Friday, November 18

Skirted and Face-Fucked!

Hi all! I wanted to thank everybody who posted comments on my Spanking Witnessed! post. Lots of wonderful comments, and one boy, john, posting a nice long account of his own public humiliations at the hands of his wife and her friends. As well, thank you to david (not my david, another david!) who has a lovely blog called slipperlover that has excellent pictures and videos of him getting spankings from his very pretty partner. I can't believe how bold david is to post those! They make my panties wet, imagining I am in his partner's place (this david is pretty hot looking, especially when his ass is bright red from his lady's slipper!).

I have been for a workout with Rebecca since david's spanking in front of her. We talked a bit about it. She repeated that it was fun watching him catch it like that for being a bad boy and not filling out his food diary, although she said she doubted it was effective punishment, as she noticed he seemed to "enjoy it"! She may be right, on the other hand, he has been filling out his food diary religiously since his spanking, so maybe Rebecca doesn't know everything. Ha! I also wanted to find out how much of my man Rebecca saw, so I "apologized" to her for having seen a bit more than his bare bottom. She said "no problem, he was kicking a lot."
"Did you see his butthole too?", I whispered to her. "oh, yup" she said. "sorry!" I said again. I filed that for future teasing, which I got to yesterday night.

Had a nice dinner with david yesterday. He had gone to work early in a very nice suit and tie and come home at around 8pm. The sweetie brought home some Thai takeout, so we opened a bottle of wine and ate, and he was looking very handsome in his suit. He had had a very tiring day, and was looking pretty down and exhausted, so I thought I would spice things up a bit. In fact, I had already planned on it, and planned on telling him an "embellished" account of my conversation with Rebecca while he was in an extremely vulnerable position! I also had plans to introduce him tonight to a new kind of girly sex for him.

When we were done, there were messy plates and takeout containers that needed to be dealt with, so I asked him to take care of that. As I said, he looked really tired and rung out, so he just looked at me a little exasperated. I got dommie with him, and said "you don't think men in suits can do chores? Then it looks like I'm going to have to dress you like a woman, eh?" He blushed a bit, and I said "wait here".

I went upstairs and got a pair of his new panties - black see-though lacy things with a pink fringe. I also got a little sex shop schoolgirl plaid skirt he had bought for me a few years back. It had a "one size fits all" stretchy waist,  so I thought it would fit him.

I came downstairs and told him to take off his suit, and get into his girl's clothes to put him in the right frame of mind for his kitchen chores. He was looking a lot more energized now, and quickly did as I told him. When he was naked, he hesitated with his panties in his hand. I was just standing there watching him with my arms crossed in front of me. "Come on, get those panties on" I told him. He blushed some more and pulled them up his legs. "Skirt too", I told him. "Do I have to?" He asked. I told him he was already in panties, and I didn't see how much worse the skirt could be, so get it on, or else I'll put him in my bra as well. That hurried him up! I'll have to save the "bra and panty" treatment for another time!

I then watched him clean up in his skirt and panties, and teased him a lot as he was doing it. As he was standing over the sink, rinsing, I told him to bend forward. I raised his skirt up above his panties, and gave him a few hand smacks on his seat. Then I reached around his front and found he was super hard in his panties. I peeled them down, and had him lift his skirt. His cock was poking out, right at sink level. So I ran the cold water, and used my hand to drop cool water on his tip. He went nicely crazy, starting to moan. So I got the dishsoap, and dribbled the liquid soap on his tip, then rubbed it with my hand telling him he was a dirty boy and I needed to make sure he was good and clean.

I stopped before he came (but only just). I didn't really want semen in my sink! He was a little crazy with lust at this point. I led him over to the couch, panties at his ankles, him holding his skirt up high at my insistence, and had him lie across my lap. I didn't have my hairbrush handy, so I just spanked him with my hand. I alternated between spanking him over his skirt and then flipping it up and spanking him some more on the bare. I also reached between his legs and stroked his balls, under his skirt, and he reacted like an electric jolt passed through his body. It was fun having him so under my sexual control, especially skirted-up like a girl.
[Is that a word? "Skirted-up". I think I should make it a punishment word for him. As in "If you don't behave when Susie's visiting, you're in for a good old-fashoned skirting in front of her!"]
"You want to fuck, baby?" I asked him in my most sultry voice. "Oh yeah!" he said. So I had him get off my lap, and took him around to the back of the sofa, and had him bend over it. I didn't say who would fuck whom, did I? Was that mean?

I wanted him bent over with his skirt down over his ass, but to pull up his panties to his knees, and hold them there with his hands. I stood back and admired my little tableau. He was bent over the back of the sofa, skirted ass high, but holding his little black and pink panties in a band around his knees. Precious! I left him like that as I got my strap-on and lube, and a towel to have him stand on. Poor baby was there for at least five minutes, hunched over, clutching his little panties for all he was worth anticipating a good hard ass-banging from me! He was going to get a little something different first, though, I had decided.

When I had my strap-on dildo on, I walked around to the front of him, and slapped his face a bit with it. I told him to suck on it. He was reluctant, but I grabbed his hair and pushed it into his mouth, and face-fucked my skirted little skank. First time for him. I told him if he was going to be dressed like a girl, he was going to have to have sex like one too.

I told him to keep holding his panties at his knees during the face fucking or we start over. He's obviously not used to cock in his mouth, because he practically gagged two or three times in a row. What a wimp. It made me just want to face fuck him harder, which I did, but he dropped his panties and moved his hands forward in a cute little panic as he gagged again and pushed on my hips to try to move me away. What nerve! "Now you know how it feels" I told him.

I told him to pick his panties back up and hold them at his knees for his throat fucking, and that I'm starting all over again from the beginning now and he better keep holding them this time or we'll start over yet again. I told him that if I have to do that he can forget the little thrusts because it'll be nothing but deep-throating the entire time. Every last thrust. I told him to make my cock nice and wet, because that was all the lube he was getting and it's going in his ass next. He sure slobbered on it after I said that. Did a much better job and kept ahold of his panties the whole time. He did drool something fierce, though. Ha Ha!

I pulled out of his mouth and walked around back behind him. He was really out of breath! I took his panties off and put them down on the couch in front of his eyes, so he could see them. I flipped up his skirt, spanked him a bit, then lubed him (I'm not that mean!) and penetrated him. I got a nice little bevvy of girly little complaints as I was sliding it in. "Please take it slow!" he screeched.

Then I brought up my conversation with Rebecca, embellishing it a bit! I can't remember exactly what he said and I said, but it was something very much along the following lines:

I said, "I don't know, I'm pretty angry with this little asshole of yours."
"Why?" he asked.
"Because you showed it off to Rebecca last Monday," I said.
"I didn't!" he said.
"Oh yes you did," I said. "She told me today, she saw that puckered little hole of yours while I was spanking the backs of your legs and you were kicking up a storm."

I pushed the dildo in a bit deeper, holding the widest part of it right in his opening, at maximum stretch.

"No!" he said.
"Yeah. She thought you were a total little baby during your spanking. She saw everything, your cock, your balls, and your asshole, because you couldn't control yourself across my lap. She said she could see your erect penis and told me she thought you were a total perv. She said next time you get spanked, that she would use her hand to take care of that little problem of yours first. She told me today she would have expected you to take your spanking more like a man, but you took it like a little bitch. She said that "like a little bitch""

He pushed his ass back, gobbling up my dildo. Oh no, I thought, and I pulled it back out, then pushed it back in just a little so that the wide tip of my dildo was again stretching his opening to the max.

"I told her because you took it like such a little bitch, I would dress you up in a skirt and panties like a little bitch, and then fuck you with my strap-on and make you take every last inch."
"You didn't!" he said.
"Oh yes I did. Like a slutty little bitch, right up that asshole you showed off to her so proudly, you little skank!"

I pushed into him deep.

"Oh yeah, you'll see, when she comes on Monday to train you she's going to ask if your little hole is still sore from the fucking I gave you tonight. She also says that until you start acting like a man, she has a half a mind to train you in your skirt and panties while she whips your ass."

I really started pounding him then. He started moaning really loud. I was getting a little annoyed by the noise, so I told him to shut-up and hold his panties in his mouth, and then kept fucking him. Got some nice little muffled screeches instead. Ha Ha!

After I'd punished his asshole enough, I pulled out. He was a little messy, as was the dildo, so I made him go and clean himself and it off. He gets so embarrassed cleaning his mess up like that, it almost makes up for the grossness of it (I don't care - you play with fire, you're going to get burnt!)

When he came back, I put his face between my legs and had him get me off with his tongue, which I was more than ready for.

Then, nice wife that I am, I gave him a blowjob and he came gobs into my mouth. I moved up to his mouth, and gave him a nice deep cummy kiss, pushing his spunk into his mouth with my tongue. He panicked a little bit, but took it all in, and swallowed it all down just like the skirted little bitch he was.

That was fun! He asked me later if  I had really told Rebecca all that. I just smiled at him. I think it's good for him to be worrying if another woman knows all about his skirt and panties, and taking it up the ass like a girl. He's pretty smart, though, he knows I made up at least 99% of it. What he doesn't know is what 1% I did tell her! Evil grin!


  1. Another great post, david has no idea how lucky he is, or maybe he does.

    Wouldn't mind spending some time over your knee myself, especially with my Wife watching and spanking me also, and then both of you having your way. But then that's what fantasies are made of.

    Your posts are so graphically written, seems you should be writing books. You certainly can make a man think he's actually there.


  2. Thank you, james.
    Because I'm writing this blog, when I think up what I want to do to him, and even as I'm doing it to him, I'm thinking about writing the next blog entry. I don't want to make up anything in the blog, so if I want to write someting, I actually have to do it to him, so I think that makes me a lot dirtier and nastier than I otherwise would be! It's YOUR fault he's getting such a treatment!

  3. My fault Ma'am, how is it my fault? (if you don't mind my asking)


  4. Because I'm thinking about what my next blog entry is going to be, I'm stricter with david than I otherwise might be. I need to entertain you, James, but everything I write needs to happen, so... poor david!

  5. OMG, yesss..
    Things I love... you "apologizing" to Rebecca about what she saw (heh).
    Your incentivizing hubby with skirt and panties... believe me, it DOES work, LOL!
    You, teasing him about Rebecca, keeping him guessing....slapping his face with your dick and making him suck it... then ramming him good! And finally, of course, your pleasure. (nice of you to let him cum!)
    Thanks... I'm tenting my panties here!

  6. Yes, the skirt got him really hopping. I wonder if a bra will work too?

  7. Just got back to town and caught up on your postings and I have to agree your writing is fantastic.Your descriptions sure make me horny and I must admit to happy endings. If the skirt got him hopping don't forget about the figging. Maybe some of your other followers could testify to the figging and give pointers.


  8. Mistress Juliesp

    I suspect that Rebecca was more than a little turned on by the scene with your hubby slave. Maybe you can catch her in a mistake and punish her also

  9. Easy: Thank you very much for the kind compliment. I like the thought that you rub your little penis until it squirts while reading something I wrote. Ha Ha!

    Panty: I get no sense, in the tiniest little bit, that Rebecca has submissive tendencies! She would be liable to upend and spank me if I even suggest it - she is very fit!

  10. Ooh, I think a bra will get *quite* a rise from him... heh :)
    Better not mess with Rebecca then, LOL!

  11. Just found your blog, luv it. You may want to consider giving David an enema 2 hours prior to taking his bottom, it's quite the ultimate in terms of submission, embarrasment and humiliation. Just think of the what might be running through his head during the waiting period. Obviously, it will create more room for the dildo, and lead to less mess and a cleaner experience. Just a thought.

    Take care and keep up the great work !


  12. Ms. Julie-
    Wow, some amazing posts. And James is correct, your writing makes me feel like I am right there, too.

    And I finally was able to share some of your previous posts with my Lady (Cora), particularly the one about panty shopping and the witnessed spanking. I could hear her laugh outloud as she read them. I'm guessing that she may be getting some ideas from you but then that's not all bad!


  13. "First time for him. I told him if he was going to be dressed like a girl, he was going to have to have sex like one too."

    I loved the part in your writing about how deep you put your strap on down his throat. That made me warm ideed. I have fond memories of making one of my boys struggle and salivate in this no doubt humbling position. Did he keep his embarressing erection through out? I bet he did. You are doing a fine job at training him. The "snowball" at the end was magnificent. I think every boy should drink what he delt. Lord knows all of us ladies have drank enough of that in our life time. I make certain my submissives have a good taste of their own. I am most impressed with your attention to detail Julie. I imagine David looked just darling in those panties and skirt. Every since I read this blog I have been using the "pantied up" threat. Look at that Julie! You are really turning into a pro! Now you are teaching me a thing or two.

    Sincerely, Mistress Kari

  14. Hi Mistress Kari!

    I take it from your comments you are a 'pro' at this. I am very new to this and would appreciate any and all tips! Please keep your comments coming, and please don't hesitate to comment on the comments from the various subbies. Sometimes I try to spice up their days with a little extra dose of humiliation if I can! I mean, they are already spanked over their wives' knees like little boys, so a comment spanking is fitting.

  15. Just incredible story and nothing and I mean nothing better than a panty spanking for us!

  16. Ron: "panty spanking?" Really? Dressed in girls' panties and spanked? Spanked like a bad little girl? Really! I would LOVE to watch you get spanked in a pair of panties! Ha Ha!

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