Tuesday, November 22

Grading and Slippering

I got a 'fella slippered very badly this past week by his partner! Ha! Ha! It's david (a different david) over on his SLIPPERLOVER blog. He asked for requests, and I thought his spankings weren't hurting enough, so I requested a slippering on the backs and insides of his legs.  His patner Kim did an outstanding job! She went above and beyond, and slippered the fronts of his legs. She was extremely strict, yet at the same time laughing all the way through david's punishment. She was clearly enjoying herself a lot! Here are some images from his video courtesy of david:

Wonderful dialogue all the way through: "Put your hands on your head, david...", "Stop flinching!", "Stand up proper!", "If you move I'll get the cane.", "I didn't say you could turn around, did I?", "But they're not purple though, are they?" I highly recommend you view the whole video in the IT HAPPENED post. david was definitely reminded of who wears the pants in the family, and who gets them taken down and is all exposed for a good, hard, humbling slippering! I hope you are feeling extra humiliated, david, having me expose you on my blog as well as your own. Tell Kim she's my hero!

On the home front, my david had his exercise session today. He produced the food and exercise diary this week, hooray! Unfortunately, Rebecca gave him an F on it. david said he was feeling very sheepish as he opened the door for her (I wasn't there), but that Rebecca was very professional and didn't even mention his humiliation from last week. She told him she was happy he had produced the diary, but he had not exercised all week, and his food choices were atrocious, therefore she needed to give him an F. The only humiliation was the grading, and the knowing smirk from her as she wrote down the F, and that she told him to get the F initialed by me for next week! Ha Ha! I have not dealt with david yet for the F, so I have not initialed it yet. He'll get a good initialing on Saturday morning, though! I'm going to go out and make a special purchase for the occasion - a nice fluffy, leather-soled slipper!


  1. Hello julie , thank you for adding to my humiliation and reminding me ... lol my legs are still well marked and i've got a medical examination today :o/ .. Cant wait to read what happens to your David , sounds like he's in for it .
    Kindest regards

  2. Ms. Julie-
    Another very interesting post! And another FLR couple! Its fascinating to see more and more young women taking charge of their relationships and spanking their husbands.

    I can't wait to hear what happens for David's 'F' grade from Ms. Rebecca. I think that she must have at least a little of the Domme in her as she was very creative in having you initial the grade. Poor David doesn't have a chance (but then I'm guessing he wouldn't change a thing - I know I wouldn't).

  3. Enjoyed this post very much, that's the one thing I've never felt (a slipper). And I've often wondered how much it might hurt, really hard to imagine that a slipper would hurt, but it sure looks like it could.

    Looking forward to what happens to david for his "F", and feeling bad for him at the same time.


  4. Uh oh.. he better get cracking on his workouts... (me too, for that matter. Haven't run for last two days)

    Thanks for the delightful link, very enjoyable job by them!

  5. Hi All,
    I've decided for his first F, I need to make a real impression. So I'm going to be going downtown to see if I can buy a very strict strap to use on him. I'll keep you posted!

  6. Hello again Julie, thank you for your sweet comments. I envy your power, and that of ladies like you and Katie, and Her old school friend Sophie. Here, you have almost on a whim ordered a man to be stripped and punished, and sure enough your wish was granted, such power.
    I would really love to be in that position where, I could when ever I felt like it order Katie to undress and bend over the bed for six of the best. I can only imagine that glorious feeling of dominance and power that you must have. Sure Katie has allowed me to smack her bottom a few times, but really and truely it is when she wants it. I would pay dearly if I took control, and caned her. You and your readers may think I'm a bit of a wimp, maybe I am. Katie so to speak wears the trousers in our house, it has always been thus.
    I know on the whole I like my life, in fact WE like our lives. As far as I am concerned I'm not particulary tall or manly when you first meet me, but perfectly formed, and "a butt to die for" Soph's words not mine!
    Now the reason for this comment as I said is this wonderful sense of power you must have.
    If I have said something wrong or some such misdemeanour, Katie out of the blue will suddenly say "You're in trouble when we get home" We could be in the pub or a dinner party and I promise you before my eyes she suddenly seems to grow an inch, her bust seems to grow and her eyes sparkle like diamonds. I feel myself shrinking. I wonder if the other people notice this. "You're in trouble" can mean many things to many people. But I know, Katie knows and maybe if one of her very close friends are there, they know what is going to take place. (Funnily if one or two of her friends are there they usually find a reason to come back for a wine or coffee). Katie loves this power and if she can show off her "bossy like qualities" to her sister or close friends she loves it more. I know my place (as a comedian once said). Probably about 25% of my punishments take place before a witness or witnesses. I maybe average a couple of thrashings a week, so twice a month I am caned naked in public so to speak.
    On Sunday afternoon we were at our local sitting outside, there was about a dozen of us on a couple of tables, including Susi and Sophie. I was tossing a stick for someones dog, Katie had said leave it alone a couple of times! Well it jumped up at Susi who was wearing tight white jeans. "Now you're in trouble" she said. Katie looked at me cooly and said the dreaded words, "You are going to get it when we get home" Soph and Susi giggled. I can tell you more if you wish but I've gone on far too long John xx

  7. John- well, a wonderful post. You're right, Miss Julie has a particularly demanding presence, I sense it totally. Love your comment, esp. parts about Katie's look when she tells you you'll get it... and amazed abut 25% of punishments are in front of a witness!!

    Miss Julie- I hope you found what you are looking for! :)

  8. John,
    Don't leave us hanging! What happened next?

  9. SS,
    Have identified a good store. Will go after work today. Am a bit nervous, I am sure I will blush profusely at the counter, but will persevere in my quest to acquire a good solid strap before tomorrow morning!

  10. That was an excellent vid, where did you get the idea for that..truly evil.. I get the backs of my legs smacked if I move around while doing corner time, but never the fronts!
    Slippers are indeed greatly underated. I got my first ever spanking with one and my partner K still uses them to great effect - a good stiff leather sole is essential and they are so much more portable than a strap.

    Great blog, keep it up


  11. Strict Julie...meet Strict Jane.


    She's a 'life coach' and professional disciplinarian. Fascinating.

    Request: How about some 'non-revealing photos...like your hand holding a paddle or a shot of your lap while seated :)
    ...You are turning this adventure in a good direction by having hubby get fit.

    Advice: ??? do the sister-served-dinner thing BUT KEEP IT AS 'VANILLA' AS POSSIBLE....tell her hubby 'lost a bet' :)

  12. ps...you can see some examples of non-revealing photos on strict Jane's site.

  13. http://www.femkevandedijk.com/
    something like this :)

  14. Hi Anon,

    I like the 'lost a bet' thing, it's a great idea, but I think I would prefer to just tell her the truth: that he is now subject to my discipline.

    I'll see what I can do about posting a non-revealing photo. My david does not know about this blog, so I can't very well snap photos of his spanked butt or he will start asking questions. I think my camera has a self-timer on it, perhaps I can figure out how to work that to get a photo of me with an implement, and then crop it a bit.

    Have to run now, time to wake david and take care of business (I bought the PERFECT strap!). Need to get my "game face" on!