Monday, May 4

Spanked and Utterly Dominated in Bed

After having binged all of Phil's content I could find when writing Overbarrel Tribute, I was naturally very horny and very much wanting to be spanked and dominated, just like this "unfortunate" young woman:

From Growing Pains Episode 8

I shared with David some of the Overbarrel toons. We had looked at them together and talked a bit about them. He commented on how hard the girls were being spanked, and how they were kicking and screaming near the end of their spankings. Surely I did not want it that hard? (he said that facetiously). I told him of course I did not want to get spanked at all, much less spanked that hard, but that it was the man's decision after all, and it turned me on that they seemed to know how hard their women needed it... "I see..." he replied with a smile and a shake of his head. So I was 'kinda hoping he took the hint, although he did not do anything then and there.

On Saturday we were sitting together on the couch watching some show or other.

"I'm horny..." I told him.

"Ha!" he said, "you're always horny."

He reached out his hand and he started rubbing my pussy over my pants. I spread my legs for him and pushed my pelvis up into his hand. He touched all the right places on me: "yes," I said, moaning. He kept that up for a minute or so. My pussy was tingling and I felt the characteristic "flow" down there, some combination of engorging blood and slick wetness to my vagina.

David knows my moods. And he knows that when I'm begging for it like this I want him to be Dommy. If I'm scening him, I'm not writhing like a little slut under his fingers first.

"I'll need to shave and shower," he said, feeling his rough stubble with his hands. When he goes down on me if he has such rough stubble it hurts and I can't get off... Also, it's pandemic (and Saturday), so he had not shaved or showered yet today.

"ok," I said.

He turned off the TV and said, "come up in five minutes." He left to shave and shower. Yipee! Julie was gettin' some (hopefully dommy) lovin' from her man.

When I got upstairs he was just in his jeans, no shirt, shaving. I got another tingle and gush seeing him shave. Him shaving turns me on. Especially this time of day, when the reason he shaves is to give me an orgasm! I'm like Pavlov's dogs, except instead of salivating I wet my pussy at the sight of my man shaving in the afternoon/evening. He then stripped off and went into the shower. I snuck into the bathroom where there's a drawer with my lingerie and stuff. I went ruffling through it. I picked out my teeny tiny UFC ring girl outfit!

I don't fill it out quite so well as a certain Miss Brittney Palmer here, but it was still cute and my butt cheeks were covered (uncovered?) about like hers are here.

I went to lie on the bed, over the covers, waiting for David to come out. I could hear the shower going off, him towelling himself. Hairbrushing. Deoderant. Then jeans going back on, and shirt going back on. I was hyper-sensitive to all this. His jeans going back on meant I was getting a spanking!

He came out with wet but brushed hair, his jeans on, and his shirt on but not buttoned. He caught sight of me in my ring girl outfit. "Very cute," he commented. I was looking hopeful.

"Come here," he said, beckoning me out of bed. As soon as I stood up he took my arm in his hand and made me face the wall. "Hands on your head," he told me, smiling. Heart was beating fast. Pussy was gushing. It was starting!

He felt up my tits and my low ass cheeks. He gave my cheeks little pats - almost spanks. He squeezed my tits harder through the material, and pinched my nipples hard. He grabbed my ass and squeezed and then spanked. Spankings getting harder now.

"Are you going to be a good girl for me? Are you going to do what you're told in bed?" he asked.

"yes," I said, deliberately curt.

He SMACKED my ass! "Yes SIR!" he told me.

"Yes Sir! Yes Sir! I'll do what I'm told, Sir!" I hastily answered. Oh my gosh! This was exactly what I wanted.

He went to sit on the side of the bed, and pulled me over towards him. I lowered my hands and he admonished me to keep them on my head.

He reached his hands out to my shorts and he unfastened the little belt and slowly lowered them to mid thigh, exposing my very bare (and slightly puffy I could feel) pussy to his view.
Given that this episode was inspired by Phil, As a further tribute, I found a toon that is most representative of this spanking (Another Level). The woman is so pretty and sexy in that toon, I want to be her! With apologies to Phil, I used my mad Photoshop skills (not really!) to change up some of the dialog to make it match my Saturday spanking.
I felt like her, and had the same thoughts:

Overbarrel From Another Level (modified)

Immediately he let them go, my ring girl shorts fell to my ankles. He pulled me down and across his knees so my feet were on the ground but my chest and head were on the bed. He rubbed his hand all over my exposed bottom cheeks. Like this girl, I  presented my bottom as submissively as I could.

Then he started in spanking me.

I always have similar thoughts during my spankings. Little girl thoughts about being punished by Daddy.

The spanking went on and while it started fairly gently it became quite hard. The pretext was him making sure I would be submissive in bed. In fact, I only enjoy being submissive in bed if I've been thoroughly dominated beforehand. So we would see if my husband was up to the task.

The spanking intensified, and I started promising...

As he spanked I kicked my little ring girls shorts clean off. Like the girl above, I was getting a bit frantic as well. He was really spanking me!

Ok. it now definitely qualified as a hard spanking. Ouch! I started channelling the women in the toons and began struggling and crying out. It came easily given the circumstances. What I have found is that you can just lie there and take it stoically, but the emotional engagement is much higher if you "pretend" to feel it more, and you let yourself go. Then you get into that, and it just keeps coming out very naturally, and then you don't need to pretend, it becomes hyper real.

He was going hard and fast. He had read those Overbarrel toons alright, and gotten the message about how I craved to be treated. But I was determined I WAS NOT going to safeword out of the very spanking I had asked for!

Instead, perhaps foolishly, I shot my hand back there and I bent my legs at the knees so he couldn't spank me anymore. Ha! Impenetrable defence!

What did he do? He gently twisted my arm behind my back and he threw one leg over the backs of both of mine. Uh Oh!

And then he... just... kept... spanking... me!

I was so helpless with my legs pinned and my arm where it was. I literally could not get away. And I guess he was a little put out at having to control me like that, because the spanks actually got harder. And I was not safewording, so I was getting exactly what I had asked for. A full on disciplinary spanking to put me into a most submissive state of mind.

"Are you going to do what I tell you to do in bed?" he asked me as he continued spanking me.

"YES SIR! YES SIR!" I yelled out, the tears starting to come now. Would he stop spanking me because of my tears?

"Well let's just make sure," he said.


Surely he would stop now!


Oh my gosh, but I was one screamin' little wife by the time he landed his last smack. Thank goodness we live in a fully detached home, or the neighbours would have for sure called the cops due to all the wife-screaming!

I lay there across his lap sobbing, sniffling, and red-faced (and red-bottomed of course). I guess it was exactly what I had asked for. Showing him those cartoons really clarified for him what I wanted. I wanted to be frantic. I wanted to be owned. I wanted a nice pair of red shorts painted onto my bum.

He took his leg off me and let go of my arm. I thought my spanking was over, but not quite. He re-positioned himself and guided me so that I was straddling his left knee, with my toes just barely touching the ground. He licked his own fingers and he slapped them down gently onto my vagina. Ummmmm! He then moved his hand all around down there, over my lips, over my clit, into my cunt. I was soooo wet for him!

"After a spanking like that," he said incredulously, "and your pussy is still soaking wet, you little minx."

"I'm sorry, Sir," I said. Guilty as charged.

"No need to apologize," he said. "I like you hot and wet."

He gave me more gentle smacks to my lower bum cheeks, alternating with gropes of my pussy and finger fuckings.

"Go on, hump my leg," he said.

Ohhhhh. I tried to grind my clit into his jeans-covered thigh. His thigh was hard and his pants were rough.

"It's too hard," I complained.


Oh shit! I had disobeyed without even thinking about it. Honestly, it was not a deliberate bratting. It just came out. He re-started my spanking!

"I'm sorry Sir!" I said, and I started grinding my clit into him despite the discomfort. I arched and curled and arched and curled repeatedly while straddling my husband's knee getting spanked.

"That's it," he said encouragingly, as I made a lewd show of humping his thigh: presenting pussy, grinding in, presenting pussy, grinding in, trying to show him I was an obedient wife! It wasn't about to get me off, because legit his thigh was too hard and his pants were too rough. But I did feel like a complete and total submissive slut being made to do that.

"I'm going to get your pants wet, Sir," I said.

"Well, I guess you'll have laundry to do before bedtime, in that case."


He stood me back up again, with my hands back on my head. My bum was soooo sore and my pussy felt rubbed raw. He untied my little ring girl top and bared my breasts to him.

With me standing there he undressed to naked and lounged back onto the bed. He was very hard. He told me to put his cock in my mouth and suck.

I did so. With alacrity!

He took the back of my head and pushed me deeper down onto his cock. "I'm seeing improvements," he encouraged me. Gwa Gwa Gwa Gwa.

He pulled me off his cock and brought me up level with him. He started kissing me on my mouth as he fondled my sore ass. I could feel his tongue poking into my mouth. He pulled back and said, "I want that mouth fully open and inviting when I put my tongue into it!" He came back in for a kiss and I fully opened my mouth and moved my tongue out of the way so he had full access.

He pulled out and said, "that's better."

Next he said, "I'm going to go down on you, and push my tongue deep into your pussy, but every now and then I'm coming back up for a kiss, and I expect that mouth nice and warm and inviting. Do you understand?"

"Ohhhh... I have to taste myself, Sir?" I asked.

"Yes you do," he said, "and if there's any complaints, or if I sense the least lack of enthousiasm for my tongue in your mouth, I'm going to beat your ass with my belt until you're howling. Do you understand that?"

"Yes Sir!" I said quickly. I did not want a belt whipping just now!

"Do you believe me, Julie? Do you believe I would whip your ass like that at the slightest little provocation? Do you think I'm capable of that?"

"Yes Sir! You would whip my ass, Sir!"

"And you would take it, wouldn't you? For as long and as hard as I choose to give it to you."

"yes sir," I said quietly.

"Would you safeword out?"

"No Sir! Never."

"No you wouldn't, so you'd just have to take every last stroke I choose to give you, and I'm sure you don't want that right now, so you better behave like a good little girl and do as you're told. Now how are you going to behave?"

"like a good little girl, Sir."

"And what are you going to do?"

"I'm going to do as I'm told, Sir."

With that he straightened me out on the bed, face up, put a pillow under my hips, and went down on me. OMG!!!! It felt so good.

My pussy was so ready for his soft wet tongue despite it's earlier rough treatment. He grabbed my pussy lips and pulled them hard apart. He stuck his tongue deep up into my cunt. He then let go and came beside me. He pinned my arms above my head and he kissed me and I opened my mouth completely to him.

His tongue went all around inside of me. tangy. He went back down and he made me repeat that a number of times. each time I eagerly opened my mouth for him with complete submissiveness. I only like being this submissive when I've been appropriately mastered first, which I felt I had been.

David stuck two fingers into me and rubbed my G-spot. When I get highly aroused it comes out to play. For me it's like a small rectangular textured "sponge". That combined with the clit licking I was getting was bringing me rapidly to the edge.

Before I came, he turned me over onto my side into the fetal position, and jammed a doubled-up pillow between my knees. Oh no! This was my position and he knew it, the one I always cum in when placed into it. With one hand between my legs he pressed up into my pelvic bone. With his other hand he toyed at the entrance to my pussy. With his tongue he directly licked my clit. Every now and then he would shove his finger in and drag it across my G-spot, then go back out and toy at the entrance.

Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh!

I started to cum. He sensed it and pulled his hand out and gave me a very sharp smack to my ass, then plunged his finger back into my pussy towards my G-spot.

Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh fuck!

He did that several times keeping me on the edge of my orgasm, riding the waves. Slapping my ass, fingering my G-spot, licking my clit. Pushing on me.

"Please, please please!!!!" I begged.

"want do you want?" he asked me between tongue flicks.

"Please may I cum Sir? Please!?!"

"You may," he said, and dove back in and very thoroughly finished the job. I spasmed my whole body and screamed at the top of my lungs as I had the most ridiculously intense orgasm of my entire life, bar none. I know I keep saying that, but damn!

I was done! Wrung out and floppy.

I just lay there as he re-positioned himself into the spooning position, and inserted his cock into my pussy.

I was extremely sensitive but I didn't say anything as he fucked me, viciously mauling my tits with his hands as he did so, until he injected his hot cum deep into my greedy whorish cunt.

That was one of the most intense spankings I received in my life, combined with the most intense and complete domination I received in my life, and the result was the most intense orgasm of my life. Is that a coincidence, I wonder?

There's something so primal in me that craves to be dominated by a man like this. Phil's images really made me realize that in a way I had not before. So thank you, Phil, for being responsible for egging my husband on and him therefore giving me the spanking I truly needed, and for giving me such an amazing orgasm! Love Julie.


  1. Subby Julie takes over

    1. She escapes and runs around every now and then!

  2. Lucky david with his hand diving into your luscious rounded bottom with every smack. In fact it is a waste for men to use implements in spanking women. But for women is a waste to exhaust their nice hands in spanking men unless the aim is a good boy spanking where you want him to enjoy you hand.

  3. When my wife raises her feet like that to avoid spanking, I leg lock her as david did but after the spanking there is extra punishment for her feet (bastinado) usually with a ruler or wooden spoon, but fu bastinado punishment with a cane or worse with a cable is reserved for big issues.

    1. I'm glad I'm not your wife! ;-)

    2. Your feet would have suffered Julie.

  4. Hot scene. Well done for taking the spanking and not safe wording. I wonder how you would have coped if David had of pushed the belting issue - especially if he pushed it AFTER your ridiculously intense orgasm?
    A good belting followed by hard anal could have put a whole different slant on the end tone of your post.
    Stay safe

    1. I would have submitted of course, even after the O.

  5. Very nice, he can be not only really Dommey but he can read you like a book. That's the benefits of a longterm relationship there.
    Hope you are content with what you did ;-)

    Can't wait for the next installment, i got the feeling that David is in for something special, maybe a treatment with the Strapon?

    1. Oh and a thought just crossed my mind...
      Your Dad seems to enjoy you being spanked, as your sister mentioned too and gets quite aroused by it i think.
      Maybe your mother gets turned into a spanked wife too?
      Maybe one day you will be spanked next to her? First David spanks you and your father your mother and then you two switch and you go over your Moms knee and she over Davids.
      All in an effort to determine who's the better spanker, David or your Dad...

    2. Very content!

      We don't play revenge games in our scenes. He gets it plenty Dommy without my needing to!

      And as to Mom and Dad, well I'd be game, anyways!

    3. I didn't mean it in a revenge-game-sense, more like that you maybe have the urge to dominate him again.

      I was wondering too (i don't recall it..): Have you ever spanked David to tears? If yes, how did it feel for you, if no would that be in the range of possibilities for you?

    4. He claims it's just his "eyes watering". Nope. It was crying!

    5. How did it feel for you to make him cry with a spanking?

    6. Makes me feel horny and powerful.

    7. You are a true switch. Good for you that you can enjoy not only every aspect of it but with the partner you love.
      To be honest i hope your next post will be about you domming him again with the big strapon and an intense spanking beforehand...
      It's been too long without such a post ;-)

    8. 9 days! But 5 posts ago... I am posting a lot. You guys must be getting exhausted!

    9. No, not exhausted, you write in the speed you experience it and that is fine, i'm looking forward to every installment.
      I just noticed that next year you will have 10 years of blogging and i got an idea.
      How about a 10 year anniversary spanking for David then? Since he brought the subject up. He could get a spank for every month since then, when he brought the subject up. You can even tell him that without telling about the blog here.

    10. Thanks, i have some more ideas for you to play out

  6. Over the years, you've evolved into a really very naughty little spanko. I think David has been hoping this day would come, and he knows exactly what to do with it.

    1. It's true. When he first asked me to spank him, before he asked me that, he asked if I wanted a spanking. I thought, at the time, why the hell would i want that????

  7. When a person wants to be subby they need to be led, to be shown who is in charge. David took the hint and took you down that path. You followed and accepted and desired more. I love the way he kept pushing like making you rub on your jeans. He knew it would not be comfortable but wanted you to be more submissive. I noticed you said how sensitive you were after your climax but still accepted his cock without complaining. I know that sensitivity after intercourse with my wife at times I'll do down on her, she is so sensitive she actually screams with pleasure. I enjoyed reading as much as you and David enjoyed. I'm sure as you wrote this you were wet again and wanting more.

    1. When I'm sensitive after an orgasm, it's not "pleasure" I'm screaming with!

  8. One of the aspects I love about Phil's art is the eventual kicking off the panties. You know she is getting one heck of a spanking when that happens !
    So cute that it happened to you Julie to prove Phil's theory was true.
    In some of his art she would be spanked wearing sheer see through panties and he did a wonderful job of showing how her redeeming cheeks showed through the flimsy material....before she kicked the undies off!
    How was your bottom after the spanking? Needed a pillow to sit like the ladies in Phil's cartoons?

    1. Yes, it's true re the kicking off of panties!

      I think the "pillow" thing is cute but not realistic. For me, it's like my butt itches fiercely no matter where I sit, pillow or not.

    2. I think David ( or your parents) would think it awfully cute if you 'pretended' you needed a pillow to sit on after a spanking! I know I would...
      The least you could do is squirm!

    3. That would appeal to me...

    4. Sitting on a pillow at Sunday dinner would push all the buttons.

  9. Will Sue take a spanking from David? Or no way, she just spanks and does like getting spamked

    1. I doubt it, but who knows with her?

    2. That tramp!!!!

    3. Say it to her face 😎

  10. Nothing better than a very well disciplined wife whose husband pleasures her sexually

    1. Tied for first is a well-disciplined hubby who pleasures her sexually!

  11. Any update from your Sunday night dinner - a repeat of last week, perhaps?

  12. Maybe the naughty ring girl needed to be punished for refusing to pleasure the fighters after the fight...

    1. I watch the fights, and always wonder if the winners get the "spoils". Ha ha!

  13. LOVED the black & white gif of woman humping herself while straddling his leg as he spanks her!!!

    Reminds me of my first adult spanking. GF tricked me into spanking her (Yes! Tricked me! Women are so evil...!)

    It was a sexy spanking, not hard at all, but soon I enough I noticed her grinding into me and, "Well, well, well! What have we here????"

    No tongue (yet!) but I did my best with my hands to "help her along"....

    If they gave awards for "Orgasm of the Year"....! I remember thinking at the time and watching this: "Who IS THIS WOMAN??"

    So much fun watching a women orgasm. Always did my best to make that happen. Looks like David does, too.


    1. The ladies have more fun, is my observation. You guys just seem to "grunt".

  14. I just wish to see the actual results of your " actual "well blistered bottom here along with the story.

    Paddle Daddy

    1. You got lots of pics when you sent me those paddles, OMG!
      David does not like me taking pictures so I have to sneak them...

    2. Dang it ! 😁

  15. After a spanking like that, how long does the "stinging" feeling last? After effects the next morning?

    1. Yes, certainly I can fell it next day until late afternoon. Not "painful", more itchy, tingling, uncomfortable.

  16. Is it my imagination or are you more aroused, more often than, say 3 months ago? If so, wondering why?

  17. Replies
    1. Oh the things you do to me jk

    2. A little "Sir" from me gives you a rush of blood "down there"?

    3. Maybe 🀷🏻‍♂️🀣

  18. No doubt that was an amazing and ultimately pleasurable sequence of events for you. What if some of it was reversed? What if there was some light "warmup" spanking. Then David went down on you; gave you the delicious O. THEN afterward gave you the real spanking with that kind of intensity. Probably wouldn't leave you with quite the same warm fuzzy feeling.

    Does that cause a gulp? Something that excites? Makes you curious? Makes you fantasize? Or not at all?

    It is essentially the exact same thing. And yet it isn't. Your endorphins likely would say it was way different. Just wondering what your head thinks of that scenario.

    1. I'm quite multi-orgasmic. It would not be different.

    2. Well what about if no O was given to you; only David. How would you handle that?

    3. That's ok. It would just build up for next time. If I NEVER get an O, out he goes! :-)

  19. So well did anything interesting happen during your "family dinner" ?

    1. No. Boring. I need to juice that conversation!

  20. This one got me VERY hard without benefit of drugs or manual stimulation. You are walking up to the edge of “consensual non-consent” an idea which is very arousing to me. It doesn’t seem to matter who is doing the spanking and who is getting spanked. I almost always identify with the spankee. - david

  21. You must enjoy being a "naughty little girl" and getting a spanking. There must be more to the spanking that a females enjoy that males do not know. I enjoy having a wife who knows that a spanking is needed when as she puts it I've been a naughty little boy. Hate to admit it but over her lap brings relief. You don't care for the fact I must call her 'Mommie" but each to their own. A spanking is so much more and so it must be with you. Admit it over his lap, your panties pulled down, your bare bottom soon feeling very warm, even stinging, I'm will to bet the naughty little girl is enjoying it more then he knows. Jack

    1. Not at all re. "Mommie". I sometimes make David call me that when I spank him, and I certainly call him Daddy!

    2. I like to call my spanker Auntie. I have always facinated about relatives and neighbors spanking me with their home slippers

    3. I call my wife Mommie when I'm going to be spanked and continue to address her as Mommie until told otherwise. Jack

    4. Mine just wants the tears to flow

    5. When I start to cry, my wife spanks harder and faster, she knows that is when I learn the best. Jack

  22. I like how you dislike "your own taste" and your husband forced you to take it, is like when our male have to eat our own cum for your enjoyment. I also like to go down to my wife and then go up to kiss her, I did it a lot of time, just as David did, and my wife hated every time, like you did.
    I also like so much that thing you do: David told you to accept your taste, and specifically " if there's any complaints, or if I sense the least lack of enthousiasm for my tongue in your mouth" , not only you have to do something you don't like, but also be enthusiast...I remember ou did the same to him using Adam in his mouth and ass. It's something very psicological, I love it imaging the feeling (doing what I don't like) and I think only a sub can understand. I wonder how I could feel and what I would do in a situation like that, for example taking anal by my wife. It's a very demostration in our mind of the sub state. What do you think? Have you done it more for your sub state of mind or for fear of another spanking? Interessing topic. I understand why you had a so intense orgasm

  23. Once again david is enslaved, working with his tongue in your vaginal mines until orgasm ensues, while, like a walkyrie, you ride the wave of your pleasure until the final spasm of a Wagnerian orgasm.
    On a persuasive ternary rhythm.

  24. I think it's time to change to blog name to switch Julie! 😜 I believe the spanking fetish is embedded in the genes possibly, at least in your direct family it seems to be true. When your sister gets involved and becomes a dom/ sub to you and hubby, well that's not a coincidence! Then you get your parents involved as well and they whole heartily join in the spanking! Hmmm... I'm betting your mother and father both delve into this as well. Especially mommy, as she knew where the tenderest parts of your thighs to spank. Pulling the skin taught first, that's not a beginner at all! I'm guessing they've both had their bottoms blistered at times in that marriage, if not they probably are now! LOL. It's funny how tops end up as bottoms, or switches at some point in a spanking relationship. It's kind like that in mine as well. I was the Dom for years until we went thru a very distasteful argument that lasted a few months, very serious. I had caused most of the issues and she left to live with my son a few weeks. I knew I was to blame, so when she returned I sent the link to dwc and told her I'd be willing to suffer any punishments she deemed needed. It turned into a weekly thing and she blistered my bottom many times. After a few months she kinda dropped off on the sessions, thinking it was no working, even tho our relationship did get repaired. These were real punishment sessions, with hairbrush to start, otk, then over pillows for a dose of the lochgelly tawse( we have several real, thick ones) that hurt like hell, then finished off with the cane( these are from England) very whippy and stingy. Now I get most of the attention during our dates, although I can still give her bottom a nice warning as she vibes on her Hitachi, this still gives her the best orgasms, usually a couple along with a very rosy bottom. Anyway I'm happy that your parents fulfilled your deepest fantasy, I'm guessing that will happen again in the future! Keep us up to date!πŸ˜‰.