Friday, March 12

Grown Daughter Spanked, Diapered, and Given an Enema! (part 3)

[Continued from part 2, in which Daddy punished his daughter Julie and laid down the law.]

The aftermath!
what naughty grown up daughters deserve.

In part 1 and part 2, I described a video I watched as if it was me it was happening to: all the thoughts and inner feelings that would go through me in the video's scenario based on what real-world experience I have as a spanked wife and daughter.

During that scene, both the Mom and Dad toyed with some public spanking threats. Mom said that if daughter disobeyed again, her next bare bottom spanking would be in the living room with the curtains and windows thrown open. Dad said that if she misbehaved, she would be bare bottom spanked no matter who might be present to see it. My imagination of course stayed on those two things, and I elaborate on those thoughts and fantasies here.

Mom and Dad were true to their word, and despite being super well behaved (I thought), I still was one very well-spanked girl for the remainder of that summer. And it was not only the three of us who knew about it!

Once when Grandma and Grandpa were over for dinner, Grandpa said something I thought was really offensive to people of color, and I told him so. He had called a person of colour a "negro!" I told Grandpa off using some colorful language of my own. Grandpa was fine about it. He apologized and said he'd change the words he used. Fine, right? Apparently not. Daddy was NOT impressed. He scolded me and said that in Grandpa's day the term was commonly used and was not considered a slur and that "Miss College Educated Girl" needed to make allowances for her elders. Instead of leaving it at that, he pushed his chair back from the dining room table, called me over, and told me I was going to be spanked on my bare bottom.

"No Daddy! Please No! Not in front of Grandma and Grandpa! Please!!!!" I begged.

"I warned you, young lady, that if there happened to be company when you needed a spanking, a bare bottom spanking would take place regardless of who was there to see it, did I not?"

"Yes Daddy... but I didn't think you meant it!"

"I think he means it," suggested Grandma, evilly. She wanted to see it!

I was wearing the same dress I had on before, it was my only "proper" one. And seeing as how I complained to Mom so much about my stupid sister's panties, she went ahead and took all of my own panties away and left me only with my sister's frumpy hand-me-downs.

Daddy stood and took my dress right off me. Right in front of Grandma and Grandpa! And then he told me to drop my panties to my knees. I blushed heavily, but knew better than to disobey Daddy lest he get his belt out. Daddy then sat and pulled me across his knee.

As I was pulling my panties down I heard Grandma say to Grandpa, "Well will you look at that. I think that girl's already been spanked once today." It was true.

Mommy confirmed it: "I had to spank her bottom earlier today. She was supposed to have cleaned her room yesterday, and it was still a mess this morning. She came across my knee for a good bare-bottom spanking and then she cleaned her room without her pants on."

"She's a slow learner, I guess," Daddy said as he began spanking me right then and there in front of Grandma and Grandpa to "teach me a little politeness".

This was the first time I had ever been spanked in front of anybody other than Mommy and Daddy, and it was super embarrassing. And it wasn't just this spanking, it was that it would change my relationship forever more with Grandpa and Grandma, them knowing that a girl my age is still spanked like that – like a naughty child – and that I respond to it by improving my behavior. So humiliating...

After he was done with me, Daddy even asked if Grandpa wanted a go. Grandpa said, "don't mind if I do!" Daddy stood me up, handed me off to Grandpa. He did not sit, he just put a knee up, hauled me over it, and gave me a spanking while standing up!

I felt so humiliated there like that! Grampa's hands were all over my ass. He even spanked low inside my left thigh and I could feel his fingertips whipping casually against my labia which must have been so exposed, bent over as acutely as I as. And what was worse, literally everybody was staring straight at my ass and exposed pussy as Grandad spanked me. Because I'm sick in the head, I found myself getting "excited" by my spanking despite the intense fanny pain. Grandad's fingertips occasionally lashing against my pussy did not help matters. When I get excited, I get a bit wet. Nobody said anything, but did they need to?

Grandpa might have been old, but he was no slouch in the spanking department. Before long I was wailing and gyrating my legs, doing a can-can dance across his raised knee and begging him for mercy: "wahhh! I'm sorry Grandpa! I'm sorry!"

When Grandpa was done with me, Daddy then forced me to face Grandpa and apologize directly to him. My pants and panties were still down for goodness sake!

I was sooo embarrassed. But Grandpa, the old letch, had a big smile pasted on his face! Grandma looked a bit scandalized and said, "just look at how she keeps herself!"  They can see how I "keep myself", They can all see!

Daddy then said that since I could not be polite in polite company that I should stand with my nose in the corner and be seen and not heard, "like the child you are." I tried to collect my panties and put them on but Daddy said to keep them off and get into the corner and not to dare say a word.

When I got there, Mom said, "Nose in the corner young lady. Touching both walls." That meant I had to bend over a little, sticking my butt and God knows what else right out into the dining room for everybody to see, and stay like that until it was time to clear, missing dessert in the process.

The dinnertime conversation turned to me and my upbringing, and my parents' regrets over stopping the spanking too early but that they were making up for lost time now. Grandma, for one, approved. The conversation then turned to my marriage prospects (!) and Grandpa offered that I was a "fine looking young lady, curvy in all the right places, and she seems eager enough" and that "I would make some husband a fine wife". Grandma added "and with those hips and bottom, she certainly looks fertile enough." Oh blush! "I don't think fertility is her problem," Mom added. Was she indirectly alluding to my wet pussy from Grandad's spanking??? Oh double blushies!

When it was time to clear, Daddy told me to get out of the corner and to help Mom and Grandma with the washing up. When I tried to dress Daddy told me to stay just like that. When I pleaded for at least my panties, he told me I had lost my panty-privileges until bedtime. "Daddy! Please!" I cried out, stomping my foot a little.

He answered, "would you like to lose your bra-privileges as well, young lady? And bend over the back of this chair for a good belting while Grandpa watches with your bare breasts swinging free? No. I thought not. Now 'git!" I imagined what that would be like!

As a result, I "got"! I hurried into the kitchen, bottomless, and had to work there alongside Mom and Grandma who insisted on teasing me about how now I've learned to keep a civil tongue in my head around the menfolk. All I could do was "grin and bare it".

There was another occasion where more than just family saw me being spanked. On that very first spanking, Mom had "sworn" that if I disobeyed her again, she would spank me in the living room, on my bare bottom, with the windows thrown wide open for all the neighbors to see. I didn't think she was joking around either. As a result, I kept my nose pretty clean around the "obeying Mom" sort of thing. That was a very effective deterrent!

But there was this boy. I really, really, liked him, but he had a bad reputation around town (which is why I liked him, duh!) and Mommy forbade me from seeing him. This was too much. I knew what I was risking, but I snuck out through my window to meet up with him for a heavy petting session in his car.

Suddenly, "knock, knock, knock" on the window of the car. OMG, it was Mom! She had noticed me gone, and went for a walk around the neighborhood worried sick for me. She dragged me back to the house by my ear the whole way. It was late so she said we'd deal with this tomorrow. She told me she was not going to tell Daddy, as he was likely to throw me out of the house completely, but that I would be punished just as bad as if he was there to do it.

Next day, at around 11am,  Mommy told me to come with her into the living room. Oh no! Oh yes. Mommy drew the curtains fully back and fastened them up, then threw the casement windows wide open. She then put a straight-backed wooden chair right in the middle of the living room, facing the window. She told me to go stand to the right of the chair facing it, and wait for her.

Mommy then took the phone and began dialing the neighbors! "Hi Gertie. In case you're interested, young Julie has earned herself a very public spanking. 10 minutes from now. You can see everything from our front yard. Feel free to let anyone else know as well." Mom did that with a few other friends as well and then she busied herself around the kitchen while I was still standing there facing the spanking chair. This could not be happening!

Pretty soon a small crowd started to gather. There were other women Mom's age. Some husbands. Even some sons and daughters, my age and younger! As they were gathering, Mom walked into the living room and deposited a big hairbrush on the seat in front of me. I literally whimpered. Mom had used that hairbrush on me before, and it invariably turned me into a kicking bawling six-year-old across her lap. Everybody would see that!!!!

When enough people had gathered, Mommy came into the living room, picked up the hairbrush, sat, and put it back down onto her lap. She then reached over to me and began lowering my pants and panties to my ankles.

As she did it, tears streamed down my face and I begged her not to. Once I was bare from the waist down she picked up the hairbrush and pulled me over her knee.

Then Mommy started spanking me. She did not scold at all. She was dead silent. She let that hairbrush do the scolding. We both knew why I was there. I had disobeyed in the worst way possible.

Immediately the hairbrush made an impression on me and I was kicking, squirming, and crying over her knee. Because the windows were open the neighbors could not only see, but also hear every smack and every cry from me.

Mom did a number on my butt that day. When she was done she made me stand back up. She pulled up my panties herself, and then my yoga pants.

These were the days before social media, so at least my spanking did not show up on some fetish xxx site or something, but I was sure teased around the neighborhood for the rest of the summer. Nobody besides Mom and me, and maybe that boy that I never saw again, ever knew what I was spanked for that day, but did that ever teach me to really obey Mom from there on in.

[Continued in part 4 in which Julie has a temper tantrum during a clothes shopping expedition and is consequently diapered, and later suffers an embarrassing enema by Mom in view of Dad.]


  1. I'm sorry you had to miss dessert. 😟

    Loving the hand-me-down undies, there's something so deliciously naughty about the idea of a woman in someone else's panties, against her will. One of my earliest sexual thoughts was of girls having to switch their undies in a game of truth of dare. I don't know what put that thought in my weird little teenage head! Sterling work!

    1. I know! THAT was the worst part! My husband put me in the corner once at Mom and Dad's so that I missed desert, so I write from experience. That was so embarrassing!

  2. Oui la fessée devant la famille ce fait chez nous, depuis toujours, embarrassant, cette honte qui trouble, et comme je connaît bien Sylvie, je sais que cette honte d’être exposée devant du monde la mets carrément dans un état secondaire...
    Un jour nous en avons parlé , elle m'a dis oui, non seulement mes fesses crépitent comme un feux d'artifice, mais aussi dans ma tête c'est une pluie d’étoiles, et tu sais bien papa ce que cela à comme résultat entre mes cuisses...
    Bien sur j'ai eu un sourire complice ….

    1. It's the biggest embarrassment for a girl that our bodies react like that to male punishment, as if we were genetically programmed to be submissive to a man.

  3. Oui mais rassurer vous , je peux dire pas ma propre expérience (mes fessées par ma maîtresse d'école, ensuite par ma belle mère, que je ne pouvais pas non plus me retenir de bander )
    Donc je crois que c'est simplement la fessée qui en est la cause, pour ceux et celles qui aiment...
    L'homme ne peux le cacher ça se voit de suite, et ma maîtresse d’école avait du le remarquer, et ma belle mère aussi, et donc elles savaient qu'elles pouvaient me fesser puisque j'aimais...
    et bien sur elles devaient aussi aimer me donner la fessée... que de très bons souvenirs ces 2 personnes n’étant plus de ce monde ...