Sunday, November 6

Fourth Topix Posts - Panty Shopping!

As you read in the previous post, on the advice from others in the topix forum, I got David into a pair of my panties. I thought he would balk, but he was meek as a lamp, even with me teasing him unmercifully and calling him "the girl"!

Those evil topix people were encouraging me to take him shopping for panties of his own. As soon as they put that idea in my head, I started imagining it, and couldn't get it out of my mind.

As you'll soon find out reading this blog, I am not shy about trying new experiences, so I decided to actually do it, as the following posts describe.

juliesp - Oct 29

Gerald wrote:
Go for it Julie, I think you get just as big a buzz
out of humiliating your hubby as he does?
I dit it!!!

I told him we were meeting for dinner yesterday at a certain downtown street corner. When I got there, I said there's just a little something I need to get first, and took him by the hand into the store on the corner. It is called "Addition Elle", which I guess means "Plus Size" in French. Poor dear didn't know what we were doing, and didn't even realize it was a Plus sized store. We went to the lingerie section, and asked a twenty-something plus sized salesgirl for help. I told her we were there to buy panties for this gentleman here, for him to wear.

Oh dear! Both the salesgirl and my man's mouths dropped open at the same time! I wasn't sure if she was going to kick us out or serve us, and I wasn't sure if my man would just up and leave making me look like a fool. Turns out my man was meek as a lamb and the salesgirl helped (and actually even got a bit enthusiastic after she got over the shock! Ha Ha!).

Thank you all for the encouragement, especially Gerald, Janet, maindangeal, Veronica, and Mistress Margaret. It was a blast and while totally unexpected for my hubby, and what he says was the worst humiliation of his life, he says he still got off on it tremendously and loves me more for having the courage to do that to him. I can tell you, my heart was pounding as I was doing it, and it was a huge thrill. Went off perfectly!

I'll tell you more about how it went later, when I have more time to write.

Gerald - Oct 30

Well done Julie.
No need to worry about being thrown out,I'm sure
they're happy to sell their frilly panties to
anyone who wants,(or has to) wear them?
Your hubby and myself are very lucky to have such
lovely wives who are not only willing,but take a
delight in indulging our little peculiarities!

juliesp - Nov 1

Finally have some quality time with the big computer and can tell you about our little shopping trip:

After the salesgirls jaw finally closed, she was very professional and took us over to a circular rack chock full of panties, pointing out the 5 for $40 sale, and asking if we wanted 5. I said of course! I'm sure hubby groaned to himself knowing we would be there quite some time picking them out!

She asked me, very deadpan, "what size does he usually wear?". Would not talk to him at all. He was just standing there a few feet away, blushing up a storm, examining his shoes very closely indeed! I told her that he had never bought panties of his own before, and asked what size she thought he was. She looked him up and down, and pronounced "1-XL I guess".

We picked out a few pair, and were cooperating very nicely with one another on our little task. She asked what kind I wanted, and I told her lacy, feminine, reds or pinks for him would be nice.

I asked her which ones did she think? She looked very serious, starting going through the rack, click, click, click, and picked up a powder blue pair with an inch of lace at the waist, a half an inch at the leggings, and a cute little bow in front. She held them up and said "I like these...".

I took them from her saying they were adorable, and held them up to his waist, and asked him what he thought. He mumbled a half-hearted "fine" which I let him get away with given the circumstances.

On the way out I told him to thank the salesgirl, and the dear said "thank you Ma'am". Then, in a moment of great boldness, I said to him "we'll see if a week in panties doesn't improve your housework!" Ha! Ha!

As we were leaving, she had a big smirk on her face. I bet she's been telling that story ever since!

Mind blowing experience! I want to do it again, but make him change into them in the store (evil grin)!

Jim - Nov 1
I'm surprised you didn't have him try them on in the store and ask the sales clerk's opinion. She could just peak through the curtain and tell what she thinks.


  1. My first trip shopping for panties was full of shame also. I had a red bottom and walked into the store holding my wife's hand. I had to ask for help from a sales lady that my wife pointed out. I had to buy three pair for me and three pair for her.

  2. hot, Ms. Julie!
    It is very humiliating to go through this...the face she would only talk to you is awesome!
    Now my Wife makes me buy my own; she doesn't want to waste her time.

  3. I'm digging your old posts to find that " trip shopping for panties with your hubby " that I've found SO inspiring months ago. I'm trying to make an artwork out of it.
    However, in my mind you wrote something longer about it, am I mistaken or there is another article? Thank you very much! : )

    1. That would be fun! I think there is just this recounting of that trip. I did take him on another shopping trip in Jan 2012, and then again shopping for bikinis in June

    2. January 2012 indeed! That's the one I had in mind, merci. I've read that story again. Actually I didn't know this trip in November 2011, I like it as much.
      I'll have a picture done in a few days, hopefully a good one?

    3. So it's done !
      You are only showing a few blonde lashes and your high heels, I guess this way I can't be wrong ?
      Only you know how much the man pictured doesn't look like David.
      I hope you'll be in the mood for more shopping adventures soon !! : )

  4. I am a little more on the shy side indeed , for now . But I grow more and more comfortable in my new role in our relationship and reading your blog helps me build confidence and assertiveness in myself and the success of this journey. Thanks Julie , you're a great source of inspiration.

    1. Hi Lilly,

      I was very nervous about public play fearing how people would react, and that I may be the one getting embarrassed.

      But as I did more and more I realized that women everywhere enjoy seeing a man being put in his place. What might be "creepy" for a man to do alone, turns into "fun" when it is his wife forcing him to do it.