Sunday, November 6

Sixth Topix Posts - My Sister

I was out with my sister a couple of nights ago. We are very close and have always shared everything, including what's going on with our sex lives. But surely I shouldn't share this new situation with her? Or should I? I put it to my friends on the forum.

juliesp - Nov 5

On a lighter note, I was out with my sister Susan last night, who lives nearby. We left hubby behind as we often do. As we were stepping out, I told him to clean up the kitchen (told, not asked), right in front of Sue. I used 'that tone' on him and he blushed a bit and said "yes Ma'am". She said "aren't you a good boy!" to him, which made him blush even more.
I refrained from telling her anything about our changed relationship regarding household chores, though she did ask at one point during dinner what I had done to get him to help out. I would love to have told her, as we are pretty close, but I don't know how she would react if I told her that I put him in panties and spank his ass! I think it would embarrass me more than it would him.
Afterwards he asked me if I had told her anything. To test him a bit I told him that maybe I did and maybe I didn't and that it was my business either way what I tell my sister. Then I gave him a spanking for being nosy. Poor dear doesn't know either way now. He didn't get angry with me at the possibility of Sue knowing, which I thought he might. It sure didn't seem to affect his 'performance' later on in bed. I'll be anxious to have Sue over for dinner and watch his reactions!
What do you guys think? Should I really tell her? I know I can trust her to keep it to herself. Have any of you had any good or bad experiences along these lines?

maidangela - Nov 5

Honoured Mistress.
I would suggest that you do not hesitate to inform your sister of your arrangements with your husband. Nearly everyone I know is aware of my status as a maid and every lady who knows appears to be either quite cool with the idea and in most cases very approving of it. I would suggest inviting her for a meal and have your husband serve it. If possible in a smart parlour maid uniform. I am sure your sister would be delighted. The only down side I can see is that it would not be me serving.
your humble maid angela

juliesp - Nov 5

Thank you for your opinion, angela. I still want my man to be manly out in the "real world". I love the idea that nobody out there would dream that this 'he man' was pantied and spanked by his little wife! Well, nobody but an anonymous shopgirl here and there, and MAYBE my sister who is discrete and fun loving and I confide in a lot (only my older one, my younger one's a brat!), but that's it.

hal - Nov 5

I'd agree with this, except I wouldn't tell her in advance, just to expect a delightful surprise which has been developed and come into your life recently.
Let the delight register on her face as she sees it for herself.
You might advise your maid she will be expected to treat your sister with the self same deference and respect as is now required for you.
Down to the smallest detail.
It should also be possible to arrange an 'exhibition' spanking for your sister to devour, using some minor detail of his embarrassment and/or ineptitude in her(his) serving attitude.
Depending on your sister's excitement, and/or enthusiasm, she might be happy if you invited her to partake of assisting you in the task.
Much merriment would seem in the offing, along with the more serious issues of respect and sisterly co authority.
I don't think you should hold back now.
There is a need to assert dominance here, before any disgruntlement or resistance sets in.
Treat it as a war game.
But be sure you want total dominance, because that is what you will possibly get, and that imposes it's own restrictions and responsibilities on your own psyche.

juliesp - Nov 5

I must say, hal, your description of that scene makes my pussy tingle! I share everything with my sister, and not sharing this new aspect of my relationship with my husband seems dishonest somehow. I especially got a wet little gush at your words 'sisterly co-authority' Wow! Sometimes I travel on business, and the idea that maybe Susan can 'babysit' my boy and make sure he gets his chores done excites me. I know he thinks my sister is hot (which I don't mind, because we look a lot alike!), and I know he wants to get the two of us in bed at the same time, which is a big absolute no for me as I don't get turned on by girl-on-girl, much less with my sister, nor would I want him fucking her. But her seeing him in the all together, or whipping his ass while watching his poor little cock and balls dangle, I would love sharing that with her!

I'm not sure what you mean by that last part. I know my sister, and IF we did it, we would keep it fun and games.

hal - Nov 5

I think you're on the right track absolutely, BUT, while you are reticent about fulfilling his desire for the both of you, how might your sister feel, especially after she has partaken of your new reality.
She too might sense that subtle tingling sensation, albeit she might not want to upset you by mentioning it to you.

But with maturity one can re contemplate them in light of newly discovered realities.
Never close your mind to possibilities.
They can become new found pleasures as you have discovered.
And as your sister is about to find out also.
Ask her afterward if she also felt that little driving force.
You're mature now, and have created a new reality for yourself and some others.
Discuss with your sister as to how you might now extend it to encompass new realities for you both.
You stand on an awesome threshold, and it's determination is for you (two???) to decide.
You haven't been disappointed so far.
The future might be equally rewarding.
Anyway, he might be contemplating the fantasy of having you both.
I think it might be more fitting if you allowed him that musing before introducing him to the reality, that he is the girl here, at least when you are together with your sister.
That should round off his humiliation and embarrassment nicely, while keeping it private and within the family.
Perhaps once a year, you could let him fuck you both in his own way, as a reward for good behaviour.
Imagine what he might do to ensure that privilege.
Even then, you could force him to take you both quickly, one after the other, giving him the minimum amount of satisfaction, with a huge wait until the next time.
Perhaps I'm being too harsh on one of my own.
But, in this case, you get to decide that.
The two of you might actually get to prefer the power of the strap on.
And either way, when you are together, you could always blindfold him, so he could never really be sure that it was not just you all the time.
Unending pleasure for you and your sister.
Unending doubt, confusion and uncertainty for him.

juliesp - Nov 5

Of course she'll feel tingly, but let her find her own guy to fuck! That cock is MINE.

I'll have to think about the strap-on. It's pretty intimate, but knowing my sister she'd laugh her head off watching him take it. Of course, he would never, ever, live down her witnessing that, which kind of excites me!

hal - Nov 6

Now, your comment,'that cock is mine'.
I can understand that, but sharing can bring benefits too.
If he can have two, so can you.
And he would have to watch.
I guess what I'm saying is don't always close off options absolutely until you really are quite certain.
We're always learning.
That never stops.
But, whatever you do, do it at your own pace.
I think your next few weeks might be quite exciting.
And enlightening.
Good luck, albeit I think you are going to make a lot of your own luck here.
Each time you make a move forward, sit back afterwards and reflect on how far you have come.
Then plan your next move forward.
I can promise you, doing your own thinking and decision making can become addictive.
And empowering.
Just never relinquish your humanity, or diminish your capacity for kindness, where that is deserved.
Showing a softer side now and then adds to your character.
It needn't diminish it as so many seem to fear.
And it certainly won't stop you from getting tough when needed.
In fact, that will add to your mystique and aura for your poor dear.
Never mind, he chose it, just not quite the extent and intensity he expected.
But now he's where he's happy being.
Never deny a person their misery when they're happy with it.

juliesp - Nov 6

You remind me of the boys I dated in grade 8 who kept trying to talk me into letting them feel up my breasts. They said how i should be "open" to these sorts of things.

I get it, hal, you are very keen to get me and my sister in bed with my husband. So is he, believe me, and so is every last guy who has ever met my sister and I. Are you all charter members of the sister-on-sister fan club? I mean really.

littlejeff - Nov 5

With all due respect, Ma'am, I don't think that it is good to "out" your husband without his permission. He has placed himself in your hands and that takes quite a bit of trust. O the other hand, since he thinks that she is "hot", he may start flirting with her or make inappropriate remarks to her. I see nothing wrong with threatening him with not only making her aware of the dynamics of marriage, but to give a LIVE demonstration by spanking him in front of her. A woman needs to protect her marriage! Then, just to make sure that it doesn't happen again, let HER spank him after he has spent some time in the corner to reflect on his behavior. After she has soundly spanked him and possibly produced real tears, she will no longer be a sex object and figure in his fantasies.
Respectfully, Jeff

juliesp - Nov 5

I don't understand. I'm not thinking of outing him, just my sister is all.

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