Sunday, November 6

Off Topix

I just posted to Topix that I started this blog. I sure hope all the friends I made there show up here to continue the discussion.

As I was making the last few posts, I carefully read the posts from hal and littlejeff. They both write really well, and their ideas turn me on.

I love that hal suggested I invite sister Sue over for dinner, and have David "serve" in some ridiculous female outfit, and then "lay down the law for him" regarding how i expect him to obey my sister in the future.

Later on, hal suggested that I might hint at the possibility of David taking us both to bed: "I think it might be more fitting if you allowed him that musing before introducing him to the reality, that he is the girl here, at least when you are together with your sister. That should round off his humiliation and embarrassment nicely, while keeping it private and within the family"

That is so hot!I am picturing David completely nude on the bed, expecting his huge fantasy of a threesome with my sister to be coming true. Then Sue and I walking into the bedroom in our sexy Lulu Lemon workout wear, and both of us wearing strap-ons! I would take him from behind as Sue makes him gag on hers, and then we would switch off. Hot hot hot! End with a belt whipping on his bare ass for even thinking he might be allowed to make love to my sister!

And then littlejeff suggesting that David be made an example of for lusting after Sue. He has made inappropriate remarks from time to time, and just waiting for the next time he does, and then, as litteljeff says in his own words: "I see nothing wrong with threatening him with not only making her aware of the dynamics of marriage, but to give a LIVE demonstration by spanking him in front of her. A woman needs to protect her marriage!  Then, just to make sure that it doesn't happen again, let HER spank him after he has spent some time in the corner to reflect on his behavior"

Absolutely! Hot hot hot. littejeff goes on: "After she has soundly spanked him and possibly produced real tears, she will no longer be a sex object and figure in his fantasies."

Yeah... I don't see that happening!!!


  1. Ms. Julie-
    We just discovered your blog and want to welcome you to the world of Female Led Relationship blogs. You are off to a great start and we love your writing. Some rather steamy subjects! I may have to engage in a 'confession' session with Cora on how 'exciting' some of it is.

    Ken and Cora (SpankedbymyLady Blog)

  2. Why thank you very much Ken. You are my very first blog follower!
    You should definitely get permission from Cora before reading more.
    I certainly hope you have been doing your reading with your trousers fastened, and if not, I think you will need a good spanking.

  3. Ms. Julie,

    I just discovered your blog. Really compelling stuff! You sound like just the kind of strong, assertive, fun-loving yet wicked lady that we naughty boys dream about.

    I have some real-life experience myself, although its been several years.

    I look forward to reading about all your adventures with your husband, and sharing some of my experiences too.

  4. Lionbar is here, too, but I think you're very rude and not a bit like a lady.

    Wish my wife could be as naughty as you. xXx

  5. Oh Lionbar, really! What a thing to say to me!
    You need a VERY stern spanking! ;-)