Tuesday, November 8

Diet and Exercise

My husband has been putting on a few pounds of late. And it's no wonder. His diet is atrocious and he doesn't exercise. I do all this work to keep myself fit, and he does nothing. I decided I would do something about that.

I train at a gym with a personal trainer named Rebecca. She is a very pretty twenty-something lady, very strong and very strict! We get along like gangbusters. I asked if she would consider training David. Now David does not belong to the gym, but we have a home gym in the finished basement, and Rebecca was willing to come by once a week to train him. Perfect! I had some ideas on how to shape things based on a DWC entry I had read earlier that had stayed in my mind.

Today was Rebecca's first visit. We started off the three of us in the living room discussing David's diet and fitness goals. I pointed out to Rebecca some of the areas it would be nice that she worked on. I think that embarassed my boy just a little. Ha! Ha!

Rebecca said she would train him once a week, but to make any progress he needed to exercise at least twice more a week without her present, but that she would tell him exactly what she wanted him to do. She also said he won't get anywhere without a change in diet. I told David he should really consider recording all his food choices in a diary, and she would review that once a week and suggest gradual changes to make his diet healthier.

I told him that every week he should present Rebecca with a food and exercise diary, along with his current weight and body fat percentage from our Tanita scale. I suggested that Rebecca assign him a grade every week: such as A+ for example, or B or F. I said that on the weeks he gets a good grade that I would "reward him", and gave Rebecca a bit of a wink. The darling played right into my hands by asking what happens if he gets a bad grade?

No you didn't. No you didn't! Yes I did!!!!

"I'll put him over my knee and spank him." I said.

It got a good laugh from Rebecca and a nice blush from David.

I think she thought I was kidding...


  1. Wonderful!

    I remember my ex once telling a the check-out cashier at a market that she was going to "take him home and give him a good spanking!" I felt my face get hot. The cashier grinned and said "I hope you do!"

    I hope that you and the trainer will keep a close eye on david's exercise and diet habits. He's got to take this seriously.

  2. You must have been very embarrassed by that!
    Do you think the cashier believed that you would be spanked?
    Oh, and we're you?

  3. Yes I was! I couldn't even meet the cashier's eyes. I don't know if she believed her, but I'd bet that a lot of people who saw my reaction would suspect that there was some truth in that pronouncement. I mean, if there was no significance to it, I wouldn't have been embarrassed, right?

    When we got back home, I was ear-marched from the car into the house (another embarrassing thing!), and put over her knee right away.

  4. Ear-marched? That's a new one I have not tried yet on david! Very exciting. david is in for a good "ear-marching" next time. Ha Ha!

  5. Hi Julie, just found your blog. I am in reasonable shape (need to lose about ten pounds but am otherwise fairly fit) and I have fantasized about my wife disciplining me for not being better with diet and excercise. The idea of being trained by two woman (the physical trainer and the disciplinarian wife) is just plain hot for a sub male like me. Hope your hubby realizes how lucky he is!


  6. I'm sure Dan's blushing gave him away in line. Ear-marched, LOL!
    Like Lovto, I work out a bit, but perhaps I could get some more discipline :)

  7. Love and sometimes,
    Working out is good for all of us. I'm thinking I should make a career change and train ill-disciplined boys and girls MY WAY!