Friday, March 19

A DWC Paddling for David

I was inspired by a post from my fellow blogger glenmoretales, A Favourite Lost Spanking from DWC.

It was a recounting of a disciplinary spanking left on the Disciplinary Wives Club guest book that glenmore reproduced. I left a comment on his blog

I didn't get to it that night, but I did get to it yesterday. We did it smack-dab at lunch hour in the middle of the workday so he could experience sitting on a sore behind at his desk all afternoon. I was hoping he would be on a lot of Zoom calls with women colleagues, squirming in his seat. Am I bad hoping that? We had not discussed anything in advance, so it would come to him out of the blue.

There's been an undone chore for the past week. He was to get some paperwork printed, signed, scanned, and emailed back. It was still undone as of the morning (I could tell because the papers were still where I had left them for him, untouched). As well, at breakfast, he put all his dishes away nicely and went up to work as I lingered at my breakfast, surfing my iPad. When I went up to start my day, rather than putting my dishes away, I left them in the sink.

Around noon David came down to the kitchen for lunch.

I asked him, "honey, did you get that paperwork signed and faxed back?"

"Oh, shit. No. Not yet. I'll get that done this afternoon!"


"Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry!"

At this point he still did not realize we were scening. He had genuinely screwed up.

"Take your clothes off," I told him.


"You heard me. Take. Your. Clothes. Off. You're getting a paddling across my knee."

"Ohhhh... yes Ma'am," he said. He could not argue. It was perfect scening material. He had not been cruisin' for a 'bruisin, but he had screwed up, unequivocally. So, were we scening, or was he being punished? You tell me.

He undressed in the kitchen as I watched him sternly. He was hard already.

Why naked, you may ask? The DWC lady had him pull his pants and underpants down in front of her. I don't know, it's just a preference for me. I like the idea of a "birthday suit" spanking. I like to normalize that. First he loses clothing privileges, then he is punished.

"Follow me," I told him once he was naked. I led the way into the living room. I was wearing nice tight jeans, heels, and a blouse. I picked up the armless wooden spanking chair and placed it in the center of the living room.

"Stand there," I said pointing to a spot just to the right of the chair, "and face the chair. I'll get the paddle and be right back to take care of you."

"Yes Ma'am," he said, sounding a bit glum.

I flicked at the tip of his erection with my fingertip. "Don't think that will be around for long," I said.

I left him there, and went upstairs to collect the Muskoka Paddle.

You've seen it before. It's a vicious little thing. It's made out of a dense hardwood, but is quite thin and hence light. It also has a good amount of leverage in the handle. It delivers a remarkable sting to the cheeks even at mild and moderate force. It does not leave deep bruising, but absolutely punishes the nerve endings closest to the skin and really colours-up his bare bum beautifully.

I came back down and placed the paddle on the chair.

"Are you proud of yourself? Proud that you need to be spanked for an undone chore?"

"No Ma'am," he said.

"There's one more thing also."

I reached out and grabbed his ear and pulled him into the kitchen and to the sink.

"WHAT IS THAT?!?" I asked him.

"d... d... dirty dishes in the sink."

"WHOSE job is it to make sure the dishes are put away in the dishwasher?" I asked him.

"Mine Ma'am."

"So WHY are those dishes not put away in the dishwasher???"

"I... i... they... they... must have been put there after I cleaned up this morning!" he wailed.

No! The temerity. I think he was trying to blame me. Bad move, buster.

"So it's my fault is what you're saying?" I asked incredulously,

"No Ma'am, it's just that I didn't have a chance to get to them yet."

"Breakfast was at 8. What time is it now?"

"Noon, Ma'am."

"That's right. It's noon. So they've been sitting there in their own filth for FOUR HOURS and you didn't notice them? Did you come down here for a coffee mid-morning?"

"Yes Ma'am."

"And did you not notice the mess in the sink?"

"No Ma'am."

"Well that's just inexcusable. And/or unbelievable. You KNOW how I like a clean kitchen."

"I'm sorry Ma'am."

"Yes you are sorry, we agree on that. A sorry excuse for a husband. Now wash those dishes, by hand, until they're sparking, and then put them in the dishwasher."

"Yes Ma'am!" he said, and he began dishwashing, still in the nude. 

Of course it was futile to handwash them when they were just going into the dishwasher anyways, but that was the point.

He used hot water, dish soap, scrubbed them thoroughly, rinsed them, and put them on the rack to drip. He then went to open the dishwasher to slide them in.

"No. They're not clean enough for my dishwasher. Wash them again."

"Yes Ma'am," he said.

I thought a bit of double-extra futility would be good for his soul.

I walked back into the living room and sat on the sofa waiting for him where I could just see him in the kitchen. When he was on the last dish I said "TEN, NINE, EIGHT, ..." He hurried to finish. He starting rushing towards me, turned back and wiped his wet hands on a dish towel, "SEVEN, SIX, FIVE, FOUR, THREE, ..." He ran back into the living room and stood at attention facing the spanking chair with the paddle resting on it. When he ran back, his erection bobbed in front of him obscenely.

"Pick up the paddle," I told him. He did so.

I stood up from the sofa and went to sit on the spanking chair. "Place the paddle on my lap." He did so.

"Now, explain to me why you're about to be paddled."

"Ummm... uh... because I didn't get the paperwork stuff done..."

"After how long?"

"After more than a week, Ma'am."

"And how many times did I have to remind you?"

"Several times, Ma'am."

"Several times. Yes. And what else?"

"Ummmm... for not noticing the dishes in the sink and cleaning them up when I should have."

"Not noticing, or noticing and not doing?"

"Not noticing, Ma'am, I swear."

"Hmmmph!" I said, expressing the sense that I was not sure I believed him.

I got my iPhone out of my back pocket. I set the auto-lock to 'never' (pro tip!) and set the countdown timer to 16 minutes. I put it in front of me where I could see it, but he would not be able to once across my knee.

"Do you see that?"

"Yes Ma'am." When it says 15 I'll start paddling you, and I won't stop until it counts down to zero, and depending on how you behave and how I feel, maybe not even then."

"Ohhh... yes Ma'am."

"Pick up the paddle," I told him. He picked it up off my lap.

"Hand it to me." He did so.

"Now get across my lap." David draped himself across my lap.

I fondled his bum and gave him a few light free hand smacks. "Just waiting for it to hit 15," I explained, as I continued. I adjusted him a bit more to be more comfortable for me. When the timer hit 15:00 I gave him the first smack with the paddle.

"Ahhhh!" he yelled out. Yes! That paddle stings. Especially on a fresh bottom.

I wasn't totally brutal. I went in smaller groupings at first, as the DWC lady did. I wanted to emulate that paddling. It was kind of uncanny, but the DWC post said her husband's erection waned after about the first minute of more "warm-up-like" paddling, and so did my husband's, right on cue.

I picked up the intensity and went to longer groupings between pauses. "This is what you get when you break the rules," I told him.

David looked like he was truly, truly, suffering.  He moved involuntarily. As soon as he moved a bit off my lap, he re-positioned himself right away. Like in the description, david also straightened his legs and clenched his bum at the assault. I told him to bend his knees. The only way he could do that shifted the center of balance and he needed to go further over and have his feet leave the floor. I was worried he was a bit top heavy now, and after another strong volley he practically toppled off in front, his little bum running away from the smacks as it was and turning side to side in agony. I re-positioned him over my left thigh and clamped him with my right leg. Less to control him, more to better adjust the center of gravity for my bucking bronco of a man-boy.

We were only 5 minutes in by now. He still had another 10 of this to go.

I decided "play time" was over and began his spanking in earnest. The smacks became harder now (still nowhere near full-force) and much more continuous. His cries became more and more urgent. He was saying something but I could barely make out what it was. I could hear tears and snot in his voice as well. His ass had come up to a bright red and I was starting to see those tell-tale white blisters in the centers of his cheeks. So gratifying!

In case you don't know, 15 minutes of paddling is purgatory for the poor boy. Now was the time to channel the lessons from the DWC article:

I ignore his whimpering as I relentlessly roast his rump with the paddle! I want him to remember this lesson every time he sits down. In fact I want him to think about me and how his behavior affects us. He will be reminded of the consequences for not obeying the rules every time he sits down.

As I blister his bottom, I recall your advice:
A spanking should be an event to remember. Don't worry about how red his bottom gets. The more color you put into it, the better you are doing. Don't pay any attention to his cries and pleas and promises. He will tell you anything to get you to stop.

While my husband is a spanko, by this point he does not want to be still over my knee. I pick up the pace and I pick up the force. There is a continuous stream of cries and yells and tears and snot from my "man", increasingly desperate sounding. There is only a minute left. As per the DWC:

The spanking is almost over so I must make every second count. Fifteen minutes ago his bottom was a pale creamy white but now it is a nice rosy shade of red. Mild blisters have formed on both of his buns.

If the last 14 minutes was a visit to purgatory, he will taste hell for the final minute. I go harder and faster and more continuously. He breaks down into a continuous sobbing, completely broken across my knee. The timer goes off and I end his spanking, keeping him across my knee as he regains some measure of composure. It was embarrassing what a fuss he made. I mean, I don't make that much of a fuss when I'm being spanked, and I'm just a little girl. He was less than a little girl, for sure.

"There, there, there," I tell him, stroking his blistered red bottom. "Mommy forgives you. Now stand up. Nose in the corner. No rubbing. Hands at your sides. Good boy."

He had gotten up slowly and painfully and hobbled his way towards the corner. His face was positively wet with a mixture of tears and sweat.

"Now you stand there and think about the difference between being a good boy, and being a bad boy. You think about what happens to bad boys, and then you think about what happens to good boys."

As I said that, I reached my hand to his front and rubbed his very, very limp cock into some semblance of its former glory.

I only let him stand there for five minutes or so while I prepared some things in the bedroom. Then I came down and got him and brought him up to the bed. I put him face down on the bed, spread some massage oil on him, and began massaging him. He moaned in pleasure as I massaged his sore, beaten up bottom. I then reached between his legs, pulled out his genitals behind, and had him clamp his legs together to keep them accessible from the rear. I put massage oil all over his penis and testicles and massaged him there. I got a bit of lube, squirted it onto his bumhole, and stuck first one then two fingers deep up inside and massaged his prostate as I pumped his cock. Pretty soon he ejaculated all over the backs of his thighs. I know: talk about mixed messages! :-)

I used his sperm as additional "massage oil" and rubbed it into his ass, and I even pushed a few globs up into his anus. Even as I rubbed I could see the angry redness fade and the white blistering start disappearing. By the end of his massage and ejaculation, the white centers were basically faded back into the overall dusky redness.

david reported that sitting was not comfortable all afternoon and into the evening. By next morning he was good as gold and I could see no residual effect. I like that. Had it been a heavier paddle, he would have had bruises for several days, but the lighter paddle makes a huge impression in the moment, but fades quickly, which is totally fine.

All in all, a great success. Thank you glenny and DWC for the motivation to go the extra mile!

No, not quite that bad, but he felt as if it was!


  1. He's a very lucky little boy Julie!

  2. "I don't make that much of a fuss when I'm spanked."

    Oh, Julie, we know that isn't true at all. We've all seen you carrying on while getting spanked on video, after all! And that's just with a hand only!

    That said, David deserved every single spank, and I'm sure you loved torching his naughty boy butt!

    1. Well ok, I put up a fuss, but not like him. Weakling!

  3. Attagirl! Woo! STRICT Ju-lie!

    I love it when you go ice cold and unleash Domme Julie. And at least David got a humiliating hand job rather than corner time!

    I'm a little worried that there of your five posts this month have been "monkey see, monkey do" with you enacting my e-mail, a random porn video and now a decades old spanking highlighted on a blog! I forget on your Britney post if you shaved your head or not, but I can imagine you singing along into a hairbrush in front of the mirror!

    David had better start restricting your viewing - we don't want you going to hospital after watching Mr Hands!

    1. Yes, been finding inspiration in many places this past month!
      Who or what is "Mr Hands"?

    2. Mr Hands was a notorious viral video of Internet 2.0, similar to Goatse or 2 Girls, 1 Cup. It was basically footage of a guy getting fucked by a horse. It was later revealed that the dude was an engineer for Boeing in Seattle, and that he died in hospital from the sort of injuries you might expect to get after letting a horse fuck you in the ass.

      There was a documentary about him called Zoo, but honestly what more do you need to know about the poor bastard?

      I'm a little nervous telling you this whilst you're so suggestible, but am interested in hearing what happens when you tell David that because he won't get involved with of a man, you'd like him to offer himself to a prize-winning stallion instead!

    3. Horses are beyond my kink level!

    4. Good to hear! Mine too, except for a naked woman on horseback,which is actually one of my very earliest fetishes now that I think about it! I'd forgotten that one!

  4. What a paddling!
    There's really something about being able to feel a spanking long after the event. My girlfriend loves it when I complain about sitting on a sore bottom at my desk the day/afternoon after. Especially when we're both working at home and she can see it for herself!

    1. David reports lingering soreness 2 days later. Yay!

  5. Love the fully nude part! Nice touch when you’re fully dressed. Him hearing your heel clicks on the floor is a very female dominant, psychologically impactful! Especially when he’s waiting fully nude for you. Well done! I think I would have gone for the rest of the lunch break in the corner...but you had other plans.

  6. A pre spanking bobbing erection is so disrespectful. Do these men really think they’ve got a chance at pussy in this situation? Glad to hear he got a painful flick and it was gone within a minute but perhaps that cock needs to be taught a harsher lesson?

    1. Yes, it thinks it's 'gonna get to fuck whenever practically any pretty girl is around it. So pathetic!

    2. It's a male thing, my wife makes fun of it, especially when she pulls my underpants down and it pops out. It goes away with a spanking or she will have me masturbate reminding me of what to come. No matter what, the males never wins, and the woman enjoys making fun of his play toy. Jack

    3. Chastity cage time!

    4. Not at all, I enjoy its rutting around.

    5. My wife a few times has allowed the spanking to get rid of the erection. Since my mother-in-law has spanked me, my wife now when my mother in law is present will make a comment about it, being funny. It is not bad enough that she pulls my pants and underpants down, scolding with her mother present, but then makes a comment. Yes when the spanking is done, I'm limp. Women seem to enjoy making the male feel little and making fun of his penis. Jack

    6. Well, it is a funny little thing. I mean, you just have to see the humour in it, right?

    7. The female do, males not always. Jack

  7. OMG! My place is a mess, and I am scurrying to clean right now! Were you to see it, Julie, I have no doubt ... well, I have no doubt (as I grab my buns in an involuntary gesture).

    1. That would be fun. We meet at last, you have me up to your appartement for a visit. I take one look around and you are across my knee!

    2. Now tha, ummm, excites me. The "david bobbing erection syndrome?"

    3. An erection, in those circumstances, I just see as a challenge to my authority, which will be dealt with.

  8. Sounds like you did DWC proud Julie !

  9. Can't say yyou're not "doing unto others what you would have them do unto you"! - Frank

  10. can't wait until everything opens up and I can get such a spanking from Mistress Violet.

    1. Save your pennies. A worthy expenditure!

  11. Wow Julie, this is a very nice spanking.
    Love it.

  12. Too bad David is not a rabid ecologist, the futile use of water and dish soap for double washing the dishes would have been mind-fucking, before calling the fire department.:-)

    1. The water and dish soap were well worth the lesson.

  13. Oh, lucky, lucky david! We should all be so lucky to receive those 'mixed messages!' But, I get it. Spank first, sex second. Did it all make you a bit wet? TL

  14. If a thing's worth doing... it's worth doing right. And, sounds like you did that one JUST right! That was the paddling of my dreams, and please don't ask me why.. but if you call, I'll report for duty, Miss Julie!

    I must ask a question; regarding the Moskoka paddle, can you share a few of the key dimensions of that little prize with us? Overall length; width of the 'business end', and thickness; maybe diameter of the handle at its narrowest point. Also, you state that it's made of "a dense hardwood"; would guess maple, or maybe ash? I'd like to make one for ... well, for the day my wife finally learns to emulate you, my Princess from Afar!


    1. Yes. Will get the dimensions for you later today!

    2. Ms Julie, found the dimensions, and thanks ever so much!!!


    3. Just went back and re-read this set of comments... looks like there is another wood worker, two of us have asked for the Muskoka Paddle's dimensions! I'll guess David thinks we are nuts....


  15. This paddle seems to be a really mean yet safe implement.
    Good choice Julie.

  16. My wife makes sure I remain erect through out my spanking, she rubs my dick from time to time to regain its erection but also insures I don't ejaculate (tease and denial as well as makes me able to take longer spankings).
    Similar to this clip

    1. A little too much attention for my taste!

  17. It would be fun if you spank him one day until he screams "RED": his safe word but also the color of his ass.

    1. We've never hit RED. I respect his YELLOW, and surf it, even when unsaid.

  18. Hmm despite these very stern punishments he remains quite messy and disorganised especially in the kitchen. A new approach is required. The threat of another males cock might do the trick and would be excellent blog fodder too. It’s time Ms J.

  19. I am a slipper spanking fan, but this special paddle caught my attention from the way you describe it.
    I will make one, can you please tell me its dimensions (total length, length of the handle, lenght of the spanking part, width of the spanking part and finally its thickness).

    1. Yes, I'll get you that later today!

    2. Oops sorry!
      Length 38cm - half paddle, half handle
      Widest paddle 7.8cm
      Paddle thickness 0.8cm
      Neck 1.5cm diameter round
      Weight 113g
      Is good?

    3. Wow, very detailed. Thanks

  20. Have you ever spanked any one other than David?

    1. Yes. Several girls and one other guy (a sort of brother-in-law).

    2. Brother in law? I thought your other sister isn't into spanking?

    3. What's the long term partner of my husband's sister called? Whatever that is to me. And neither of them are into spanking, as far as I know, but he got a spanking from me nonetheless instead of jail time, the perv.

    4. Have you told this story on your blog? I don’t remember reading anything about it.

    5. Look up "Peeper Punished" I think I called it. It's hot, and very, very real (and some nice pics of me to celebrate the occasion of giving my first real non-consensual spanking!)

    6. they name show no result Peeper Punish if it is who i think it is was some family memember Boyfriend you spanked right for peeping peeking at you

    7. "Peeper punished" with the d

  21. Nice beating!

    These three blogs on your blog roll are no longer accessible
    Do you know why or do you have news ?
    Submissive to Sister
    Held Accountable
    The Venus And Cupid

    Thank you

    1. Blogs come, blogs go. I'll prune my list of deleted blogs.

  22. You sure know how to deliver a DWC spanking. 15 minutes, that must have been hell for him. You are so strict at times.

    I hate the thought that my disciplinarian wants your input for my next correction.

    1. Miss Julie, My disciplinarian was not happy with my comment to you and your need to give me a warning. My later apology did not seem to be sufficient to her.

      I hope you will be satisfied to know that she decided that a strict application of the hairbrush to my naked bottom was necessary.

      I am very sorry and I hope that you will be satisfied knowing I was punished and that I will be more respectful.

      Thank you and if you don't mind she would like you to indicate if you are satisfied or not.

    2. Not quite. That was the spanking you were going to get anyways. For the cheek, another 15 minutes with the hairbrush should do it.

    3. Oh, Miss Julie, the hairbrushing was really was for my cheeky comment. It doesn't matter though, My disciplinarian will certainly be unhappy that you are not satisfied. I will of course report back her response and the results. Oh Miss, 15 minutes with the brush. You are very strict.

    4. Miss Julie, I was very nervous having to pass your response on to her. She made it very clear that I must have really crossed the line. She remembered that my comment was because I questioned the 15 minute duration of your husband's spanking. She made it clear that while she felt that was very strict, it was not my place to question it.

      She decided that it was better to beat my ass as soon as possible so that the soreness from the previous spanking would add to the reminder. The first 5 minutes were horrible. She cracked that brush down with full force. There wasn't any pause between strokes. I barely felt one stroke before the next and the next. She also scolded and lectured me about paying proper respect. Although she eased off a bit for the rest of the spanking each stroke was a horrible stinging reminder. That last few minutes were unbearable.

      She put the bush aside (in full view as a reminder) and told me to strip all my clothes off. She told me to fetch her thick belt with holes in it. She told me that she was embarrassed that I was not spanked well enough the first time. I got at least a dozen with that belt.

      Miss, my bottom is bruised and has clear white areas where the brush hit at full force. I will carry a reminder of this punishment for days and I hope that you will accept my apology.

      In addition to the ass beating I am grounded for a week from looking at any sort of femsub images as a reminder of my place.

      I do hope you are satisfied that this punishment was what you had in mind.

    5. Yes, I am fully satisfied. Please don't question me, ever again, on one of my dominant posts.

  23. What happened to "The Bargain."

    1. Lost touch with my writing partner. Should I write another chapter, you think?

  24. My husband gets a spanking like the one described here once a week. I however do NOT allow erections during the spanking. I relieve him of his excitement prior to the spanking with a nice rubber-gloved hand-job. This ensures the spanking/paddling/strapping is pure punishment. We BOTH prefer it that way although he usually has to be restrained. In the past I have allowed my mother to participate as well, which she gleefully enjoys. She was the one that convinced him that a regular spanking from a strict woman is just what he needs.

    1. Time to widen the circle and invite other women to witness his punishment, or deliver a few strokes of their own. We love it!

  25. Hot. Sexy. Nothing more to say,really. Don't worry, I like like Lil Julie the Naughty Girl too(switch that leans bottom here), but my favorite blogging Domme you will always be.