Monday, November 7

The Whipping Boy

There's this YouTube Video of a judge beating his daughter with a belt that made me angry when I saw it, so I decided to take it out on david as my whipping boy. (I notice a lot of bloggers use small letters in the name when referring to your subbies, so I am doing the same from now on).

He was watching TV, so I went downstairs, grabbed the remote, turned it off, and told him to get his ass into bed because he was getting a whipping. I wanted him in nothing but his new panties, and face down on the bed across a couple of pillows, ass high. I also told him I wanted his belt lying beside him.

I gave him a few minutes to get ready, then a few more minutes to stew, and then went into the bedroom.

There he was, exactly as I had told him to be. I picked up his belt, doubled it up like the creep in the video, and whipped his pantied ass. At first I was no good at it, but I got the hang of it fairly quickly and was able to lay on some nice lickings across the seat of his panties. Then I pulled his panties down to a cute little band around the backs of his knees, and whipped his bare ass some more, leaving some nice red stripes.

I didn't whip as hard as the judge did, and only whipped his ass and nowhere else (except a couple of accidental misses round the sides and on his thighs - oh well - I tried!). My man enjoyed his whipping, because when I was done, he was nice and hard. I apologized for taking it out on him, not in words, but by letting him have me. I particularly loved the feel of my hands on what I knew was his whipped red butt as he took me.

Now that's a proper whipping!


  1. I saw that video too, and its pretty disturbing.

    Your whipping scene, on the other hand, sounds extremely hot! I loved that you began on the seat of his panties then "pulled his panties down to a cute little band around the backs of his knees." (that gives me a tingle to read that)

    I clearly remember those times that my lover spanked me as foreplay, and how much it intensified the sex. The contrast between the warm, slickness in front and the fiery sting on my butt cheeks was incredible!

  2. I'm glad you got a tingle from reading that, because, for me, that was the climax of that whipping, pulling down his panties to reveal an already whipped ass, knowing it would be better whipped before I was done.

  3. Loved how you took command of david and gave him a whipping with and without the panties,which I may tell you turned me on Big Time,just the thought of a Strict Wife this to her husband is always a big turn.


  4. Well when I saw that judge do that to a woman, I could not let it stand. Some man needed to pay, and keeping his panties up for the entire whipping was not payment enough - they needed a good lowering so that the belt tanning was applied thoroughly to his VERY BARE cheeks!

    Besides, with his cheeks bare I could target some good "wrap-around" into the crease of his bum. One or two there really made him yelp! I must have hit his bum hole the way he was carrying on! Ha Ha!

  5. So you counter a vicious, sadistic act with another. Listen Julie, I know you think you're some kind of counter culture feminist and your husband a "willing" joyful submissive, but the truth is you're both a pair of sad, idiotic cunts. Thank God you two have each other and won't pollute others with your bizarre ideas on intimacy. You're nothing, worthless and your miserable slave equally inconsequential. Sad bastards. You're no better than Judge Adams.

  6. Hi Ex-Judge Adams!

    So happy you're reading my blog!

    For the record, I am the one with the cunt. My david would probably enjoy being told he is a cunt, or has a cunt, I will take that as a suggestion and give it a try!

    But Ex-Judge Adams, you are being a bit rude in your post. I think you need to be punished.

  7. Oh Ms. Julie, You found me out! Reading back my post I now realize it was very rude. I deeply, apologize for that. I have asked my ex-wife and daughter to beat me bare butt with a doubled-up leather belt on the next episode of Doctor Phil. I hope you will take that as a sign of true repentance from me.

  8. As L. and I mentioned in our comments on one of your more recent postings ('Strapped'), I used the belt on L's backside rather infrequently (until this past Summer!) and this was in reaction to his having told me how, during a trip to England (at age 18), he has been soundly strapped by a woman twice his age (36!) -and how he had 'enjoyed' it!...
    For my part, I preferred a number of other 'tools', but after I acquired (and tried!) that leather bridle in Calabria six months ago, I have developed a real taste for strapping L's backside! He may now be sorry that I did (another example of "Be careful of what you wish for" :-)

  9. N. (my first wife) also knew about that episode -and occasionally gave me a taste of the strap- but I must acknowledge that J. is the one who used it to the max... especially after she got hold of that Italian bridle!


    1. The strap always works wonders, doesn't it? I make a point of using it at least once a month (while using the martinet, the wooden spoon, the maple switches, etc. for common misdemeanors)... A well-strapped bottom guarantees good behavior for several days!