Tuesday, March 16

I Got a Bad Strapping...

Yup... this time it was me who get the strap from my husband.

After a series of posts where I imagined myself into some videos, the same guy who sent me those videos was kind enough to send me even more videos he thought I might enjoy. The particular one he sent was good, but the thing is, when you watch one on xhamster it recommends others you might like as well, and I went on a bit of an involuntary spanko/porno binge (you know how it goes...)

For my porn viewing, other than a "professional" interest in femdom videos to get more ideas and techniques for when I'm top, the stuff that really turns my crank is anything along the Daddy/daughter and Husband/wife spectrum. I get unreasonably excited whenever I see well-played stuff like that, and I really like it when the daughter/wife suffers... a lot! I guess I wrote a whole ebook on it, so it shouldn't come as too much of a surprise, my taste in porn (it's legit - I know my "brand" is mostly femdom, and straying from that loses me readers, but little miss puss-puss cannot be denied).

This time I thought I would look for one that David and I could watch together, maybe several times in a row, and then act out as closely as possible. Then I could do the screenshots and describe my actual experience rather than just imagining it. So after that thought occurred to me, I went on a mission to find the perfect candidate video.


One of them I liked was Text and Spank and Text and Spank 2. Mainly because the model was so pretty and she took such a hard spanking, the poor dear! Here is the progression I saw:

From over the knee with his hand, to bent over the stool with the paddle. Don't you love how she gets a pair of red panties painted onto her butt? She took it much more stoically than I would have. Her stoicism is a bit of a turnoff for me. I prefer my spanking with loud shrieks, which is more like I behave during my spankings. I also thought her butt was too badly marked for the purposes I intended. Not to say I don't love seeing her butt like that in the porno, and fantasizing it is me, but in real-life play, I need it a bit lighter than that.

The next one I saw was We're Done Talking. This one was more to my liking. She's his wife or girlfriend. Her offense was just that she was acting bitchy towards him for the past three days and he had had enough. I love the absolutely no-nonsense spanking. You could tell he had taken complete authority to spank her when and how he saw fit. He sits with his knees wide apart and pulls her, clothed, across one of his knees.

I think her positioning and clothes really emphasizes how humiliating her spanking must be for her. She was bitchy, now she's across his knee. It's called CONSEQUENCES (I'm speaking to myself here!). He starts in just hand spanking her over her jeans.

Right from the start you could tell she was in a bit of distress. Even through those thick jeans. It's a real man-spanking. That turns me on immensely: the capacity of a man to punish a girl like that, just with his hand, even over her jeans. The theme of this video is that he tried talking to her, and that did not work. Now the talking is over.

Midway through he picks up a wooden paddle and starts spanking her with that. He then tells her to stand up and drop her pants. He does it all very masterfully. I was thinking of picking this one for David to emulate because of the style of his commands to her.

He takes her back across his knee in just her panties and continues with the paddle. Now she's 'gonna get it.

If it was humiliating before, it's double that now. After he thoroughly toasts the seat of her panties, he makes her stand up again to lower her panties. She is sniffling by now. She tells him "I'm scared". He laughs at her, tells her he doesn't care, and then tells her that she seems to have forgotten who's in charge here. That made my pussy gush!

Now she's bare bum across his knee, and he's put a leg over to secure her. Now is the point in the spanking where the lesson is learned.

Now the crying, the begging, the pleading, the promising, the squirming really happens. To me, this is the most exciting part of the spanking. It is the part where I imagine myself completely in her situation. I mean, I don't need to imagine, I have literally been there. So it's more like remembering for me. I feel so much empathy for her. I know exactly what she's going through. We are sisters. Him and my husband are brothers. WE are being spanked.

He finally ends it and sends her/me sobbing off to kneel bare bum in the corner until we compose ourselves.

Ouch! Message received, Sir.

So I was really considering this one, but in the end I thought, let's look around a bit more...

The next one I jumped to is called Daughter Spanked To Tears. The title caught my attention more than anything. The Daddy/daughter thing really turns me on. Maybe I wanted David to take a more paternal role in my spanking, rather than a husbandly role?

It starts with a somewhat surly and defiant girl.

She stayed out too late and her Dad said he was going to spank her. She said that he couldn't do that. He begged to differ. He made her remove her mini-skirt and then took her across his knee and lowered her panties to her ankles.

This gets my heart fluttering right away. I really live these pornos I tell you. I imagine it is my real-life Dad and that he pulls me across his knees and lowers my panties like that. I am so mortified!

The spanking starts. It is just with his hand but is very hard and quite quick-paced.

She is crying like crazy! Very loudly. You need to go listen to it. The tears and cries are super realistic, I think. It's a lot like me when David hand spanks me beyond a certain point. I find it extremely satisfying that she reacts like that. A spanking should be a spanking! I want to be spanked that hard that I genuinely react like that. Imagine if there are others in the house. Like Mom, or siblings. This spanking would be heard throughout. How might those sounds affect a young male sibling, for example, knowing his sexy big sister is being so soundly spanked across Daddy's knee?

After she is spanked she is stood up in front of her Daddy.  He makes her stand and put her hands on her head and lectures her. We all know what she's showing in front.

What a contrast with the start! The camera cuts to her rubbing her bottom.

As she nurses her bum he tells her that any future misbehavior will most certainly result in her going across his knee and getting a very sore bottom. She does not doubt it now!

I did like this one a lot, but I thought I needed more than just the hand, so I went looking for one with an implement, and a belt in particular. I figured I needed the belt. In fact, I wanted to be whipped frantic with the belt...

So I finally found the perfect video to act out with David. It's called Wellspanked - Becca's Belting.

Becca sentenced to the belt after a hand spanking

It's about a daughter who got into the wine cupboard and drank three bottles with friends without asking permission. I imagine they were good bottles that her and her young fool friends did not even appreciate. And worse, she lied about it afterwards, as if her parents did not keep careful track.

The spanking starts over her clothes with her still not admitting to it. This one is a little shrieker also, and Daddy keeps spanking her until she admits it. He then tells her to change into her shorty pyjamas and to come back to the living room and bring the belt.

He bends her over the arm of the over-stuffed sofa chair. He sentences her to a dozen strokes for each bottle she stole and lied about. He gives her the first eighteen over her thin shorty pyjama pants. The second eighteen are on the bare. She is genuinely crying throughout. Afterwards she is sent up to bed with the warning that if she steals again it will be double that, and he'll use the belt on the backs of her legs as well.

This video was perfect for a girl wanting a belting. David would make a more than adequate Daddy. I told him about my plan next morning after finding this. I said I'd been surfing Daddy/daughter spanking porn and found a video that I would like to act out with him. He enthusiastically agreed. We decided that in the evening we would sit and watch it through together a couple of times, and then we would act it out ourselves.

I emailed David the link and he queued the video up on the giant TV. We sat together on the couch, me leaning against him and his arm around me, and we watched it together. It's less than 10 minutes long. As the action got hot I squirmed against him, and he reciprocated by fondling my tits and ass and stroking the inside of my thighs, right up to and including my pussy, over my clothes. I reacted by squeezing my thighs together and squirming shamelessly against him. I was in heat watching this with him. The more pain and distress she was in, the more I squirmed.

When it was over he laughed and said, "you really want this, don't you?"

"Yes sir," I answered.

We watched it twice more at David's insistence. He said he wanted to treat this seriously and wanted to memorize all the details. I also think he wanted to tease me and build my anticipation as I got more and more submissive and nervous and in heat each time it played.

If you've never done this before, I can tell you that it's very exciting for the bottom. You see this poor girl being put through her ordeal. That "poor girl" will be YOU soon enough!!! Oh no! What am I getting myself into???

After it was over the second time he turned to me and asked, "do you really want it that hard? Do you want to cry like that?" This was the moment of truth. "Yes sir..." I told him. He said that he only had 36 strokes to do it in, and he thought he would need the strap for that, not just his belt. I did not disagree. It meant I would be getting a very strict tawsing:

We call it "the strap". It's very heavy, like the belt the man was using in the video, we thought. David would make me cry with it. We watched the video a third time. David teased me about how sore my bum would be after he got through with me, and how big and wet my tears would be. I thought twice through was enough. He wanted to drag it out and do a third. I was getting anxious for my spanking. I craved it, but I also wanted it over with.

After the third time David sent me upstairs to dress my part and he went to the living room to wait for me to come down. We wound up following the script quite closely. I'll use the matching stills from the video as I describe how it went down.

I put on a T-shirt, a pair of "black tights" (they were actually long underwear I use when cross-country skiing - quite thin), and a pair of gym shorts I'd had since I was a girl, hence too short. I went down to David and adopted a sassy attitude.

"Come here, young lady. You wouldn't happen to know anything about three bottles of wine gone missing from the rack, would you?"

"No Daddy." [I called him "Daddy" - it sort of thrilled me.]

"You had friends over the other night when your Mother and I were out. Did you drink them then?"

"Of course not. We're not even legal age. You must have just miscounted."

"I did not miscount. Get over here."

"What? Why?"

David stood and took me by my arm and pulled me down across his lap.

I was over both his knees. My head was near the carpet and my toes were just off the ground. He was seated on the edge of our two-seater couch, the arm of which I would be given my strapping over later on.

"You are lying to me, young lady. I know perfectly well you took those bottles!"

"No! Daddy! I'm telling you the truth! Let me up! Let me up!" As I said that I flutter-kicked by legs for show.

David pulled up on my shorts, just like the Daddy in the video, exposing some tight-covered butt, and gave me a mighty smack down low!

He kept up the spanking, all the while scolding me and calling me a little liar. I maintained the pretense that I did not take the wine!

Let me digress for a moment on the feeling of being given a spanking across David's knee with just his hand. It bloody hurts! Both my shorts and my tights were very thin, but I think David went extra strict on his strokes thinking they were thicker than they actually were!

"Please Daddy!" I pleaded, "I'm telling the truth!" I was determined to hold out as long as possible. This was a battle of wills. He could not prove I had taken the wine, and if I did not admit to it, I was home free! Me continuing to insist I had not taken the wine was a form of "go code". As long as I kept denying it, David kept spanking; and spanking harder and harder and harder. Eventually the fanny pain became intense and I could feel the tears welling in my eyes. But I wanted real tears at this stage, so I kept at it. I eventually elicited the tears by going into my little girl state and feeling the injustice of not being believed by a parent (even if I was lying - he could not know that! Why didn't Daddy trust me???). When I felt the tears falling wet I finally admitted it.

"Ok! Ok! Yes! Yes Daddy! I took the wine!!!!!"

"And you lied to me about it?" he said angrily, channeling his paternal energy as he continued spanking, even harder!

"Yes! I lied Daddy! I'm sorry!!!!!!" I wailed.

He ended my spanking and he stood me up. I rubbed my bottom. I would have done so regardless of the fact that the girl in the video did, but she did also.

As I was standing there, sniffling, David got the whole truth out of me. He quizzed me on why I had lied to him, and why I had just not asked in the first place. I told him because I thought I could get away with it as there were lots of bottles and I didn't think he would miss just a few, and I didn't ask because I didn't think he would let me.

Yes, I was very much like her during my inquisition, crying and rubbing my sore bottom. I do like rubbing my bum after a spanking. First of all, it is soothing to a certain extent. But more importantly, it is just so darned embarrassing. It's the universal symbol that you've just been spanked and are acknowledging that. It helps me to achieve "shame", and "shame" in this context turns me on.

I found it a bit of an emotional release to come clean with David. I know it's stupid. The whole thing was a play act. But it didn't feel right continuing to lie to him in my character like that, and it was a genuine emotional relief when I fessed up to literally everything. Weird.

He told me to go upstairs, change into my night clothes, come back down, and to bring the strap back down with me.

I went upstairs to our bedroom. I changed into a tank top and some shorty panties (I think they're called "French Knickers"?).

This was the closest I had to the shorty-jammies that the model had.

I went to David like that and handed him the strap. My bum was already sore and I was nervous! David stood, pointed towards the arm of the sofa, and send "bend over, you know the drill."

I draped myself over the arm of the sofa. Oh boy...

He stood above me and said something about taking things that didn't belong to me, lying to him, and so on. When I roleplay, and get deep into character (to the point of earlier tears), I really do convince myself it's real, and I really did feel guilty and that my punishment was deserved. Listen, there's nothing like actually having screwed up, and actually getting a real spanking for it, but this is a close second. The experience of having had that happen to me is easily transferable to the roleplay.

He shuffled around bit back there where I couldn't see, presumably getting lined up, and my anxiety grew.

 He announced that I would get 12 strokes for each bottle of wine. I knew that, but feigned I did not and complained. He said "would you like me to double that?" A little "off-script" but suited the mood. I said "no sir!"

He hauled back and I felt the first lick across my thinly-clad backside.

Holy FUCK! He did not start gently. He figured I was already warmed up from my hand spanking. The stroke was perfectly placed across the low middle of both cheeks, though I felt it more on the far cheek. Imagine what a steak must feel like when laid down on the griddle. That was my ass. He sizzled my buns with his strap. There was no fucking way I could get through 36 of these, but I needed to... somehow.

I got through the first 12, screaming all the way. I legit had tears in my eyes when he announced, "that's the first done."

So why, in hell, do I do this???? And why the hell didn't I just safeword out of it and be done with it??? No. I had to lay there, and take my whole punishment. There's so much delightfully tummy-churning anticipation leading up to it. It would cheapen the anticipation for next time if I were to beg off. There was the roleplay to consider. I was committed to my character and I had asked David to be committed to his. I could not cheapen that. And I knew there would be the afterwards. David would be so gentle with me, cuddle me, kiss me, tell me what a brave girl I had been. He would admire my sore bottom, tease me for it. Stroke me. Ask if I was horny after my spanking (YES!). He would go down on me and lick me to a fabulous orgasm, and then another, and then another. My sore bottom would make me cum quicker. He would take me with his cock. I would open my legs for him and invite him in eagerly. Beg him for it. After being well-spanked by him, it would make me eager to submissively accept him and please him with all capabilities at my disposal. That's why I did it. Am I wrong?

After a brief pause he continued my strapping. After reaching number 6 he declared that the rest would be on my bare bottom. With that, he pulled my shorty-panties down past my knees where they quickly dropped to my ankles.

Now I was bared and Daddy could see everything there was to see of me. I squirmed in anticipation and in shame, knowing the sight I must be presenting. I also knew there was now nothing protecting me from the kiss of the twin-tailed strap.

David stood back and resumed my strapping.

It was another 18 fiery strokes from hell. I was liberally crying and shrieking as David punished my bottom with his strap. He did not take it easy on me at all. He knew I wanted a strapping to remember, and he gave it to me.

After having received my full dose, he allowed be to stand. I did so clutching my bottom cheeks mightily.

As I stood there he gave me a final lecture while shaking the strap in my face.

He told me not to do it again and if I did, it would be double, and across the backs of my legs as well which he spared this time. He then told me to get up to bed and lights out as there would be no supper for me. Long ago my short-panties had flown off my ankles, so I picked them up off the ground and wiggled my way back upstairs to our bedroom, naked from the waist down, my face stained with tears.

I went into our bedroom and immediately went into the ensuite to have a look at my butt. It was crimson red and strap-marked. David came up almost immediately and had a look with me. "Awwww," he said, hugging me. Then he took me by the hand and led me back to the bed. He put me down face up, dove between my legs and began licking me to a series of wonderful orgasms, exactly as predicted. He then fucked me until he came, again, exactly as predicted. Yummm!

So, all in all, I think it's safe to say that a fun time was had by all.

What do you folks think of the idea of looking at videos together with your partner, then acting them out? I had not heard of it before, but I think it was a really good way to inject some extra spice and keep things fresh!


  1. In answer to your final question: yees, dummy, it's obviously very hot, and a great way for a porn-positive couple to experiment with new things! I have to ask if you had to make it clear to David that you were planning on playing the daughter?

    My good-natured ribbing out the way; ooh, you poor babygirl, tasting the end of Daddy's belt! I bet your poor little bum is still stinging, long after little miss puss-puss has been taken care of! I imagine you're very proud of yourself for not using your safewords and committing to the role. You're like the Daniel Day Lewis of getting your ass punished!

    Shame you didn't show him the enema/diaper video that captured your imagination, looking forward to that movie night!

    1. Ha ha! Yes! In our family that could have gone either way!

      Yes, my ass is very talented, I think.

      One of these days I will want to be babied. He's game...

    2. I bet he is! I have a bottle of champagne in my fridge waiting for the happy day!

  2. I love how you transitioned from pretending to be the girl in the video to acting the part of the girl in the video. Might the next step be an actual Strict Julie video? Seems like a logical progression :)
    Regardless, this was great.


    1. Obvious in retrospect, right? But just came to me all of a sudden.
      Would love to act in a movie like that! Would be cool...

  3. Totally agree that squirming, begging and pleading are a necessary part of a proper spanking. Let the English with their bottle green knickers be stoic. I’d prefer a naked, squirming, pleading, crying daughter/wife every time.

    1. So much more satisfying to me!

    2. Whoa whoa whoa, us English fe!las like the squirming and the pleading and the rubbing sore bottoms very much, it's just that our women are tougher than your spoilt, pampered princesses!

    3. I guess that's on account of having been spanked, hair-brushed and belted at home, while also being slippered and caned at boarding school. Those poor English lasses. No wonder they're so tough. - Frank

    4. Well they’ve been trained and conditioned not to squirm and shriek OTK since they were young. Keep a stiff upper lip and think of England. Mustn’t grumble.

    5. The hell with that. If I'm getting spanked, the whole neighborhood's gonna know it!

    6. The whole blogosphere, in fact!

    7. Well, we know those neighbors on the lake know of your brat habits...and how they are corrected!


  4. Next you should do a scene of David getting spanked to tears by either an elder male ( a father figure) or a bull for his problems of premature ejaculation. This can be followed up by having him suck the males cock till they cum as an example of how long a real man can last before coming.
    Or is this son thing David will never agree to or you can't push him to do?

    1. That would be a dream come true! I've tried suggesting it. He says if I suggest it again I'll get a spanking... maybe I'll suggest it again. 😈

    2. David darling. I was thinking that it would be soooo hot if just once, just for me, you’d at least try sucking cock? I’d pick out a beautiful cock for you. Just try it baby. You don’t have to swallow the first time. Spitting is fine. You might just like it sweetheart xxx

    3. Or instead - Listen david this is what’s going to happen. You’re going to suck my bulls cock and you’re going to enjoy it. No side mouth faking allowed. Take it and take it deep and hold the cum till you’re told to display. Any arguments? No. Good boy.

    4. "We discussed this how many times Julie? Now go get your paddle, young lady"

  5. I have to say, it is nice to see you get it good. What a hot scenario. I could just imagine seeing the color develop on your hot bottom as the strap does it's work.

    1. Oh, it coloured up all right! And I felt it deep in there next day still.

  6. You have the best of both worlds, being a female you can be that woman in charge and then be a naughty little girl. Your lucky to have such a husband. I was lucky to find a woman who knew I needed to take charge, don't know if I would provoke another spanking like I had done in the past. My wife reminds that this is what I wanted, agreed to her way. She has now taken to read your blog, and stated that a thought had crossed her mind about doing such to me that she has read. Jack

  7. Very nice! Cara looks amazing! Actually she has an ass like my ex! Stuff like this can make me a top again. :)

    1. Is that the name of the model with the cute butt? I'm in love... 💕

  8. What a great way to describe to your play partner exactly what kind of a spanking you would like to receive. Very entertaining and well written. Such fun. - Frank

  9. A Bad strapping is always Good :D
    We love the idea of watching a film and then acting it out. But given our past experience with roleplay, we probably wouldn't get round to acting it out... we tend to dress up (as needed) and then get down to it!

  10. That strap looks awful. For how many days were the results visible? I get what you say about using your safe word. That would have ruined the whole thing and invalidated all the pain you had received up until then. And I think you are hot whether you are giving or receiving.

    1. Next morning I still had a bruise on the far side cheek. Morning after, a fresh canvas!

    2. I am glad that it wasn't so bad.

    3. Ha! Try saying that bent over the arm of the couch taking 36 strappings from your man!

  11. A. I think it’s time Sue punishes you again.
    B. I think it’s time your mom and dad spank you again.
    C. I think it’s time you finally end up diapered for real.
    D. I think it’s time you post some more pics of your real ass spanked with a peak between your legs.

    1. A. Scary
      B. Squishy
      C. Yummy
      D. Rude! :-)

    2. Julie - regarding D. - I bet you took a photo or two of your strapped bottom so Miss Puss-Puss could re-live the experience in the future - am I right?

      If so, wouldn't Miss Puss-Puss WANT you to share pics on your blog cuz exhibitionism gets her hot and wet?


    3. No. David does not approve of photos of me like that and wants me to minimize them :-(

  12. It beggars belief that David won’t suck cock for you. It’s an entirely natural female fantasy and if I (and I’m sure the vast majority of your readers) had the good fortune to be your husband I’d certainly suck cock and even (blush) take it if it would bring you pleasure.

    1. I agree. My husband is being incredibly selfish. I should ditch him :-)

  13. "...my "brand" is mostly femdom...straying from that loses me readers."

    What? Really? What the...? Why?

    My fav of your pics was the first, texting while driving. Didn't see her face to see how pretty she was, but she possesses one great tush!!! So spankable! And the COLOR he brought out with his hand! Beautiful.

    Agree with you on the end: His use of that paddle at the end was a bit too much. I don't care for the welts and super-bright red marking either.

    Thanks for posting.


    1. Total agree. I DID like to see her get marked like that at the end, I just would not want to be her!

  14. Been awhile since we’ve see that spanked bottom

    1. Yup. It ain't getting any younger either ;-)

  15. Since you really enjoy the Daddy - Daughter spanking scenario, I wonder if you've see the following video of a schoolgirl receiving a very severe brush spanking from her Daddy after she got paddled at school. His rule is "paddled at school, spanked at home". Here are two links to different views of the paddling: the first from a side view; the second from behind her. They create a very realistic scenario and Daddy really lays the brush on her bottom, which had already received a tough paddling.



    Here is a link to the school paddling given by the school principal, who is played by the same gentleman as the Daddy.


    I'd enjoy hearing your thoughts about the scenario and the severity of the punishments. I'm completely amazed at how she took such a severe paddling and spanking.

    1. Wow. Good video. Definitely made my pussy tingle.

      The paddling from the principal was very hard looking. In a world where girls get paddled for misbehaviour, it was harsh but just. Had I bullied a girl, it's no less that I would have deserved, despite the severity. Panties down was a necessary consequence given the misbehaviour.

      Getting spanked at home after being paddled at school is a good thing, I think, to show that school and home are together in this. I did not find the hair brushing to have been overly severe. Yes it was hard, but no harder than deserved. A lesson needed to be taught, and was taught. It's the kind of spanking I crave (and have endured) over my husband's knee, despite its severity.

    2. I completely agree. And I have great respect for those who can endure that type of spanking. I have not seen this woman in any other videos. I love the way she played the daughter roll and pleaded with "Daddy", from the beginning when he took her right hand in his to control her. She knew what she was in for.

    3. Here is a lovely husband - wife spanking. The wife has spanked their daughter without her husband's approval and he decides that she will receive a 'dose of her own medicine'. The wife effectively plays her role and it is clear during the discussion/scolding that she realizes that she will receive a real spanking.

      It is not as severe some spankings, since it is handspanking only. However, it is prolonged and effectively delivered. I like the way he starts over her skirt and that when it is lifted to reveal sheer white panties the nicely encase her lovely bottom, it is already a nice shade of pink. I would have liked to see him use the paddle more thoroughly than the one swat he delivered at about 4:17. It definitely got her attention. However, near the end of the spanking at about 6:50, the color of her bottom demonstrates that he is an effective spanker. That's when it would have been nice to see the paddle put to use to drive the lesson home.


    4. Thank you for sending that.

      I really liked it because it was a female put in her place by a strong, no-nonsense man who enforces boundaries. All feels right in the world. I liked her submission as well. It was very feminine.

      I think it was effective. As I've said many times before, unless you've experienced a strong man's hand, you have no idea!

      And I think at the very end there was a hint that she still had the belt coming...

  16. (it's legit - I know my "brand" is mostly femdom, and straying from that loses me readers, but little miss puss-puss cannot be denied)

    Those of us who are true fan and long time lurkers are far too loyal to ditch you for being a switch.

    1. Awwwwww! That's sweet. Thank you for making my day!

  17. Everytime you post links to spanking, I mostly have seen, favorited and bookmarked them. I am wayy too much into this stuff.

  18. This guy from agoodspanking on Spanking Tube is fantastic.