankings a lot more these days.

  5. i don't remember being spanking but i remember being a witness to my strict tuition teacher spanking my classmate for failing his test in front of the entire class!

  6. Okay, not sure whether there is any point in adding a comment to a post last commented on 4 years ago, but I just found this now.

    Julie, the Yucky Peas episode really resonates with me because I also experienced bare bottomed spankings in front of sisters and cousins when I was a kid. That had to be really embarrassing for you at the age of ten. You said that you "cried yourself to sleep" afterwards. Was that mainly because of the pain or the embarrassment?

    As I am male, your story of witnessing your cousin Greg's spanking with the belt also resonates with me because I could have been your cousin Greg and I know exactly how embarrassed I would have felt in his place.

    Greg was lucky that his father didn't pull his pajama bottoms down for the spanking. Pajama bottoms come down so quickly and easily that my father probably would have bared me reflexively before thinking about the presence of my female cousins. In front of my sisters, I would have been bared for sure. I bet when your uncle told Greg to settle down or he would "get worse", the implied threat was that he wouldn't be so considerate of Greg's modesty if he had to spank him again. But being spanked at all in front of girl cousins must have been intensely embarrassing for Greg.

    Julie, you called that episode your "first femdom experience." Did you already find it exciting to see a boy getting spanked back then? Whenever one of my spankings was witnessed or overheard by girls, I always imagined the girls taking pleasure in my embarrassment, which heightened the feeling of humiliation.

    1. Sure there’s a point!
      Definitely from the embarrassment.
      Mixed feelings with regards to Greg. His Dad scared me because of the violence. But I did enjoy seeing Greg belt whipped. And by “worse” we girls definitely did get the impression that it would be on the bare (we teased him about just that next day).

  7. I bet the implied threat that Greg would get it on the bare if his father had to come back created a sense of nervous excitement. What if Greg screwed up again? That must have been on all of your minds if you teased him about that possibility the next day.
    When I was that age, I was very sensitive to teasing. Just having my female cousins know that I was at risk of a bare bottomed spanking would have embarrassed me. I also found it embarrassing to have girls know that I got spanked even if they didn’t see it. And since I had sisters and my sisters always had friends around, that kind of teasing was hard to escape. It might go something like this:

    - SISTER: D got spanked last night.
    - GF1&2: *giggle*
    - ME: Did not! *
    - SISTER: Did too, you liar. Mom spanked you for not changing when you got home and getting your school pants dirty.
    - GF 1: Look how red his face is! *giggle*
    - SIS: That’s because he knows it’s true.
    - ME: Is not! *feeling like I might cry*
    - GF2: Did he get on the bare?
    - SIS: Yeah, mom was really mad, so she pulled down his pants and paddled his bare bum.
    - GIRLS *laughing*
    - GF1: Did you get to see?
    - SIS: *nodding* He ran to his room when he knew he was going to get it, but mom followed him with the paddle, and she spanked him with the door open, so me and my sisters all saw it.
    - GIRLS *laughing*