Tuesday, May 4

Handmaid's Tale - The Belt!

David and I have just been making our way through the Handmaid's Tale TV series. We just got to season 2, episode 8, and there was a good old fashioned belt whipping I need to blog about!

Offred a.k.a. June

We watched season 1 around the time it first came out. Then recently we saw there was a new season, so we went to watch that and quickly realized we had skipped seasons 2 and 3, so we went back to watch those. Then we remembered we had seen an episode of season 2 and got grossed out and quit (the handcuffed to stove thing... yuck!). But we persevered this time and got to episode 8 and were rewarded with a good belt whipping!

In case you haven't seen the series or read the book, it's Margaret Atwood's dystopian view of a future USA where the religious fundamentalists take over amidst a plunging birthrate. Certain "fallen women" who are fortunate to be able to bear children are made "handmaids" and are given out to high ranking families to bear the man's child where the wife cannot.

Commander Fred and Serena Joy Waterford

The main character is June, a handmaid renamed Offred ("Of Fred"), who is given to Commander Fred Waterford and his wife Serena Joy Waterford to bear them a child by means of "the ceremony".

Yes, it's fucking kinky, though we're meant to "tut tut" at the rape. This is a theme, as we shall see.

A this point in season 2, Serena Waterford is a twisted, holier-than-thou, bitch. She used to be a hard-driving politician, but after the takeover, all women were expected to not work and fulfill a domestic role. The Commander is injured in a bombing attack, and while he was incapacitated Serena began secretly acting on his behalf, aided by Offred who used to be a book editor, forging his signature on orders that kept the household safe from even worse elements in the government.

Once the commander is recovered, there is a sick baby, and the most expert pediatric specialist is a woman now a housemaid. Serena asks Fred to sign an order allowing the specialist to visit the baby. He refuses for their safety. But then, behind Fred's back, Serena, aided and abetted by Offred, writes an order and forges her husband's name on it. It actually winds up saving the baby, but that's not the point, is it?

Commander Waterford finds out and calls both Serena and June into his office.

David and I were both thinking "spanking" right from this moment, but thought we would likely be disappointed. As it turned out, we weren't!

After clearing up what happens, and after Serena tries making excuses, Commander Fred says, "it was unfair of me to burden you with so much responsibility. Now we must make amends."

"Amends?" Serena asks.

Oh boy! David and I turned to one another. Is she going to get spanked? Nah!

The Commander goes to his book shelf and gets the Bible and reads, "wives, submit yourselves onto your own husbands as onto the Lord..." As he reads he walks slowly over to a chair and then pulls it out from the side of the room into the middle.

Oh yeah! Spanking time, Serena, you stuck up, holier-than-thou bitch, and right in front of your pregnant handmaid Offred who you've generally been horrid towards. That should take you down a peg or two!

We close up on Serena.

She's looking worried and says, "Fred, please..." It's on for sure, though David and I are still pinching ourselves.

Fred puts the Bible down onto the seat of the chair.

He then slowly unbuckles his belt,

pulls it off, and doubles it.

Wow! She's going to be belt whipped bent over the back of the chair, looking down at the Bible, while Offred watches. Is this, like, the best mainstream spanking ever??? And did David and I just stumble into it?

The Commander calls Serena over. She knows what's expected of her. She slowly walks to the chair, puts her hands on the back of it, and before bending over looks over at Offred, not believing that this girl will see her shame, but the shame is part of her punishment; and Offred's punishment is to witness her Mistress being punished.

Serena bends over and awaits her fate.

At this point it becomes clear that Serena will not be disrobed for her belting. Shucks!!!

The production should have hired technical advisors, such as David and I, to lend a sense of realism to the scene. There's no way that belt is going to do anything to her ass through all those thick layers of skirts. Not beleivable! At least the blue dress should have come up and she should have gotten it on her slip. Or more likely the slip up too, so he could see where he was aiming and what damage was being done. If they wanted to preserve some modesty for TV, sure keep her panties up. A panties-up belting would still leave a good impression on the uppity woman.

Then he starts whipping her. The belt lashes are good and hard, enough to leave an impression, but totally at the wrong angle!

Where in hell is that belt expected to land??? On her tailbone? Grazing off the top of her ass? I mean really! Later on, in the most exciting reveal, we see that she has marks on her lower ass cheeks. How did those get there??? David and I, as technical advisors, would have been right in there. I would have bent over with the dress up. David would have swung the belt properly, to hit my low ass cheeks. Amateurs, I tell you!

As Serena Joy is struck over and over again, Offred tries to turn away but is told by the Commander she must watch it all. She turns back and winces at every stroke.

She is horrified! The cruelty! Meanwhile David and I are laughing our heads off. I mean, earlier in the series they fucking burned a girl's hand off! This was like a routine Sunday belting for us.

Legit, if I forged my husband's signature on a document, after first asking him to sign it and him refusing for good reasons, I'd be getting a hell of a lot worse than her, the precious little priss. Take it. Take your belting. You know you deserve it. Stop whining about it.

The camera kept going back to Offred witnessing the torture. David and I were still laughing. We figured Serena's pussy was just getting a bit wet by now and El Commandatore was about to take her to the bedroom and shove his dick in, maybe while he makes her eat out June. What a commotion over a little spanking. Yeesh!

Afterwards, we cut to a sore, limping, tearful Serena in her bedroom starting to undress.

She winces in pain as she slowly undresses herself.

It is soooo over the top. I mean, suck it up buttercup. You got the belt from your man, big dealio.

At this point after one of my spankings, I'm all relieved of my guilt and glad to be back on my man's good side. I'm happy and bubbly! And with a sore ass, yes. And expecting some activity in the bedroom that evening, after wiggling my bare red ass in his face and engorging his passions during my spanking. And believe me I will be oh-be-dee-ent in bed after a good spanking like that.

She's crying as she lets her hair down for maybe the first time in the series.

We are to sympathize with her. No way. Bitch had it coming!

She slowly turns and we can see she is positioning to look at herself in the mirror.

Is this going to be it? Is thing going to be the "money shot"? She begins the faintest of turning motions. OMG! It is!!!

I mean, what girl after a spanking does not want to look at her ass? It's almost mandatory, right? Will there be a closeup? Please let there be a closeup!!! It was only in frame for an instant, but thanks to the miracle of downloading, I present it here for you in all its exposure-enhanced glory!

Yes!!!!! A bunch of observations come to mind.

  • Does not look like a belting to me, more like a lamp-cord whipping or something like that.
  • No way from that high angle does he touch her low butt cheeks like that.
  • Sexy panties for the ultra-religious, chaste wife, no? They are regulation.
  • Great ass! World class.
  • Who was the lucky makeup artist who got to work on that????
  • Yeah, ok, it hurts Serena Joy, but enough with the histrionics already!

David and I were openly laughing and mocking her character. What a lot of fuss over a little belt whipping. I've had worse warmups than that.

We then see the oh-so-helpful Offred follow Serena up to her room and knock on her door.

"Y...y...yes" says Serena, still standing in her bra and panties inside her room.

"Mrs. Waterford... do you need anything?" asks Offred. 

"No." she says firmly, choking back her tears.

"Can I do anything for you?" Offred persists, the sisterly angst on her face so genuine.

No answer.

"Serena?" she persists.

Serena almost, almost breaks down and sobs.

But gathering herself in the nick of time, she puts back on her stony bitch face and says, "yes. Go back to your room."

After which she breaks down and sobs silent tears into her hand.

I mean, have none of the writers, actors, directors, ever been spanked before??? What a lot of fuss and nonsense!

Next time, hire David and I as your technical advisors, really.

But of course, what we love is all the tut-tutting the audience is expected to engage in at this horrible violation of Serena Joy's backside by her strict husband. Meanwhile, of course, it was served up precisely because it was so titillating. I wonder how many frustrated vanilla wives turned to their husbands and asked, "you would never think of doing that to me, would you?"

Ha ha!


  1. Regardless of reasoning or "muh theocracy", forging a spouse's signature against specific orders not to do so is up at the tippy top of spankable offenses. And it certainly merits more than a few belt swats over a heavy skirt, slip, and panties. We're supposed to be oh so horrified, but it's frankly laughable. If Fred had started spanking Serena earlier, they may just have conceived that child. After all, a spanked woman often swiftly becomes a fucked woman and a spermed woman.

    The concept of using (in every sense of the word) a surrogate concubine to bear children for the family name is also a tale as old as time, not restricted to "teh religious". Ancient pagan and Eastern societies practiced it all the time. If anything, the spread of Christianity started putting a stop to widespread use of such practices. But the author has an axe to grind so that's all that matters. Harrumph, lol.

  2. I burnt through the first three seasons at the beginning of last month, having little idea of the premise of the show other than that some ultra conservative women were being taken advantage of. This description was accurate but doesn't do justice to the scope of the subjugation depicted; it's like saying the planet Jupiter is larger than a big hat!

    I was surprised not to see more Handmaid prompts on Reddit's r/DirtyPenPals, given that most major franchises have their fair share of emulators, and that there are a lot of non-consensual/dubious consent/coerced sex fantasies, and breeding fantasies too. When I saw your post I thought you might have spent the evening as Ofdavid!

    I hate to say it, but a lot of the series just turned into one bleak mush with a few outstanding depictions of standing up to oppression. It doesn't help that the handmaids all look the same and have similar names that change as the series progresses and they change masters. I like Elizabeth Moss as the titular handmaid but her tale gets way too contrived, with her foiling the government, evading/escaping them way too much.

    When I saw the scene you wrote about I assumed she was supposed to be having her back belted! As you say, the state punishment for a woman reading anything is the loss of a finger or a hand, depending on whether it's the first of second offence. Forging a signature on documents affecting the state would likely result in her being dispatched to the colonies for a lifetime of hard labour or execution and her body displayed on "the wall." She should be counting her lucky stars!

    Oh well! Maybe Aunt Lydia will trade in her cattle prod for a nice thin cane! You know she'd be an absolute demon with it!

    Blessed be the fruit!

  3. Every single relationship that has consensual BDSM in it of even the mildest sort is one nosy neighbor/phone call away from criminal assault charges or domestic abuse accusations being placed. This is what we get for not having any kind of explicit definitions of abuse in legal terms that take into account and exempt consensual kink or domestic discipline from prosecution. Many women (who would want to be)aren't spanked because hubby or boyfriend is afraid. It's the price we pay for allowing totalitarian feminists (and a few chivalrous types) near total control of domestic violence policies and laws. When quite a few feminists these days (at least the ones in power) seem to want to require contracts for every act for every session of regular intercouse, it's not quite so hard to understand the idea that nobody can ever consent to abuse and women who like spanking must have been "Stockholm Syndrome" victims from their childhoods or something. Sorry to be so pessimistic (lots of BDSM does happen because either people don't know how crazy the laws are or they manage to keep their mouths shut) because this is a very sexy scene , but in a day and age where families can be broken up due to arm grabs and against the 'abused' spouses wishes I bet the majority of viewers were either appalled by this 'brutality' or even if secretly wetting their panties would never ever admit such a thing.

    1. Yes, well it adds a frisson to be doing something naughty, looked down on by society. I would love if a nosy neighbour report David and I. When the cop came in to ask me about my beatings, I would smile saucily and ask him if he wanted to come in and give it a go too!

    2. I think you have a point about how BDSM has a poor showing in the media, and is represented as a very niche and very elaborate thing. I haven't seen the 50 Shades movies or read much of the book (I read literally one page at random, and the girl literally came home to find Christian had bought her a computer and told her to look BDSM up on Wikipedia! I think we'd all like to meet a man like that!) but I've read it depicts BDSM enthusiasts as fundamentally broken, and gives the impression you need a whole dedicated "red room" just to get started, and doesn't show BDSM so much as vanilla sex with leather accoutrements!

      I enjoyed Secretary when I saw it, but only watched it the once, and remember the heroine having come out of rehab or care or something.

      Most depictions of BDSM treat it as a joke, and feature a tied down man and a woman in full PVC fetish get up!

      The most positive depiction of spanking I can think of is Preacher Season 1, when a boy tells Preacher he's seen his Daddy hitting his Mommy, Preacher goes to the father to put the fear of God into him (can't remember exactly how - time for a rewatch soon!) and then the mother has to tactfully explain that not all physical discipline between married adults is unwanted!

      Also the cartoon show Archer normalised spanking a little, usually when Archer was seen in bed post coitus there would be a table tennis paddle nearby!

    3. This is what happens when you have mounties instead of real police officers - the women get frisky and promiscuous and crave real discipline!

      It's no coincidence that the Handmaids who can't handle a good fucking run North to Canada!

    4. Along the lines of your fun with the cops scenario, back in the 1980s when local dominatrix Terri-Jean Bedford was busted by the police for running her Bondage Bungalow in Thornhill, the news stories specifically mentioned that the police had fun playing with her paraphernalia after they booked her.

      Of course that was followed by Terri-Jean's decades long fight to challenge Canada's prostitution laws. Here's a Global News story about that from 2013:

      "Watch the video above: Retired dominatrix jokes about Stephen Harper hiring her as “government whip”

      TORONTO – “My name is the Bedford in Bedford v. Canada.”

      In a landmark ruling, Canada’s highest court struck down the country’s anti-prostitution laws in a unanimous 9-0 ruling.

      At the centre of the years-long fight to change Canada’s prostitution laws is Terri-Jean Bedford – a retired dominatrix who – whip in hand – has become a champion for the rights of Canada’s sex workers.

      The ruling comes more than two decades after the court last upheld the anti-prostitution laws. It represents a historic victory for sex workers – mainly women – who were seeking safer working conditions." https://globalnews.ca/news/1043102/who-is-terri-jean-bedford-the-dominatrix-fighting-canadas-prostitution-laws/ - Frank

    5. Yes, she's a hero, but we've fallen back again, criminalizing the purchase of.

  4. You're right that the makers of these shows should use consultants such as yourself so they could get these things right and not become the laughingstock of the spanko community. But what would you have recommended? To have the actress flogged with the belt for real? At least that way the marks would have been authentic, not to mention her reactions. Though they might have to run through two or three takes to dial it up to the right level. - Frank

  5. I think that you would find Julie standing in as body double!

  6. I always find spankings in the mainstream films to be a little underwhelming. Secretary was quite good though, and the belt-whipping in Outlander is probably the best I've seen.

  7. How about a little role play?

    Your sister could be the Commander, you the wife and David Offred.

    A ceremonial fucking for Offred and a belting for the wife.

  8. The woman maybe showing she is in pain, but reading your blog, I feel they are enjoying the feeling. You have stated over and over again, a woman has so many ways to be sexually satisfied that the male does not know. The woman are playing the fool to the man to get what they want. Jack

    1. It's a super power to make anything sexy!

  9. You can't expect BDSM realism in a mainstream show. I have yet to see a regular TV show or movie where BDSM or DD is treated as anything other than abnormal.

    Probably the closest was on the TV show "Married with Children". Peggy Bundy's friend Marcy and her boyfriend Jefferson follow the Bundys to London, where "broke and lost Marcy and Jefferson end up in a London S&M club, which they mistake for a theater." One of the women at the club is seen outside with them, cracking a whip and exclaiming, "Bad Americans!" They are smiling. [I think "mistake for theater" may be an unwarranted interpretation. It looked more to me like they'd participated and enjoyed it.]

    At least in that show they didn't blatantly make fun of the characters for enjoying their experience.

    But, it's unusual. Story of O, The Secretary, 9 1/2 Weeks, all have the implication or stated fact that the character is crazy in some way.

    1. I feel I'm a bit crazy, and like the feeling. :-)