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Being a numbers-minded gal (I live in spreadsheets at work) I naturally gather stats on my blog and from time-to-time have a look to spot trends. My longest set of analytics come from Blogger itself, and go right back to my first post Nov 6, 2011 at 8:08am. I added Google Analytics May 12, 2013 where I was able to gather some other data as well.

I've categorized each post as F (female/male), M (male/female), FF (female/female), I (informational), P (political). I've also categorized the title and photo as 0/1/2, where 2 is most sexually provocative and 0 is not at all provocative. Then I added total lifetime comments and views as at Jan 15, 2021, and I also have total blog views as at any given date.

I use pageviews as the main thing I look at. Unfortunately I get different data from Blogger and Analytics.

More or less consistent, but something changed in Blogger in April 2019 (start of the highlighted rectangle). The dip in views was -17% on Analytics versus -35% on Blogger. So Blogger clearly changed something that skewed all the future numbers as well. Therefore, from a consistency point-of-view, I trust the Analytics numbers more (bottom graph).

Each of the peaks in views can be attributed to an exciting series of posts.

  • The first large peak around Dec 2017 was due to my adventures with Tracy and John with Julie Paddled in November, Julie's Belt Licking in December, then Schoolgirl Punishment in January. For the first time I included a lot of photos of myself (Tracy was willing and able to snap the pics). I also divided my recounting into multiple parts that I think had viewers checking back in frequently for the next update.

  • The second large peak around July, 2018 was due to a visit we had with a couple of friends of Sue who were feminists and lesbians for a discussion and demonstration of how feminist thought and wife-on-top BDSM can coexist. Oh my gosh, that was amazing! Again, it was serialized due to its length: Husband Spanked in front of Feminist Lesbians.

  • The third peak around August, 2019 (obscured a bit on Blogger due to the downwards adjustment) was when I learned how to edit and blur videos and posted videos of both David and myself being spanked. I thing it was great because my readers could connect with me a bit more, but it was a lot of work and pretty risky! Julie Spanked on Video and Strict Julie Spanks! (ON VIDEO!!!).

  • The fourth big peak was around April/May 2020 when I got more into my submissive side, briefly entered into a Domestic Discipline Contract with my husband, and involved my family to an unwise in retrospect extent (no lasting issues - Phew!). Starts with Julie Spanked for being Irresponsible - and Daddy Knows... It was exciting for me to explore that, and I also admit that I pushed the boundaries trying to entertain you all during the first round of lockdowns.

Been on a downhill slide since June 2020 for a combinations of reasons. I posted much less frequently (a bit of burnout); I was working on my book and posted mainly short informational blogs about that; then I made a few political posts which alienated a lot of my left-leaning fans (the majority of my fans are more left-leaning I believe - or they were back then at any rate!). As well, there was some sort of algorithmic shadow-banning at play as well (my organic google search hits took a dive, but this is from memory as I don't have records of past performance versus current).

Here is the breakdown over the life of the blog by type of post.

Orange is Female/Male, blue is Male/Female. Black is political and Grey is informational. You can see my orientation switching from F/M to M/F largely in the past year. That did not hurt my numbers at all. In fact, it drove them precipitously to all-time highs.

I had one political post back in Dec, 2017 called Sexual Assault? where I defended Matt Damon for something fairly innocuous that he said. I started the post with,

Ok, I'm going to go a little political on your asses on this post. I never do this, but now I'm getting frustrated. So trigger warning. If you don't want to mix politics with your BDSM, stop reading, and if you think all sexual assault is created equal and #ibelieveher is right on, and get too angry about it even to discuss it, then please stop reading now!
So, Matt Damon said we are living in a "culture of outrage". He went on to say “there’s a difference between patting someone on the butt and rape or child molestation. Both of those behaviors need to be confronted and eradicated without question, but they shouldn’t be conflated.

I also made the case that I saw statutory rape of a teenager by an adult differently depending on the circumstances, and in many cases of a teenage boy having sex with a young female teacher to be not in the same league as an older man having sex with a younger female. I thought we needed to assess the trauma, or lack of trauma, suffered on a case-by-case basis.

There was little controversy over my defense of Matt Damon, but a lot more regarding the latter point, but very notably everybody in the comments was quite well behaved. The very first comment on that blog was from Kaaren Sissy and began,

Ms. Julie you've entered into dangerous territory here and it's a shame that I have to say that! We've entered into a time of hysteria and it just seems to be getting worse all the time!

Truer words were never spoke.

My next foray into politics was not until June 2020, indirectly a response to Bonnie's post on her blog What Must Be Said where she said,

I am convinced that the current administration in Washington poses an existential threat to the survival of our country and our civil society. We’ve watched for four years as this unholy collection of greedy profiteers, shameless charlatans, bellicose autocrats, cowering toadies, and evil misanthropes has hijacked our American dream for their own destructive purposes. Each day, they add to a growing mountain of Orwellian lies as our people continue to suffer and perish needlessly.

Then after that a huge raft of comments saying "Oh Bonnie! You're so brave!".

Rather than post a comment there, where I was worried I would be unwelcome and disrupt the harmony of Bonnie's blog, I decided to respond with my Spank the Leftists! posts. I knew full well what I was doing and what it would mean to my numbers. But though I am fascinated by the numbers, fascinated by what interests people, the numbers are not what's important to me. Free speech is considerably more important, as is speaking truth to power (the power of the mob and the Canadian government at the time, and now the US government and the Social Media giants as well - I do not expect to last on Blogger much longer, but hey, a decade is a good run!)

That post mainly dealt with BLM-type issues, because the looting, arson, and rioting was getting out of hand. I made the argument that the statistics around unjust shootings of black citizens were not so clear, and jumping after isolated anecdotes is dangerous. I suggested that the problem was not skin colour, but poverty in general. I suggested the solution was to be found in socially positive capitalism. I quote from myself,

And when I promote capitalism I am not talking about disgusting crony capitalism, where certain organizations get an undue advantage due to government interference. Especially in regards to war profiteering and drug profiteering. I find that despicable and anti-capitalist. Republicans who claim to be conservatives are some of the worst offenders (e.g., Dick Cheney).
Nor when I promote capitalism am I talking about a complete laissez fair capitalism, where the profit motive reigns supreme and excesses are not reigned in through reasonable government regulation.

I am not advocating for any sort of extreme position. A well-regulated capitalist system where working hard and clever ideas are appropriately rewarded, where the wealthy bear the brunt of taxation, and where democratically arrived at laws are fairly and evenly enforced is the sweet spot.

I then applauded President Trump's efforts along these lines: extra funding for historically black colleges and universities; enhanced opportunity zones; raising the threshold to pay tax; a better economy through corporate tax cuts, fair trade, and removing excessive regulation leading to better employment amongst poorer people and minorities; better health care in poor neighborhoods; criminal justice reform; police reform; and school choice.

Predictably, the left was incensed by my post, and it really got quite ugly in the comments. So that, naturally, encouraged me, and I started posting more political blogs. I was a bit busy with my second book, but took time out in September to write a post about Ruth Bader Ginsberg, abortion, and the advisability of appointing a new justice in an election year R.I.P RBG. In December and early January I then posted quite a few more political ones (about 8 in total) about the election, COVID-19, how to think and debate, climate change, and soft censorship. Those are most of the issues I feel passionate about, though I feel I have one more good one coming about the "Capital Hill Insurgency!". I'm sure you can't wait! I feel a bit like Ricky Gervais in his Golden Globes opening speech.

 "I don't care anymore. I'm joking... I never did care."

To change the topic, over the years, some of my most popular posts have been as follows.

  1. 163K views - 2013-03 - Beating you man properly
    I share my experiences on how to give a man a very hard, but safe, spanking.

  2. 118K views - 2013-12 - Forced Feminization for Hubby
    I'm a bit mystified why this one is so popular, but it's my response to a Q&A of an article I read on the web on the topic.

  3. 113K views - 2012-01 - Husband Spanked by my Sister!
    No question why this one was so popular. It's a recounting of how I got my sister involved in spanking my husband for the first time.

  4. 77K views - 2012-07 - Husband Taught His Place in front of Sister and her Girlfriend
    Another fond memory. Sue had a kinky little subby girlfriend whom we all three played with. This was david's "payback" in front of her. Epic!

  5. 67K views - 2015-05 - Trainer Whips his Penis and Balls
    I've had many personal trainer blog posts over the years, but this one made it to the top by a fair margin, likely because of its super-provocative title and accompanying image.

  6. 66K views - 2016-02 - husband diapered in front of sister
    This one covers the bases. Sisters and diapers! david made the mistake of not pulling off the highway and making me wait until the next rest stop whereby I almost peed my panties. Sue and I taught him a lesson he has never forgotten since!

  7. 65K views - 2015-07 - Advice for Wives
    So happy this one is so popular. I advertise it top right on the blog. It's advice that a husband can send to a wife or girlfriend if he wants her to spank him like I do my husband.

  8. 59K views - 2018-02 - Julie Spanked in Front of Family... For Real!!!
    This was an amusing little incident where David gave me a play spanking in front of my whole family, young nephews included. So hot!

  9. 49K views - 2015-05 - An Epic Spanking for my Husband
    A fairly routine spanking in our household, but I guess the title caught people's imaginations.

  10. 48K views - 2014-06 - Husband Bathed and Spanked
    Awww! I think male spankees like to regress and being bathed by their female spankers is a big thing.

I was wondering how various things about a post, like the type of the post, the number of days between posts, how lurid is the title, or how lurid is the first photo, impact a post's popularity. More recent posts get a lot more views than older posts because my audience has grown by so much, but also older posts have been around for longer and have accumulated more views, and trying to account for that is tough. So I looked at the year 2018 which has a decent mix of posts and did the analysis just for that year.

Here are the average views by type for that year

As you can see, the M/F posts actually garner significantly more views than the F/M or F/F posts. But have no fear, what I blog about is based on whatever is happening in my life at the time, I will not chase numbers.

Here is how days between posts impacts the views of a post.

Not a terribly strong relationship, but I'm thinking I should leave a post up for at least 3 days to get it the number of views it deserves. Mind you, even my 1-day-between posts garner about 5000 views, so a strategy of daily posts versus every 3-days would garner 5000+5000+5000+5000 versus 7000+7000, so 20K versus 14K. Posting more frequently will get you more views, but not as much engagement I think, as demonstrated by the correlation of comments to days-between-posts.

I think there is a more clear relationship here.

Here we consider how the lewdness of the title and the photo impact the blog views.

Lewder titles have words like "spanking", "fucking", "penis", and so on; the less lewd have things evocative of something, such as "Doctor's appointment" or "Christmas Tradition"; the least lewd don't even hint at anything. For photos, the most lewd have naked bums, cocks, pussies, and breasts; the less lewd typically have sexy clothed women or spanking implements; the least lewd have nothing sexy in them at all. As we can see, the more popular posts have some lewdness, though being super lewd and explicit, rather than hinting at it don't seem to gain you much.

If you're interested in this sort of thing, Bonnie, who is also a numbers gal, wrote a great article along these lines called MBS by the Numbers that also has some advice for bloggers on how to keep things engaging (and publishing on politics is DEFINITELY NOT one of those things - ha ha!)

If you are more interested in the demographics of the blog (ages and sexes and such), I covered that in some detail when I hit my first FIVE MILLION PAGEVIEWS!!!!. I've peeked at the demos from time to time thereafter, and has not changed much since.

BTW, this article I will rate as an I/0/0, not a P/0/0 (as you cannot tell from the title or first image that there is any P in it at all). Been hankering to do another type of "P" post. Me peeing on david that would be a total F/2/2!

Still having fun... hope you are too.


  1. Wow I am really surprised none of your trips taking poor david shopping and humiliation hit the top 10. I guess next time when you're allowed to back to the stores maybe it will be more of a ratings hit if you bring Sue along and it a full "girls day out"

    1. I know! Bra Fitting at VS, Feb 28, 2014 was only about 20K, panty and corset shopping on Jun 4, 2016 only 7K, Impromptu Shopping Trip for panties on Jan 22, 2012 only 6K, and my first panty shopping expedition described Nov 6, 2011 only 5K. That first one was described in much greater detail in my first book as well, with a bonus fictional add-on at the end.

      But those were for sure some of the most exciting to carry out!

    2. These were the best stories! Public humiliation is #1!

    3. Yes, and it's really uniquely something a woman can do to her man in front of other women. 90% love it.

      Can also have a man do it to his woman if only other guys are there, because when their women are there they have to mutually disapprove, but when it's guys only they go into "strip club" mode. Though with some "woke" men nowadays, they may as well be women.

      I am a bit of an expert!

    4. Thank you for the response Julie! I think that’s what is so awesome. The women happily play along! Nothing makes it more real then that!
      ...also love your final comment about “woke” men reacting as women. You truely are an expert in being inside peoples heads.

    5. Wow, I just enjoyed for the first time, much of your years earlier stories. I've read and fantasized over "Husband bathed and spanked at least 30 times."

      Your writing is so honest and real and keeps me in high edging anticipation.

      I far more enjoy the strickt Julie and submissive David stories that when roles are reversed, however because they are both true, they are all great and fun. I hope you both keep exploring and sharing, your style is wonderful.

    6. Anon1: Yes, you get women in a little pack, 3 or more is best, and we go nuts doing dommy things we would never normally do. A little alcohol helps things along as well. Safety in numbers, we have this pack instinct where we get cruel. It feels very empowering for even normally vanilla women to "get back at" guys for all the shit you put us through in life.

      Anon2: So you're the one that boosts the views on "bathed and spanked", eh? Naughty boy! :-)
      I very much enjoy my "Strict Julie" mode - I think you can see that in the video, and it seems to come across in my writing as well, so thank you for saying that.

  2. Those four periods you highlighted as peaks certainly stand out as special in my memory. Absolute classic posts, nice to see it came through in the numbers. Thanks for all your work through the peaks and... slightly lower peaks? (troughs doesn't seem right given the consistent quality) :D

    1. Can't have peaks without troughs. That's deep.

  3. Your post on how to beat your man properly is a great resource, I'd definitely appreciate the occasional instructional post! Until my wife learns too much from you..

    1. I should do some more like that, maybe even some M/F ones. I feel very experienced at this point in my life!

  4. And P.S., nice that I have not (yet) received any hate comments on this post re the political stuff. Perhaps the noisy extremists have been driven away by now? That would actually make me feel good, while still appreciating polite and rational readers who disagree.

    1. You know, at the general level, I sort of hope that your left-leaning viewers haven't been run off by your political statements. Regardless of how we view the world, we really ought to be able to have a debate on contentious issues, without anyone storming off in a huff. And while I admit that I shake my head at some of the views you've put forth, that does not mean that I can't enjoy the BDSM stuff you write about. People really should get better at focusing on the stuff that unite us, rather than the stuff that divide us.

    2. Hi Kyrel - I am hopeful as well that there remain left leaning people of good will who are willing to listen to different points of views without assuming you have evil intent. I also "shake my head" as it were at some opposing points of view, I think that if you are not "shaking your head" at some point you are not being challenged with a true alternative viewpoint.

      John Stuart Mill, On Liberty:
      "He who knows only his own side of the case knows little of that. His reasons may be good, and no one may have been able to refute them. But if he is equally unable to refute the reasons on the opposite side, if he does not so much as know what they are, he has no ground for preferring either opinion... Nor is it enough that he should hear the opinions of adversaries from his own teachers, presented as they state them, and accompanied by what they offer as refutations. He must be able to hear them from persons who actually believe them...he must know them in their most plausible and persuasive form."

    3. And... unfortunately received one very nasty comment which I deleted (gleefully). I'll keep track in this thread.

    4. And one more - this time I had "blood pouring from my hands as I typed".

    5. "I also "shake my head" as it were at some opposing points of view, I think that if you are not "shaking your head" at some point you are not being challenged with a true alternative viewpoint." - Agreed :-)

    6. One more - this time I was called "vile, disgusting, deplorable wretch" amongst even nastier things. Keep 'em coming, intolerant left.

    7. Another couple. One of them was less personally insulting to me but was basically a "word salad" that ended in "Hope I get to see orange man in an orange jumpsuit soon!" - pure TDS.

  5. Here’s a prediction. If Danielle is ever “forced” to suck or take real, actual cock then your analytics will go through the roof. No more silly protesting. He’s gotta take one for the team. MrD

  6. What I wish to say is your understanding of what a male or female desires. You as a female can give a spanking and then accept a spanking. You know your subject, you don't mixed words, you tell it like it is. I have said my wife is in charge, what I wanted, maybe not to the extent she has gone, but then again she is the boss. I've been spanked in front of others, my mother-in-law has spanked me several times, I have been given a bath. What I like about your blog is that I can be who I am, not feel different. I have a great job, a wife that is one in a million, and my deepest desire I was able to tell her, she understood, and when I'm facing the wall, a very red sore spanked bottom on display, I remember to remind myself this is what I wanted, no matter how much it hurts and no matter who may see me. Thank's Jack

    1. That's a great attitude, jack - living the dream!

    2. The dream was made possible for a very understanding woman, who understands. Jack

  7. The other posts that I was suprised not to see there are any of the posts with david's kinky personal trainer and you together.

    1. I know! But I think pageviews alone is not the best metric (not that there is a better). You are attracted to click on a link by the title and the photo, not the quality of the content. Engagement on trainer posts is around 60 comments or so (half of them my responses, bear in mind!), which is top 40%, so they were popular from that point of view.

  8. Are you able to break out any info on those posts that are about you interacting with one of your readers? 
    I love those and wondered how they've fared views and comments-wise. Thanks.

    1. Generally less popular. Average views are 3960 versus 8830, average comments are 40 versus 64. But I enjoy them!

  9. Hi Julie:

    I have commented anonymously several times on your blog.

    I like your BDSM stuff very much: that's why I am here.

    Your conservative commentary I can do without. I find you present yourself as a "voice of reason" but selectively ignore the strongest evidence against your views.

    I am sure you will disagree with me, and you probably won't print this. That's your right of course. But I am not interested in a biased debate, masquerading as an unbiased one. Every person thinks they are unbiased: you are no different from the most biased CNN or Fox commentators.

    What makes someone more believable to me is some evidence that they used to have one kind of view (e.g., a right- or left-leaning view) and they were convinced by evidence to change to another position. I have yet to see that from you.

    You say that this has happened, but for it to be convincing, we have to see you change your mind on your blog: you have to have argued the opposite for a while, and then see evidence that changes your mind, and write why you have changed your mind.

    That would make me believe that you are more than a right-wing troll (which unfortunately I can't rule out yet).

    Does this count a nasty comment? I certainly don't mean it to be so.

    Best wishes,

    1. I think it could have been more polite - as in you basically conclude I am a right-wing "troll" :-)

      All debate is biased by design. that's why you present both sides. I don't believe the "strongest evidence against your views" in the same way you do, so it is up to you to present it, and let the "audience" decide. I never censor a polite comment.

      I prefaced my climate catastrophe post with:
      "I had no reason to disbelieve the standard narrative, and back in 2016 when I mocked Trump for saying the climate crisis was a made up thing, my husband said, "myeh, you may want to have a look at that for yourself." And I did, thus changing my mind.

      Can you give me an example of some comment on m blog that was sufficiently convincing that you thought I should have changed my mind? And can you give an example where you have publicly come around on something?

    2. I'll give you one. How about that time when you low balled environmental impact of fossil fuels and when I brought it up with actual numbers, although you published my comment, never acknowledged that you were wrong. That was simple data. No nuance there. You couldn't even acknowledge data. lol. You were just pushing politics.

    3. I explained that to you. I had used an older diagram, which I acknowledged. Your counter numbers were off by a major factor due to lack of reading comprehension of your own source. So it did not change the basic point which was that in the ebb and flow of CO2 in and out of the atmosphere, the man-made fossil fuel burning contribution was small by comparison. I did not at all rule out more such FF's to be responsible for an overall atmospheric increase of CO2, just said there was scientific doubt on that question. So I would classify your fact as "nit-picky" in that you seemed to have missed the main thrust of that point entirely and obsessed over a detail, and even that point was a minor point in and of itself with respect to the larger question.

    4. anonymous 20 Jan 16:13 is not me (I am anon 19 Jan 11:48) "James".

      Sorry for the delay in responding: I have a job, and I need to do it. And my job is as a scientist: I have many times stated my opinion publicly, and then changed it based on data that came in later. (Sorry: I realize that you can't verify this.)

      Your example about the climate evidence is not convincing: You simply told us that you changed your mind: we have no evidence that you actually did.

      And I did not call you a right-wing troll: what I said was that I would like evidence that you are not a right-wing troll. The evidence so far is consistent with:

      (a) someone who legitimately believes what you state on your blog, but has no ulterior motives;
      but also
      (b) a rich person, possibly funded by the oil industry, that wants low taxes, at the expense of rational policies, ones that help less fortunate people.
      (a right-wing troll)

      I can't tell which one you are.

      But I don't have time to argue with you on all these points.

      One other point that I will bring up is that Trump is not supported by Black Americans. Approximately 8% of Black Americans voted for him. Overwhelmingly, they think he is an anti-black racist.

    5. Again the lies and the disingenuity. Go back and read the last post on there. I explained that with the math. None of my figures were off or inaccurate. You are not here to debate or have honest conversation. The OP on this thread is absolutely correct when he says "But I am not interested in a biased debate, masquerading as an unbiased one."

    6. I can get funding for my blog from the oil industry!?! Cool. Can you put in a good word for me? (You present as a rational human being, and yet you think a spanking blog with a 10 year history is actually a deep undercover job from an agent funded by big oil? OMG).

      8% is fairly consistent with most Republican presidents. Are they all "racists"?

      And mister pedantic, I think we agreed that burning FF is 5% of the interchange of CO2 into the atmosphere, ie a small part. You had no "math". You seemed unable to even follow the point I was making. You keep circling back to the fact I used an old chart and you demonstrated a thorough lack of understanding of the larger point I was making (that there is reasonable doubt if man-made FFs drive atmospheric CO2 increase completely, or if an earth warming for other reasons causes oceans to outgas more CO2 and that is partly responsible, and what part)

    7. Ah there is ambiguity in what I wrote.

      When I said "a rich person, possibly funded by the oil industry, that wants low taxes, at the expense of rational policies, ones that help less fortunate people."

      I only meant that you may have got your money from the oil industry, indirectly. I didn't intend that writing about these right-wing topics was your plan from the start of your blog. I agree that's silly.

      All I meant was:

      you are rich.
      you like spanking / BDSM.
      you now are exploring writing about other topics, and you write as someone who may have bias from where you get your money
      this last part is the potential troll-like element of your writing.

      Sorry for the confusion in interpreting what I meant: I can see how what I said may have led you to that admittedly silly interpretation.

    8. Thank you for clarifying.

      No, it so happens I do not work for the oil industry at all (except insofar as the company I work for might sell them stuff, which I have little awareness of).

      But I can assure you that I have no bias strong enough to motivate me to write things that I consider untrue. We pay a lot of taxes now, and I don't mind paying more if I was more convinced that the money would not be wasted, eg on subsidizing doomed wind and solar projects in Canada.

      Quite the contrary, I believe that the rush to foolish alternative energy sources raise the cost of energy for us all, but I am least impacted on a proportional basis whereas the poor of the world are much more impacted. That is playing out even in Canada where electric bills have doubled due to these projects and gas prices are taxed sky high, partially now with a carbon tax, only half of which is redistributed. As I say, I am little impacted, but poorer people are very dramatically impacted, and I think for no good reason at all.

      I would endorse a move to Gen4 nuclear, which happens to emit no CO2, but is a cheap and reliable and safe energy source that can actually lower the cost of electricity, improve the lives of many especially in the developing world, and is a nice hedge against an inevitable cooling downturn at some point in our future.

      In general I would advise best not to even speculate that people with opposing points of view are "trolls funded by the oil industry" as it really does not advance the conversation. Best just to address the points raised.

  10. Fun with numbers! (They reveal....and conceal.)

    Your "most popular posts" caught my eye and (while liking the selections) one of my favorites was not there - where you were getting a massage while on vacation (Spain...?) and got the masseur to give you a little "extra."

    And he did!

    I though your writing on what he was doing to you and how you were reacting to it was terrific. And he didn't even spank you! As I read it I was hoping he would - or at least give you the belt - to bite on - just to help you stop from screaming in ecstasy.

    Lots of fun seeing women orgasm!


    1. That vacation was amazing. Lots of fun little episodes on that trip, including involving a pair of cute hotel maids earning a big tip. But, yes, my massage was crazy delicious, and the fact that I sent David after to get his first ever handy from a dude. Epic!

      At the time, I would not have reacted so well to a spanking from a masseur, but today? OMG, I would have turned over, stuck my butt up, and demanded one!

  11. Ms. SJ:

    You're coming up on your 10 year anniversary. It has been a real joy to follow your progression, although I am pretty much into only the female dominant stuff.

    I go to your site probably twice a week on average, read anything new you've posted then check out some of the links. (I especially like Hermione recently, even thought that one is fem sub.)

    I think you are successful for a few reasons. You are open about sharing your experiences and you write really well. Readers have really enjoyed following your journey. Thanks very much.


    1. Thanks Rosco - you're right, this is my 10th anniversary year. We'll have a celebration on the day of!

  12. I started reading your blog jn 2011. As someone who doesn’t have anyone to explore this kind of stuff with in my life, your blog is a much needed outlet. I don’t know if you realize how important this blog is to people like me.

    Absolutely love when you spank him in front of other women , dressed as a woman, and everyone gets in on mocking him in some way. I can’t even pick a favourite story.

    Just keep going. Thanks Julie. Love it!

  13. Have you analyzed the impact of being removed from

    My guess is your political posts got you removed from this list which is maintained by a liberal who lives in Seattle:

    1. I didn't notice. Amazing how intolerant some are of opposing points of view.

  14. I'm a bit surprised to see only one of the personal trainer posts make the list. I think the dynamic of being bossed, humiliated and physically punished by an attractive female trainer is so hot. Hoping you will have more on this theme soon!

    1. I wish I could. Our current trainer (for both of us now, thanks to COVID) is female and cute, but shuts us down (very politely) whenever we try to edge things into the play direction. :-(

    2. That's a shame. Maybe it is time to invite that tubby sister of yours round and take on the role of strict trainer yourself. Whip her into shape!

  15. A final observation, I have found with my wife, a spanking at times should be given with others present, adds to the punishment. She told me once that women enjoying seeing males spanked, but enjoy more when the wife is spanking the husband, she is telling the world she is the boss. For me there is nothing worse, doesn't matter who is present, having my pants pulled down, underpants next, hands at side, and being scolded like a child and then in front of all say 'I'm sorry Mommy", and over her lap I go, kick, plead, squirm all I want, the spanking does not end until my wife decides I have learned my lesson. Have also learned women have seen it all, but seldom see a very red spanked male bottom, they enjoy that. Jack

  16. oh well, i am a super liberal guy and after reading your political posts now I have other two fantasies: being exposed in pro-Trump panties for all to see and being pushed to contribute financially to all sort of pro-Trump initiatives...And that's all your fault!!! I would easily change my vote if told by a strong woman to feel the humiliation because of you!! :)

    1. Were I your wife, I'd buy a fierce big paddle and get "MAGA" engraved on one side and "Trump" on the other and make sure you see the light. :-)

    2. ahahahahahah i was hoping for some related task as the one you give to your esubbies!!! :)))) This fantasy is getting stronger and stronger!!!

  17. julie,

    very interesting read. stats are a big thing in my business. when u read fem/dom vanilla articles its always about the big shot who is in charge during the day and wants to give it away at night and be led by a strong woman. that is a pigeon hole in my mind. what makes a man a sub. it goes against everything society speaks of. while yes. ceo's want to give up control in the bedroom is an easy explanation but there is much more to it than that. having a strong matronly presence as a child growing up i believe is much stronger. this crosses political views as there is no political divide from an alpha female who runs the house right or left. personally i think you come out of the womb wired the way you are. my sub feelings can be recalled back from when i was four years old and watching cartoons of a character that had to run a torture chamber and get the shit kicked out of him. as a four year old i had no idea why my sex was so engourged but dam it turned me on. growing up as an awkward pre teen with no moves i promised myself if i ever had a woman i would put her on a pedestal and treat her right. especially after i saw many a friend who had "girl appeal" treat there ladies so badly. funny thing was the girls liked being treated badly. in looking back it was because when your 17 you know no better. growing up jerking off to the sears catalogue lingerie section was all i had. but now with the internet you can find what ever kink suits your needs. still in traditional relationships its hard to meet a girl and express that you want to turn the bedroom dynamic upside down. some girls get it some dont. some of us males so worried about rejection surpress these desires and look elsewhere outside the marriage. flr is really still in the closet when so many other sex types (read lgbtq) are now feeling good enough to come out. modern day cinema which is totally run by the left can have a healthy discussion about lgetc... but when it comes to flr or fem dom the only thing i see in mainstream is to make fun of it. look at the anne rice novel eternity made into film where rosie odonnel tells the sub to pain her house. even 50 shades goes the way of the female being the sub. i think there is nothing wrong with the woman being head of the house. hell she already is. i worked in ny in the 80's and in the morning on the 4 train saw many a woman working to keep the fabric of the family together where the man was no where to be found. sorry for the long wind. your statistical analysis is quite fascinating and there is something there. your blog is the best on the internet and i hope you keep going. delete the trolls, you have that power. this is a discussion worth having, leaving politics aside.

    thanks as always.

    by the way. pee and pee again. make him drink your nectar. it's quite empowering.

    love you julie.


    1. Thanks sgirard! I know gays who say being gay was way more dangerous and thus fun in a scary way before it became so mainstream. Hopefully society can leave FLR husbands alone and continue shaming them as it is what they crave.

      I think all of us are wired with a little of everything and as we progress to more and healthy through our lives we can manifest more of them. That has been my experience.

  18. My experience with public spankings is that women are more likely than men to watch and enjoy seeing a spanking as long as it is safe and consensual. They enjoy the power dynamic and the complexity of the relationship and can get a collective “mean girl” attitude quite quickly. Men on the other hand tend to watch more reluctantly in semi horror glad it’s not them. Ladies are tougher and meaner than most men.

  19. I really dont understand how 'Spanked by my sister' isn't on there where in 2017 Sue spanked you for the first time for going overboard with David in front of her the previous session. You being put in your place and your descriptions of Sue in it makes it my absolute favorite.