Sunday, November 6

Third Topix Posts - Spanked in Panties!

So I was really starting to enjoy the power I wielded over David, and started realizing I could actually correct some of his behavior that annoyed me. It was not the spanking itself that corrected the behavior, but the threat of me not spanking him, which is very ironic!

Then to keep him from manipulating me by being bad on purpose, Mistress Margaret's advice on spanking him limp was perfect.

Now the threat of a limp dick spanking makes him hop to it, and the carrot is that I can always find something bad with his work that deserves the spanking he craves.
Given this was working so well, I asked the forum for more advice on things I could do to him next...

juliesp - Oct 22

For some reason, I am really getting off on humiliating him. Mistress Margaret, or anybody else out there, any more suggestions for me?

Janet - Oct 23

Hi Julie you could take him shopping, if he's going to be doing
the housework he will need some frilly pinafores and how about
getting him some sexy satin nightwear? Lustrous pink jammies
perhaps, and make sure the sales girls know who's going to be
wearing them!

maidangela - Oct 23

Hi Julie and Janet. I would suggest a proper female domestic uniform. An overall dress with an apron or tabard and some sort of cap or head scarf. They are not expensive, easy to keep clean and any visitor will be in no doubt of his status in the household

juliesp - Oct 25

Thanks Janet and maidangela,

I thought I'd take your advice but start small. See if I could make him wear a pair of my panties for a spanking. You know what? I can!
He was very reluctant, but I told him my way or the highway on the spanking thing. So he blushed three shades of red as he pulled my little panties up his legs. The panties were, of course, way too small for him, so his man parts were hanging out all over the place, which was funny, especially as he kept trying to stuff them back in at my insistence when I called him a "little slut".

I teased him a lot about being in panties. Called him a little pervert for being hard in my panties. I referred to him as a girl, as in "over my knee, little girl!"

I spanked him in the panties first, and then I peeled them down and spanked him bare bottomed, but still with those panties in a pretty little band around his knees.

I threatened to take him shopping at a "plus sized" store for panties of his own. I'm not serious though. We'd probably get arrested! Although I would absolutely love to humiliate him like that. Have any of you wives taken your man shopping like that? Have any of you naughty hubbies have that done to you?

Veronica Bustenhalter - Oct 25

juliesp wrote:
I referred to him as a girl, as in "over my knee, little girl!"
I find that a very erotic detail. Don't call her "him" any more, use the feminine pronoun. Have you given her a femme name?

Of course you should take her to a plus size store. Phone beforehand to ask whether they will measure a cross dressing male and sell to him, to make sure there's no disappointment. A pair of high stiletto shoes will look lovely on her too.

Gerald - Oct 26

My wife decided I needed to change my nightwear,
she took exception to my manly striped pyjamas.
You can imagine my embarrassment at finding we were
in the lingerie dpt of a well known store.
worse was to follow as she selected a blue chiffon
nightie with a matching negligee and satin floral
pyjamas! Any doubt about who was going to wear them
was soon removed by my wife confiding in the sales
girls and my blushes.
Should you decide to the same for your hubby Julie
I can guarantee it will be an unforgettable
experience for him.

juliesp - Oct 26

Wow! Your wife really did that to you? I am impressed with her!
That must take a lot of nerve. So humiliating for you!!! Especially to have other women know exactly how p*ssy whipped you are!
I would love to do that to my man, but my worry is that he wouldn't go along with it. Didn't you think of just walking out of the store? What kept you from doing that???

Gerald - Oct 26

It was very humiliating Julie, but strangely it also excited me.
I think my wife knows that and why she likes to see how far she
can push me. I wonder if your hubby is the same,I think he might
be he's gone along with you so far. weren't you surprised when
he put your panties on?

juliesp - Oct 27

You may be right, Gerald. He climbed into my panties quickly enough after I told him it was either that or no more spankings from me. But I think he just needed that as an excuse, because he was very excited being humiliated by me like that in womens' panties (with a man, you can surely tell when he is excited just by looking! Ha! Ha!).
I wonder, if I took him shopping like you did, would he get very hard under his pants and embarass himself even further in front of (gulp!) the saleslady?
I am really starting to work up my nerve on this one...

Gerald - Oct 28

Go for it Julie, I think you get just as big a buzz
out of humiliating your hubby as he does?
My wife enjoys telling me how sweet I look in my
ladies nightwear and to make sure I know who wears
the trousers - not that there was ever any doubt -
she is now wearing the self same manly striped
pyjamas she objected to on me!


  1. Ms. Julie-
    By now you may realize that many of us men have all kinds of fantasies about our Ladie's panties. I am no exception and occasionally am placed in Her panties for various reasons. One time she had me wear some of her (previously worn) panties when I attended court to finish some things relating to my eX. My eX's attourney, and the Judge were both women and I wonder what they would have thought if they knew we were all wearing panties! BTW, I won my case.

    It may be a little too late, but Halloween is a great time to find a French Maid outfit and some of the shops have them in 'plus' sizes. I know this from first hand experience!

    Great Post!

  2. I'm glad you won the case, Ken, and did not have to resort to proving to the judge what an obedient and compliant husband you are by showing them the evidence!

  3. Julie

    I too cherish being spanked in panties, oh my. One suggestion that many laps may not be aware, spank him over the panty, then bare his bottom for a good workout but before you are done, pull the panties back up and finish him off good and hard. I swear as others do a well spanked bottom encased in tight panties just really intensifies the finale. It is almost as if the silky panty holds in the heat!!

    Great and hot blog


  4. Hi Ron!

    "One suggestion that many laps make"... Is that all I am to you, "a lap" Harumph! I'm offended! (not really - it's cute).

    I will give your suggestion a try for sure!

  5. Hi Julie, I have so enjoyed reading all the comments on this blog. I have to say with some degree of envy. I have to admit that I would be delighted to be in the position of wearing and being spanked in yours or any panties, bras, basques tights, suspenders/stockings or stay ups or any girlie lingerie, preferably soft satin. It really turns me on to wear such soft feminine undies. Hope you don't mind me telling you this? "Stephanie"

  6. Stephi: Of course I don't mind! If you were mine, I would dress you just like that, in MY panties, a matching bra, stockings, garter belt, and high heels. I would invite 5 or 6 girlfriends over, and I would PARADE you in front of them. Every time you wobble on those high stiletto heels, one or the other of us would take you across our knees, pull your panties down, and SPANK your bare bottom fire engine red! Ha Ha!

  7. Julie,
    I just wanted to share with you that not all men get off on humiliation but do need to be humbled on occasion. There is a fine line at times. I think many men have wondered what it would be like to be in woman's panties or have tried them when no one was looking. I think we do this because we are so enamored with all things feminine and have grown up objectifying women. It is hight time we are put into that position ourselves. After time i suspect it becomes more humbling than a turn on.

    I would recommend that when you do take him out panty shopping you have him in tight pants or in a jogging suit. That way his hard on will be more apparent and embarrassing. You are dead on so far on how to handle a submissive male as well as on how to nurture and encourage his submission to you.

  8. You need to get caught up. Panty shopping already done and it was very humbling for him!

  9. Ever since I was little and took my sisters used panties and smell them and put them on I still wear hers and am spanked at home by mom still. She caught me sniffing them and wearing them to bed and under my panties and continued to spank me on them and my bare fanny over her knee . That includes also me wwearing my sisters really worn and faded jeans to school as well.

  10. My wife keeps me in panties and spanks me for fun several times a month. She spanks pretty hard with a hair brush. Until recently it was private. My birthday was a week ago. Tow of her long time friends were over and after a few drinks Carol asked my wife if I had my birthday spanking yet. I was mortified when she said no did they want to watch. Carol and Donna agreed enthusiastically. My wife got her brush and told me to lay across the table After the first smack her friends told her to take my pants off. Standing in panties before three women was embarrassing. I got across the table and my wife began again. During it they lowered my panties. When it was over, I had to stand in the corner with my panties by my ankles. It was extremely embarrassing. My wife told them shed spank me every week if they wanted to watch. They all agreed. My next public embarrassment will be in 4 days

    1. Oh no! Her friends saw you in panties!!??! How humiliating. And then lowered for a good hard spanking? And corner time after? Oh my. you are your wife's lil bitch now, and her friends sure know it! I wonder what happens next?

  11. I always take my husband shopping for panties and skirts for him. He never raises a fuss because he knows he will be spanked when we get home with my sister watching

    1. It's so much more fun spanking them in front of witnesses!

    2. It really is. My friends love to see him in. Panties. I make him come shopping for panties and watch him turn red if I ask will these ride up on him. I think he hates being see in corner topi me more than the spanking

  12. You would not get in trouble if you took him shopping for his own panties.

    I've been shopping many times in my little girl dresses.

  13. My wife gives me regular spankings often in front of her girlfriends with me in my
    Pink satin baby-doll pyjamas!

    1. I love that. She is a doll, your wife!

  14. I've been "turned out and turned up" as She calls it though only in front of the 2 friends of Hers. The worst for me is they enjoy seeing it but wouldn't do it themselves. I get laughed at and told I'm definitely passable. I've never been dressed up in public but a Woman who works in the local store where we get the simple cotton white and pink undies and white t-shirts and socks (my Punishment Outfits) knows that they're for me is awful.