Sunday, May 30

Sexy Story Exchange

Lion over at Male Chastity Journal and I are friends. We read each other's blogs, correspond by email, and have helped to proofread and edit one-another's books (Julie's Spankings for me, and Fan Mail for him). Given that we know each other's kinks so well we decided it would be fun to customize some stories specifically designed to turn us both on.

He went first and wrote a subby julie story for me called BBQ at Mom's House in which, for bad behaviour, I received a bare-bottomed outdoors spanking in front of witnesses from my new Step Daddy.

I reciprocated and wrote him back a story imagining him coming to visit David and me at the cottage, locked in a cage but bearing a note with his spare key and a "hall pass" from Mrs. Lion. He wrote about it in his blog post Tell Me A (Sexy) Story And I’ll Tell You One which links to the story I wrote for him called Visiting Julie At Her Cottage.

Now, those who don't know me so well may ask why a subby story for supposedly Strict Julie?

While being on top turns me on greatly, and I demand and enjoy a good pussy licking afterwards, for some reason I never masturbate to Julie on Top thoughts. I too much enjoy the physical sensations and the reactions of my sub. That turns me on more than the thought of it, if you know what I mean? But it does inspire me to read/write/view Women on Top materials, just not masturbate to them.

However, it's the opposite for subby thoughts. I get turned on by the thought of them, and the actual physical carrying it out does less for me. When I do play in real life, I get so excited imaging it happening, and then soooo excited afterwards thinking back on it. I do get physically turned on right before a spanking: the baring, the scolding, the being placed across the knee; but given my preference for "disciplinary grade" spankings, I am anything but turned on during them! Then afterwards I am just in shock and recovery nursing a very sore bum bum and whatever else got punished.

Lion knows this about me, and therefore customized a subby julie story that hits all my hot buttons. I published the story in its entirety on my Fiction with Julie page linked top right. Before you go on and read about my reactions to Lion's story, which will contain all sorts of spoilers, you may wish to read the story in its entirety here:

BBQ at Mom's House

Did you read it? Sexy, no???? I am not ashamed to admit that I read it several times, masturbated to it, and orgasmed to it. I am so naughty! THIS time David did not catch me in the act so I was not spanked for that, but I know I still owe you a recounting of last time he did which I will do in an upcoming post.

It's a fairly short story, so I'll reproduce it here in its entirety in blue and give you my thoughts and reactions as I read it in red.

"Just because I just married your mother doesn’t mean you can run wild, young lady."

That was my mother’s new husband. My husband and I were visiting. I just stepped outside to enjoy an after-dinner joint. Phil, that’s his name, came out a few minutes later and found me smoking.

Ok, very nice setup. In just a few words it established that my Mom got remarried and while being a married woman and too old for it, I was clearly being a bit of a brat around him.

I looked at him defiantly, "You’re not my father. You have no right to talk to me like this."

Is there a little hope in there? A little hope that this Daddy will treat me the way I desperately need to be treated?

His face darkened. I felt a nervous twinge in my stomach.

"Put that out and come here!"

He moved to the porch steps and sat down. I put the joint out and stood in front of him.

Why did I do that? Obey him and go to him like that. It's realistic, and I would have done it in the situation. But why would I? I am naturally submissive to a certain alpha male authority. It's part of my womanhood. It's deep inside of me. And part of it is also my respect for parental authority that is also deep inside of me.

"Julie, I don’t care how old you are or how long I have been your stepfather. I expect respect and obedience. When I don’t get it, I will punish you."

Oh my gosh! Flutters! Yes, you married my Mom and you inherited me, her daughter, in the process. You have every right to expect respect and obedience. And he used the word "punish". It's something grownups do to children, right? How will he punish me???

Now my face got red. Who the hell is he to punish me! He is a big guy. My husband is six feet tall, and Phil is at least two inches taller and more muscular. Punish me?

"You want to punish me?"

"I am going to punish you! Come closer."

I was about three feet in front of him. I didn’t move.

Perhaps it's not conscious, but the alpha male needs to be tested by his women. He needs to prove his status. It may seem defiant, but it needs to be done otherwise he has no right to master us. It's a dance that we both must biologically play out.

He reached out and grabbed the waistband of my shorts. Before I fully understood what was happening, he pulled me toward him and yanked my shorts below my knees. He reached up, and my panties joined my shorts.

I was furious. "Stop!" I yelled. He just smiled. He reached, grabbed me around my waist, and moved me over his lap like a rag doll.

No no! This can't be happening! I tested him, and he passed his test. He both demonstrated his physical domination over me, and his willingness to use it. And what did he do? He bared me! No man has a right to bare a woman like that against her will. To put her across his powerful knee and bend her over. To put on display to him her bare buttocks and her genitals! By this action he is demonstrating that if he wished to, he could have me! But no. In this relationship he has bared me in order to teach me a lesson in the most childish manner possible: an over-the-knee bare bottomed spanking that will leave no doubt whatsoever who is in charge.

I could hear footsteps approaching from the house. The back door opened. It was my mom and David. They’ll put a stop to this!

"What’s going on?" my mom asked.

"Julie was smoking a joint and then gave me backtalk."

"Mom, stop him! I’m a grown woman! David, help!"

Neither moved. My mom said, "Julie, if your stepdad wants to punish you, then that’s what will happen. Phil, do you mind if David and I watch?"

"David, stop him!" I screeched.

"No, but I will watch."

My mom and David pulled up lawn chairs so they could have a good view. The setting sun and the bright porch light gave them a very clear view.

They agreed with him! They both agreed that Phil has full paternal authority over me. Moreover, they will watch as I am taught my lesson. It will evidently not be a quick lesson either, as they pulled up lawn chairs and sat expecting an extended spectacle.

Phil said, "Julie, I’m surprised at you. I guess being without a father for so long has helped you form some bad habits. That changes now!"

"My daddy never punished me! You can’t!"

Without another word, Phil clamped one arm across my back and, with the other, hit my rump with a resounding smack.

"OW! Damn you!" I cried.

I knew I was defeated, but the remnants of biology, of my needing to test his limits, unwisely continued. My cries that my bio-dad never punished me like this is heard as a cry for help, for something missing but desperately needed in my life.

Phil calmly said, "The neighbors are out barbecuing. Keep that up, and they’ll be over to see what we are up to. Do you want that, little girl?"

"Uh, no"

Ok, ok, ok. That will settle me. I absolutely do not want this to be more of a public spectacle than it already is. It's already embarrassing being spanked bare bum by Phil. He called me "little girl" - that is what I am to him, and that is how I'm being treated by him. Then even more embarrassing that my husband and my Mom will witness. But at least they are family. The thought of unrelated neighbors witnessing my little girl spanking is too much. I will behave in order to avoid that.

Phil resumed spanking me. Each swat stung and burned. I looked over and could see that mom and David were smiling. I was kicking my feet and exposing my pink pussy. It went on and on.

Lion knows it's a "hot spot" for me, the fact that my pussy comes so on display during my spankings. My real-life Mom and Dad have seen me spanked by my husband as an adult, and seen that view of me much to my infinite mortified embarrassment. For me it is part and parcel of a spanking punishment, for a girl to be so fully displayed like that during it. The very thought of it makes me so horny...

For a little while, I just grunted with each swat. Before long, it became too much for me, and I started to wail. I couldn’t help it.

Of course I could not help it. When a strong man with a hard hand is determined to make a girl cry across his knee, she will cry across his knee!

Phil was right. Doris and Ben, mom’s next-door neighbors, came over. Ben said, "What’s going on?"

Phil didn’t stop spanking me. My wails turned into cries.

Amidst the pain of my spanking, the embarrassment notches up a thousandfold! I was completely aware of the arrival of the neighbors, and could not control either my crying or my desperately kicking legs!

Ben asked, "What did she do."

Mom said, "Julie was naughty. She was smoking pot and then gave Phil back talk."

Ben laughed, "She’s getting some backtalk of her own now."

Men of a certain age know. Those men know that a naughty back-talking slip of a girl needs to be taught her place. Ben was even laughing at my predicament, and made a pun of Phil's hand "talking" to my "backside".

Tears were flowing now. "Please, Daddy. Please. I’ll be good, I promise."

Is this the most humiliating part? The fact that I had been so publicly broken like this? Broken like a bucking little filly. Thoroughly taught my place for all to see. Publicly acknowledging Phil taking his place at the head of the household as my "Daddy".

Phil stopped. "Have you learned your lesson, Julie?"

"Yes, sir." I don’t know where the "sir" came from, but it felt right to say.

"What do you think, Peggy? Has she learned?"

Mom said, "I suppose."

Myeh. I loved Lion's story, but to be totally honest, this was the one line I did not love. So grudging. Mom should have come back with either "Oh, she's definitely learned her lesson!" or "Let's make sure. Why don't you put her across the porch rail and giver her a taste of your belt, Phil."

I was still over daddy’s lap. "Julie, stand up and face everyone and tell them what you did and that you’re sorry."

"But, but, I’m naked."

"Do you want more spanking?"

"No, daddy."

Phil removed his arm. I slowly stood and faced everyone. I had my hands over my pussy.

"Hands at your sides," Phil commanded.

I obeyed. "I was smoking pot and backtalked daddy Phil. I’ll be a good girl from now on."

I added the last part myself.

Yes! Lion picked up on this sort of thing being one of my hot buttons. The public bare-pussy apology afterwards. I am completely hairless down there, like a little girl. My labia push out a bit, including my labia minora, and even my hood and clit a bit, and especially after blood is made to flow down there during a spanking. I hyperventilate at the thought of being made to expose myself like that. My breathless stammering mixed in with my tears and snot as I am being made to barely get out of my mouth the ritualistic words I must say. It ensures everybody will know exactly how embarrassed I am, and how obedient I have been made to be by my spanking. So obedient that, on command, I will stand there bare pussy and apologize to all. They will smirk seeing the apparent sexual excitement of my engorged and slightly dampened pussy. They will see how being mastered by an older man impacts me.

"OK, Julie. Stand against the back wall of the house and think about what you did."

I was glad to turn around but not happy to stand under the porchlight against the back wall of the house where everyone could see my red bottom.

Perhaps not "happy" per se, but maybe a bit contented now that I have been taken in hand and given the Daddy I truly desired and deserved.

Here was my email back to Lion after having received the story and having spent some "quality time" alone with it naked in my bed...

Oh my... very, very, on the nose, hot. Thank you. I feel seen by you, as in, yes, yes I... want that? How can I want that!?!

I loved Phil's assumption of authority, and my female attraction to it, my body putting out the joint and walking to him while my feminist ego was rebelling.

I loved that given Phil's manly size and build, I was given no choice. He stripped my shorts and panties down and threw me across his knee like I was his child. And, fuck, a hand spanking from a man like that WILL teach a woman a lesson.

I loved that my Mom and David ok'd my spanking and stayed to watch. Lawn chairs was a brilliant touch, as in, this looks like it might take a while.

I loved that David and Mom smiled that my pussy was on parade during my spanking. And then when the neighbours came, that's the view they must have seen as well, legs kicking and flailing, miss puss puss and miss bumhole opening and closing as I desperately frog-kicked over Phil's lap. It's what happens when a girl is spanked with her panties down, it's what's supposed to happen. It's exactly the reason they are lowered...

I loved that I went from grunts to wails to tears, from a grown woman being spanked against her will for no good reason, to a little girl deep into her lesson that you do not smoke pot without permission at stepdad's house, and you do not backtalk stepdad, ever! Because stepdad will not hesitate to put you across his knee, completely bare your bottom with all that entails, and spank you to tears regardless of who is there to see it.

I loved that the neighbours laughed and approved of my spanking.

I loved that in front of all of them I progressed to calling Phil Daddy and Sir. It was more than just the pain and embarrassment of the spanking, it was what I needed from Daddy, but did not realize.

I loved that I had to perform a bare pussy apology to everybody. For me it's the climax of the scene (yes, I'm being literal - congrats). I imagine myself standing there, freshly spanked, tears in my eyes, throbbing bottom, dragging my own hands to my sides, squirming in embarrassment. Blood has flown into my pussy from my spanking, I feel it hot and engorged and damp. I think silently to myself, "no, please, not like this, not displayed like this, please, I, I, can't!" I barely force out the required apology, adding "Ill be a good girl" because something inside of me needed to add that. I go over this again and again, my right hand rubbing my clit, my left fingering my pussy entrance. "No Daddy, not, not like this, please, I'll be good, I'll be a good little girl, don't make me... show myself like this!" This is my mantra, at first said silently and then aloud as I climax with my hands shoved into me.

The denouement is my walk to the wall. I stand there, ass throbbing, but pussy throbbing even more with a girlish lust that colours my facial cheeks as much as Daddy Phil coloured my bottom cheeks. Later on, my husband would need to see to me...

You bastard. A hard act to follow...

Thank you,


What do you guys think? Are Lion and I "cheating" on our spouses exchanging such sexy stories??? What did you think of Lion's story to me, and mine to him?


  1. I don't you're cheating by reading and writing the stories to each other. I know that Lion doesn't masturbate without Mrs Lion's consent/instruction. I don't think the same can be said for you, and you know I think that's rather naughty. In fact, you agreed to complete a real life punishment for making such a game of masturbating theatrically to one of my stories behind your husband's back. I've given you monthly reminders via e-mail, and the last one was completely ignored!

    So I don't think you're cheating on David exactly, but you are deliberately getting as close as you can to that line because you find it exhilarating, and you get extra titillation by keeping the personal nature of your masturbation fodder secret from your husband.

    Very sexy stories nethertheless! And whilst I wish your parents nothing but the best, I like how it almost begs for a tale concerning Julie being spanked by her OG Daddy and her new Step-Mom! Maybe she's a much younger model, a golddigger in her late twenties! Then again, she could be a girl that Julie didn't get on with at school! Or one of David's old girlfriends that moved out of the city but has returned like a bad penny! My head is swirling with possibilities!

    1. Your original father, or "bio-dad!" I imagine him hearing about the spanking Phil gave you and feeling a need to claim back his status as male disciplinarian, or that you throwing yourself at him put (fictional!) strain on his marriage, and that he's determined not to let you come between him and his new bride!

      Hmm, that definitely gives me some ideas...

    2. Ah!
      No. no. I have OG Dad wrapped around my little finger. ;-)

  2. I like your play-by-play more than my story. There is a wonderful sense self-revelation in your post.Your story for me hit so many buttons. If I could masturbate, I would have-over and over. I also like my writing a lot more reading it here.

    Mrs. Lion read my stories for you and yours for me. She doesn't seem to react the way we do. If we are cheating, it is with consent. Between our friendship and intimate knowledge of one another, I'm having a great time. I hope your visitors here will read your story on my site.

    I can't wait for your next installment. Is this a new kind of sex? Literary love? It feels like it to me. You reach deep into who I am. I'm glad I can entertain you.

    1. Yes, it's a new kind of sex! Wordilingus?


  3. Très belle histoire, mais vous avez omis , (oublié) que ceux qui regardent et ceux qui fessent bandent durs en vous voyant exposée...

    Je le sais par experience lorsque je fesse mes filles devant la famille, ou public, que pour les hommes les bites sont dures, pour les femmes leur chattes mouillent, et pour moi mes filles sentent bien mon erection....

    Malgré leur honte d'être vue , elles ne peuvent cacher leur excitations, et malgré elles, ne peuvent s'empêcher d'ouvrir leur cuisses pour faire voir leur chattes roses, leur lèvres qui s'ouvrent toute mouillées, qui ne cache plus rien de leur intimités profondes, généreusement ouvertes, leurs clitoris gonflés sortant de leur capuchons, comme un appel a ce que n'importe quelle bite vienne les combler....
    et comme cela ne peu se produire décemment devant tout le monde, elles sont dans cette attente que seul un orgasme peuvent les rassasier de ce plaisir si attendu …

    elles savent que leurs chattes, leur trous du cul si exposés pendant la fessée , sera l'objet de beaucoup de masturbation, et de convoitises....

    Elles rougiront lorsqu'elle croiseront les spectateurs de leur fessée, en sachant que ceux ci auront l'image de leur chattes impudiques, et lorsqu'il les regarderons toute habillée, ils auront l'image, pas celle de la femme adulte , mais de la petite fille fessée par leur papa toute nue !!!

    1. "She will blush when she meets the witnesses to her spanking, knowing that they will have the image of her shameless pussy, and when they look at her fully dressed, they will have an image not of an adult woman, but of a little girl spanked naked by her Daddy." - so true!

  4. I can definitely see why you liked this story, Julie. In fact, I'd be far from surprised if there wasn't a part of you, bubbling just below the surface, that wishes your real Daddy would do that to you at your next family gathering, no?

    As for the cheating part, I hardly think so but it does raise an interesting question... what if David "catches" you masturbating by reading your admission here? Does that count and thus give him spanking privileges I wonder?


    1. Not just a part, all of me wants that. OMG!

      As to the second part, I would hope he was "man enough" to remind me to whom I belong...

    2. Imagine standing there, in front of Mummy, Daddy, Sister and neighbours, hands by your side, pants and panties long since discarded during the thorough handspanking your loving Daddy gave you, forced to admit why you were so naughty to warrant this sort of punishment. Imagine knowing that if they took a moment to look at you a little more closely they could see just how excited your body became despite your objections... How embarrassing!

      As for David, it's a shame he doesn't browse this blog a little more actively, no? You might get yourself into a lot more trouble if he actually took the time!


    3. I was once spanked in front of David's best friend (best man at our wedding). My pussy was very, very, very wet! It was genuinely humiliating which made it hot as hell.

    4. Oh god, see that's what does it for me personally. I'm not a masochist, I don't really love pain, but it's a means to an end. If my face isn't as blushy red as my ass will be after the spanking, then what's the point? The exposure, knowing what everyone can (and will) be looking at... gah! That's hot! lol


    5. Like you, I would not say I'm a masochist either, in that I derive no sexual gratification from the pain. But I need to be well-spanked to feel those submissive feelings I crave, even if it does hurt. A play spanking does not do it for me. I do admit to being a bit of a sadist, though, with a consenting partner.

    6. Oh, definitely. I guess when I say the spanking is a means to an end, I don't just mean in terms of it being *just* a vessel for my embarrassment which gets me going, it's a vessel for a lot of things. You could strip me naked in front of my consenting partner and I wouldn't care less, you strip me for a much needed spanking? I am submissive, meek, embarrassed and wet as fuck.


  5. It was a good collaboration, productive. I hope you don't stop there.

  6. This was entertaining, but I must admit that your story on Lion's blog was even better. It read like it really happened. I think it's the first time I've read about you domming two men at the same time, while pushing both their boundaries. Makes me wonder what you could do with three, or four, or a whole regiment.... And what a great plot. No wonder you have 75% male readership. How many of those readers imagine themselves in the role of Lion at the cottage or Mr. Stevens at the hotel in your various reader interaction stories? I'm guessing a lot. I've read many spanko bloggers, but no one does it like you do. - Frank