Monday, February 14

I was Spanked Every Day for a Week

Some girls get Valentines. I get spankings. I really screwed up this time. I received a notification in the mail that I had run a red light and been caught on a red light camera. It's $325. I knew my ass was grass.

There was no doubt it was me. They had a photo of my car and everything, and I'm in it. And it was an evening I went out to pick something up. I google mapped the address, and yes, it was on my route. I went to street view and even saw there was a warning sign that I ignored.

I do remember that the traffic was really frustrating, and I rushed the light. I even knew at the time I was pushing it and it was considerably more than "rushing the yellow":

As the infraction says, I entered the intersection 0.5s after it had already turned red.

One of my great commenters, Kasey Brown, was teasing me about my needing a spanking for inserting spoilers into the Sandy's Story narrative.

That was early in the morning, and I knew posting that meant the clock was ticking for me to tell David lest he read that comment and find out that way.

The thing about being a bonafide "spanked wife" is that you know, with 100% certainty, that you're going to get a spanking for something like this. And that it will be bad. Very very bad. I had that absolute sinking feeling in the pit of my tummy where the fear of my spanking outweighed the sexiness of being taken-in-hand, and I was genuinely asking myself why I had signed up for this and if I should back out and call it quits. However, I figured I would totally lack all integrity if I conveniently chose to pull out when facing punishment. Taking my punishment and reconsidering after would be my only course of action that kept any personal dignity intact.

The reason I knew it would be especially bad was that I had just been spanked nine months ago for a fender bender caused by my distracted driving. I got the message then that it better not happen again. And this was pretty flagrant, entering the intersection 0.5s after the red. I knew when I did it that I should not have, but was frustrated with the traffic. Not a good excuse, I know. And dangerous. Bad accident waiting to happen. I know!

At lunchtime I went to David and approached him with little baby steps and head bowed, the ticket clutched in my hands: "i screwed up, sir..." I said in my best baby-talk. I don't know why I feel the need to infantilize myself when facing punishment, but I apparently do.

He looked at me intensely. He saw I had papers in my hand. He held out his hand and said "Hand it to me," quite sternly.

I handed it over to him.

"Oh Julie!" was the first thing out of his mouth when he saw what it was. And then, "Three Hundred and Twenty Five Dollars?!?"

I grimaced. This was not going to be just an "excuse" to spank me. This was going to be the real deal.

Then he saw that I had entered the intersection 0.5 seconds after the red light had already turned. "A Half a Second?!? And didn't I just spank you for getting into an accident from distracted driving? What's your excuse this time?"

"just frustrated by the traffic, sir..."

Yes, I "sir" him when I'm on the carpet with a punishment coming due. He feels a lot like my idealized perfect Daddy at times like this, and me his contrite little girl. It's why I do it.

"So you knew what you were doing? It wasn't that you were distracted and didn't see the light? You actually saw it was yellow, then red, then ran it deliberately anyways???"


"Oh, not as sorry as you're 'gonna be."

"Am I getting a spanking, Sir?" I asked needlessly.

"No, you're not," he said.

I didn't understand.

"You're getting FIVE spankings. just like your hero. Let's see now... $325 is it? That's sixty-five spanks each time, with the big hairbrush, until I work that $325 off your ass."

Ohhhhhh! I knew David had read my Mr. Daniels' Severe Childhood Spankings post. Mr. Daniels described a punishment he received which was a series of five bare-bottom OTK spankings over his Grandma's knee using a bathbrush for peeping into the girls' bathrooms at school. Every day for a week, right after school was finished. I was kind of going on to David about how cool Mr. Daniels was, so maybe this was a bit of payback as well? At least it was not going to be the bathbrush (we don't have a good one for the purpose), but the big hairbrush was still pretty wicked. 😥

My poor bum.

I've been corresponding with Mr. Daniels this whole time, and because of the obvious tie-in to his childhood spanking there was really no reason not to tell him, but I felt a bit embarrassed to do so. However, he picked up on it when browsing the comments and sent me the following comment to post.

julie, julie, julie,

So very glad I, or shall I say Grandma…, was able to inspire David into taking very appropriate action. Please explain what a “Red Light” ticket is? Does this mean you ran a red light, endangering yourself and others with this reckless behavior? Please explain to me the circumstances, we’re you distracted, by say “texting”? Or were you running late with an overly full schedule and you aren’t taking care of yourself? What is it girl? And yes Grandma was very direct and to the point. “Painful consequences for bad behavior” that was another classic Grandma phrase.

I absolutely earned that hard spanking everyday after school. That behavior of trying to cop a look at girls privates in their bathroom WAS outrageous!

I also never stole anything again in my life from that switching. The question is to David, are you going to be giving julie a proper “Tomato Bottom”? I think the readers of the blog should share in her lesson. After photos and the instrument of correction would be most appreciated!

julie, slow down and breathe. And pay attention! Hope you learn your lesson!

He also provided the following photos that he hoped would inspire David.

Jasmine Tomato Bottom. Yes I did do that.

Tomato Bottom Finale

I did not show these photos to David. I figured after the first spanking he needed no additional "inspiration".

In terms of the photos requested, my actual instrument of correction is above, and I have some shots of the worst part of my bum after 4 consecutive days of spanking below. You're welcome. 😢

David said, "we'll do it after work and before dinner, five workdays in a row starting today, See you after work, young lady, for your first dose, and don't expect to get off easy."

Later that day I was done work earlier and was preparing dinner in the kitchen. I knew full well what I was in for and had resigned myself to my fate. Depending on how hard he went, I knew that 65 whacks with that hairbrush could be brutal. I was expecting it hard. I definitely deserved it.

He wrapped up and came down into the kitchen to get me and brought me into the living room. He had the hairbrush in his hand.

"Time for your first spanking. Get your clothes right off."

I stripped to bare. When David is most serious about my spankings he strips me to bare. The contrast of my complete nudity with him being clothed, and us being in the living room, makes me feel very small.

He pushed the coffee table back and sat in the middle of the couch. He had me lie over his lap, my chest supported and my legs off the couch on the diagonal.

"Do you understand why you're being punished?"

"Yes Sir. For running the red light, Sir. And for endangering myself and others, Sir. And for costing us money Sir."

"Good. I'm going to start with my hand and end with 65 with the hairbrush."

"Yes Sir," I said.

Starting with his hand was a mercy. But it also signalled that the hairbrushing would be hard from start to end. 65 hard with the hairbrush cold would have broken me. Dont get me wrong, I figured that the preliminary hand spanking would also be punishing, but it would get my butt in a state where I could absorb the full hairbrush treatment.

"This will the first of five spankings like this. Same time every workday. You'll get the weekend off."

"Yes Sir. Thank you Sir."

With that his palm came slamming down onto my ass, over and over and over again. Ouch! He wasn't joking around. I felt his righteous anger in his spanking. I think I got around 50 strokes like that. Another gif photo Mr. Daniels sent along captures the mood.

Beginning Tomato Bottom

When he figured I was adequately prepared, he picked up the hairbrush and lay its cool wood across my hot butt-skin. He lifted it and slammed it down onto my butt.


I was frantic before the first 10. He paused, threw his right leg over the backs of my two legs, and continued. He went in groups of 10. Gave me a tiny breather. And started in again. He did the last 15 straight and they felt hardest of all. THAT was no play spanking. Holy shit. I was crying and shaking by the end.

"Get you nose in the corner!" he ordered me angrily. No hugs, no cuddles, no nothing.

I scurried into the corner, crying big tears. My ass felt like it was on fire.

I took me about five minutes before I had really composed myself. Soon after that he came to me.

"Get dressed and go get dinner on the table," he said a bit more softly.

I got dressed and did as I was told, getting us a nice healthy dinner on the table (lamb).

"Your butt sore?" he asked me as I sat gingerly at my spot at the table.

"Yes Sir."

After that we had a perfectly pleasant dinner, as if my spanking had not just happened.

On Wednesday it was hard not to think all day about the absolutely brutal spanking that awaited me at the end of the day. My ass was legit a bit sore to sit on. There were a few small bruises was all that was left that morning.

The day proceeded slowly.

Midway trough the day I asked him if it was ok if we Uber-eated the dinner in. He said that was fine and I should choose, and get it ordered just before my spanking. I did that.

Towards the end of the day he came to me at my desk and asked when I would be done. I told him I was just wrapping up. He said he had one more call to make, but it would be a short one. As soon as I was done I should take my clothes off and go stand in the corner and wait for him.

I finished up my last couple of emails and then dragged my ass down to the living room. With a big sigh I took off all my clothes, right down to nude, and then stuck my nose deep in the corner, the way he wants it. My bare butt sticks out into the room when I stand in the corner like that, focussing my own attention on that part of my anatomy. My big bare bottom, awaiting spanking.

As I was standing there, my mind started focusing on what was about to happen to me. I started breathing a bit heavier. The memory of yesterday's spanking was still so fresh in my mind. I felt myself starting to cry already.

I heard his footfalls on the stair.

"Let's do this," he said, and he pulled me out of the corner by the arm and propelled me over to the couch once again. We took the exact same positions. He asked me the same questions. I answered them the same way. He spanked me exactly the same way. First it was a hard hand spanking. And then I got 65 with the hairbrush. This time he did not give me the benefit of the doubt and clamped my legs before starting in with the hairbrush. I felt totally helpless as he clamped me like that. I was going nowhere until the full dose of 65 was meted out.

Again, it was pure fiery hell visited on my backside. I started begging him not to from even before the first hairbrush stroke. I told him I learned my lesson already. He disagreed. It was again hard and fast groups of ten. Maybe five seconds to compose, and then the next 10. All the way to the final, and hardest, 15, delivered straight. I must confess I was yelling and crying and begging througout. Didn't make one little bit of difference.

After it was over he put me back in the corner to compose myself. After about ten minutes he let me out of the corner to dress. Again, no kisses, no cuddles, no nothing. But the dinner after was perfectly pleasant.

Thursday was pretty much an exact repeat of Wednesday, except I thought about the spanking even more throughout the day, dreaded it more, and felt it more. My ass was getting very tender by Thursday. It felt like it had not fully recovered before I got spanked again. When I looked at it in the mirror after, it was definitely bruising.

Friday was pretty much an exact repeat of Thursday. Just even more so. More dread. More crying. More pain. More corner time. More bruising.

By Friday I was really questioning my choices. But not my choice to continue as a spanked wife. Somehow the three preceding spankings and the dreaded anticipation of the fourth was making me even more committed to that. I was legitimately questioning my choices while driving.

And rather than any resentment, I could only muster grudging respect for my man for sentencing me to my punishment and then carrying it out exactly as he had decreed. He knew, as well as I did, that a single spanking, for me, carried equal measures of punishment and erotic reward. However, these multiple spankings in a row lost their erotic charge, and, perhaps for the first time in my life, I was feeling truly punished and truly regretful of my actions that got me there. I was certainly vowing to myself to never put myself in a position to receive a punishment like this again for anything driving related. I would be a model, calm, careful driver.

And I also felt this strange supernatural feeling I cannot explain that I was headed for a serious accident, and that this lesson was altering that, but that I had to see it through. I was unnaturally convinced of that. Had this not happened, the way it had, and had I not been punished the way I had, in a way that stripped the erotic charge, I would have been dead within the year in a traffic accident. It was just a feeling, but a super strong one.

The weekend was a very welcome relief. I had only one spanking left to go, and I figure my ass would have some time to recover. By Saturday morning my left cheek was not so bad, but the higher part of my right butt cheek was ridiculous! I took a few selfies for you guys, Saturday and Sunday. I'm trusting you guys with these. Please don't freak out.

Isn't that outrageous?

It had not been nearly that bad prior to Friday's spanking, and even immediately after Friday's spanking it was not that bad, and a lot of spanking happened to the lower cheeks, not that high (I mean, it was spread all over). The bruising seems to have developed overnight, and these were taken Saturday when it was peak bad. It's also raised a little bit, and leathery to the touch.

When David saw it he was surprised as well. The extreme bruising on the right cheek seemed to have come out of nowhere. I've been spanked hard before, and never seen anything like it. But I knew what it was. This was God's price for saving me from dying. God had painted a red stop sign on my ass.

David declared that I would receive my final spanking only after my bum had healed, but I would need to spend 30 minutes of bare naked living room corner time after work every day until then.

A big part of me wants to just get the last installment over with already, rather than spending a boring 30 minutes in the corner everyday. But I don't get to choose. He says he'll inspect my bum during corner time, and if it's in good enough shape, he'll spank me my final installment just then, so I don't even really know when it's coming. How lilly-white will he want it? Every trip to the corner has a potential spanking right after. I asked him what if it takes a month to heal? He said that in that case I'll be standing in the corner for a month. Bummer. I guess the duration of my corner time is in God's hands as well.

But God helps those who help themselves, right? Anybody have any tips on reducing this kind of butt bruising quicker?

Sunday was dinner at my parents' house. They generally get told about all my more serious misbehaviour-based spankings. This is something I felt I wanted as part of my spanked wife status from the start: that extra reality (and, yes, extra embarrassment) of trusted others knowing. Sue and her gf Amanda would be there as well this week. Everyone there was in my inner circle. Amanda had mainly seen (and participated in) David being dominated by us, but she knows the full story of me being a spanked wife as well from Sue.

Little prima donna that I am, when we got there I made a show of wincing as I sat and saying "ouch" (very little acting required).

Sue knows when I'm fishing to be embarrassed by my spankings and took the bait, and right in front of everybody asked, "Oh my. Look at you sitting. Did you get a spanking just now?"

It's a measure of how well-trodden this ground is that her question did not even raise eyebrows, though my Dad's ears always perk up at any such mention.

"Not just now. It was Friday after work, and I got four spankings in a row, Tuesday through Friday, and I still have one more coming."

"My God, what did you do?"

'Tell them," said David.

Everybody was suddenly very curious and I was the center of attention.

"I deliberately ran a red light and got caught..."

"Oh Julie!" Dad said. Those were exactly, and I mean exactly, the first words out of David's mouth as well.

"I know, I know, I know, I know. It was stupid and dangerous and I'll never ever do it again. I'm going to calm down a lot when driving."

"Well, good. You've always been reckless in the car." Dad said.

"We're curing that, once and for all," said David.

"It seems a little harsh," Mom said.

"I deserve it, Mom," I said, defending Daddy and my man's choices about me. "I've been acting like an idiot in the car, and it's not the first time David's punished me for it. This is sort of a wake-up call. It's the sort of thing I wanted when I asked David to spank me."

"Well, if it's what you want..." said Mom, dubiously.

"And it's still that tender, two days later?" asked Sue of me.

"Yeah, a bit bruised. He says it needs to clear up before he'll give me my final instalment."

"But you're not getting off scot free in the meantime, are you?" Noted David.

Oh this was very embarrassing!

"No. I have daily corner time until it clears up."

Oh blush!

"Bare butt corner time, I'll bet," said Sue. Thanks. "How bad is it? Show us," she said.

"Nooo!" I said. Sure it was embarrassing, but I would not have been averse to showing off a spanked bare bum to the assembled people, Daddy especially, but I was worried it would look brutal and they'd misunderstand.

Mercifully, Sue let it drop.

Amanda was new to this family dynamic and reasonably concluded my spankings were a fit topic for conversation.

"Did you guys spank your children as they were growing up," Amanda asked my Mom and Dad.

My Mom jumped in: "A bit, when they were little, but we stopped spanking them at a certain point based on the latest research and thinking in education." Mom was a higher-up in education.

"They stopped spanking us all at the same time, so I got three years more of it than Julie," said Sue. "Which was totally not fair." She said it with a smile.

"Mind you, this one", said my Dad, referring to me, "turned into a little hell-raiser around her last year of high school."

Oooh! Was Daddy implying he should have kept spanking me? I do think he genuinely believes that and would not have stopped were it not for Mom.

"It would have just made things worse," Mom said, defending the decision.

"Oh I don't know," I said, coming to Daddy's defence, "a few good spankings from Daddy might have made a world of difference." Outrageous! Flirting so openly with Daddy like that.

"Have you any awareness of what you were like at that age?" said Mom.


"How about you, Amanda, did your parents believe in spanking you?" Asked Dad. Go Dad!

"Yes. I was spanked until pretty old, around 16 or so. My father would use his belt on me. He was always so angry. I thought it was abusive"

"Awww, sweetie, I'm so sorry," I said.

"I agree with your Mom about not spanking kids. But with you guys, in a consensual relationship, and for deliberately running red lights? I approve."

"I accept that," I said.

It was all kind of funny. Having explicit spanking conversations with my close family. How many families do that? I'm glad I came out as I did so this was possible.

"Well, she seems happier ever since she asked David to spank her, and more responsible," said Dad.

"And more horny," added Sue.

"It's all true," I said, blushing strongly.

"Ahhh, the perfect woman," said Dad with a grin.


"Oh, Doug!" Said Mom disapprovingly.

And everybody laughed at my teasing.

"I can't believe you're going to have to do corner time, like a little kid," said Amanda, deliberately teasing me even more.

"He once made her stand in the corner all through dinner for baiting her Mother over politics," recalled Dad.

"What!?!" Said Amanda. She had not heard that one.

"Yup," I confirmed.

"Did you get a spanking afterwards?" She asked.

"As soon as he got me home," I confirmed.

"Ah, it's good for her," said Dad.

"I agree," added David.

We went on to dinner and spoke no more about it. But literally everybody at the table knew I was in the midst of being punished. Four spankings down, one to go, bare-bottom corner time until then. At least they weren't told it was fully nude. So Embarrassing!


  1. Oh, Julie! Your poor bottom! That is an amazing amount of bruising. The anticipation of the fifth spanking must be very mentally taxing. Now I’m curious to know how the fifth spanking will look and feel and if this daily beating will have lasting effects regarding the impact of future spankings. Will your butt be hardened now and more resistant to bruising or weakened and more easily marked? Seeing what happened to you makes me wonder how much I could take. I’m certain I would have to be restrained by more than a leg to endure what you experienced. I have screwed up much worse many times in my life and never paid a physical price from my wife. I used to wish for it. Now I’m not so sure! - david

    1. As soon as I sent my comment, I wondered why my first thought wasn’t about Sandy’s and Tom’s reaction to this post. Will it cause either or both to have second thoughts? Your photos could be unsettling to some folks. Will you ever hear from them again? ;-) - david

    2. It's starting to fade a bit now. David said it's not spank-worthy yet. Yes, we'll have to see their reaction. Yikes!

  2. How thrilling, to get a well-deserved spanking for something bad you did just like a real naughty little girl! And for your family to hear about it as well...
    Interesting about the bruising. It often seems to work like that, with spectacular bruising appearing seemingly at random despite no apparent extra force or duration compared to usual. Some academic should do an in-depth study on the biological effects of spanking, with plenty of primary research conducted on a wide range of participants, with a full range of implements etc...

  3. Oh, Julie, twice in one year your driving has gotten you spanked. And this one for running a red light, one of the most dangerous offenses out there! You deserve every single smack you get with David's paddle hand and that devilish hairbrush on your backside. You deserve that big leathery bruise on your right ass cheek. You deserve the shaming on the internet and at Sunday dinner in front of the family. You deserve the embarrassing nude corner time until the bruise heals before your final spanking and you deserve that last one to be the hardest of all to really drive the lesson home. I am thankful David loves you and cares enough about you to put a stop to this truly dangerous behavior. Daddy is right, you have been reckless and in a car that can be deadly.

    1. David says he'll wait until it's completely healed, and then he promises the last will really drive my lesson home. NOT looking forward to that 😢

  4. In a lot of states, they can't enforce red light cameras. I can't remember why, but it's worth looking into for CA laws.

  5. M first thought when I read this was about Sandy and Tom reading it. I wonder if Sandy still wants what you're having, in terms of a real life spanked wife relationship. Of course you and David have been at this for years and that's why you are swimming in the deep end, so to speak. - Frank

    1. She deserved everything she got. And if you want to make an omelette, you need to break a few eggs. 😉

    2. Time for the "paddling assignment" I see 😈

    3. Sandy . . . Don't forget that her butt would be hot enough to cook an omelette or at least a couple of sunny side up eggs.

    4. Julie's butt is always hot - with or without a spanking! :) Lc

  6. A common trope in spanking porn is the spanking machine, or being spanked by a robot. This episode gets close to that in so far as you were reported on and fined by what amounts to a robot and that led to this spanking. So the robot got you spanked. And once again we see how life imitates art. - Frank

    1. There's also a human "issuing officer" involved. They don't give their name, just their number, but there is a signature, and it looks like a woman. It was clearly me, a woman in the car, and the car is registered to my husband. I wonder if she ever dreamt that signing that ticket would get me spanked like this?

  7. Good to see david keeping you spanked and humble

  8. This was an honest to goodness real spanking this time. A behavior-correcting spanking delivered by means of a well-blistered bottom. I'm sorry about the bruise, but these things happen and you'll recover just fine with time. Wise of your husband to put off your final instalment. Too bad you'll have to do a half hour of bare corner time every day until then.

    Your father seems like he genuinely regrets not continuing your spankings into your teen years. I too believe a firm, fair, and consistent application of bare bottom discipline from a loving father can do certain types of teen girls a world of good. You amongst them based on how you've previously described your hell-raising years.

    Next summer at your family cottage, you had best mind your p's and q's, or your husband may just hand you over to your father so he can make up for lost time. A good stripping, a good OTK spanking, and then a good belting bent over a high rail would do that nicely. Imagine all those years of frustration taken out on your little bare ass.

    1. Yes Sir. I too believe that a continuation of bare bottomed discipline through my teens and even my early twenties would have been beneficial to me. Panties down OTK spankings for even minor transgressions; and fully nude spankings with implements, in embarrassing positions, such as the diaper position, for more serious infractions.

    2. il n'est jamais trop tard pour bien faire...

      je suppose que papa ne demanderai que ça, du moins je me mets à sa place, ma fille ainée l'ayant demandée à se faire refesser a 24ans, suivis après de sa sœur, et nous en sommes très contents ....

  9. It's funny, I was driving home from work today and the woman in front of me ran a straight red. I immediately thought of you, Julie, when I saw it. This woman wasn't even half a second late, she was too busy drinking her iced latte and went through a red that turned green before I had to brake to stop for the red.

    I thought of you being half a second late, then this woman being like 2 seconds away from the red turning green and I couldn't help but think if you got sentenced to 5 days, this woman surely earned 10? Maybe 15? Lmao.

    As for your punishment... I truly believe this is the first time in your spanking journey that a spanking has been stripped of its sexual element entirely, pre, during and post spanking. This is truly a punishment as if a non-spanko were to be experiencing it and it's truly an adult sized spanking to be leaving bruising like that. I really, really hope you learn your lesson from this, little miss.


    1. Yes, by Friday there was zero sexual element, 100% dread. But I also felt that I had earned it and it was more than justified. Now corner time is just excruciatingly boring (but the sexual energy is starting to come back...).

  10. Dear Julie. Please stop! Yes you deserve to be punished. Yes it should hurt a lot but I fear you will be permanently disfigured by David using that heavy brush so many times. The October 2021 post, Photos of my Red Bum, shows what a beautiful bottom you have. Let's keep it that way. I call the safeword on this extreme punishment. Red!

    1. The bruising is a bit mysterious. It sort of came out of nowhere. No particularly hard whack or anything. But it's already fading so no harm done.

  11. Julie, that looks like something other than just a bruise on your bottom, but you are closer to it than I am. Thinking about it again this morning it seems like your body made up its own "safeword" in the form of this "sign" on your bottom, and clearly David has gotten the message. Waiting seems like the sane move in this circumstance. - Frank

    1. We agree. But it's already starting to fade I guess I need to avoid doing anything bad enough to earn me a multi-day hairbrushing in future!

  12. Just wondering if you would have preferred 250 hand spanks in one session?
    After all , I do believe you recommend 300 spanks to ladies who spank their men in one of your articles?
    Of course David would only have the pleasure of baring your cute little tushie once instead of 5 times!

    1. The non-sexual "dread" was an interesting emotion that I'm glad (in retrospect) that I got to experience. Of course, like a mother who gives birth, the unpleasantness is fading and the craving to do it again rising. It's the damned corner time that is so fucking annoying!!!!!

    2. The greatest Valentines gift of all would be to see you fully nude in the timeout corner, head to toe shot.

    3. What has your positioning been for these young lady? Hands at sides? Feet together? Nose touching?

    4. My nose is required to be touching both walls, hands anywhere except in front. I keep them by my side. Feet can be wherever. I have to lean in and look up to get my nose right into the corner, which arches my back and sticks my butt out. It's pretty uncomfortable. Kind of hellish, in fact 😢

  13. To help the bruise to go away, take a warm compress. As warm as you can stand. Place it over the bruise and keep it there for at least 15 minutes. You will have to rewarm the compress so you might want to keep some handy in warm water. Do this at least three times a day. The damp warm compress helps break up the blood clot that causes the bruising. Warm...not scalding hot...then he can resume your punishment and give you another bruise to remind you to be more careful

  14. Oh my, I've been waiting for this post and you didn't disappoint! That mark is savage; you have hours of corner time ahead! Can't decide if David is being a wimp by changing the rules on you, or a genius for giving you hours of extra punishment under the guise of caring for you!

    I always love it when your family weigh in and am glad Sue and Amanda were able to join you! I like how indulgent Sue is, giving you an introduction to tell all about your latest escapades and even the opportunity to flaunt your bottom in front of everyone.

    Your mom definitely has your number; no doubt teenage Julie would be inventing reasons to go bare bottomed over her Daddy's lap, writhing around on top of his cock, then heading to her room to grind up against Doggy!

    1. I don't think that's what Mom meant! She meant punishing me would only have made me rebel more.

      David is looking like a genius now. I get to think about out what got me put in the corner every day for 30 minutes. So much fun. Not!

    2. I don't know, it doesn't sound like you did a good job of hiding your Daddy issues, and your mom sounds very switched on. Maybe you should call and ask her!

      How far out of the way is your place from Sue's? I wouldn't be surprised if she dropped round during corner time, or if Sue and Amanda got an invitation to spanking #5!

    3. Ha! That would be a regular event. Invite Daddy as well.

  15. This seems like the perfect time for a little icyhot in all the right places during corner time each day. A nice reminder that you still have more to come.

    1. (hoping David is not reading this far down the comments)

  16. You know ma'am, Jesus is immanent. He is horizontal with us. He does not dominate us but helps and supports us.
    He knows what is good and what is bad, but he does not judge pleasure. He finds good the pleasure of the wife who enjoys being spanked and he likes her to get wet because it feels good. Good too is the punishment of the offending woman because the pain she feels in her butt announces to her that she will henceforth do good and this makes her happy.
    However Jesus doesn't really like those who only think about themselves: did you think that someone (our little Sandy! OMG!) could have been the victim of your selfishness. I wonder if 325 is enough?.

    1. Lovely sentiments, Killian.

      Fortunately, Sandy does not seem scared off. Quite the opposite, the little brat. But I can't think about the possible repercussions to my audience of posting my truth.

  17. Embarrassment in front of the family is not enough. I'll put you at the crossroads every night with this sign :
    "I risked the life of others because I am a brainless fool. My husband spanked me 5 days in a row for this and I am deeply okay with this punishment"

  18. It's good to see that you finally got a proper spanking. My bottom looks like yours ( much every time I'm punished. It takes a few days before it stops hurting. Nothing at all erotic for me.

    Recently, to avoid bleeding (when I get that "leathery," swollen areas they tend to bleed a little) Mrs.Lion has been using leather and rubber to spank me. No tomato butt but also no lasting reminder of my punishment. I expect she will go back to wood for at least part of the spanking.

    I hope that this is the beginning of a trend for you. I've learned that all traces of eroticism must be gone before I truly learn my lesson. Sounds like we are alike in that way.

    1. yup...
      But I don't think I could sustain it like this, nor would want to. I need my corrections to be a bit more balanced that way.

  19. This post reminds me of my punishment from two years ago. After returning from a week's trip, my wife found an empty pack of cigarettes. I smoke rarely because I try to avoid. But our deal is that I confess to every cigarette and get spanked. This time she was gone for a week, and during that time I had smoked 20 cigarettes and I was afraid that the punishment would be too severe. I didn't tell her anything. Well, but throwing away the trash, she found this empty package. The main fault was not smoking, but lying. She decided that I would get 20 lashes (equal to cigarettes) every night for a week. The spanking was made with a leather strap. I got them completely naked in a wooden chair. After each spanking, I was standing in the corner, facing the wall, naked. And so every day, 7 days.


    1. Did you come to dread those daily strappings?

    2. Of course, I did. I remembered this from the morning and was getting more and more nervous throughout the day. I was also a bit afraid that we might have some unexpected visitor. My wife said the spanking is at 8pm every day, no matter what. But we were just the two of us every day :)

    3. Visitor would have been bad!

  20. Sorry, but you've read the citation incorrectly... The photos of you approaching the intersection were taken at .50 seconds after red. However, you entered the intersection 1.6 seconds AFTER the red light!!! In other words, 3 times worse than you were depicting. In my opinion David should triple the punishment by adding 2 more weeks. I'll concede that he should deviate from the any further impact on the "inflamed" right upper buttock. However, there's nothing that says he can apply the belt/strap to your lower buttocks, backs of the upper thighs and even the palms of your hands to continue your punishment as originally intended. Just my thought. It only seems fair that you re-approach David w/the correct facts of the incident and politely request to be dealt with appropriately.

    1. Damn... I think you're right. But David came to that conclusion and I can't contradict my man. Now shhhhh!

  21. The ultimate embarrassment to help you make a change in your behavior, would be for David to video your final 65 (and the warmup) and make you post it on this blog. Sue would love that.
    You did post a long one of David being spanked by you a while back. Turn about is fair play.

    1. He's not doing "performance art", he's punishing me. He knows "making me" display my wriggling reddening ass is the opposite of that. 😊

    2. Sounds a bit like an excuse.
      Didn't you tell Kasey Brown: "Yes, by Friday there was zero sexual element, 100% dread. But I also felt that I had earned it and it was more than justified."

      I know he is punishing you and I doubt that you would be inspired to do any "performance art" behavior during this spanking. Maybe you should show David this thread and let him decide your 'naughty little girl' fate or ask your readers who want you to live to a very old age.

    3. Some other time. This one is not play for him.

    4. I know that you did not share this thread with David. You did not want him to read the whole post and discover that you shared the news about your ticket with your readers at least four hours before you told him.

      You have been describing your life as a "Spanked Wife" but your video shows you getting a pattycake style of spanking. To paraphrase your own words: "The thing about being a bonafide "spanked wife" is that you know, you're going to . . . get a spanking . And that it will be bad. Very very bad. . . . . . . . However, I figured I would totally lack all integrity if I conveniently chose to pull out when facing punishment. . . . would be my only course of action that kept any personal dignity intact."

      You told Killian, "But I can't think about the possible repercussions to my audience of posting my truth."

      You have been corresponding with Mr. Daniels and he sent you the following comment to post.
      "The question is to David, are you going to be giving julie a proper “Tomato Bottom”? I think the readers of the blog should share in her lesson."

      No reader would consider David a brute for spanking you or think less of you for losing your composure during a painful spanking. A video even with no audio would help you tell your truths.

    5. Just had an idea. Ask David for permission to video the final spanking and to post it to your blog as an apology to all your readers. He never has to see the post.

    6. I don't understand your last response.

      Thursday morning at 1AM, your left butt check still throbbing from 65 hairbrush swats and about 50 hand smacks (the half-assed spanking from about six hours earlier), were you looking for a drink ?

      Did you take any final pictures ?

    7. I meant you guys are "thirsty" for a look at my butt. It's sort of Internet slang. Fact is, we are trying not to make my blog an OnlyFans, but I recognize the need to post our butts every now and then so you know we're real.

  22. Julie, I'm concerned. That bruise looks really bad! I've heard that sequential spankings on an already sore and bruised bottom can be very damaging to the skin. Please report back to us on this in a month or so. Hopefully you will be as good as new then. There was one time I was caned and the marks, although very faint (you needed to know where to look to notice them), lasted for the better part of one year.

  23. He should have diversified:
    Day 1; a bare bottom Spanking with a paddle on that lazy ass that was in a hurry.
    Day 2, a bastinado with a cane on those feet that pushed the pedal to cross the red light.
    Day 3, a hand beating with a ruler (school style) on the naughty hands that drove the wheel to cross the red light.
    Day 4, a repeat of all three days (spanking, bastinado, hand beating) but with smaller number of strokes for each type.
    Day 5, rest with your nose in the corner for an hour.
    Day 6, a repeat of Day 4, but using only one implement for all three types (a ruler should do).
    Day 7, a spanking with all your outdoor foot wear so that you remember not to do it again every time you go our (this includes whatever foot wear you keep in the car to drive when you are wearing high heels).

  24. Go David go, may that make you oblige your feet fans request. Or they will keep wishing you more punishment spankings.

    1. Ah thé fet people! Love you all 😘

    2. Come on Julie, we get to see your ass but you deprive us from enjoying your feet.

    3. You can find them if you look.

  25. Sue should give you a hand Spanking on your bruised ass.

    1. Sue is not my disciplinarian?

    2. Sue is a generic disciplinarian, she can discipline any body

    3. Yes, Sue is the best.

    4. I just realised... Sue should have been made your disciplinarian on a three year trial basis when your parents stopped spanking you! What a missed opportunity!

  26. When I approached my wife about DD, one of the things I asked was this: "I want you to get so good at spanking me, I don't want them anymore and I want you to keep doing them anyway." This would fit into that category of the type of spankings I was hoping for. I remember reading in one of the Disciplinary Wives Club materials that Aunt Kay hoped there would be a time that I would dread an upcoming punishment because my wife had grown into the role of a true discplinarian. I've had just enough experience with adult spankings to be confident in confirming, "yeah, that's what I want". If I'm ever able to share this aspect of myself with a differnt woman, I just might use this to fully illustrate what I mean. If this didn't scare her away, I'd have found my match! This was an amazing post! Lc

    1. Thank you Lc. This punishment was very, very real, and well earned :-(

  27. "Ahhh, the perfect woman," said Dad with a grin.

    I’ll bet that’ll be in your head for a long time. I love how supportive your Dad is getting about your spankings. It must be such a thrill to get such high approval from him.